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BREAKING: #BNNNigeria Reports.

Residents said on Thursday that, Nigerian gunmen have kidnapped at least 60 people, mostly women, who were observing Prophet Muhammad's birthday in a remote community in northwestern Zamfara state.
This incident is among the latest wave of abductions to affect Zamfara.

The residents said that Kidnappers abducted mostly women who were observing Mawlid, the celebration of Prophet Muhammad's birthday.
It is held between the period of end of September to the end of November in Nigeria's mainly northern Muslim states.

Abdulkarim Haruna, whose wife was kidnapped, said that "On a daily basis there is killing or abduction, which is leaving us homeless.
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BREAKING: #BNNNigeria Reports

Gunmen on motorcycles kidnapped and raided four villages in Nigeria's northwestern state of #Zamfara, kidnapping at least 130 people.
According to the information commissioner, Ibrahim Dosara, and one local resident, more than 40 people were taken from Kanwa village in Zamfara's Zurmi local government area.
A further 37 people, mostly women and children, were adbucted from the Kwabre community in the same local government area, according to the resident, who declined to be identified for security reasons.
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FINALLY…I have confirmed that A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircrafts is finally cleared & now deployed to NorthWest region for air operations against terrorists. Here comes the festival of 🔥. #Kaduna #Kano #Katsina #Sokoto #Zamfara #Jigawa 💪🏽
The Super Tucano is the nightmare of terrorists (now decimated) in NE region. Troops of Operation Hadin Kai recorded massive successes against terror groups in #Borno #Adamawa #Yobe states with the Nigeria Air Force Super Tucano Aircrafts. The game changer is welcome to NW region
Lastly I commend Nigeria Army Ground Troops & Combat Pilots of the Nigerian Air Force, testament of collaborative successes & effective synergy btw NA & NAF is visible for all in the North East region counter Insurgency war. It’s now all family affairs btw the Service Chiefs 👏🏾
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Thinking about Nigeria today. Always remember that everything the Government said on the civil war or about Niger-Delta Compatriots (they call them Militants) was a lie #shame #Zamfara #LekkiMassacre2020
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they murdered our brothers and sisters in cold blood then and they are at it again. It was genocide. They brutalized our parents and grandparents with genocide and forced them to silence and kept them in fear ever since. #LekkiMassacre2020 #Zamfara
They want to force us to silence but this generation refuses to be afraid or intimidated. We can see that our parents and grandparents were not just silent in fear. They were forced to be. Follow me carefully. #NIGERIAPREVAILS #LekkiMassacre2020 #LekkiGenocide
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Truth is, @NyesomWlKE is wrong in this, and @hadisirika is right to blast him. But also today @elrufai's state, 748km away said they'll start quarantining travellers passing through.

Basically, #Nigeria's states are taking more power for themselves. Can Abuja stop it?
Let me tell a quick story...

In 1999, #Nigeria organised the u20 World Cup. The organisation was done entirely by the FG, and Nigeria ’99 is on record as probably the worst ever @FIFAcom competition. It led to loads of changes in the way FIFA ‘helps’ host countries.
10 years later, we were, for some reason, awarded the right to host the u17 World Cup.

