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I studied & decoded every #Budget from 2012 - 2022 so that you don't have to.

Interestingly every #Budget has a pattern, which needs to be cracked. So i did it for you !

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Detailed explanation below 👇👇
Budgets under Modi Regime and their returns.

Arun Jaitley - 2014 :: 2018 (-0.23, 0.65, -0.61, 1.81, -0.10)

Nirmala Sitharaman - 2019 :: 2022 (-1.14, -2.51, 4.74, 1.16)
1 Week Pre and Post #Budget moves
Data credit @nitinmurarkasmc
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A thread.
Okay, guys, listen up all ye interested in India's public finances. With 9 months data now in, on this site:…

what do we know about how the #NDA2Govt is managing the economy?
Quite simply the situation is even worse than it was at the same stage in last financial year. COPPY stands of Corresponding Period in Previous Year. Remember 9 months is 75% of the year behind us.
Total revenues (that includes windfalls from RBI raids) is at 58% of what was estimated in #Budget2019. Tax revenues are even worse, 55% (you'd expect 75%) The shortfall is in fact 3.25 lakh crores that is 20% less than waht it should be at this stage of the Year.
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What did #famers get in #Budget, where @nsitharaman claimed, "Our Govt is committed to the goal of doubling farmers income by 2022"

P.S-Acc to Dalwai committee,"real income of farmer, should increase by 10.4%/year,which has been increasing less than 2.5% in last 5 years
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA Govt allocates 9.3% of the budget to #Agri, allied,irrigation & #rural development, which was 9.8% last year. Factoring Inflation, Real Increase in allocation is actually negative.

Is this enough ?
Will this increase #farm income, prop up #rural demand ?

@mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon
@nsitharaman @_YogendraYadav @aviksahaindia @sayantanbera @seemay @Ghair_Kanooni @Subytweets @sritara @srinivasanravi @DrSarvapriya @RURALINDIA @mkvenu1 @PreetiSMenon Govt allocated 1.58 lakh crore to #agri, allied sectors & irrigation i.e. 5.2% of the total budget. Last years budget had allocated 1.52 lakh crore, which was 5.45% of the budget i.e. reduced spending !

👉Will this double #farm income by 2022 ?🙄
@rssurjewala @MonaAmbegaonkar
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#CorporationTax #AltSarkar's view and commentary.
First the good news: FM @nsitharaman’s corporate tax cut is a clear sign that #ModiSarkar is worried about the state of the #Indian #Economy. That’s good because it means she acknowledges the scale of the #budget2019 cock-up.
Now the bad news: a day earlier, @RBI Governor, @DasShaktikanta, said that the Government’s fiscal space is limited. This means: don't cut taxes, don't spend more than budgeted. He also said, spend resources 'fruitfully' i.e. to get the 'most bang for your buck'.
And now the even worse news: this 1.5 Lakh Crore tax giveaway is neither necessary nor sufficient, in and of itself, to solve the problem that spurred it - the slump in economic growth. Like antibiotics that neither help a common cold, nor make the body stronger. Here's why
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”It is my pleasure to welcome you all back to the chamber after the annual recess..” — Speaker @femigbaja ImageImageImage
”Before we adjourned the House, a significant amount of work had already started. We had begun legislative action through the consideration of several bills including Electric Power Sector Reform Bill, Physically Challenged bill etc.” — Speaker @femigbaja Image
The House of Reps will consider important legislation such as the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) which is important if we are to properly address the structural, operational and policy challenges in Nigerian Petroleum Industry...” — Speaker @femigbaja Image
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🔴PREMIERES at 9:15pm ET:

"The $3000 figure is the much broader figure that really gets to the heart of the success of this president's deregulatory agenda."

@RussVought45 talks #Deregulation on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@RussVought45 @JanJekielek 🔴LIVE:

"If you break the debt up into how much people owe, are they getting that much in value from the federal government? My suspicion is that they're not."

@RussVought45 talks about the #Budget2019 on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek
@RussVought45 @JanJekielek "[Trump] is a fascinating person…he's an incredible quick study…I wish more Americans had an opportunity to interact with him."

