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Plenary Session No. 16
September 15, 2021

Watch it here:

#SenatePH Image
Sen. Grace Poe, sponsor of SBN 2094 or the Public Service Act, answers questions from Sen. Recto. Recto asked why foreigners will not be allowed 100% ownership of airports while airlines will be allowed 100% foreign ownership under the bill. #SenatePH 1/2 @SenGracePOE Image
Poe said there are issues and one of them is the acquisition of land that should be taken into account. She added that opening up the airline industry to foreign investors will unburden government from trying to bail out ailing companies in this sector. #SenatePH 2/2
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⚠️ GROSS COI REVEALED: In an extraordinary and fantastically written investigative report, @theintercept's @rose_n_adams unveils how @UHC co-opted @zackcooperYale's #surprisemedicalbill study, all while #Congress embraced it as "academic" and "unbiased" work to write #SMB law.
1⃣ This lays bare how #UnitedHealth has manipulated #surprisebill "research" to enrich itself at the expense of all #patients and the frontline #medical providers risking their lives over the past few years of #Covid.

2⃣ The study was foundational in the #SMB debate, and...
...Congress was duped. We believe that Congressional #investigations are now warranted by the #House and #Senate #Judiciary Committees. @HouseJudiciary @JudiciaryDems

3⃣ This work from Prof. #Cooper and his @Yale team was cited *10 TIMES* in the first #regulation issued by...
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#BackToSchool With all the investigations & talk about Congressional Committees, it’s important to review some history & understand the impact CC’s have had in the past? Why is it so much harder to get accountability today? (Hint: Think elephant)… 1/13
Conducting investigations is one of the most public activities in which congressional committees engage. 2/13 #JusticeMatters #investigation #accountability #TheBigLie #demswork4usa
During the Progressive Era of the 1890s through 1920s, members could gain the attention of muckraking journalists by holding investigative
hearings to expose corruption in business and government. 3/13 #Corruption #accountability #Congress #TheBigLie
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Senator Susan Collins: This is a bipartisanship test for Joe Biden. Chuck Schumer & Democrats used reconciliation to pass covid relief.

Jake Tapper: Republicans did it too for tax cuts for the rich

Collins: Well that was different.

Senator Susan Collins on the Capitol insurrection white supremacist terrorist attack: We Republicans don't want to become too much like the Democratic party which has been taken over by the Progressive left. We adhere to core principles. 🤯 #CNNSOTU #SusanCollins
Sen. Susan Collins gives a long fake ass response to the importance of leaders like Liz Cheney in the Republican party to stand up to Trump then refuses to say whether she voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in 2020. #CNNSOTU #Senate #ElectionResults
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#Update: IR bill senate debate interrupted at 12.45 pm. Bill remains on sheet. Bill deets here:
#Update : IR bill second reading debate resumption now.
Live:… #senate
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There was some genius as well as some (deliberate?) cognitive dissonance in linking the wish that states have equal representation in Congress to the wish for a non-elected upper house to check the representative house. Those wishes are by no means naturally aligned. #Senate
Hamilton, for one, would have wished to get rid of the states altogether. He also wanted an unelected upper house.
In the Federalist, Madison can barely bring himself to discuss the equal suffrage of the Senate--yet he did want a body that could check the representative body.
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#EpicFail. We are not a #SovereignNation anymore. We are not a #Democracy anymore. #Insurrection will be repeated at every election, but they won't wait till then. This was just the rehearsal. #Republicans did this because they knew they could never get legit elected again. #Coup
Why don't you give the rest of those #CapitolPolice & your 400 intimidated staffers more medals? Lots of good that will do when someone comes to kill them! You sweep it under the rug. No wonder some police felt so betrayed they went home & killed themselves. They should all quit.
@LeaderMcConnell says "Prosecute him!" b/c that way, the full extent of #McConnell's involvement in the #coup will not be laid bare. Sure #ProsecuteTrump, that ought to be easy after #MAGATerrorists come back w/30K guns in May as they promised & #QAnonShaman is confirmed as #AG. Image
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Random thoughts on the farcical #impeachment #show #trial.

Where's #ChiefJustice #Roberts?

