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EU leaders are meeting in Brussels to discuss making #Ukraine️ a candidate to join the bloc, a "decisive" moment likely to infuriate Russia as its forces battled stiff resistance to advance in the embattled eastern Donbas region.
Ukraine says it is "waiting for the green light" to receive EU candidacy status as European leaders met in Brussels to discuss Kyiv's future, four months into the Russian invasion

📸 EU chief Ursula von der Leyen visited Ukraine on June 11
#UPDATE Ukraine has demanded that its candidacy status should be pushed forward since Moscow invaded in late February, with fighting raging especially in the east of the country
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Another update 🧵 for the situation which is developing on the western side of the #Kherson front. 🇺🇦 Forces have been making progress in almost all area's of this front and they are about 10 km from #Kherson city. More info read 🧵

#OSINT #SlavaUkraini

@DefMon3 @WarMonitor3
Previously 🇷🇺 occupied towns #Oleksandrivka, #Soldatske, #Myrne seem to be liberated and mop up operations are ongoing in these area's. Also 🇺🇦 forces have reached #Tomnyabalka and are squizing 🇷🇺 troops in the #Stanislav pocket cutting supply routes south of #Tomnyabalka.
Troops caught in the #Stanislav pocket consist of LPR/DNR conscript troops,VDV units & photo's on social media show units of the 22 Guards Spetznas transferred to the area after fighting @ #Mariupol. Source confirms VDV snipers 5 km north of #Shyrokabalka engaged by 🇺🇦artillery.
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🔴Russia has "strategically lost" the war in Ukraine and is now a "more diminished power" both diplomatically and economically than several months ago, the UK's armed forces chief has said.

Follow the latest updates on our #Ukraine liveblog here ⬇️
🇪🇺The European Commission will meet Friday to give its fast-tracked opinion on Ukraine's bid for EU candidacy, a step closer to membership.

Never before has an opinion been given so quickly on EU candidacy, which must be approved by all 27 member states… Ukrainian President Volodym...
🔴The evacuation of 568 civilians sheltering in bunkers under the Azot chemical plant in the embattled city of Sievierodonetsk is currently impossible due to shelling and heavy fighting, the governor of Ukraine's Luhansk region has said… A man holds his baby inside...
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#Ukraine 17/06 Dans le secteur de Popasna, les UKR s’accrochent encore à Zolote, bloquant ainsi toute progression.
La situation reste très tendue car les RUS menacent les voies de ravitaillement/repli de Sievierodonetsk - Lysychansk.
#Ukraine 17/06 Les efforts RUS sont concentriques mais éloignés les uns des autres.
L’usure des forces RUS et la supériorité tactique de la défense expliquent la lenteur de la progression, comme son caractère laborieux.
La situation est TRÈS tendue pour les UKR.
#Ukraine 17/06 Plus à l’Ouest, les forces UKR s’accrochent à Dolyna & Krasnopillya et ont même contre-attaqué sur Bohorodychne.
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#Ukraine️ 16/06 Encore une journée de bombardements intenses et d’attaques repoussées.
Aucune des nombreuses annonces d’avance n’est confirmée.
Le front ne bouge plus.
#Ukraine 16/06 Dans le secteur de Kharkiv l’attaque RUS sur Rubizhne a été repoussée.
#Ukraine️ 16/06 Dans le saillant de Kramatorsk attaqué sur 3 axes par les forces RUS, aucun changement non plus.
L’offensive RUS est sur Sievierodonetsk et Bakhmut (à partir de Popasna), et plus à l’Ouest vers Slovyansk.
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#Ukraine 15/06 Encore une journée de grosse activité sur plusieurs secteurs du front sans changements.
Les deux camps tentent d’empêcher un enlisement sans y parvenir pour l’instant.
#Ukraine 15/06 A Sievierodonetsk la situation des défenseurs UKR se complique.
Les efforts RUS continuent sur 2 autres secteurs : contre le flanc nord du saillant (Slovyansk) et à partir de la percée de Popasna.
Sans succès pour l’instant.
#Ukraine 15/06 Les forces UKR continuent à attaquer vers Izyum sans réel effet pour l’instant.
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#KennethGregg drivillig i #Ukraina

