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It's time to put an end to the $1 billion lie about rising physician incomes in the past 4-5 years, using AB government's own data. In the link below, I detail the facts about doctor's pay and costs of physician services. (also thread👇)
#abhealth #ableg
Albertans have been hit hard economically. I would not dare to trivialize that. However, for @jkenney to say that docs' income rose by 25-30% in 4 yrs is an appalling lie. Billings have dropped & risen during this time. The avg. billings in '19 was essentially the same as '16.
The data also shows us that the increases in total physician expenditures is directly related to maintenance of healthcare access for patients in setting of increasing population as well as an aging population, independent of increased income for docs.
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There are important issues this article in @CalgarySunRSS & the comments by @jasonluan88 miss:
(1) First we have to keep people alive to give them a chance for recovery. During #covid19 drugs are more toxic, and seeking and taking drugs is more dangerous.…
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(2) when people struggle with addiction, drug use happens, regardless of consequences. Creating more treatment spaces in a crisis will helps some but not all. People will seek treatment when they are ready and ready is different for each person
re @CalgarySunRSS & @jasonluan88:
(3) prescribing a safe alternative to toxic street drugs does not equate to "free drugs". It means prescription alternatives to toxic street supply within provincial drug plans. It is a public health approach to a health crisis. #safesupply
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Shandro starts off today's update by talking about how some non-urgent surgeries are starting up again. #ableg #abhealth
Shandro says as more surgeries are phased in, they will monitor and evaluate if more procedures can resume, such as short-term overnight stays. He says if there's too much risk, they may take a step back if need be.
Hinshaw says 70 new cases have been identified, total now in #AB is 5836. 2942 cases have recovered. #abhealth
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On Monday in Alberta, some people may have to go back to work who have an extreme risk of contracting #COVID19.
1/ @RachelNotley @JanisIrwin @CBCEdmonton @CBCCalgary @Paulatics @EmmaLGraney @jkenney #AbHealth #AbLeg @CMOH_Alberta This is important!
I am referring to dental assistants, dental hygienists, physiotherapy staff... anyone who is, due to the nature of their work, exposed, close up, to the breath of another. I know several such workers and they are terrified about going back to work. 2/
They don't want to get sick. Simple as that. They don't want to get sick / carry the virus to anyone else. This is extremely important. If the government cannot guarantee that these workers, these citizens, will be provided w/ essential PPE, they should not be forced back to work
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18 doctors in the Town of #Westlock have signed a letter harshly criticizing @shandro & Jason Kenney's UCP for creating a crisis in rural healthcare. The letter makes it clear some doctors will be forced to resign from the hospital.

cc: @GlennVanDijken

#ableg #abdocs4patients
The letter stresses that the doctors are seeking a negotiated agreement between the province and the Alberta Medical Association, one that cannot be torn up on a whim using the powers of Bill 21.
“If we are the only province without an agreement, how do we expect new doctors to come?” the doctors write.
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I'm a bit pissed at the hypocrisy here: Sundre Doctors are withdrawing Hospital services because their contract was torn up and a new one imposed. The Minister refuses to negotiate.

Yet this hypocrite insists that the doctors should "continue to work through the process..." /2
2/ Apparently, they WERE "working through the process" when the Minister tore up their contract and unilaterally imposed a new fee schedule on them.

Doctors have repeatedly shown that this results in pay reductions of up to 40%, and yet the government claims this is false. ../3
3/ Sundre MLA Nixon claims that "My view is that now is not the time, from both a pandemic perspective as well as from a financial perspective (to withdraw privileges)."

But it apparently WAS a good time to tear up the contract and impose NEW (punitive) conditions? ../4
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I'm a numbers guy, so let's talk numbers. Specifically, let's use CIHI data to look at why it is so absurd to compare physician compensations across provinces which have massively different non-physician staff wages and overhead operating costs.👇 (thread)

#abhealth #ableg
The CIHI doesn't directly report operating costs such as hiring staff e.g. technologists, nurses, NPs, physiotherapists, receptionists, janitors in an outpatient setting. These are a big part of overhead costs. However, we can get insight into using the CSHS...
CIHI's Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay (CSHS), is a hospital’s total patient expenses divided by the number of hospitalizations. Important note: that this cost EXCLUDES physician compensation. i.e. CSHS measures non-physician staff salaries (71%), drugs, medical supplies (<10%).
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Dr. Shonoski says morale has hit an all-time low as doctors face the prospect of up to 40% reductions to their pay, and not being paid at all if they treat patients without a healthcare card. @Albertadoctors says 400 clinics are having to lay off support staff or consider closing
Why physicians, as health system experts, need to be part of decision-making in cuts to healthcare. @UCPCaucus #ableg
Dr. @HShonoski says medical billing is not easy for a layperson to understand, and in rural areas, “It’s quite different from a physician working in the city.”
And this is why #UCP rural MLAs should care. @HShonoski says “When COVID is over are we going to have a primary healthcare system for our rural residents?” #ableg @UCPCaucus #abhealth
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🚨Why doctors leaving Alberta?
🚨Why doctors stopping services?
🚨Why doctors fighting with @GoAHealth?

