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1/UK Military doctrine emphasises the cognitive dimension of warfare. Avoiding attrition, the enemy's mind is the target. The contrast with current discussions of the #counteroffensive is marked. Like the FWW, it is all about re-taking terrain and settlements liberated.
2/ Are the #Ukrainians hopelessly old fashioned? No: nothing has a greater morale and intellectual effect than losing troops and ground - especially when it is vital terrain.
3/ However, critical though the current close battles are, the outcome of this #counteroffensive is probably going to be decided in the deep, where the #UAF have been striking hard and skilfully.
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#Putin's Thoughts on #Belgorod

On Friday 2 June, #Russian President Vladimir Putin held an operational meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council via videoconference. After the main part of the meeting, several reports were heard and...
1/7 Image
discussed and current issues were discussed in a closed-door format. The main topic of the reports was the tense situation in the #Belgorod region, where, according to the зresident, "sabotage groups are constantly wandering as if they were at home", and...
2/7 Image
several settlements are under constant shelling. It should be recalled that earlier, #Putin spoke about similar problems in the #Belgorod Region, saying that mainly #Ukrainians live there, so let them "kill" each other, it is not a problem.
3/7 Image
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Ukronazism & similar constructs are, in view of the political marginality of Ukrainian fascism today, not antifascist terms. Such labels are often accompanied by bloating of minor phenomena, or even falsified stories or pictures, as those below. /1…
Terms like "#Ukronazism" are designed to dehumanize self-identifying #Ukrainians & to justify their #genocide by an imperialist, far-right & anti-egalitarian regime./2

@FFRAFAction @fghtfascism @vvn_bda @FascismJournal @BAntifaschismus @ColletivoA @ak_antifascism @derrechterand
Not only US and other ultra-conservative circles, but paradoxically also much of the world-wide #radicalleft indirectly supports this Russian ultra-nationalist project today.

@the_left @socialistes_cat @left_politics @LeftWingSociety @pslnational @dieLinke @Linksfraktion
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#Ukraine Banning Pro-russian TV Stations and Political Parties - #Disinformation #Overview Image

“This is a recurring #disinformation narrative by pro-#Kremlin media about the West’s purported attempts to interfere in #Ukrainian politics and set the #political establishment there against #Russia.
In reality, neither pro-#Kremlin parties nor #politicians nor #media are #persecuted in #Ukraine as long as they obey the #law.
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NEW: F-16s to #Ukraine "will take several months at best" @SecAFOfficial Frank Kendall tells reporters at @GWUPMNS

"A lot of details are gonna have to be sorted out to get us between here & there"
"It will give the #Ukrainians an interim capability they don't have right now, but it's not going to be a dramatic game changer" per @SecAFOfficial Kendall
"Airpower has not been a decisive factor so far" in #Russia-#Ukraine, per @SecAFOfficial Kendall

"The F-16s are going to help the Ukrainians but it's not going to fundamentally change that equation"
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1. As #Russian commanders expend more forces to take the last #Ukrainian-held area of western #Bakhmut city, the #Ukrainians may be quietly disengaging from the city and instead focusing on a strategy to turn Russian-held Bakhmut into a massive kill zone.
2. The propaganda value to Russian leadership of being able to finally announce taking Bakhmut after over a year of massive casualties may be short-lived if the Ukrainian strategy works. Rather than waste more soldiers and material in beating back the waves
3. of Wagner attackers, Ukraine appears to have chosen to seek the envelopment the Russian position in Bakhmut while the Russians are laser-focused solely on advancing towards what may be a pyrrhic victory of occupying a totally-destroyed Bakhmut city.
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#Nuked Themsleves: “They will blame #Russia as always”: a sociologist on the growth of the background #radiation in #Khmelnytsky (160 nS) | May 15
-the Russian army #destroyed the #ammunition depot -shells with #DepletedUranium were stored at the facility.…
#Finland's background #radiation normally varies between 0.05 and 0.30 #microsieverts per hour (µSv/h)
Tuomas Peltonen / Inspector general
tel. +358 975 988 508…
- #Loviisa NOW: 0.210 #microSieverts ImageImage
cc: @ ArthurM40330824
#Gamma radiation in #Khmelnytsky could actually indicate that a #DirtyBomb was stored in the warehouses.
Gamma radiation is characteristic of #enriched #uranium. Is it possible that were making "dirty bombs" at the Khmelnitsky #NPP
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🇺🇸#USA 🇪🇺#EU

Eva Karene Bartlett:

Overall excellent summary by Colonel Douglas #Macgregor of 🇺🇸#US/West's anti-Russia propaganda & instigation of Ukraine coup, US/#NATO moving east to 🇷🇺#Russia's borders, 🇺🇦#Ukraine &
its backers' ignoring of #Minsk agreements & pushing Russia to defend itself & its people.

