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Correct . SAGARMATHA GIRISRINGA and not Mount Everest etc. // Everest did not even do the great survey work that established the altitude -it was done by an #Indian called RADHANATH SIKDAR ( why not Mount RADHANATH if we are to go by Everest ?? ). @IndiGenBharat ; @cbkwgl.… .....#Indian and a #BengaliHindu // A supremely talented surveyor who rendered great service to #Bharatvarsh // unknown to most people.
Wiki : " In 1851 a Survey Manual (eds. Capt. H. L. Thullier and Capt. F. Smyth) was published by the Survey Department. The preface to the Manual mentions that the more technical and mathematical chapters of the Manual were written by Babu Radhanath Sikdar."
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @GeoffreyOnyeama @Sarpong_KA, @UstaNcusta, Dammu Ravi, and Omneya Ghamry

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue
.@GeoffreyOnyeama: #Nigeria & #India share a special relationship in this age of #globalisation. #India has a comparative advantage in the #health sector. Its role during the #COVID19 outbreak attests to this point.

.@GeoffreyOnyeama: The #IndiaAfrica Forum Summit (#IAFS) process is aimed at developing a precise roadmap that responds to the priorities of #African countries. #India can share its technological know-how which will boost our substantial partnership.

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We are LIVE tweeting the In conversation session with @nitin_gadkari and @ShereenBhan

Stay tuned for updates!

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue #TerraNova
Watch it LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 @nitin_gadkari
.@nitin_gadkari: #Crudeoil import presents an economic and #environmental challenge for #India. India’s present efforts at advancing #greentechnologies will provide us with a way out of this unsustainable dependence.

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We are LIVE tweeting the Raisina AMA with @DrSJaishankar and @samirsaran

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Watch it LIVE here:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: Three things keep me up at night — the shocks that the international order is experiencing, particularly in the past two years—the #COVID19 pandemic, #Afghanistan & #Ukraine, & the friction between the #West & #Russia, the #USA and #China

#Raisina2022 @MEAIndia
.@DrSJaishankar: You need to develop an operational matrix to respond to a changing world. In our case, especially since 2014-15, we have had greater clarity on how we engage the world—concentric circles, neighbourhood first, but also a conscious policy engaging the major powers.
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If people don't know history, they should keep quiet, read books written by legitimate historians or autobiographies, or ask for more information from people who are in the know. Instead, there are blogs that promote traitors as "heroes" and "freedom fighters". +
Such declarations are outrageous and utterly disrespectful to people - and in fact - entire parties that were betrayed by these traitors. There is a blog that refers to Kailashpati Asthana, Yashpal and Veera Bhadra Tiwari as "revolutionary heroes". +
Referring to these three as "heroes" is absolute disgrace & should be called out in no uncertain & strongest terms.

Let's start with Kailashpati Asthana, allegedly "unsung hero" (as the blog refers to him), the man most responsible for the downfall of the #HSRA, headed by Azad
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Learnt today that #alexanderthegreat of #macedonia #Greece had an #Indian guru the Greeks called "Kalanos" some say this was because he was a devotee of Kali .This #Hindu #Brahmin & Yogi stayed with Alexander till he was 73 & died by voluntarily walking into his own pyre
Ptolemy actually built his pyre & records the death as having taken place in Susa in 323BC .Kalanos distributed all the costly gifts he got from the king to the people and wore just a garland of flowers and chanted Vedic hymns as he walked into the Pyre.
He presented his horse to one of his Greek pupils named Lysimachus. He did not flinch as he burnt to the astonishment of those who watched. Although Alexander was not personally present at time of his immolation, his last words to Alexander were "We shall meet in Babylon".
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#Thread #Astronomy #Stars #UPDATE

An international team of scientists led by #Indian #astronomers has spotted a new member belonging to the extremely rare group of young stars that exhibit what's called episodic accretion. 1/n Image
Episodic accretion is a process where stars accrete via a disk from a more spherically distributed envelope which adds mass to the disk & makes it unstable on an irregular basis. Such instability dumps extra material onto the star & accretion rate & luminosity increase. 2/n
Indian astronomers from the @ARIESNainital as part of an international team, including from @TIFRScience and @IIABengaluru have discovered “Gaia 20eae”, the latest member of episodically accreting young stars, according to @IndiaDST . 3/n
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Please share wid your friends.⬇️⤵️Namaskarams!!
We all remember and instantly tell our year of birth based on English calendar. But we struggle to remember the Samvatsar based on Bharatiya Hindu Panchanga. Given below is the Samvatsar in which year you were born.

Some wise person has prepared this to help us know and remember which Bharatiya year we were born. Please preserve this and regularly use it.