Please share this list of @shandro and @jkenney cuts.

⭐Albertans deserve to know⭐

#abdocs4patients #abhealth #ableg #abpoli #ruralhealth #COVID19AB ImageImageImageImage
Please see updated section for facility based health services. We compared our analysis to AMA info. The change in total $ fee range is the same; however, within each fee code there are sub-category fees. The % change varies in the sub-categories. ImageImageImageImage
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Whoa what is Is it new?

"One of our missions at VirtuHealth is to ensure our virtual care services are accessible to those in rural communities in Alberta who are lacking full time family physicians in their community."

$49/GP visit?

#ableg #abhealth
Does anyone have more information? They are advertising pricing at $49/virtual visit with GP, or $0 with a spending account? Their FB page seems new, with just one post published 6 hours ago.
VirtuHealth mission statement is a little "too" timely considering the recent cuts to family doctors' pay, and the pending exodus of MDs from rural communities. What is happening?!
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So, to recap... Gov't of Alberta tore up the contract with the province's doctors and wants to reduce fees. Claims AB doctors are overpaid and doing fraudulent billing... #AbLeg #Abhealth 1/12…
AB doctors asked the government to allow them to bill for meeting with their patients virtually instead of coming into offices and spreading virus. 2/12
AB Gov't reinstated billing code 03.01AD, which was created during the H1N1 epidemic. But they kept the 10+ year old rate of $20 per call. 3/12
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What we've learned today? @jkenney @shandro are #Gaslighting bullies who continue to rob all of #Alberta to feed #UCPcorruption while crying when someone questions their ethics or lack thereof #ableg #abpoli

Oh &
@Albertadoctors want every one to be nice #abhealth
Guess what, MLA letters & petitions aren't stopping the dismantling of this Province.

The only one who can stop it is
Her Honour Lois Mitchell.

Your Honour I'm asking you will you use #RoyalAssent to stand up for democracy & justice?… #ableg #abpoli
So much for nice today, for all those in DMs no I'm not an #ndp staffer.

Here's a little history lesson #AbLeg

My parents were in #healthcare my entire childhood spent in #yqr #sask

My mom was a chapter leader for @SUNnurses in 1988.
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As the UCP continue to congratulate themselves for passing an #ableg budget that attacks health, education and the vulnerable in the middle of a pandemic... because they returned $500m to the #abhealth budget I’d like to offer some perspective... /1
If they had accounted for population growth and inflation the increase would have been almost double that... outside of a pandemic. /2
$500m divided by 4.371m Albertans means $114.39 for each Albertan. That’s right. The UCP are congratulating themselves for restoring to #abhealth about what it costs to test each of us. They aren’t taking this seriously. /3
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Premier @jkenney has asked us to pass the budget now and then trust him to do the right thing. Let's be clear that his budget is a direct attack on health care at the time we can least afford it #ableg #abhealth 1/4
We are in the middle of a pandemic, and this Premier has lost the trust of so many Albertans, including the very frontline nurses and doctors we will need to stop the spread of coronavirus and to care for those who are ill #ableg #abhealth 2/4
We need more nurses, not fewer.
We need more hospital beds, not fewer.
We need support for doctors, not fights.
We need financial support for folks who are unable to work and families impacted by this pandemic #ableg #abhealth 3/4
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We’re waiting to get started at the University of Alberta where President David Turpin and Andrew Sharman, vice-president of facilities, and operations will be answering questions about the COVID-19 situation and U of A’s response. #yeg #abpse #abhealth
Here we go. Turpin is starting off with comments on the budget, which is still on the works. $110 million has been cut from their budget, resulting in major changes he said
The cuts are going to have major impacts, Turpin said. Given the numbers going forward they are anticipating layoffs at around the 600 level but they’re working with the govt in the hopes of saving 200-300 jobs
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Plea from an AB doctor:
@shandro @jkenney @AB_MD_WarRoom @GoAHealth @Albertadoctors
my first tweet in close to a decade is a desperate plea.