@RussVought45 talks about President Trump on American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸 with @JanJekielek

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#Budget2019 proposal on #electricvehicles is good step. Ironically, #Indian middle-class can't afford the expected price of cars being planned to be launched. Estimated price = ₹10 - ₹30 Lakhs. #Infrastructure after sales is also not there! @anandmahindra @odmag @nitin_gadkari
Request @nitin_gadkari to give an #infrastructure push for #electricvehicles & also with good features starting from ₹5 Lakhs onwards (on road price) with lowest slab of #GST. @anandmahindra

'Dreams can become a reality, if it comes into action, not just in talks or speeches.'
Came to know that @MahindraElctrc under the leadership of @anandmahindra offers lowest price i.e. ₹6.50 Lakhs on road, of one of the variant of #Mahindra #e20. #India needs more, if Mahindra can then, @TataMotors @HyundaiIndia @MSArenaOfficial @ToyotaIndia
& others also can!
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#Missing1Point7Trillion #India #Budget2019, #EconomicSurvey2019
Keen followers of India #Budget #Shenanigans would have followed, or tried to follow the complex arguments made by 3 non-Govt commentators in this @NDTV programme: 1/n
Jayati Ghosh, Pronab Sen and Nitin Sethi pointed out that figures that appeared in @SubramanianKri's Economic Survey did not read across into @nsitharaman's glossy #Budget2019 presentation. They based their arguments on reading the small print in both these weighty documents. 2/n
@kaul_vivek, that great explainer of complicated financial smoke-and-mirrors made the same point about a missing 1.7 lakh crores (LC for short, 1 LC = 1 trillion) from the 2018-19 budgeted revenue and expenditure. See his excellent write up here:… 3/n
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They call this #Budget2019 visionary

Let me explain my views on it
1. When Automobiles companies are struggling they are talking of giving incentives to E vehicles

What happens Now? Like now

Already car dealers shutting shop. Job losses. But instead of addressing current problem they talking two years ahead
2. Real estate non giving possession to buyers. Poor buyers paying both EMI for property not in site as well as rent

RERA should have been introduced retrospective. Builders launched new projects, ignoring ones before RERA
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Despite having a monopolistic situation in many businesses, many #PSUcompanies haven't generated attractive #returns for their #shareholders. More than for #investors, the govt. is likely to benefit by the provision of allowing 80C deduction on #investments. #Budget2019
PSU #ETFs have a high portfolio concentration & single sectoral exposure. For eg. CPSE ETF holds over 60% of portfolio in energy sector & top 4 stocks constitutes over 75% of portfolio. Similarly, Bharat-22 holds 55% of portfolio in top 5 stocks. #Budget2019 @TheEconomist
#Investors having primary objective to #savetax, cannot ignore the performance of #ELSS #mutualfunds. Fund manager, considers number of factors like macroeconomic indicators, financial strength of a company & its competitive advantage etc. while constructing portfolio.#Budget2019
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What does #Budget2019 say about the GOI's vision of New India:
1) India is now truly treading the welfare route - pensions by the state to ever larger groups of people, farmers, small shopkeepers. Interest subvention to women in SHG.
2) The money required for more & more infra development, the socialist schemes will come from : Direct Taxes, Disinvestment and Borrowing.
Direct Taxes and Disinvestment are common tricks, only new trick is the borrowing in this budget.
3) The Disinvestment Well of PSUs will run dry in the next 2 years. Given GOI's voracious appetite for welfare schemes where will the money for these schemes come from in the future? Will mules called "Tax Payers" die to fund the govt? @narendramodi @nsitharaman
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Though #Budget2019 claimed to be a #bahikhata , it is more of a vision, not revenue & expenditure projection,which a bahikhata as the name suggests, is supposed to be !/1
Till 1991, budget wud consist of only figures.
Vision appeared for the first time in1991,
#NewIndia of Modi govt gives only vision (no figures), a #new trend for a positive approach & a feel good attitude/2
According to World Bank figures, in 1964 India was at rank 7th with 56 billion dollar economy (total world fig stood at 1.8 trillion dollars)
In 2019 when total world fig has reached 87 trillion, India's GDP is 2.6 trillion dollars ../3
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Budget Takeaways for Various Sectors(Equity Impact Sector wise): ( Long Thread)
#Budget2019 #investearnrepeat
• aircraft financing and leasing activities from Indian shores
• Postive for Interglobe Aviation and Spicejet
Customs duty has been increased from 7.5%/10% to 10%/15% on automobile parts
• Negative for Auto OEM companies like Maruti, Hero , Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, Eicher , TaMo, Ashok Leyland.
• Interest upto Rs. 1.5 Lacs shall be allowed as deduction for the purchase of EV w.e.f 1/4/20. (Positive for EV)
• Special Additional Excise duty by Re 1 per litre and Road and Infrastructure Cess by Re 1 per litre each on petrol and diesel.
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Today's Mint has some detailed stories on the #Budget2019 along with stunning artworks by Jayachandran. Image
I've written a piece on jobs, moving fwd from dry stats and figures. It's a profile of a delivery exe for Amazon orders in way-out Wayanad. Stakeholders in a new India like him are chasing app-driven jobs/gigs, abv market wages, and, wherever possible, a formal jobs contract. Image
As jobs go, so does the nation. “Joe six-pack, who drinks beer and watches college football, makes $50,000 a year, and Ram-bharose makes ₹50,000 a year. It’s got nothing to do with Joe six-pack and Ram-bharose, it’s about being productive.’’…
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FM says, govt. is dedicated to ideals of Lord Basaveshwara. Quotes him in Kannada "Kayakave Kailasa" (Work is Worship").
FM says, will consolidate multiple labor laws into set of 'four labor codes'. #budget 2019
FM says, new television channel for startups to be set up. #budget 2019
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You know what we haven't had in this Budget so far? Any budgeting. Lots of aims, no allocations. #Budget2019
DD-Startups has been announced. All problems now solved.
It's been over an hour. Targets, achievements, promises -- but not a single budgetary allocation. This simply does not happen in a Budget speech....!