When it became evident that the LOC was slacking, state governments in some state govs stepped in, and #Nigeria 2009 ended up being more successful in some areas than it was in others.
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1. This story is a deadly blow to those who want us to believe that @MBuhari doesn’t show concern about the plight of Nigerians because he doesn’t know what is going on. That it’s the fault of those around him because they don’t tell him the truth.…
2. The man knows everything including who voted for him. So, never again should you tell us that he isn’t aware of the situation in #Zamfara, Birnin Gwari or Katsina of recent. Don’t tell us he didn’t know what happened during the conclusive “inconclusive” elections in Kano.
3. Don’t tell us he is oblivious of what is happening to Kano Emirate today. HE KNOWS WHAT IS HAPPENING. It’s just that he doesn’t care. He just chose to turn a blind eye because it conveniences him to do so. But Allah would judge and history is recording.
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1. With Supreme Court’s pronouncement that @APCNigeria had no candidates in #Zamfara, hopefully, JUST hopefully, politicians would accept that we’ve got laws and they’re meant to be obeyed. That political parties aren’t private properties and our courts aren’t toothless bulldogs.
2. The most important lesson is: Allah acts in mysterious ways. APC abandoned #Zamfara but its people are disempowered by poverty & ignorance to fight the party. They prayed & Allah fought for them. It’s now PDP’s turn to serve the peope or it would suffer a similar fate shortly.
3. Finally, we’d continue to call out politicians who feel they can get away with impunity. They may pay e-thugs to attack us but those thugs can’t defend them in court. They may hire the best lawyers but lawyers don’t produce facts nor do they dictate the applicable law.
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Zamfara in the last 7 days, like the week before it, reveals how the Military and the armed groups are engaged in a cat and mouse game. Human life remains short and brutish, as about 100 people were abducted and over 30 killed in the past week alone.
The state still suffers at the hands of armed men, including areas that witnessed a lull, following Police & Military deployments. The military is not also smiling with many of the people they were deployed to save. So far they have accused hundreds of complicity in the killings.
On Friday, four people were kidnapped in Jangeme along Gusau Magami road. The following day, three persons were also killed and scores abducted on the road to Sabon Birni from Anka by another band of armed men in #Zamfara.
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I've had interesting and very stimulating discussions this week, that highlight the critical difference the government structure in a Federal Republic like #Nigeria creates for health security, compared to countries with unitary systems of government

Our role at @NCDCgov as included in the #NCDCAct requires us to 'support' states in outbreak preparedness and response. However, the dependence from states on the national agency is very high. Yet, we cannot ignore, because when we do, people die.
Health is on the "concurrent" list in #Nigeria, i.e responsibility of Federal & Sate govts. Unlike our security architecture which is centralised, our #healthsecurity is de-centralised. No clear line of control & we've to work hard to collaborate & cooperate across govt levels
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1. I find the theory that @MBuhari is meandering the globe in search of foreign investment laughable. No investor. I repeat, no investor would sink their capital in a conflict-ridden environment. If you want to track investment, you’ve got to create the right atmosphere for it.
2. The Buhari administration has weakened #BokoHaram but the group is far from being defeated as the government wants to have us believe. Military pressure on the group, which has been recently resurging, must be sustained. The security situation in #Zamfara must be addressed.
3. The farmer-herder crisis in the north-central part and the ethno-religious crisis in Taraba, Plateau and other parts must be tackled. The root causes of all these crises must be confronted. After that, fix social amenities: steady power supply, good transport systems, etc.
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1. Some minutes ago, Secretary to #Zamfara State government informed @bbchausa that 4, 000 people have been killed in the state in the last 5 years while about 9, 000 have been injured. This is the official figure.

It’s hobbling that 4, 000 human lives would be wasted . . .
2. . . . just like that in a country whose govt claims to care and to be in control. The primary duty of every government is the protection of lives and properties and if the present administration cannot do even that, what else can it?
3. If the police and military cannot stop these beasts from massacring people, what are we paying them for? If Nigerians wouldn’t rise in unison and speak up on this, what else would be important enough to bring us to together?
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1. I commend FG’s decision to stop illegal mining in #Zamfara.

I do this in the hope that it would be a step in the right direction and 1st of many to come even as I struggle to understand the nexus between abduction, ransom & massacres on the one hand and mining on the other.
2. Even if we assume that mining is playing a role, it’s evident that the situation is more complicated than just it. I thus call on the FG to do everything possible to stop the violence and address the root causes holistically. IDPs must be provided with basic amenities.
3. And this step shouldn’t be an attempt to just douse the recent outrage & return to business as usual. Finally, if @MBuhari has time to go round the world attending unnecessary occasions, giving speeches that wouldn’t improve the living conditions of poor Nigerians in anyway,
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This is an important conversation for us to have.

