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Got called a #transphobe yesterday after pointing out (about the awful case of child kidnap and abuse in Scotland) that men with transvestic fetishism (I won't use AGP as its contested) are more likely to be sex offenders. I always thought this was common knowledge. Got told Im
Making it up so for anyone not aware, here's a quick thread.
Transvestic fetishism is co morbid with flashing and spying on others sexually. Study admits this indicates men with TF (who are mostly het) are more likely to be sexually abusive.…
Transvestic fetishism/disorder (ICD/DSM) is a paraphilic disorder along with exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, pedophilia among others. Paraphilias tend to be comorbid. Sex offenders are often paraphilic and 80% of sexual murderers have multiple paraphilia…
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Chapitre 1 : Le sexe et le genre.

La #transidentité soulève énormément de questions et donne lieu à une...

@hackingsocialfr 1/10 Illustration du chapitre 1,...
@hackingsocialfr ... multitude d’#affirmations qui souvent se contredisent les unes les autres. Je ne suis quant à moi pas surprise de la bousculade ambiante, ce thème étant à peu près le plus perturbant qu’on puisse trouver puisqu’il touche à...

#transgenre #lgbtphobie 2/10
@hackingsocialfr ... l’#identité de chacun et chacune, et qu’il vient remettre en question le fonctionnement même de notre société. Nous pensons tous et toutes avoir une idée claire de ce qu’est un #homme ou une #femme et de...

#sciences #recherche 3/10
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I do not believe in lying or painting someone in the wrong light so I’ve got receipts. - here is what struck me as being quite #transphobic of @cryptodrftng 1/3
After arguing with a #transphobe (@pmmeuhsLyce ) in her private server who insisted that @SarahAshtonLV gender identity isn’t valid, I suggested this person reach out to orgs like @KyivPride to better understand #trans #ukrainians. @cryptodrftng decided to answer with this: 2/3 ImageImage
To me this is a clear choice to take issue with the term #TERF. I don’t care if you’re #Ukrainian or not, I don’t stand for garbage takes that fuel propagandists and serve as a #dogwhistle to #transphobes 3/3 speak the fuck up
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What Sky says. The "multiple major outlets" don't want to admit what anyone with a brain knows, things like 'some people who claim to be supporting a political cause are liars', and 'when you put males into the same space as naked women, many of the women will be distressed'.
So when news of the Wi Spa incident began to circulate, the "major outlets" REFUSED to investigate. They eagerly swallowed a story about how the whole tale was made up, and that the mother who complained was an #evil #transphobe.

Andy Ngo DID investigate the story.
Ngo found out the incident probably had occurred, and that the police had charged someone. QUIETLY charged the someone. LAPD wasn't very eager to publicize this.
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