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the thing with Right Sector yesterday and seeing people calling them out has encouraged me to share this telegram list so you can see that this cancer goes far beyond just Right Sector. These are all extremist, #farright, and #whitesupremacist groups, many run by Ukrainians 1/?

is this an attempt to drag #Ukraine and screech about Ukrainian nazis? No. It's to encourage those who saw through Right Sector's bullshit to look harder and realize there's much more work to do. These people aren't a majority but they're extremely problematic 2/?
these groups all have thousands of subscribers and in the comments you'll find hitler emojis, call for racist violence or violence against the LGBTQ+ community, and even against jews, including the Ukrainian president 3/?
To give you a little whos-who guide, this list was published by Militant Zone. An openly white power metal record label run by Russian neo nazis, including those in the Russian Volunteer Corps. They hold NSBM/openly neo nazi festivals in Kyiv every year. militant.zone
the Wotan Jugend group is run by a combination of anti-Putin Russian neo nazis and Ukrainians. Wotan Jugend is a large group that has tried to recruit people from all across Europe to devote themselves to extreme white supremacist beliefs 4/? zaborona.com/en/literal-ter…
White Powder is the official telegram group of Denis Nikitin/Kapustin - the leader of the Russian Volunteer Corps and a Russian neo nazi who has been in Kyiv for years orchestrating a number of far right events and the white power clothing company, White Rex 5/?
a little extra about him 6/?: zaborona.com/en/fight-for-t…
The group “Beauty of White Women” is quite self explanatory 🙄 7/? Image
Intolerant Ukrainian is also quite self-explanatory 8/?
Thule Signal is the telegram of Alexey Levkin, another member of Russian Volunteer Corps who has been carrying out white power and far right events in Kyiv for years and fronts the NSBM band М8Л8ТХ 9/? Image
This is a group run by far right Ukrainian football hooligans. https://t.co/Ng0VkGggCZtwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Fortress Kyiv writes in English and focuses mostly on actions of 3rd assault brigade under Biletskiy and the Russian volunteer corps. They also sell busts of Mykolaiv Kravchenko, a far right nationalist, which is both weird and sad. can also find usual white power shit for sale

explore the rest at your own risk of cringe and disgust. MILITANT ZONE is the official telegram group for the white power record label with a brick and mortar shop on Maidan in Kyiv (how?!), RADICAL_SH8P sells Nazi gear and is run by another member of RDK 11/?
Russ_Center is Telegram for the Russian Center in Kyiv (yes, it exists). It served as a meeting grounds for both far right Russians and Ukrainians, for example Olena Semenyaka of the National Corps has given speech there and Dugin has visited. 12/?
VALHOLL in particular is pretty gross, writes in Ukrainian and fixates on issues regarding race, sexual orientation and multiculturalism 13/?

the rest are various flavors of far right/homophobic/extreme nationalist/neo nazi garbage. I'm pointing these out so you know they exist and we need to start condemning this shit NOW. The best way to kill a propaganized narrative is to condemn this awful garbage rather than deny
and it's also to explain why people need to careful when using terms like #nationalism in a positive light and carelessly use various symbols that they bend over backwards to explain away as inoccuous, when you can see how they're used by terrible people. the end.

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I have nothing to do with NAFO, whatever @Not_MrPickle is trying to do, the weird Canadian report about Ukraine or any entity other than myself. I simply felt the need to talk about something I experienced and problematic idealogies that do not represent Ukraine 1/3
If you’re following me because you expect to spend every waking hour online going after @cryptodrftng and co, you’re going to be disappointed. I said what I had to do and I shared what I chose to share. What I’m seeing from others is too much, even for me 2/3
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Get comfortable I guess - long 🧵 ahead. Addressing claims from @tweet4anna and other things 1/?

First of all, hi. I'm not very active on twitter as most of my activity takes place over on Instagram which I find to be slightly less toxic. I use twitter intermittently to keep up
with news and anti-fascist takes on geopolitical events. I talk a lot about Russian imperialism and Russian aggression over on instagram (@ peonypierogi) and have led campaigns to hold pro Russian and tankie individuals responsible for their harmful beliefs leading to them losing Image
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A 🧵 Twitter toxicity is something else. Let’s be clear - you do not have to admire or even like #Zelenskyy to support #Ukraine or be #Ukrainian. That’s a ridiculous and illogical claim to make against @tweet4anna. However this litmus test of Ukrainian-ness is also ridiculous
Identity is complicated. I personally know many #Ukrainians who do not speak Ukrainian for a variety of life circumstances. My mother was born in western #Ukraine️ at the #slovak border. While she is a Ukrainian citizen, we dis not speak Ukrainian at home but
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I do not believe in lying or painting someone in the wrong light so I’ve got receipts. - here is what struck me as being quite #transphobic of @cryptodrftng 1/3
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To me this is a clear choice to take issue with the term #TERF. I don’t care if you’re #Ukrainian or not, I don’t stand for garbage takes that fuel propagandists and serve as a #dogwhistle to #transphobes 3/3 speak the fuck up
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