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The guardian deities who preside over the 8 points of the compass ie. the four cardinal and four intermediate points of the compass are:

1. Indra, east;

2. Agni, south-east;

3. Yama, south;

4. Surya, south-west;

5. Varuna, west;

6. Vayu, north-west; Image

7) Kuvera, north;

8) Soma, north-east.

Each of these guardian deities has an elephant who takes part in the defence and protection of the quarter, and these eight elephants are themselves called Loka-palas:

1) Indra's elephant at the east is Airavata.

Airavata is also called Abhra-matanga, "elephant of the clouds"; Arkasodara, "brother of the sun"; Naga-malla, "the fighting elephant"; Madambara, "covered with ichor". His wife's name is Abhramu.

2) Agni's elephant at the south-east is Pundarika and his female Kapila.
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When we are in pain, we seek help from all mightly! but what if this pain is given by the Lord himself for our betterment, what should we do?

A beautiful story ahead, Read on!


Searching for Mata Sita Lord Rama reached Dandakaranya

he was thirsty, at Pampasar lake he kneeled down to drink water, while keeping his bow to his side, Lord unknowingly kept it on a frog. When Lord Rama had water and was picking up his bow, to his horror he saw that he had rested his bow on a frog.

Rama picked up the frog

and saw that frog was badly bruised, Lord asked the frog "Why did you not speak and told me your pain". The frog replied "Oh Lord, when others cause pain to me I call you for help, but when this pain is given by you who should I call? I accept this pain as your blessings"
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Read this story knowing that symbolically Gajendra is a human, crocodile is the sin and muddy water in lake is sāmsara


Gajendra Moksam: Once upon a time Indradyumna stayed in his hermitage on Malaya mountain, he had undertaken the vow of silence. Image

Once when Indradyumna was praying to Lord Hari, There by chance arrived the celebrated sage Agastya accompanied by his disciples. Finding Indradyumna seated in solitude and remaining silent without showing the courtesy of greeting a guest the sage flared up in rage.

He pronounced following on Indradyumna : “This sinful, uncultured, wicked soul has insulted a Brahmāna. He is dull-witted like an elephant. Let him be born as elephant.”

Indradyumna in next life was born as elephant. Once elephant (Indradyumna) came to garden called Rtumat.
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The wealth that remains after completion of sacrifice is Rudra's share

Story of Nābhāga


Nābhāga son of Nabhaga was youngest of brothers, the most learned and wise, and had spent long time as a celibate. When he returned and demanded his share Image

his brothers gave him their father as his share.

Nābhāga went to his father and said, “My elder brothers have allotted you as my share”. His father told, “Do not place any faith in their words, I am not a property to be enjoyed, but am a life-long commitment for maintenance

These neighbouring descendants of the Ańgiras family are now engaged in a sacrificial sessionon every sixth day, they get confounded about the exact procedure ordained for the sacrifice. You teach those noble-minded Brāhmanas the two hymns celebrating the Visvedevas,
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Hiranyakaśipu: 3rd Story in the Series

Hiranyakaśipu consoles his relatives and vows to take revenge!!!

When Varaha (Lord Viśnu’s avatar) killed Hiranyāksa his brother Hiranyakaśipu was agitated with wrath.

Trembling with rage, he looked at the sky and spoke “My beloved brother was killed by insignificant enemies through Hari. I shall satisfy my brother who is thirsting for bloody with the profuse blood of Viśnu with his neck cut off by my trident”

Then Hiranyakaśipu addressed his mother and nephews “You ought not to lament the death of a hero”.

Hiranyakaśipu relatives continued to lament so he narrated the story of King Suyajña who ruled Uśinara. When Suyajña was killed in the battle the queens were deeply grieved.
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2nd Story in Series

Viśnu's attendant Jaya & Vijaya take 1st birth as Hiranyakaśipu & Hiranyāksa. Viśnu took avatar as Vāraha & Narsimha for their Salvation

Hiranyakaśipu & Hiranyāksa were born as asura sons of Sage Kasyapa and his wife Diti.