To clarify, the Senate is NOT required to employ the services of the Chief Justice in the conduct of an impeachment trial except when the President is on trial.
Excepting presidential impeachments of #Clinton and #Trump, the modern Senate has impeached through a process in which the matter tried in committee, rather than before the whole Senate, and then and submitted to the Senate for ultimate judgment by the entire body.
In fact, this method was used in the modern impeachments of federal judges @RepHastingsFL and #WalterNixon.
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There's a lot of confusion about how a split #Senate will work.

🔹VP Harris will be the tie breaker, so Dems technically have the majority.
🔹Schumer won't have the control he would have with a majority of 51 Senators

Read this great explanation.…
Since Schumer only technically has the majority because the VP is the tiebreaker, an organizing resolution between the 2 leaders is needed.

This was last done under Bush in 2001, but the organizing resolution can be different for each split Senate.
Also, committees being split 50/50 by party is NOT A PROBLEM.

Ties in committees go to Dems.
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#Trump supporters are attempting a forceful overthrow at #CapitalHill. They're standing on government vehicles, the capital's been breached, armed stand-offs, broken windows... These are #MAGA and far-right extremist/jate groups, & Trump refuses 2 tell them 2 stand back.
#DCRiot Image
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1. Georgia Senate Election Fraud. It looks like same tricks pulled as Presidential Election. Vote counts going backwards, stoppage in counting, ballots being found late etc. I will drop stuff here but it will be mix of stuff, maybe repeats #ElectionFraud #georgia #GA #Fraud
2. Early projections from Dems...
3. Republican leads overtaken at the end, in early hours... #electionfraud
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Everyone who says "#BoThSiDeS" can shove that phrase right up their backside, because of the @GOP using the turocharged capitalist equivalent to #warlordism in #congress and #senate, holding the entire nation as hostages for their reactionary bullshit!

And this "political #instability" and "#political uncertainty" is making the #USA a worse place to invest, conduct business in or with and to have to deal with in general.
Because Ghouls like #McCornell are just being #assholes for the sake of doing so and not facing #accountability for it!
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Valt het u ook op dat de Amerika-correspondenten niets meer melden over het debat over de NDAA en stimuleringswet in de Senaat, de hoorzittingen over verkiezingsfraude, de scenario's in aanloop naar 6 januari, de scenario's voor 6 januari zelf. #journaal #nieuwsuur #1V
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Our new @trafalgar_group 2020 #Georgia #Senate #Runoff #poll conducted 12/1 - 12/3 shows tight races:

Senate Runoff
48.0% @ossoff,
47.3% @Perduesenate,
4.7% Und.

Senate Runoff (special)
50.2% @KLoeffler,
45.3% @ReverendWarnock,
4.6% Und. See Report:… Image
This poll is based on All votes we anticipate to be counted in GA Senate Runoff (both above and below the table).
Our @trafalgar_group #GASen #Runoff #Polls also shed some light on Georgia voters opinions of whether the #Presidential elections were compromised enough to change the outcome.  All voters 53.2% yes, 37.9% no, 8.9% unsure.  GOP voters 74.6% yes, 15.9% no, 9.5% unsure.
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News Analysis🔎The firm hired by @GaSecofState to conduct an #Audit of #DominionVotingSystems is the same one that previously certified the #Dominion systems and also approved a last-minute system-wide software change. (Thread👇)…
In a widely quoted statement, @GaSecofState Brad #Raffensperger said that ”Pro V&V found no evidence” of tampering with the machines.

But he failed to disclose that the company had a preexisting relationship with #Dominion that dated back years.
The testing from Pro V&V had been characterized as “superficial” and “cursory testing” by an expert cited in court documents.…
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requirements for coverage of mental health services & habilitation services for people w/intellectual & developmental disabilities, expansion of home & community-based services options, protections against disability discrimination, and
(thread 2)
#MentalHealthAwareness @AAPD
expansion of the reach of mental health parity are essential to the health, independence, & self-sufficiency of Americans w/disabilities.

Judge Barrett’s record also raises other serious concerns for people w/disabilities
(thread 3)
@AAPD @NDRNadvocates
as well. For details, you can
👉rd the letter👈 that @AAPD & MORE THAN 50 OTHER #DISABILITY ORG.'S sent to the #Senate opposing her nomination:
(thread 4) #MentalHealthAwareness
@MauriceBenard @NDRNadvocates @RoyCooperNC
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Last Trump-Biden #Debates2020 Begins
Biden: "If we just wore these masks, the president’s own advisers have told him, we could save 100,000 lives." #Debates2020
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#Bobulinski time. Very condemning for @JoeBiden!

