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Oct 27, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Is there a threat that Abuja is facing?
Has there ever been any threat?
Is the recent threat different from past ones?
How is it different?
Today's ISWAP has an expansionist agenda, not limited to their fixation on territorial control in the #LakeChad basin Today's ISWAP had far more sophistication than #BokoHaram did pre-2015 when Abuja came under attack.
#ISWAP has global networks; the goal is no longer limited to local targets but also international interests. That's why the diplomatic community in Abuja is on overdrive
Sep 6, 2021 29 tweets 9 min read
Significance Of September 6: From Nigerian Army Declaring Me Wanted To Shaping HumAngle

THREAD humanglemedia.com/significance-o… On Sept. 6, five years ago, I landed in Abuja on an Emirates flight from the UAE after the Nigerian Army declared me a wanted man on Aug. 14, 2016. I heard the news on Al Jazeera before I began to receive calls from friends and family.
Oct 9, 2020 21 tweets 5 min read
In the past few days some paid hacks operating under different spurious banners and using a few sloppy media platforms have been used to drum up a virulent campaign to smear and call for the head of Ahmad Salkida, Editor-in-Chief of @HumAngle_ Media. On October 3, 2020, a platform, GCFR NG, seemingly a parody effort out to benefit from the time-honoured national honour rank, ran a misfit of a story, “Beware of Boko Haram agent, Ahmad Salkida-CAFA warns Nigerians.” The said report was derived from a random statement ...
Jun 14, 2020 21 tweets 5 min read
Agonies Of Communities In The War Front: Brutalized And Traumatized By Army & Insurgents

When the military is deployed to protect a community from terrorist attacks, the people are happy and offer them needed support to succeed in their assignment. humangle.ng/agonies-of-com… When the soldiers are redeployed for operational reasons, the armed groups come almost immediately and punish the community for assisting the military, several villagers in insurgency ravaged communities in the Northeast say.
May 4, 2020 19 tweets 4 min read
Human Rights Of Nigerians Under Siege With Infections Diseases Bill – Experts

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping nations on their toes, governments are seeking ways to control spread. On its part, the Nigerian legislature is in a human rights war with the citizens over the Infectious Diseases Bill. Typically, the Infectious Diseases Act is supposed to create a legal framework for the govt to manage the special circumstances surrounding infectious disease
Feb 16, 2020 9 tweets 2 min read
Three things are lacking in the security process in Nigeria. To make a difference any political leader who has an understanding of the gaps and is able to infuse these three missing links will definitely see a remarkable outcome over a short period of time. They include:
(a) Personal accountability in the workflow engagement of security officials.
(b)Define a compelling rule of engagement for both military and nonmilitary interventions.
(c)Align performance of officials with an institutional reward system.
Jan 28, 2020 20 tweets 4 min read
There were recent reports in the media, notably the @MobilePunch, of 27th January, 2020 with the caption: “FG, Salkida know Leah’s whereabouts-Father,” which seek to address me in strange and grave apparels regarding the aggravating insecurity in North East Nigeria. In the report, @MobilePunch claims that Nathan Sharibu, father to Leah, the lone school girl from Dapchi who was left behind when her school mates, abducted by the Islamic State West Africa Province, (ISWAP) were released from captivity in 2019.
Dec 19, 2019 12 tweets 3 min read
The recent presidential approval of N37B for “renovation work” at the N/Assembly, says a little bit about the egregious priorities & targets that our politicians are consumed with. This is a targeted buccaneering work between the Presidency & lawmakers. For a govt that set out promising to make bring probity to governance, the following examples highlight its self-destruct: The surfeit of contradictns into which the operatns of governance have degenerated highlight most eloquently that it’s the eclipse of governance in Nigeria.
Jun 3, 2019 5 tweets 2 min read
Flash: Abubakar Shekau Reads BH ideology, Recites Nigeria's National Pledge in New Video.