En lång rant:
"Here we go"

- Jag sa igår att intensiviteten i ryssarnas attacker har minskat, samma fenomen upplever vi idag också. Nu gäller det både attacker och bombningar. Däremot har man sänt en hel del gammalt skit i form/1 Image
av långdistansmissiler över hela Ukraina, men idag är också en rekorddag i nedskjutna missiler.
Samtidigt kommer uppgifter om att de ryska operativa officerarna har begärt mera resurser av Kreml, men hör och häpna; Kreml har svarat att det inte är deras uppgift/2
utan försvarsdepartementets!!!
Samtidigt har jag en glädjande nyhet; Vi har förstärkningar på väg till fronten med TUNGA VAPEN FRÅN VÄST, sakta men säkert börjar vi få in dem med utbildat manskap. Som ni kanske minns påstod jag för en tid sedan att om vi kan hålla ryssen/3
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#Ukraine️ 14/06
La situation du front dans le saillant de Kramatorsk ne change plus malgré les efforts russes.
#Ukraine️ 14/06 A Sievierodonetsk, le dernier pont par lequel les fantassins UKR pouvaient passer a été coupé par l’artillerie RUS hier.
La rivière Donets reste passable facilement par une passerelle et à pied mais le ravitaillement en véhicules est impossible depuis qq jours.
#Ukraine️ 14/06 A Sievierodonetsk, les bombardements continuent mais les forces RUS ne progressent plus.
Les UKR tiennent 35% de l’agglomération (la zone industrielle près de la rivière).
Cela ne signifie pas que les RUS ont 65% !
En réalité le centre urbanisé est contesté.
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Dear people of #Germany, don’t let #Scholz destroy everything you have done since WWII to overcome your past. Don’t let him cast you as accomplices in genocide. Take to the streets. Stand with #Ukraine️ 🙏🏻
Dear people of #Italy, don’t let #Draghi make you complicit to genocide. Take to the streets. Stand with #Ukraine.
Dear people of #France, don’t become #Vichy and align with war criminals again. Take to the streets. Stand with #Ukraine
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#Ukraine 13/06 Un point de situation assez rapide puisqu’en 3 jours, le front n’a pas connu de bouleversements importants.
Les combats continuent avec plusieurs offensives RUS & UKR qui n’ont abouti qu’à « grignoter » les positions ennemies.
#Ukraine 13/06 Le 10/06 les forces UKR ont continué leur effort contre la tête de pont de Kherson avec la prise de 2 villages.
Le front se rapproche de la ville de Kherson…
#Ukraine Le 10/06 Les forces RUS continuent leur pression lente contre le saillant de Kramatorsk avec la reprise de 2 villages au Sud-est de Sievierodonetsk.
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A thread on why I am regularly donating to @Mriya_Aid to support #Ukraine️ in the defense of her people and sovereign territory against Russia's unprovoked war of aggression, and why I encourage you to join the cause:
We are witnessing war crimes on a scale unprecedented in recent European history. In the order of 20,000 – 40,000 civilians were killed in Mariupol alone. Forced deportation on an unfathomable scale. Rape, torture and illegal mobilization of noncombatants.
As others have articulated, if you ever wondered what actions your moral fiber would have compelled you to take in 1939-1945, you are finding out now. We all have agency and responsibility to act. Choose wisely.
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1/4 "This year's food crisis is about lack of access. Next year's could be about lack of food" - @antonioguterres. As the war in #Ukraine progresses, so does the scale of the looming food catastrophe. Some countries are beginning to prepare for it.
2/4 The government of Egypt is asking the World bank for $500 million to finance the Emergency Food Security and Resilience Support Program. It is aimed to manage Egypt's needs for imported wheat as grain supplies from Ukraine cannot be made.
3/4 33-39% of calorie consumption in Egypt come from grain. 60% of grain in Egypt is imported, and the vast majority of that grain is usually from Ukraine and russia. The country is facing severe problems now.
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Proposed powers to sell, redistribute Russian assets may violate international law, says legal expert | CBC News… #Freeland #cdnpoli #Trudeau #Russia #Ukraine️
"CBC News asked the offices of both Finance Minister Chrystia #Freeland, in whose name C-19 stands, and FA Minister Melanie Joly, who's responsible for Canada's sanctions regime, whether the Liberal gov sought or received guidance on whether it complies with international law."
"The only response that specifically addressed CBC's question was offered on background: all bills go through "rigorous legal analysis" before being introduced."
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🇦🇹🇺🇦⚡The Austrian Ministry of Defense announced the impossibility of delivering heavy weapons to #Ukraine️
🇪🇸🇺🇦⚡Spain is ready to supply #Ukraine️ with air defense systems and Leopard battle tanks 🤔
(Note: Austria can't bc broken logistic lines in Ukraine but Spain can?🤔)
Spain ready to give Ukraine 40 Leopard tanks, anti-aircraft systems, El Pais writes
Spanish newspaper El Pais that the Armed Forces of #Ukraine️ might receive about 40 tanks that need to be "repaired".…
