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We are down to the last few days of the election and I will end my series on Family Medicine with these graphics from @Albertadoctors

How bad is the state of Family Medicine in #Alberta compared to the early days of the UCP?

Well, read on:

The number of Family Doctors accepting new patients overall in AB has dropped from 887 to 209, with the South Zone taking a near obliteration.

(I actually think this is an overestimation for all zones because many of these are walk in or niche docs only)

2/x Image
Compared to the populations they serve, this is a dramatic loss and explains why you can't find a Family Doctor if you lose yours...


3/x Image
@ABDanielleSmith and the @Alberta_UCP have been campaigning heavily on promises of decreased surgical and hospital wait times. But they have been silent on any plan for Family Medicine.

Yet Family Medicine is the most common service provided to Albertans.

4/x Image
The current estimation is that 650 000 Albertans are without a Family Doctor and that number is growing quickly everyday.

In fact, over the Christmas holiday season, over 30 000 Albertans logged on to the website per day

They crashed the site

ER wait times have skyrocketed and, as ER doctors in #yyc have seen, patients are now dying in the waiting room.

The ER docs know why: These patients have no Family Doctor to catch problems before they get bad enough to land in ER

People die without Family Doctors

In fact, the ER medical community in Calgary sent out an urgent warning this week, expressing the dire crisis the system is in right now…

And so has the Alberta Medical Association…

So my question to you, a voter in Alberta, is:

Are you listening?

Do you truly understand the future importance of this election?

If you do, then I ask you to retweet the following:

I will not vote for the @Alberta_UCP on May 29 because I support Family Medicine and public healthcare for all #Alberta

I am voting for the future of my family, friends and loved ones

I am voting for the future of this province



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May 18
So on Tuesday's tweet, someone asked why AB doctors were so lazy that we needed to rely on US data.

Well troll, you just needed to be patient! Because I can deliver AB data too. In fact here it is!

And sorry #Alberta, the future of Family Medicine isn't looking good

The section of Family Med with @Albertadoctors released a survey to all FM docs in April 2023 about their future plans.

927 active Family Doctors responded

Here's what they said:

54% of FM docs planned to modify their practice in the next three years toward less comprehensive care. This included retiring, leaving the province, changing to locum or niche services, or reducing their panel/hours worked

It gets more concerning because the AMA also said:

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May 18
I was going to announce some other important news about the disintegration of #Alberta healthcare but we are pausing this week's program today for something much more important:

No child should ever be compared to feces. In any context. In any situation. Ever.
If @ABDanielleSmith doesn't immediately ask Jennifer Johnson, the @Alberta_UCP MLA candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka, to resign immediately, that is an endorsement by the UCP.

And endorsement by any political party that children should be literally compared to sh*t is abhorrent
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May 16
I posted yesterday about how @ABDanielleSmith's suggestion that to solve the current hospital wait time crisis is that Family Doctors should just work evenings & weekends is absolutely ridiculous.

Many of you agreed.

But some of you didn't

Let's talk about the research:

My colleague recently posted on IG this excellent summary of 3 studies done in the US about how much time Family Docs would need to spend to meet the criteria of the US preventative task force health recommendations.

He has kindly agreed to allow me to repost them here

Study #1 reports that we would need 26.1 hrs in a day in order to complete everything required, and yet still manage acute care & charting

(We have all wished for more hours in a day. But Family Doctors actually need more hours in the day to even complete do their job)

3/x Image
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May 15
What in the fresh hell is this new bullsh*t from @ABDanielleSmith ?!

Let's break this CTV news quote down

"NPs are trained almost to the level of Family Doctors"


No they are not.

Any NP would confirm this as well. NPs are NOT the same as Family Doctors

Any NP who respects their own profession would also say they have absolutely zero interest in trying to replace us either.

Family Doctors are SPECIALISTS in preventative medicine. We must complete an undergrad degree, spend 3-4 yrs in med school and then 2 yrs residency

We can't work in teams because we can't afford to hire NPs to work alongside us. And the @Alberta_UCP has been actively working against that model of care because it would mean paying and MD and an NP simultaneously. They want the cheapest route. They only want to pay the NP

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Mar 9

Let's do some education on contraception here. A thread (that I doubt you will ever read but here I go)

#abhealth #abpoli #ableg
1. Universal coverage of contraception is not a subsidy to insurance companies. Insurance companies only cover a percentage of meds, rarely 100%. There is still pay out of pocket costs, and for young women, even this small cost isn't always affordable
2. IUDs can be up to $500. Insurance companies will only pay for 1 per year. So if it falls out, gets embedded, there's side effects, etc, they can't get another through insurance for at least a year. This usually falls on the doctor to find a "free" one
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Dec 1, 2022
Constitutional law experts, correct me if I'm wrong, but am I reading that @ABDanielleSmith's Sovereignty Act allows the @Alberta_UCP to theoretically force Alberta Health/AHS to do any of the following, without it going through the legislature:

#abpoli #ableg
1. Delist and defund abortions, and quite possibly make it illegal for providers to perform them, as they could theoretically disagree with the Supreme Court's R v. Morgentaler?
2. Force all AHS hospitals and the CPSA to remove any masking policies in facilities or clinics because they don't agree with COVID masking recommendations (maybe they can do this anyway without this law right now, but have chosen not to...yet)
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