The embattled leader of Jama'atu Ahlil-Sunnah Lid-Da'awati Wal-Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram appeared in a video robed in flowing white apparels whilst clutching an AK47 rifle ... as he read a prepared speech in Arabic about the doctrines of Boko Haram. The factional leader of Boko Haram that have been weakened by an internal feud that led to the emergence of another faction in 2016 and persistent military campaign by the @NigerianArmy and the MNJTF ...
Apr 29, 2019 18 tweets 5 min read
Zamfara in the last 7 days, like the week before it, reveals how the Military and the armed groups are engaged in a cat and mouse game. Human life remains short and brutish, as about 100 people were abducted and over 30 killed in the past week alone. The state still suffers at the hands of armed men, including areas that witnessed a lull, following Police & Military deployments. The military is not also smiling with many of the people they were deployed to save. So far they have accused hundreds of complicity in the killings.
Apr 22, 2019 20 tweets 4 min read
Zamfara in the last 7 days has not ushered in the desired results following Military deployment. The Military and the bandits, at best, have been playing a cat and mouse game. At one moment, expectations rise to the impending routing of the bandits in one particular forest and in the next moment the bandits have melted unscathed to other forests.
Apr 17, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read
Dear Sega, I respect you because of the work that you do. I also have tremendous respect for Dr Oby. In fact, no one amongst Nigeria's elite has inspired me more profoundly than Oby. There is no such thing as "phantom" numbers of the #Chibokgirls. The #ChibokGirls were held and some are still being held by one of the most vicious and secretive organizations in the world. What I did in April 2018 was to use my deep knowledge of the conflict to challenge the FG and BH to provide full disclosure on the status of the girls.
Apr 5, 2019 5 tweets 1 min read
Just In: Two children between the ages of 5 and 11 were abducted today in their homes in Jos, Plateau State. One of the kid was kidnapped around 2am this morning and the other, moments ago, at 7pm. Both children are still in captivity and the families are traumatized. Residents of Jos are battling with kid kidnappings right under the noses of the Army, Air Force, Secret Service, Police and Paramilitary Arms in the metropolis. The latest incident happened close to the new Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH).
Apr 1, 2019 12 tweets 5 min read
ZAMFARA IN THE LAST 7 DAYS remains a state where human lives are short & brutish. The state & federal govts that have the responsibility to protect human lives no longer do so and they no longer pretend to offer condolences or condemnatn to the victims, death has become common. Shinkafi emirate in Zamfara recorded more killings and abduction than any other location in the state in the last 7 days. Multiple sources confirmed the plea for help made by @junaidubadarawa to be true, as he gave the number of the dead at 60, villagers put it even higher.
Mar 27, 2019 13 tweets 3 min read
RESIDENTS OF JOS ARE THROWN INTO A STATE OF INTENSE FEAR BY THE ACTIVITIES OF KIDNAPPERS. Insecurity is turning a gory, brazen, page with new incidents of kid kidnappings making the rounds in Jos, Plateau State.

Thread. Unlike Zamfara state where the abductions occur mostly in the rural communities, these incidents in Jos are right under the noses of the elite formations of the Armed Forces - Army, Air Force, Navy, Secret Service, Police and paramilitary arms in the metropolis.
Mar 18, 2019 12 tweets 4 min read
ZAMFARA STATE IN THE LAST 7 DAYS continues to bleed. Bloodletting not abetting, conditions have remained grave and dangerous. The sources of pain for the people remain formidable. Abductions have aggravated. Terrorists and armed bandits are spreading cruelty and calamity unchecked and unperturbed. There are no signs that military forces and the government have any strategy to counter and neutralize the vendors of death and anguish in the land.
Mar 4, 2019 25 tweets 6 min read

Zamfara state in the last seven days is reeling helplessly, practically soaked in its own blood. Over 100 were reportedly slaughtered with as much number abducted. Some 20 students in a Madarasa are among the abducted. The terrorists, on 27 February, 2019, invaded Kawaye village in Bagega, Anka Local government area. Witnesses report that the gunmen claimed that they came on vengeance over the killing of their members by vigilantes. They razed down houses, vehicles and everything in their way.
Feb 18, 2019 12 tweets 5 min read
Zamfara in the last 7 days recorded less bloodshed compared to the previous week, but the rate of abductions of persons remains the same. There's however, something to worry about: an emerging evidence of the presence of Ansaru in #Zamfara, operating across the states in North West #Nigeria right into the border with Niger Republic. #Ansaru is a sect, a breakaway faction of #BokoHaram in 2012. The were responsible for the prison break in Abuja in 2012.
Feb 17, 2019 5 tweets 1 min read
1. I was determined to ignore Bayo Onanuga and his criminality crusade. Because I know that he long ceased to be a journalist of value since becoming a politician and Jagaban's lapdog. But since stretching it by accusing me of treason I'm compelled to address it. 2. He accused me of 'always spreading Boko Haram attacks.' I assume he's beside himself because that phrase expresses that am in the rank of the insurgents directing or escalating the attacks.
Feb 14, 2019 5 tweets 3 min read
Alert: Multiple sources are reporting that an attack on Maiduguri may be in the making, this night as over 50 #BokoHaram fighters have converged in Ajilari Kuros, which is approximately 2 kilometres from the city of #Maiduguri. Update on attacks in #Maiduguri: At dawn today, #Bokoharam fighters infiltrated Maiduguri on foot from the old Molai road, where the CJTF engaged some of them. There were, however bomb blasts close to the Federal High Court and behind CBN Quarters within the metropolis.
Feb 11, 2019 10 tweets 3 min read
Zamfara in the last 7 days:
One of the most brazen acts of insensitivity towards the citizenry by politicians was displayed in #Zamfara state on Sunday, 10, February, 2019 by President Muhammadu Buhari at a political rally ahead of the presidential election. Muhammadu Buhari, a candidate of the ruling party, APC, and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of #Nigeria did not convey words of sympathy towards the citizens over the unceasing banditry and killings going on in the state for some years, at yesterday's rally in Gusau.