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#Ukraine️ 05/06 Un point rapide de situation : rien ne change.
Des annonces de prise de villages non confirmées ou sans conséquences sur le front, et les signes que les combats continuent à Sievierodonetsk et dans la tête de pont de Kherson.
#Ukraine️ 05/06 Dans le saillant de Kramatorsk, les forces RUS annoncent la prise de plusieurs villages entre Izyum & Lyman (sous-lignés sur la carte), sur la rive Nord du Donets.
Les combats y continuent malgré tout.
#Ukraine️ 05/06 Pas (encore) de tentatives de passage de la rivière de la part des forces RUS. Ont-elles les moyens de relancer l’offensive vers les ensembles défensifs fortifiés de Sloviansk - Kramatorsk ?
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I want to tell you the story of my cousin who was kidnapped by Russian soldiers from our house in Kherson two months ago on March 30th. He was a member of the territorial defense, as a civilian. He is also a former police officer.
*I call him brother because we are so close.
At the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Andrii voluntarily went to the military commissariat and became a member of territorial defence. He is also a former police officer.
#Ukraine️ #UkraineWar #Kherson
Later, from March 1, when the Kherson was completely occupied by Russian troops, Andrii did not stop resisting, and in every possible way helped our internal troops in destroying the aggressor.
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Det kan virke som om norske myndigheter fortsatt befinner seg i en fordums tid med utdaterte utenrikspolitiske hensyn som tas overfor Russland.
Det må endres. Russland må stoppes. De fortjener ikke vår respekt.
… en 🇺🇦🇷🇺TRÅD
Norge har siden krigen startet misbrukt nær sagt alle muligheter til å si tydelig fra at vi kommer til å bruke våre muskler til å sørge for at Ukraina vinner og Russland taper. /2
I stedet har vi tatt alle anledninger som har kommet til å hinte til Russland at vi «forstår» dem og vært forsiktige slik at vi ikke «sårer». Sist, absurd nok, ville vi ikke hjelpe sårede ukrainske soldater av den grunn. /3
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🧵#100daysofwar. They said, #Ukraine would fall in max.3 days, but we surprised the whole world. Maneuvering defense, sophisticated tactics, top-level military skills. Huge motivation and spirit in the army and society. In this 🧵 some major conclusions so far 1/
Military summing up:
1A)#Russia failed in majority of attacks: #Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odesa, Mykolayiv.
1B) RU “success” in major part of #Luhansk region isn’t due to RU offensive, but rather bcs of tactical step back of #UAarmy. 2/
1C) Where UA army seriously fought in Luhansk obl (#Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Rubizhne), Russians can’t take the towns for 3 months already!
Their only tactics is to destroy city to zero (Popasna, #Rubizhne), to occupy this empty land 3/ #ArmUkraineNow
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Media Lies Are Fueling a Phony Ukraine Narrative
The idea that #Ukraine️ and #Zelensky are going to “win the war” is an absolute #fantasy. It’s delusional in the extreme. And yet, so many in the West have been conditioned to really believe it.…
Canadian military correspondent Neil Hauer said that he corresponded with a friend of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine️, whose unit defended Krasny #liman. He said "out of 60 people in his unit, only 4 people got out from Liman alive. The rest either killed or taken prisoner."
🇺🇦⚡Another 70,000 men can be drafted into the army from the Lviv region, - said the head of the Lviv regional military enlistment office Tishchenko.🤭
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1/3 #India is taking advantage of the situation with imports of russian crude oil soaring since russia attacked #Ukraine - they are now 17% of Indian imports vs less than 1% before the war. Some of this refined oil then ends up in EU, indirectly financing #russian war machine.
2/3 #China is also discussing the purchase of russian crude oil to fill up its strategic reserves. Its price has decreased rapidly as a lot buyers refused to continue cooperation due to sanctions imposed against russia for its invasion to #Ukraine.
3/3 This is a chance for China to replenish its strategic reserves for a low price, using sanctions against russia for its own game. It has done the same earlier, accepting oil cargoes from sanctioned Iran and Venezuela.
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#Ukraine️ 02/06 Aucun changement malgré la poursuite des bombardements (y compris des frappes de missiles) russes.
La météo n’est pas très bonne sur le Donbass avec un épisode orageux hier (qui va retarder la baisse du débit des cours d’eau).
#Ukraine 02/06 L’épisode orageux (nuages bas, orages & averses) annoncé pour hier semble se prolonger.
Il offre un répit aux 2 camps qui en ont besoin (et avantage les redéploiements & concentrations de forces, notamment des unités RUS).
#Ukraine 02/06 A noter que cet épisode va cesser plus vite à l’Ouest (donc vers Kherson, zone de l’effort UKR).
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NEW: US announces new security assistance to #Ukraine valued at “up to $700 million, tailored to meet critical Ukrainian needs” per @DeptofDefense