( 1867, 1927,1987,): Prabhava
(1868,1928,1988): Vibhava
(1869,1929,1989): Shukla
(1870,1930,1990): Pramodoota

(1871,1931, 1991): Prajotpatti
(1872,1932,1992) : Angeerasa
(1873,1933,1993) : Shreemukha
(1874,1934,1994) : Bhaava
(1875,1935,1995) : Yuva
(1876,1936,1996) : Dhata
(1877,1937,1997) : Ishwara (1878,1938,1998) : Bahudhanya
(1879,1939,1999) : Pramadi
(1880,1940,2000) : Vikrama

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More fuel supplies delivered by
#India to #SriLanka! A consignment of 40,000 MT of diesel under #Indian assistance through Line of Credit of $500 mn was handed over by High Commissioner to Hon'ble Energy Minister Gamini Lokuge in #Colombo today. (1/2)
This is the fourth consignment under the LoC. Fuel delivered from #IndianWells to people of #SriLanka in last 50 days is about 200,000T. (2/2)
ඉන්දියාවෙන් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට තවත් ඉන්ධන තොග! ඇ. ඩො. මිලි. 500ක ඉන්දියානු මූල්‍ය සහයෝගයක් යටතේ ශ්‍රී ලංකාවට ළඟා වූ ඩීසල් මෙට්‍රික් ටොන් 40,000ක් අද දින කොළඹ දී මහ කොමසාරිස්තුමා විසින් බලශක්ති අමාත්‍ය ගාමිණි ලොකුගේ මහතාට භාර දෙන ලදී.
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*updated super thread*

#VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

Feb 2020:
#Indian Scientists Discover #Coronavirus Engineered With #HIV Like Insertions…
Feb 2020:
#Coronavirus far more likely than #SARS to bond to human cells due to #HIV-like "mutation"…
Mar 2020:
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Is anyone keeping track of how many Apologies have been given to #FirstNations #Indigenous peoples in Canada?

Or more importantly..changes that have come as a measure of amends for acknowledged wrongs commensurate with the level of harm for what’s being apologised for?
I understand that the #Indian #ResidentialSchools were but one component of the overall Xanadian Gov strategy to remove #FirstNations from their Traditional Territories for the use & benefit of settlers & exclude FN’s from any benefit of wealth generated
This exclusion is successfully being perpetuated today by the Crown Govts of Canada

PM’s Harper & Trudeau have apologised for what has happened like it was from a far off long ago era

#ResidentialSchools amends must far more than “Healing” but include the political dynamic
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The "Integrated country strategy" with #SriLanka will likely be our template for #BharatVarsh as a union of #Indic civilization.
Interesting to note that instead of imposing ourselves we've let the #SriLanka govt outline the details of the integration process on their terms.
A detailed description of what they're looking at below . In essence seems to be much like a federation of union of states .Better for the people of both nations .
Russia went straight to Dand .
We try to stay between Saam & Daam use Bhedh if necessary as a measure of Dand .
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The genius in #KamalHaasan is synonymous with multiple tech enhancements brought by him in the Indian film industry.

Here are the two brought out in his latest #Vikram :

1st : Usage of #PhantomCam

Sharing a few more interesting details on the camera...

1/11... Image
a) It is the revolutionary ultra high speed camera where the FPS(frames per second) starts from 1000 and goes averaging upto 76000 FPS

b) Phantom products are leaders in the high-speed imaging industry

c) The Phantom Flex 4K cam costs range from about Rs.1 crore.

2/11... Image
d) Renting a professional quality Phantom camera will about Rs.2 lakhs/- per day(seriously)

e) These cameras are widely used in a variety of defense, research & development appln, apart from few Hollywood movies.

f) Hollywood movies such as #Kingsman :The secret service..

3/11 Image
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Russian #airborne #troops land in Ukraine's second city #Kharkiv | Mar 2
- Kharkiv, a largely Russian-speaking city near the Russian border, has a population of around 1.4 million.…
BREAKING | Russian #airborne troops land in #Kharkiv…
#Russian #paratroopers land in #Kharkiv after city is blitzed by rocket attacks | Mar 2
- No Ukrainian troops were killed in the gun battle, Kharkiv Region Police Chief Volodymyr Tymoshko told reporters on Wednesday.…
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INDIA's threatening msgs to #AustralianCricketTeam's families revealed on Instagram...

The msgs threatened to have dangerous consequences if they went to Pakistan...

Msgs were sent from Insta account jyot.isharma391A
detailed investigation revealed that Maradil Tewari, a resident of Gujarat, India, was involved...