Hiranyāksa was always looking for a fight and in his quest for a suitable warrior he goes to svārga but Indra and other gods hide themselves. Having conquered Svārga Hiranyāksa dived into ocean, with intent to fight Varuna he arrived at Vibhāvari, the capital of Varuna

When called by Hiranyāksa for a fight Varuna replied saying that only Lord Visnu can quench Hiranyāksa thirst of an opponent

To entice Lord Hari to fight Hiranyāksa stole earth and hid her in rasatāla. Lord Hari to save earth took avatar as Vāraha.
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This thread catalogues some events from King Chitraketu to the Kuru Dynasty of Kauravs and Pandavas

Chitraketu : A realized King and a great Yogi gets cursed by Maa Parvati and is born as an Asura.

King Citraketu ruled in the country called Śūrasena. To him the earth yielded whatever he desired. He had many wives but did not get any children

Once sage Ańgiras arrived to his palace. King Chirtaketu duly honoured the sage and told the sage that

not having a heir to his kingdom troubles the king

The sage asked caru (rice cooked in milk) to be prepared and after offering it to gods gave it to Queen Kartadyuti. Queen Krtadyuti soon conceived a son through Citraketu.
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Last of the 3 Part Story


Having learnt from Nārada, the report of the death of his wife Sati on being insulted by Prajapati Daksa and of the total rout of the army of his attendants by the Bhrgu in that Sacrifice, Śiva’s anger knew no bounds. Image

Śiva got enraged, he pulled out a matted lock of hair which dazzled with terrific splendour, like flash of lightning and flame of fire. He sprang to his feet, and with loud laughter and roar, dashed it on ground, From it was born Virabhadra, of colossal size, who touched

the skies, by his stature. He had a thousand arms. His complexion was like a dark cloud. He had three eyes brilliant like the Sun, He had sharp fangs, His locks of hair were shining like burning flames fire. He wore a garland of skulls and held various weapons aloft.
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How did Sati leave her mortal body?

Not by jumping into sacrificial pit but via power of her Yoga and meditation!!

Once Daksa organised a great sacrifice, he invited everyone except Lord Śiva. When Sati came to know about the sacrifice

she requested Lord Śiva to come along with her to her father's abode and attend the sacrifice. Lord Śiva told Sati that he cannot go as he has not been invited. On repeated insistance of Sati, Lord Śiva agreed for Sati attending the function and along with her sent his gāna

Sati reached her father's house but was not treated with respect, her sisters and mother too out of fear of Daksa did not attend to her. When Sati confronted her father, Daksa criticised Śiva. This criticism was unacceptable to Sati and she decided to leave her mortal body.
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King Amitrajit conquered his enemies and ruled righteously. From his wife Malayagandini he begot a son Vīra. The boy was born under inauspicious star and hence the minister of king advised queen Malayagandini Image

that she should immediately abandon her son else the king will meet his death.

On hearing this, the queen called her servant and asked her to take the new born child to Vikatā Devi and submit the child in front of Devi. The queen's servant did as she was instructed.

The goddesss Vikatā on seeing the child gracefully shining like a moon summoned Yoginïs and asked them to take the child to Mother-deities (Mātrgana) and request them to protect the child.

With the blessing of Siddhi, the child immediately turned 16 year old.
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Today is Mrutunjay Amavasya, the day when Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj won over death and attained Moksha.

Remembering the Brave son of Bharat Mata Chhatrapati Sambhaji maharaj on his Punya tithi.

Om Shanti 🕉

#hindu #dharma #king #hinduism #power #india #fight Image
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Read the following story twice, the 2nd time with explanation & decide for yourself.

King Purañjana had a friend called Avijñāta. King wandered earth in search of an abode. He did not approve of any of the cities as suitable.
Once he reached a beautiful city having 9 gates. In the city he saw a young girl of superb beauty, she was accompanied by 10 servants and a serpent with five hoods.
The King Purañjana requested the girl to be his wife, they got married and entered the city.
The King Purañjana was deeply attached to his queen and did whatever the queen wanted him to do. The queen however gradually stopped following the way of Dharma and love stuck king was deceived by the queen and lost his original nature.
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Birth of Soma, Datta and Durvāsas : When the sage Atri was urged by god Brahmā to undertake the work of creation, he along with his wife went to one of the principal mountain ranges, and was engaged in the performance of austere penance.

On that mountain, the sage controlled his mind by means of Prānāyāma and stood for one hundred years on one leg, defying heat and cold and subsisted on air.