I am an emergency doctor in Calgary and am writing because I am tired, frustrated, disheartened, and sad.
The COVID-19 pandemic is worsening yet significant portions of our time & mental energy has to be put towards arguments with the UCP. In times of crisis, the government should support front line workers but instead we are feeling devalued, unappreciated, & emotionally drained.
To the government:
In this acute crisis, I am begging you to please put the proposed billing changes on hold indefinitely. Please do not delay them – it is possible COVID will be an ongoing issue – and we will again be in this same spot.
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Spent 7h straight in pandemic planning meetings today and had to rush out of the last one to start my 7h shift in the emergency department (which ended up being 9h and the waiting room was still full when I left at midnight). @shandro was your day this busy too?
At least I know how much I’ll get paid for the 16h straight I worked today (straight=not even a 15 minute break FYI). But on April 1st I won’t know what I’m getting paid.
@shandro you don’t want to have to pay more $ this year than last to physicians even if the increased cost is due to an increased demand for patients to see physicians.
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I've had three major joint replacements surgeries since 2016. I spent (maybe) a TOTAL of 6 hours in the actual operating room(s). Before each surgery I had to do multiple full days of other pre-op stuff, like....

Bloodwork - two separate visits for bloodwork at different labs for each surgery (cause only specific labs do cross-matches in case you need a blood transfusion).

Pre-op visit to my Family Doctor: Family docs have to basically do a full physical on anyone going for major surgery. (This kind of visit takes longer than just 10 minutes, TRUST ME!)

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Here’s a fun thing.

The target time for a paramedic to spend on scene with a patient is 20 minutes. We bring a lot of skills to the table, but the reality is most of that time is generally spent “packaging” the patient for safe transport and completing an assessment.

We’re pretty good at what we do, and most of the time we can get a pretty good idea as to what’s going on a develop a reasonable treatment plan.

But I can confidently say, that for the vast majority of patients the bulk of our assessment stretches outside of that initial 20 min
We have the drive to the hospital and whatever time it takes for us to get our patient into the ER in whatever capacity they need.

Personally, the average time for me to complete an assessment and paperwork ranges about 45 minutes. /3
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I disagree with Braid on this point: "Once again, the UCP shows it’s much less concerned with the feelings of stakeholder groups than it is with its funding targets." #abhealth 1/4…
I believe the UCP very much has its eye on stakeholders groups, they just don't consider the people of Alberta, or medical personnel to be important stakeholders in this. The UCP seems to be moving things to the point where our universal health care system is untenable. 2/4
At which point, private, for-profit alternatives will be brought in, along with insurance companies so people can think they can afford this. 3/4
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I just got a call from a fundraiser calling on behalf of Calgary firefighters. They are trying to raise money to update the equipment in the burn unit at the Foothills hospital. 1/5 #ableg #abhealth
I told the caller that yes, it is important to have up to date equipment in our hospitals, but no, I was not going to give any money because we already paid our provincial taxes and those are SUPPOSED to pay for keeping our hospitals up to date, among other things. 2/5
He agreed with me, but pointed out that under the current circumstances, there is no money coming from the government for the equipment needed, so they are looking to the community to make this happen. 3/5
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Here we have Jason Kenney's press secretary claiming that Alberta's health-care professionals don't care about patients, only money. I wonder if she has ever heard of projection? 1/3 #ableg #abhealth
"Greedy unions" is a well-worn conservative theme. The Alberta Union of Public Employees (health care) voted to accept a 0% increase in pay last contract. 2/3
On the other hand, the UCP gave away $4.7 Billion of provincial revenue to profitable oil and gas companies and are now sniffing around looking to take $1.9 Billion out of Alberta's health care system.

Sorry, who is it that doesn't care about Albertans? 3/3
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Here's an first look at Ernst and Young's review of Alberta Health Services, which includes 57 recommendations and 72 "savings opportunities." #ableg #abhealth…
Some of the more specific recommendations include:
- Changing how radiologists are paid in Alberta
- hiring more FT, fewer PT registered nurses
- More outsourcing of lab services
- outsource food services, laundry, housekeeping, security
#ableg #abhealth
More recommendations:
- Consider selling Capital Care and Carewest long-term care facilities
- Reduce unnecessary procedures (ex: surgery not so helpful for some hernia repair)
- Do more surgeries outside hospitals (at private clinics)
- “reconfigure” small and medium hospitals
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Some sobering numbers from 249 Alberta physicians surveyed on unilateral government cuts. #ableg #abpoli #abhealth
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