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Really good thread about the #Delta variant (#B1617) which has become the dominant variant in the UK.👇

There are some informative short videos as well for people like myself who are not science experts, but like to have a base level of understanding.
#COVID19 #ableg #abhealth
How is #Alberta handling the #DeltaVariant?

“The Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary is dealing with several COVID-19 outbreaks, including 20 cases of the rapidly spreading delta variant, or B.1.617.2, in two units.”

#abhealth #covid19ab #ableg…
A more infectious, more aggressive new strain taking hold in Alberta is a concern.

“but @calgarystampede will go ahead with #stampede2021🦠” (come hell or high fever.)…
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MEDIA RELEASE: “AHS has never suggested to us that vacations are the problem,” said UNA President Heather Smith. “It’s offensive to suggest nurses are responsible for these problems by taking desperately needed vacations."… #abhealth #ableg
Health Minister Tyler Shandro caused an uproar yesterday when he responded to a question in the Legislature about the closings and diminished access to Emergency Departments by blaming vacations taken by nurses and other front-line health care workers. #ableg #abhealth
Alberta Health Services has indicated clearly that unfilled vacancies for Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses are the cause of bed closings and reduced Emergency Room coverage in rural hospitals. #ableg #abhealth
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This coming from the guy who has threatened the livelihoods of every healthcare worker in the province, while @shandro yells at doctors in their driveways, & who’s policies have prompted hundreds of doctors to close their practice &/or relocate. In a pandemic.

#abhealth #ableg
Sources to support claims to follow:

#ableg #abhealth #covid19ab #shandemic
“Health Minister Tyler Shandro said the UCP government would rip up the existing contract and impose changes to billing and compensation after talks with the Alberta Medical Association broke down.”

via @DrewPAnderson, Feb, 2020

#abpoli #abhealth…
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All 24 Alberta NDP MLAs have now received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and continue to call for a blanket endorsement of the safety and effectiveness of these shots from all 87 Members of the Legislative Assembly.

#ableg #abhealth #cdnpoli
In a Jan. 27 letter to Premier Jason Kenney, NDP Leader Rachel Notley confirmed all members of her Caucus intended to receive their vaccines and promote them to their constituents. She also encouraged all members of the United Conservative Caucus to do the same.
Media reports in recent days indicate 19 UCP MLAs have refused to confirm whether they will be vaccinated, including Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen.
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Dear @jkenney @sonyasavage @shandro @CMOH_Alberta @AHS_media my father-in-law now has a tracheostomy and remains on full life support after contracting Covid at a northern oil and gas camp. 2 weeks in and he faces new complications daily, including paralysis (a thread-1)
Contrary to @jkenney, he wasn’t socializing after hours, but rather thought that distancing in an indoor space was protection enough. The site had an over reliance on rapid tests and there was NO messaging that #COVIDisAirborne ...2
The consistent downplay of the role aerosols play in transmission led to infection. Inconsistent messaging and dissension by @UCPCaucus MLAs like @AngelaPittAB, @Drew__Barnes and others had perpetuates distrust and fostered misinformation and conspiracy theories. 3...
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The vast majority of Albertans are doing their part each and every day and following the public health orders to keep themselves and others safe as we see record cases of COVID-19. 1/7 #ableg #abhealth
We owe it to them to do more to stop those who thumb their nose at the public health orders.
As such, Alberta’s NDP is calling for the following:

➡️ Triple the current fines for individuals to $3,600 per offence. These penalties would be the stiffest in Canada. 2/
7 #ableg
➡️ Create a specific fine for individuals that obstruct enforcement of public health orders. This fine will specifically include harassment of frontline workers when they are enforcing mask mandates, physical distancing and household rules for patio dining.
3/7 #AbLeg
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This afternoon, I’ll be announcing that vaccines will be offered to the more than 15,000 workers at 136 federal and provincial meatpacking plants across the province starting this week. #abhealth #ableg

More details to come at 3:30 today. 1/6
To help vaccinate as many workers as quickly as possible, a combination of on-site and community locations will be used.

We’ll be contacting the plants to confirm how the vaccinations will be delivered. 2/6
Unfortunately, vaccinations for these groups were postponed due to the reduction and delay in last week’s Moderna shipment.

I am relieved and pleased that we can now offer vaccines to these essential workers. 3/6
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The risk of dying from COVID-19 far outweighs the risk of developing a blood clot after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, stresses @CMOH_Alberta as Alberta confirms Canada's second case of an AstraZeneca-linked blood clot. @calgaryherald #COVID19AB…
On the topic, @jasonfherring wrote about how Calgary's mass-immunization hub has seen a paltry turnout for AstraZeneca shots, prompting questions about expanded eligibility. #COVID19AB
Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, is holding a media availability about the confirmed case of an AstraZeneca-linked blood clot in an Alberta patient at noon. I'll be live-tweeting. You can follow along below. #COVID19AB @calgaryherald @calgarysun
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🧵1. Since there’s so much disinformation (ie from @jaketapper), let’s breakdown the real problems in #COVID19CA.
Mulroney sold off 70 yrs of publicly owned domestic vaccine production capacity in 🇨🇦.… #cdnpoli
2. Chrétien/Martin increased R&D funding but selling off Connaught was a body blow.