Recap of the abt $5.3 billion in security assistance provided so far… ImageImageImageImage
NEW: @POTUS says new $700 million package to #Ukraine “will arm them with new capabilities and advanced weaponry, including HIMARS with battlefield munitions, to defend their territory from #Russia|n advances” Image
NEW: Details on the latest US security assistance package to #Ukraine, worth an estimated $700 million

Via @DeptofDefense Image
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#Ukraine 01/06 Pas grand chose de changé hier malgré une activité intense des forces RUS qui ont repris leurs tentatives d’avance sans succès.
De même les forces UKR continuent leur effort à Kharkiv & Kherson sans confirmation des annonces d’avance.
#Ukraine 01/06 Alors que les rumeurs d’un effondrement UKR à Sievierodonetsk se faisait plus nombreuses, pour l’instant rien de changé.
Il en est de même dans le secteur de Lyman.
C’est en soi une TRÈS bonne nouvelle pour les forces UKR dans un contexte difficile.
#Ukraine 01/06 après des jours d’atermoiements, Washington annonce (enfin) livrer des HIMARS aux forces UKR (avec des projectiles à portée limitée à 50mi soit 80km).
C’est un changement majeur.
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#Ukraine 31/05 L’offensive russe reprend dans plusieurs secteurs (Lyman, Popasna & surtout Sievierodonetsk) tandis que les forces UKR continuent leur effort contre la tête de pont de Kherson.
#Ukraine 31/05 Les bombardements ont repris avec intensité hier sur le front du Donbass.
L’avance RUS a repris avec le repli des forces UKR des hameaux entre Lyman & la rivière Donets.
#Ukraine 31/05 Dans Sievierodonetsk la situation est plus chaotique avec des infiltrations jusqu’au centre de la ville, sans combats de petits groupes d’infanterie.
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