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Parody Finance Minister holding office at pleasure of AltPM of the Parallel Universe of the Fictional AltSarkar
Sep 20, 2019 16 tweets 8 min read
#CorporationTax #AltSarkar's view and commentary.
First the good news: FM @nsitharaman’s corporate tax cut is a clear sign that #ModiSarkar is worried about the state of the #Indian #Economy. That’s good because it means she acknowledges the scale of the #budget2019 cock-up. Now the bad news: a day earlier, @RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta, said that the Government’s fiscal space is limited. This means: don't cut taxes, don't spend more than budgeted. He also said, spend resources 'fruitfully' i.e. to get the 'most bang for your buck'.
Sep 15, 2019 15 tweets 8 min read
Anybody interested in #India's #Economy should take 30 minutes time out and listen to this interview. There is both sound, credible analysis of the problem AND an entirely logical policy prescription. #AltSarkar @PIB_Altsarkar @fek_le @Vidyut… A quick summary:
1. Our present problems can be traced back directly to the stupid, stupid move on Nov 8 2016 when 86% of the means of settlement of dues was taken out. Damn that #Demonetisation. We in #AltSarkar have to acknowledge it even if its defenders do not.
Aug 27, 2019 12 tweets 6 min read
To: @Alt_PM of #AltSarkar
From: AltSarkar_FM
Thank you for asking me to take on this role. I shall do my best. At a time when the Govt has had to raid @RBI reserves, it is clear that we are in deep shit. A fresh start will mean agreeing some home-truth principles The world does not owe us a living, We have to work for it and work hard. We have to live within our means, while at the same time improving our prospects through investments in education, health, welfare so that each year we grow richer, stronger, healthier.