#Nigeria can scarce afford to be looking to project influence when our primary challenges are at home, so in the geopolitical game, we are toast. @FulanNasrullah @bigbrovar @andrewfootie @chrisngwodo
Like #Zamfara, like #Borno, like #Benue, like #Kogi (last night), like #Ebonyi, like #Adamawa.

Looking at a few maps and our issues become quite clear. They are no accident. This is a map of #Nigeria's subnational HDI. We'll come back to it later...
In the 1960s, the government conceived of two economic corridors largely following the colonial rail lines. We didn't build on them, but the 2NEC was completely abandoned.

It is no accident that until #Zamfara, the majority of our internecine conflicts were along the old 2NEC...
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Good morning brethren, today’s sermon will be a difficult but honest one.

1. I wasn’t going to say anything about #Zamfara, or lend my voice to the sudden outrage. As most of you will know, I hate hypocrisy.

Where was this outrage BEFORE the elections when people were dying?
2. Even with this new anger at FG’s failure to secure lives & property, people are STILL reluctant to hold @mbuhari the C-in-C to account, blaming @GovYari instead

3. Some are angry that Baba was silent about #Zamfara but managed to express his sadness at the death of a Lagosian
4. The same people that mocked us when we protested against the REFUSAL of the FG and @mBuhari to act against killers in #Benue, #SouthernKaduna, #Taraba, #Plateau are organizing a tokenistic protest on a Saturday while Baba is out of the country and are “slightly pissed” at him.
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1. In @bbchausa’s “Ra’ayi Riga“ aired 8:30 - 9:30pm yesterday, Mallam @GarShehu blamed #Zamfara people for the killings in the state. I was dumbfounded to hear @NGRPresident’ spokesperson blaming the victim. This is the height of insensitivity!
2. @GarShehu’s “evidence” for his outrageous claim is that traditional and religious leaders in #Zamfara strike a peace with the bandits.

But what he failed to appreciate is that the bandits are the GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY in #Zamfara. Every one is at the mercy of the gangs.
3. Federal and state govts have woefully failed to protect them. So, what the fault of armless civilians who, out of fear, bow down to the enemy just to stay alive? How could a govt fail to discharge its primary responsibility and yet blame the victims for its failure?
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ENOUGH OF THE INSANITY: Zamfara Needs State of Emergency

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Blind hailers keep nagging us to commend @MBuhari for the “major operation” the Army launched yesterday.1/3 ImageImage
But they ignore the fact that the same operation had been used twice previously. PMB keeps repeating the same strategy that has failed woefully and you want us to clap for him? Would you keep giving your child the same medicine even as its condition continues to deteriorate? 2/3
I repeat that what #Zamfara needs is a STATE OF EMERGENCY.
This would make the situation a high priority for every relevant institution and allow use of funds not budgeted for the State and/or permit the FG to retain part of the state’s allocation to stop the ongoing inhumanity.
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Nigerian States and their Natural Resources

Is your States as rich as Its natural resources?
Nigerian States and Their Natural Resources:

#Abia State

#Adamawa State

#AkwaIbom State

#Anambra State

#Bauchi State
Cassiterite (tine ore),

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ZAMFARA STATE IN THE LAST 7 DAYS continues to bleed. Bloodletting not abetting, conditions have remained grave and dangerous. The sources of pain for the people remain formidable.
Abductions have aggravated. Terrorists and armed bandits are spreading cruelty and calamity unchecked and unperturbed. There are no signs that military forces and the government have any strategy to counter and neutralize the vendors of death and anguish in the land.
The people of #Zamfara are bleeding both in blood and in cash. The terrorists are daily making millions, milking an already constricted populace of resources and cash, enough to maintain a steady scaling up purchase of arms and ammunition.
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Zamfara state in the last seven days is reeling helplessly, practically soaked in its own blood. Over 100 were reportedly slaughtered with as much number abducted. Some 20 students in a Madarasa are among the abducted.
The terrorists, on 27 February, 2019, invaded Kawaye village in Bagega, Anka Local government area. Witnesses report that the gunmen claimed that they came on vengeance over the killing of their members by vigilantes. They razed down houses, vehicles and everything in their way.
Kawaye village in #Bagega alone, in the course of the 27 February invasion, 13 were killed and 42 persons abducted. It was designed to be a strong message to other communities that may stand on its way.
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1/ An incendiary presidential remark, the country making an EU blacklist, a political gesture posturing as a fuel price cut, and the politicisation of a mass killing fed into a week where political uncertainty reigned supreme.
2/ While there have been attempts by @OfficialAPCNg supporters to justify and defend @MBuhari’s statement, the reaction of the party’s National Leader, @AsiwajuTinubu, where he attempted to declare it a misunderstanding and an impossibility,
3/ is a take that reflects the real gravity of such a statement coming from a sitting President. Military chiefs taking a cue and insisting they will shoot alleged ballot box snatchers is disheartening.
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Zamfara in the last 7 days recorded less bloodshed compared to the previous week, but the rate of abductions of persons remains the same. There's however, something to worry about: an emerging evidence of the presence of Ansaru in #Zamfara,
operating across the states in North West #Nigeria right into the border with Niger Republic. #Ansaru is a sect, a breakaway faction of #BokoHaram in 2012. The were responsible for the prison break in Abuja in 2012.
So far, several armed bandits and cattle rustlers are being proselytized into the fold of the Jihadis while erring armed bandits are systematically being taken out by the #Ansaru elements. The Northwest may likely be the new jihadi battle ground in #Nigeria like the Northeast.
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Zamfara in the last 7 days:
One of the most brazen acts of insensitivity towards the citizenry by politicians was displayed in #Zamfara state on Sunday, 10, February, 2019 by President Muhammadu Buhari at a political rally ahead of the presidential election.
Muhammadu Buhari, a candidate of the ruling party, APC, and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of #Nigeria did not convey words of sympathy towards the citizens over the unceasing banditry and killings going on in the state for some years, at yesterday's rally in Gusau.
No acknowledgement, no condolences, no empathy for the millions of the people who have been marooned at their hour of greatest need by the government they elected. Many who showed up at the rally were angry, they expected president to assure them of a future that is safe.
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2018 #FAAC Shared to States - TOTAL GROSS AMOUNT:

#Delta - N237.81bn
#AkwaIbom - N216.29bn
#Rivers - N186.53bn
#Bayelsa - N172.61bn
#Lagos - N157.80bn
#Kano - N90.18bn
#Edo - N75.79bn
#FCTAbuja - N73.62bn
#Kaduna - N73.59bn
#Ondo - N72.33bn
#Katsina - N68.82bn

Source: OAGF

#Borno - N67.35bn
#Oyo - N67.18bn
#Bauchi - N65.98bn
#Niger - N64.74bn
#Imo - N64.59bn
#Jigawa - N62.60bn
#Benue - N62.05bn
#Abia - N60.96bn
#Sokoto - N60.59bn
#Kogi - N60.42bn
#Kebbi - N58.22bn
#Plateau - N57.69bn
#Anambra - N56.83bn
#Enugu - N56.33bn

Source: OAGF

#Crossriver - N55.51bn
#Adamawa - N55.50bn
#Zamfara - N55.31bn
#Yobe - N54.37bn
#Ogun - N54.12bn
#Taraba - N52.94bn
#Gombe - N52.07bn
#Osun - N51.92bn
#Nasarawa - N50.64bn
#Ebonyi - N50.03bn
#Ekiti - N50.00bn
#Kwara - N49.86bn

Source: OAGF

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Last week I did the first edition of Zamfara in the last 7 days. The series focuses on the human calamity that is unfolding in the state & environs with a view to draw attention. In this edition I'm looking at attacks in Maru & Shinkafi LGAs.
The attacks in these Local Government Areas resulted in scores of fatalities, abduction of dozens and displacements of thousands of persons in Zamfara state.
Apart from pockets of attacks that often go unreported; the attack by bandits in Dokar Alasan village in Dangulbe district in Maru LGA on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 took the lives of 15 villagers. Within this period over 10 clusters of villages were attacked by bandits.
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