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1. There's a bigger issue here @DonaldJTrumpJr . Senator Rubio is saying the entire committee was informed in Sept. '17 that the vice-chairman (Warner) was attempting to collaborate with a British spy (Steele) through a registered Russian agent in March (7 months prior).
2. Yet not a single member of the Senate Intelligence Committee (R or D) demanded Vice-Chairman Mark Warner make an immediate, full and public disclosure of the VERY SERIOUS conflict he engaged in?
3. Think about this carefully.
4. The Vice-Chair of the committee not only compromised his leadership position, but he also compromised every member of that committee by conspiring, covertly, with a "Registered Russian Agent" within an investigation that was entirely about collaboration with Russian agents?
5. Whereas not a single member of that committee held enough integrity; enough of an understanding of ethical behavior; to call Mark Warner to task and demand full, immediate and public disclosure?
6. By their silence in the face of a stunning display of ethical malfeasance every member of the committee compromised their integrity, their representative duty, and their position on the committee. They became complicit. Period.

cc: @marcorubio @DonaldJTrumpJr
7. What else are they "hiding"?
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