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This thread details announcement made into budget and what average middle class would get from it.

Totally My work
Two goals for country future
1. National Security
2. Economic Prosperity

Imp : Last mile Delivery was prime target


Food security amount spend doubled in last 5 years
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Finance Minister @nsitharaman: India will become a $3 trillion economy this year #Budget2019
Finance Minister @nsitharaman: Many structural reforms need to be undertaken #Budget2019
Finance Minister @nsitharaman: Will reach $5Trillion in the next few years #Budget2019
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#Budget2019 Starts. (Thread)
When our hearts are filled with hope, trust and aspirations, we added $1 trillion in 5 years. GDP. Okay.
After a lot of fluff, we are now on.
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Speech begins with a reference to 'new India' and the election result. Taking it as a validation of the performance of the government.
Validation of the two goals - national security and economic growth
Mazboot desh ke liye mazbooth nagrik
Empower the citizen to make the nation strong
Refers to Chanakya: Determined human effort leads to task completion
Vision for the decade:
Goal of USD 5trillion is the focus. The vision for the decade in 10 points.
Social infra, digital india, pollution free, make in india, water, space, self sufficiency in food grains and export, medical, clean India
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Updates from #Budget2019 with @moneymantrainfo - Watch out all the news on budget (tweets / thread whole day..) 📊📋
#Budget2019 - Indian Economy : A Snapshot 👇
Sitharaman discards briefcase, goes for 'bahi-khata' #Budget2019
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At the Canadian Consortium for Research meeting today w/ @MitacsCanada #CSPF and @NSERC_CRSNG colleagues, where @VB_Lisa opens by discussing #SupportTheReport efforts, asking how can we foster next steps for fundamental research and the #NextGenCanSci in Canada?

#scipol #thread
James Compton, prev prez @CAUT_ACPPU shows that there was a massive increase in student population, but this has slowed over the last 3 years. It would have slowed more, were it not for international students. Yet, #PSE funding from fed has been flat, has decreased at prov level
... Tuition has also increased over time. Faculty wages are not the culprit though, the % #PSE expenditures on wages has diminished over time. There is also more reliance on contract staff ➡️ and academic staff are not being renewed
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Arrived at @research_money conf #RM_Ott19 just as the contribution of @MitacsCanada and presence of #CSPF is mentioned... Good timing!

I'm here w/ my @NSERC_CRSNG colleagues, and also happy to see @DSP_SPE included as a partner + that @MarieFranquin is on a panel this morning 🙌
Keynote speaker #RM_Ott19 is David Watters discussing the impact of #Budget2019 on Canadian research and Canada as a whole. Excellent summary and great figures ⬇️
Supporting research excellence was a relatively small investment compared to big ticket items in #Budget2019. GERD/GDP is still very low compared to OECD colleagues
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