How can Biden be considered a legit candidate for #POTUS?

Once again, media has failed the American people.

They failed to vet Joe Biden. They are as much a part of the #DeepStateSwamp as the slimy DC politicians who’ve been bleeding Americans for decades! Selling us out to China!

James Biden writes to #HunterBiden about @JoeBiden meeting with “the O” about “outrageous acquisitions.”

We know who #TheBigGuy is...

So....who’s the “O” in this email? Obama?


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We need to talk about just how corrupt we've allowed #democracy in #America to become, to the point it isn't democracy in many respects. And we need to stop #partisan squabbling and get to fixing it before we end up a one-party state, like #China. Thread👇
In 2019, writing the decision for Common Cause v. Rucho, Chief Justice Roberts closed off the federal courts as an avenue for addressing partisan #gerrymandering, instead telling citizens to propose state constitutional amendments.
In many states, with statehouses #gerrymandered beyond reach of the people, or otherwise beholden to special interests, these citizen-amendments are the only avenue left for addressing #democracy reform and other policy concerns.
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After the #senate gave up on stimulus, offering an emaciated $0.5T, #Trump is desperate for a deal to win voters. After starting new negotiations, low-balling, calling it off, then calling it back on when stocks dropped, he's bumped his offer to $1.8T.…
Unfortunately, it's all ultimately pointless, as it would still have to go through the #senate and #McConnell still says a stimulus deal is "unlikely in the next three weeks," even going so far as to call economic relief for starving #Americans an ”extraneous issue.”
#McConnell considers packing the supreme court to be the ONLY priority. Two sources close to #Senate leadership said #Trump is desperate and has zero leverage to push them to support a bill.
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Nach dem Ableben von oberster Richterin Ruth #Ginsburg wird die Wahl für den #SupremeCourt von @realDonaldTrump voll vom #Senate unterstützt werden. Die #InterNazis bei den #Democrats kündigten bereits Aufstände an...

Noch 2016 war ein Vertreter der #InterNazis in den #USA ganz anderer Meinung, was den Obersten Gerichtshof betrifft.

Denen ist es egal, wie es ihren Bürgern geht, solange sie ihre Pöstchen behalten. Kennst du #SaulAlinsky's Maxime?

#SCOTUS #Ginsberg #C4Q #WWG1WGA #ChuckSchumer Image
Hier ein Vertreterin jener Geisteshaltung, die 'unsere' #FakeNews #Medien in Sachen #USA fördern: eine Anhängerin d Gedankengutes d #InterNazis zickt über den Tod v #SCOTUS #Ginsburg aus. Irre, was manche Menschen aufführen, um nur gegen #Trump zu sein...

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-There will be NO nominee announced to replace #RBGRIP until after #Election20120.

Here's why:
1. At least 4 GOP Members of the #Senate will come out against such a move-- for their personal political survival.
Why there will NOT be a nominee to replace #RBGRIP before #Election2020:

2. GOP will want to use this as primary election issue: Much harder to do this if they've already rammed a nomination through.
Why there will NOT be a nominee to replace #RBGRIP before #Election2020:

3. If election turns on a *specific* #SupremeCourt nominee (rather than a soon-to-be-named one): Huge risk for GOP, since no nominee will be fully vetted. They don't need replay of #Kavanaugh hearing.
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BREAKING: Judicial Watch announced today that it has filed its opening brief in its lawsuit for access to former Vice President Joe Biden’s Senate records at the University of Delaware (1/3).
The new court filing comes in Judicial Watch & @DailyCaller’s lawsuit filed after a #Delaware AG's opinion denied them access to former Vice President #JoeBiden’s #Senate records, which are housed at the University of Delaware’s library (2/3).
“Delaware is hiding, in violation of law, Joe Biden’s Senate records,” @TomFitton. “It is time for the University of Delaware to stop protecting Joe Biden & follow Delaware law, which requires them to provide public access to these public records.” (3/3).
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