Then Harper made things worse.

Not only did Harper’s #CPC gov’t cut PHAC funding by 23% (… )

Harper drastically cut funding to research councils. #cdnpoli #Covid19CA
3. Enter other issues, like cronyism between #Conservatives & pharma companies.
In 2011 Harper gave a 10 yr $425.9M contract to GSK (formerly GlaxoSmithKline). It required GSK to supply at least 15 million doses a month in a pandemic once its vaccine is ready #cdnpoli #COVID19CA
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On Tuesday I found out that my baby was dead. I’ve never done a thread before, but I’m doing one because I think it’s important to spread this message. I’ll use some local hashtags #yeg #ableg #abhealth #AHS #yegcc #oilers #covid19 to show that I'm a real person in Edmonton, AB.
Who knows, maybe this will be therapeutic for me. I could sure use some therapy right now.
I need to start somewhere so I’ll start with March 27. That was the day we started to show symptoms. They weren’t severe but we knew something wasn’t right. My head felt cloudy, I was tired, it wasn’t a typical Saturday for me.
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Media Release: Despite vaccine rollout boasts, AHS puts needless barriers in way of nurses’ vaccinations… #abhealth #covid19ab #ableg
Despite the Government of Alberta news release boasting about Alberta’s vaccine rollout for health care workers, Alberta Health Services is putting needless barriers in the way of nurses being vaccinated. #abhealth #ableg
United Nurses of Alberta has filed a grievance against Alberta Health Services for a new policy requiring nurses to use unpaid leave or vacation time to be vaccinated against COVID-19. #abhealth #ableg
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It still baffles me why teachers, grocery store workers etc are not able to book #COVID vaccines yet in Alberta.
Frontline essential workers are part of Stage 2 according to recommendations by NACI. Frontline is defined as: “having direct close physical contact with the public”
So to hear Premier Kenney say that he is basing decision on “scientific advice”, I am not sure this is accurate.
See attached figure by NACI.
Teachers, grocery workers are in “direct close physical contact with the public”.
#abhealth #abed #ableg
We are not asking a 25-year old healthy teacher to be ahead of a 65-yr old senior with chronic medical conditions.
We are asking to have them be on par with each other, as teachers/grocery workers are frontline essential workers, as per scientific advice of NACI.
#abhealth #ableg
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Today, I am calling on Premier @jkenney to immediately re-introduce public health measures to protect Albertans from the rising danger of the COVID-19 pandemic’s third wave.

Albertans’ lives are at stake and there are proven measures that could be protecting them. 1/10 #ableg
The Premier laid out a compelling case to take action and then failed to act. Jason Kenney is a weak and ineffective premier. 2/10 #ableg #abhealth
In his remarks on April 1, just before the Easter long weekend, Kenney said, “we know with great certainty that we will have close to 500 COVID patients in hospital just two weeks from now. If growth continues on its current pace, that will turn into about 1,000..." 3/10 #ableg
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Today, Jason Kenney admitted that he has COVID-19 pandemic modelling that he has withheld from Albertans. This modeling indicates that if this UCP government stays on the current path, more Albertans will get be infected, more will go to hospital, and more will die. 🧵

And yet, inexplicably, Jason Kenney is choosing to stay on that very path.

This defies common sense, let alone professional public health advice.

His failure to respond to the rising danger, just as he failed to respond in November, is a sign of his weak and ineffective leadership.

Albertans must see Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s written recommendations immediately.