"Russia is by no means the evil aggressor in this thing. If anything, Russia launched an operation that it felt it had to to secure its country.
We have been working tirelessly for at least the last 20 years to undermine & weaken 🇷🇺#Russia in whatever way possible.

...In 2014, you had this coup that we helped to organize & implement, which put people in power that would otherwise never have gotten there.
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#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood” Image
‘It was not #Ukraine that #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk

Sometimes anti-#Ukrainian #propaganda uses falsehoods – e.g. #fabricated documents or photos, through which it gives a completely new, #untrue context – or simply untruth.
This is the case here. In the post we read that the current Ukrainian authorities "#murdered the #people of #Donbass and #Luhansk due to their #ethnic origin."
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On #KremlinDroneAttack

Two drones strike against the "#Kremlin", or rather the "presidential residence in the Kremlin", is, of course, staging. The operation was developed under the personal direction of Security Council Secretary Nikolai #Patrushev,...
1/11 Image
with the assistance and coordination of the Presidential Security Service, and was approved in its final version by Vladimir #Putin. Putin likes it when an operation solves several problems at once. This time is not an exception.
2/11 Image
First, the president must have a serious reason for introducing martial law, cancelling the parade in Moscow (or reducing and changing the format of his participation in the Victory Day parade on May 9). Second, on the eve of a large counteroffensive by #Ukraine to show...
3/11 Image
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#Prigozhin also denied the #Kremlin’s claims that #Russia is fighting #NATO in #Ukraine and questioned whether there are actually Nazis in Ukraine as the Kremlin constantly claims.
2/ #Prigozhin stated that #Russia is fighting “exclusively with #Ukrainians” who are equipped with #NATO-provided equipment and some “russophobic” mercenaries who voluntarily support #Ukraine - but not NATO itself.
3/ #Prigozhin also noted that #Russian officials most likely knew that #NATO would offer #Ukraine military aid, because “it is ridiculous to think that when [#Russia] decided to conduct this special military operation it did not account for NATO’s help to Ukraine.”
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My take for @AtlanticCouncil: Any #Russians committing crimes in #Ukraine should consider themselves formally on notice.

"The ICC’s arrest warrant for #Putin is a seismic moment for international law & judicial accountability."
Putin is now on a very short, infamous list. 🧵
As I explain, "the ICC’s historic announcement indicates an increased scope," not just prosecuting #Putin for crime of aggression in special tribunals, but "reasonable grounds that Putin himself bears individual criminal responsibility" for war crimes. 2/

Warrant for Putin = accountability & legal courage. AND:
"The arrest warrant for Lvova-Belova, #Russia’s so-named commissioner for children’s rights, is no less significant." The ICC signals that lower level officials also bear criminal responsibility. 3/

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@IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 #Donbass #Genocide. Those who #illegally sold #weapons to #Ukraine should have been caught by now.
Pres Sauli #Niinistö: '#Finland does not give arms aid to Ukraine' | 02/05/2015
- 'The hand grenade pin is off and variations of the #WW3 have taken place'
@IntlCrimCourt @FRANCE24 #PatriaGate. Sauli #Niinistö dealt 200 armored vehicles to the Ukrainian army
-As early in the year, Niinistö declared that #Finland would not provide arms assistance to #Ukraine.
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UN commission corroborates my academic study finding that there is no #genocide in #Ukraine. Propaganda peddlers & Internet trolls attacked me for telling truth on this issue. They have no concern for truth & lives of #Ukrainians. #ukrainewar #Russia…
My updated study presented at Annual Meeting of American Political Science Association: "There is no evidence of the Ukrainian genocide or Russian genocide but various evidence of war crimes, primarily by the Russian forces." #UkraineRussiaWar️ #Ukraine️…
Chair of the United Nations Human Rights Council Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said during a press conference that the Commission’s investigation into human rights violations in Ukraine has not found evidence that Russia committed genocide in Ukraine.
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Capt. Malakhov, commander of special-forces battalion in Lyman said that rather than sticking to Soviet playbook that led RU troops to series of defeats early on in war, they are now finding weakest point of #Ukrainians & focus there, probing enemy lines.…
2. He stated that #Russia's shelling appears to be growing more accurate, something he believes could be a result of captured Ukrainian artillery officers being forced to show Russians how to use specially designed targeting apps.
3. Can't help but wonder have #NATO/allies shared too much over the past year? Too much information about their ambitions, too much about what equipment they are sending, their battle tactics and what they believe UKR troops should be doing that Russia noticed and applies this
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@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ ivan_8848
War Is Inevitable?
The #war in #Ukraine started on Feb 16. Russia #responded 8 d later by preempting the Ukrainian ground assault on #Donbas.
People are dying in a #US #proxy war that was deliberately #provoked by the US-centralized empire
@Europarl_EN @EP_President The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by #Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this.
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
@Europarl_EN @EP_President cc: @ TaranQ
14/ "Here’s the top adviser of #Zelensky, #Arestovych in 2019 talking about how their plan to join #NATO will prompt #Russia to #invade Ukraine.“ They must do this before we join NATO.” Our #PRICE for joining NATO is a big #war with #Russia."
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A 🧵 Twitter toxicity is something else. Let’s be clear - you do not have to admire or even like #Zelenskyy to support #Ukraine or be #Ukrainian. That’s a ridiculous and illogical claim to make against @tweet4anna. However this litmus test of Ukrainian-ness is also ridiculous
Identity is complicated. I personally know many #Ukrainians who do not speak Ukrainian for a variety of life circumstances. My mother was born in western #Ukraine️ at the #slovak border. While she is a Ukrainian citizen, we dis not speak Ukrainian at home but
rather Slovak, rusyn or Polish as she belongs to an ethnic minority (#lemko) with complicated identity issues. There are different factors that contribute to ethnicity. Another thing though is
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I do not believe in lying or painting someone in the wrong light so I’ve got receipts. - here is what struck me as being quite #transphobic of @cryptodrftng 1/3
After arguing with a #transphobe (@pmmeuhsLyce ) in her private server who insisted that @SarahAshtonLV gender identity isn’t valid, I suggested this person reach out to orgs like @KyivPride to better understand #trans #ukrainians. @cryptodrftng decided to answer with this: 2/3 ImageImage
To me this is a clear choice to take issue with the term #TERF. I don’t care if you’re #Ukrainian or not, I don’t stand for garbage takes that fuel propagandists and serve as a #dogwhistle to #transphobes 3/3 speak the fuck up
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Mar 1:
1/ #RussianVolunteerCorps actions in #Bryansk