Seeing that the three worlds were being distressed by the fire produced by the fuel of the sage’s Prānāyāma,

The three Lords of the world, Brahmā, Viśnu and Śiva went to the hermitage of the sage.

Sage Atri paid them homage by prostrating himself fully before them on the ground, like a stick.
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A question to self, What Type of Devotee are you, what type of Devotee you'd rather be?

TĀMASA: He who becomes devotee with intention of doing injury to others, out of hypocrisy & jealousy or under the influence of anger is called a Tāmasa type of devotee

RĀJASA: He who, with a desire of worldly pleasures or of fame or authoritative power, worships me in my images and entertains notions of difference, is a devotee of Rājasa type.

SĀTTVIKA: He who wishes to purge all his karmas, or desires to dedicate them to the Supreme Lord or worships the Lord with the simple objective of worship and expecting no return for it but entertains the idea of difference, is called a devotee of the Sāttvika type.
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There are 4 Stages of Life viz

1st Stage: Brahmacarya Āśrama ,
2nd Stage: Grhastha Āśrama,
3rd Stage: Vanaprastha Āśarama,
4th Stage: The Samnyāsa Āśrama.
There are 4 different types of each of these stages

Contd.. Image

1st STAGE: Brahmacarya āśrama - Celibate stage. It is of 4 types :

- Sāvitra: observance of celibacy and study of Sāvitri for three nights from the upanayana (thread bearing ceremony),

- Prajapatya: observance of celibacy for one year,

- Brahmā: observance of celibacy till the completion of the study of Vedas,

- Brhat: celibacy throughout life.
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PRĀNĀYĀMA : Prāṇa is the vital breath in the body. That which causes the movement is called Prāna, Āyāma is checking. Hence Prāṇāyāma means checking or restraining the breath.

Apart from Prana other vital breaths are

Apana, Sāmana, Udana, Vyana, Nāga, Kurma, Krkara, Devadatta and Dhananjaya.

The vital breaths of the body can be conquered through the mastery over Prana

- Apana is the vital air that takes the food lower down.
- Vyana is diffused through the limbs and it develops them.

- Udana is the vital air that affects the vulnerable points in the body among the limbs.
- Sāmana is the vital air that spreads equally.
- Nāga is the vital air for the activity of belching,
- Kurma is the vital air for the activity of closing the eyes,
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The "Integrated country strategy" with #SriLanka will likely be our template for #BharatVarsh as a union of #Indic civilization.
Interesting to note that instead of imposing ourselves we've let the #SriLanka govt outline the details of the integration process on their terms.
A detailed description of what they're looking at below . In essence seems to be much like a federation of union of states .Better for the people of both nations .
Russia went straight to Dand .
We try to stay between Saam & Daam use Bhedh if necessary as a measure of Dand .
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#Thread #DHARMA

Bhagvata Purana :

Jaya and Vijaya worked as Lord Vishnu's gatekeepers in Vaikuntha . The two brothers were loyal and executed their duties efficiently. After a while, Jaya and Vijaya started taking pride in being the servants of Lord Vishnu. Image

One day, four Kumars, also known as Sankadik Rishis, named Sanaka Kumara, Sanatana Kumar, Sanandana Kumara, and Sanat Kumara visited Vaikuntha. However, they were stopped at the entrance by Jaya and Vijaya who made fun od Sankadik rishis because of their height.

Jaya and Vijaya had grown so arrogant that they didn't extend courtesy to the four learned saints. And even after repeated appeal, they turned a deaf ear. Sankadik Rishis were annoyed and cursed Jaya and Vijaya that they would leave Vaikuntha and take birth as humans.
Read 7 tweets… #Decoloniality- a relatively new western movement used to drive BLM politics, support Khalistani infiltration of Punjab farmer protests, pseudo-dalit caste activism, fan #Hinduphobia and self-loathing by deleting adhyatma, yoga, dharma. #BreakingIndia 2.0.
western academia projects like #Decoloniality are rooted in materialism, focus on outer transformation.