#covid19ab #cdnhealth
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The Alberta NDP is renewing its call for a full public inquiry into the tragic COVID-19 outbreaks at Cargill and other processing plants. 1/6 #AbLeg #abhealth…
We are deeply disturbed by newly released documents that show UCP Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen was notified by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw on April 18, 2020, that two CFIA workers had contracted COVID-19 inside the High River-area plant. 2/6 #ableg
That same day, mere hours after receiving this disturbing information, Dreeshen, Hinshaw and Labour Minister Jason Copping held a town hall meeting with Cargill workers and told them their workplace was safe. 3/6 #ableg #abhealth
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A brief summary of why I decided to vote "no" on ratifying the agreement between @Albertadoctors and @GoAHealth.
A thread. #abhealth #abpoli #ableg 1/16
This decision was difficult and I contemplated both options since the potential agreement was announced. In speaking with colleagues it is clear this vote will be a difficult decision for all of us. It truly feels like a lose-lose situation.
So my reasoning:
- The agreement depends on good faith bargaining and trust between MDs and the government. They have demonstrated that they will not bargain in good faith and have spent a year shattering any trust.
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We stand with frontline healthcare workers.
#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #ahs #healthcare
This is a Premier who refuses over and over to fine people who openly defy public health orders.
Yet, he doesn’t hesitate to come down on frontline healthcare workers reacting to word they would be fired after months of putting their lives on the line in an unprecedented pandemic.
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One year ago today, Premier Jason Kenney’s Health Minister Tyler Shandro tore up the government’s contract with doctors, plunging Alberta’s healthcare system into crisis. A full recap and my comments in the thread to follow 1/10 #ableg #abhealth
He did this with a deadly pandemic on Alberta’s doorstep. This was a profound failure of leadership.
After the contract tear up and discussions broke down with doctors, Shandro imposed loads of new billing paperwork and cuts to family doctor’s practice. 2/10 #ableg #abhealth
Shandro and Kenney refused to enter arbitration, a constitutional right for workers who cannot strike. This prompted the AMA to launch a constitutional challenge in April. The Kenney government also gave itself the authority to tear future contracts. 3/10 #ableg #abheath
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Can we talk honestly about doctors for a minute?
We are human.
Like in many other areas of work there is stress - we know this going in.
Some days are tough.
The pandemic has been a long hard journey for many of us.
I worry about burnout...

(a thread)
This was eloquently discussed on @TheCurrentCBC today:…

As I listened I had an increased sadness for my colleagues in Alberta right now...
You see, for the months leading up to the pandemic we saw a coordinated effort by the Alberta premier, health minister, his issues managers and the health ministry to attack and demoralize our profession. The attacks are recorded in press conferences and social media posts...
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“I’m almost done w this garbage...we take all the risk and get zero help...good luck running this hospital w/o us...”

An emerg colleague last night re: our lack of vaccinations

#COVID19 #COVIDAB #AbLeg #abpoli

At the end of 96h in 8d on service and have been all over ED and multiple COVID units. Anger/frustration increasing daily from all MDs, nurses, staff in here at lack of vaccinations while watching others w no #COVID19 exposure/risk getting theirs.

We spent months in the Spring working w many Dept. of Med colleagues working on an #MD workforce expansion plan specifically b/c there are not enough #hospitalists and #internists to handle pt. volumes.

Each day of delay further demoralizes an already exhausted workforce.
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After a day of delivering shopping for and hampers with @merylyyc, I was dropping my daughter off at her dads for the week when I first got a call from a single mom that needed help.

Picture below is a truck full of hampers!
I answered the phone and explained the steps this person on the phone needed to do to apply for assistance. She told me she would head to the site right away.....and she did.

So this 🚨Emergency🚨 came in tonight. (See photo of email).
I immediately contacted her and asked her what she immediately needed. She explained that she needed to get out of the room she is sharing with her children & into a basement suite

She then said she wanted a meal or two so she could eat like a family with her kids for Christmas.
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The number of Albertans dying of a toxic drug overdose has skyrocketed throughout 2020, while Premier Jason Kenney has removed several services proven to save lives.

#cdnhealth #abhealth #ableg #cdnpoli
"I’m truly heartbroken to see how many Alberta families will be grieving a loved one this Christmas, and I’m angry that Jason Kenney has taken away services that could have meant the difference for them."
- @heathersweetab, NDP Opposition Critic for Mental Health and Addictions
We have seen throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that Jason Kenney puts his personal ideology ahead of professional public health advice. He has taken the same approach to the toxic overdose crisis, and it’s led to unnecessary deaths.
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Jen here, I am currently waiting for my car 2 warm up 2 be able 2 drive 2 a home in #Martindale to pick up & drive a mom & young son to the Children’s Hospital.

She needed a ride & did not have enough money to pay for a cab.

So the #volunteer on call called me for #help. #YYC
So soon I will be heading to the Children’s Hospital 🏥 & hoping that this young mans eardrum did not burst, as his mom said that this will be his 4th or 5th ear infection just this year. Mom is alone here in #YYC as she just moved here from #GrandPrairie in January of this year.
Now the #car is #warm & I’m off! I will #update everyone after I am back home! #HelpingOthers #DoAGoodDeed #community #Support #YYCCares #AlbertaCares #CalgaryCares #CanadaCares
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And another week begins....
Ontario reports 1,746 new #coronavirus cases, 8 additional #Covid19 deaths on Monday; 618 pandemic patients hospitalized, 168 in intensive care; province completes almost 40,000 tests; 4.4% positivity rate… via @CBCNews #onpoli
Québec records 1,333 #coronavirus cases, 23 more #Covid19 deaths Monday; 693 patients hospitalized, 94 in ICU; province conducts more than 27,000 tests, positivity rate 4.9%… via @JdeMontreal #qcpoli
Manitoba reports 343 new cases #coronavirus cases and 11 #Covid19 deaths Monday. Record 342 patients hospitalized, 43 in intensive care… via @CBCNews #cdnhealth #mbpoli
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