“We are #Russians, and we are not #Russians”: what is known about the “#RussianVolunteerCorps

@CrimeanWind, of #Telegram, background report on #Russian ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Partisans…
Mar 1:
3/ #RussianVolunteerCorps in #Bryansk

..representatives adhere to right-wing views & #Claim to have traveled the entire #FrontLine.

#Russian #Volunteer #Corps founder, #DenisKapustin (#Nikitin)..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine…
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#Russians claim that #Ukrainian culture doesn't exist. In fact, they tried to do their best to erase it. Well-planned soviet campaign on the annihilation of the cream of the Ukrainian nation was aimed at the destruction of Ukrainian culture. #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies 1/4
The aim was to root out everything #Ukrainian, everything great and prominent about #Ukrainians.

One of the numerous examples is the tragedy of Sandarmokh. In times of Stalin's purges in 1937 the brightest representative of #Ukrainian culture and science were executed. 2/4
Among them, Les Kurbas - theatre director, and the founder of new approaches to world theatre art; Mykola Kulish - playwright whose plays were on stages in Paris, New York, and Warsaw, Valeriian Pidmohylny - writer, translator, philosopher and many others. 3/4
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Poll: People in India, China, #Russia & Turkey prefer #Ukrainewar to end now even if it means Ukraine giving up it territory

People in US, UK & EU prefer #Ukraine regain all its territory even it means longer war or more #Ukrainians killed & displaced. 1/…
Poll: In contrast to relative majority of Americans, people in China, India, and Turkey are skeptical of claims about defending democracy in Ukraine. Relative majorities in #Russia & China say that US & EU support of #Ukraine is driven by desire to protect Western dominance. 2/
Global divide: Most people India, China, Turkey & #Russia believe that #UkraineWar️ shows that Russia is stronger or as strong as they thought. Most people in US, UK & EU9 believe that #UkraineRussianWar shows that Russia is weaker or as weak as they thought before. #Ukraine 3/
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#Ukrainian men of draft age (18-55) who want to leave through Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia to #Russia, as well as from Poland to #Belarus, are forcibly returned to #Ukraine at the request of Kiev, where they will be mobilized into the Ukrainian army.
The Baltic and Polish authorities are also detaining #Ukrainians trying to enter the #EU at the border crossing points with #Russia and #Belarus.
At the beginning of 2023, the Ukrainian Cabinet approved new rules for military registration of those liable for military service, conscripts and reservists - diplomatic missions should "facilitate the return of those liable for military service and reservists to #Ukraine."
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Director #WangYi's remarks on #UkraineCrisis at #MunichSecurityConference2023:
#China is not a party to the #UkraineCrisis, but we have not sat idly by or added fuel to the fire, and we firmly oppose any move to exploit the crisis.
the framework for a peace deal had been put on the table. But regrettably the peace talk stopped. Some people don't want fighting to stop. They don’t care about the life and death of #Ukrainians or the harm done to Europe, but have larger strategic calculations in mind.
Confrontation between major powers must be avoided.We hope European friends will give sober thought to these questions: what are needed to stop the war? What is needed for peace and stability to endure in Europe? What role does Europe play to realize its strategic autonomy?
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