Dharmic movements reject sacred v secular partition. Outer progress reflects inner transformation via embodied knowing.

first & foremost, Bharat is an #adhyatmic civilization
trans from a good talk in Hindi on Tantra in the India Inspires YT channel.
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We should have grand Mandirs where Gods and Goddesses from around the world - Indian, Arab, European, African, Native American, East Asian - are worshipped even as one God(dess) is the central deity which changes from Mandir to Mandir. #Dharmatva #PanchayatanaPuja #Smarta #Dharma
What I find beautiful about the Panchayatana Puja is that by worshipping Vishnu, Shakti, Shiva, Ganesha, Surya (can vary) - we cover all life forms (male, female, human, non-human) as well as non-life forms or nature. So universal-yet allows for an Ishta Devata to be prioritised.
In fact an average Hindu family’s small home Mandir is likely to resemble the above concept broadly speaking (maybe more so in North India where Sampradaya affiliations seem less likely) - so this is broader than Smarta in that sense. This also forces us to reexamine “Hindu-ism”.
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In #hinduism Devi #Durga is a collective energy created by Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva to slay demon Mahisasur . Born fully grown and beautiful, Durga presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies.She is usually depicted riding a lion and with 8 or 10 arms.
Each holding the special weapon of one of the gods, who gave them to her for her battle against the buffalo demon. Chakra in her 1st upper right hand symbolizes #dharma .
#Conch in her first upper left hand symbolizes happiness. We must perform our duty happily and cheerfully and not with resentment.#Sword in her second right lower hand symbolizes eradication, We must learn to discriminate and eradicate our evil qualities.
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#Bharat Civilisation #Dharma family has Hindu,Jain,Baudha & Sikh

#Religion of West is different

‘Unity in Diversity’ isn’t just Indian but #Indigenous #ChildrenOfCivilisation

Beautiful #Diversity within Incredible Civilisational #Unity

Unity of #Dharma Karma,Maya & Samsara ImageImageImageImage
If Universal acceptance #Indigenous #Bharat calls itself #Right Wing,we equate us to Abrahamic ‘Supremacy & Exclusivity’ which we ain’t!

We then certify Colonial ecosystem abusing us as Liberal,Secular or Elite to Colonised Jerks,which then gets validated by WesternWhiteMasters! ImageImageImageImage
-Not Liberal but fake Fiberals

-Not Secular but sick Sickular

-Not Elite but Entitled

-Not Historian but distort Distorian

Not #Indigenous #Bharat but the Colonised Indian with #HinduHatred colonial ecosystem at home colluding with global AngloSaxon AngloSphere

#decolonise ImageImageImageImage
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Our wounded ‘Children of Civilisation’ are abroad too.

Wounded #Bharat Ma misses & longs for them too.

Same aggressors abducted few, killed many, converted lot more, robbed lots & wounded us all

Can fellow ‘Children of Civilisation’ #heal each other, Bharat Ma & Dharti Ma too
Estranged wounded ‘Children of Civilisation’ yearn for #Bharat & Ma misses her Children too

Lucky ones live in Bharat & luckier ones keeps Bharat alive in them despite away for centuries

May our Civilisational awakening #heal our millenniums old wounds, even if it takes century
Recent events in SouthAfrica when few tried fuelling #RaceWar poked our wounds of wounded #Bharat ‘Children of Civilisation’

EVERYONE else has patronage apart from #Hindus

Dear @narendramodi @AmitShah

Please declare Bharat #HinduRashtra & home to children wherever they are
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🔆THREAD: Excerpts & thoughts from the book "#Sikhs under Brahmanical Siege" by Dr. Gurbakhsh Singh
⚜️The book starts with the Sikh prayer, the Ardas, so that Sikhs get the blessings of the Gurus to fight the anti-Sikh forces!🙏🚀
#Sikhism #Sikhi #Brahminism #Hinduism
🔆The time's come again to get rid of antiquated Brahmanical rituals being spread by various factions & "Sikh-looking Sants" by enemies to muddle with Sikh philosophy and Sikh Rehat.
⚜️Sikhs need to get back to Gurmat and Shabad Guru. The Truth though ultimately reveals itself!
🔆Guru Nanak had a revelation in 1499 after coming back from River Bein and founded an independent and sovereign faith rejecting Brahmanical thought & rituals.
⚜️Mr D Petrie's report shows how Hindu influence was getting stronger after Sikhs lost their empire & mahants took over.
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