Maradal Tewari is an Environmental Officer at IMC Limited
India has used this method before to stop cricket in Pakistan
West Indies players were threatened to stop coming to 🇵🇰
The West Indies players themselves said that they would not be included in the IPL
The New Zealand cricket team's family was similarly threatened
The New Zealand team had left the tour incomplete due to Indian tactics
This time it was exposed entirely and in time...
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1/ #Indian students trying to leave #Ukraine at the Ukraine - Poland border are getting a beating from Ukrainian police and are not allowed to leave

Not clear why. This is already all over the news in #India

Another video in the second tweet below.
2/ Second video

#Indian students trying to leave #Ukraine at the Ukraine - Poland border are getting a beating from Ukrainian police and are not allowed to leave.

3/ Those students are now saying that in addition to the beatings, they are being insulted, etc because #India didn't support measures against #Russia at the #UN

India’s neutral stand is a complicated high-table politics that has no bearing on those students.
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#PIP says: “#FOE for media includes, the freedom to censor.”
#PIP says: “The fourth estate is a guarantor of our freedom and democracy, believe it or not”
3/foe And #FOE in #US also means the freedom to censor/self-censor. So Indian media meets the highest quality standards in the World 😇
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Om Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit spiritual symbol in #Indian religions. Which was first felt by rishis as they meditated. Eventually, as the experience proliferated, the word came forth and people started chanting it to feel the same experience. #OM is also one of the most ImageImage
important spiritual symbols. It refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (the entirety of the universe, the ultimate reality, and cosmic knowledge). Om is a sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe fused into a single word, representing the union of body,
mind, and soul. Om is misunderstood as a religious mantra which is only related to #Hindus. But in reality, it is a cosmic vibration that initiated the creation of the whole universe. The sound of om has three syllables A, U, and M pronounced as AUM. Chanting of ‘aaaa’ gives
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#Indian Embassy Issues Advisory On Ukraine-Russia Conflict, Asks Nationals To Evacuate

Amid soaring possibilities of a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Indian embassy in Kyiv on Tuesday asked its citizens, particularly students to leave the country
Amid soaring possibilities of a Russian attack on Ukraine, the Indian embassy in Kyiv on Tuesday asked its citizens, particularly students, to leave the country in view of uncertainties of the current situation.
It has also advised Indian nationals to avoid all non-essential travel to and within Ukraine.In an advisory issued on February 15, the embassy said, "Indian nationals in Ukraine, particularly students whose stay is not essential, may consider leaving temporarily.
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-How #leftists destroyed #Indian #History
-Self-proclaimed historian DN Jha spread fake #propaganda about destruction of Nalanda University
-He based his narrative on Pag Sam Jon Zang
-Text written 500 yrs after destruction
-He ignored Tabakat-i-Nasiri by Maulana Minhaj-ud-din
-Destruction of Nalanda is described in Tabakat-i-Nasiri by Maulana Minhaj-ud-din
-He reports ‘Muhammad-i-Bakhtiyar returned with great booty & came to Sultan Qutb-ud-din I-bak & received great honour and distinction
-But DN Jha had his own agenda

#India #History #propaganda
-DN Jha ignores Tabakat-i-Nasiri & refers Pag Sam Jon Zang 18th C text translated by another Marxist Sarat Chandra Das
-As per Das’s translation 2 Tirthika Bhikshu got upset & burned Nalanda
-So 10000 people kept watching & 2 ppl destroyed the place
-Wow that's some power
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Sea trials for fifth submarine of Project 75 have started: #Indian Navy
"The submarine was launched in November 2020 from the Kanhoji Angre Wet Basin of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd (MDL). The submarine would be named 'Vagir' after commissioning," the Navy said in the statement.
Mumbai: More than a year after its launch in Mumbai, the Indian Navy on Wednesday (February 2) said that the sea trials for the fifth submarine of Project 75 have commenced. The trials will include testing of the propulsion systems, weapons and sensors of the warship.
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-U know by 2052 battery will be new oil
-Just vehicular battery demand will cross $600 bn
-We may say 40yrs is long way to go but, strategically, I say no
-In fact in 40yrs there would be many other battery usages
-Unfortunately today #India stands nowhere in this competition
-It is almost the same story when we missed #semiconductors bus
-Today #China controls over 40% of EV battery market #SouthKorea 32% & #Japan 18%
-#India stands no where
-#Indian Cos still believe in outsourcing
-So is the game over❓
-Not really

@Rajeev_GoI @LevinaNeythiri
-To emerge on world battery market scene #India needs huge monetary muscle
-#reliance industries is trying to do that with $76bn push
-Acquired #UK’s Faradion Ltd with 31 patents
-Aint competing in lithium-ion but taking humble sodium route
-Lithium is scarce & sodium abundant
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#Hindu #Funerary Monuments - Chhatri

Chhatri is a memorial chapel built over a #tomb found throughout the region of #Rajasthan, #MadhyaPradesh and #Maharashtra. These memorials commemorate the death of rulers, their consorts, relatives and the elite. 1/🧵
If Samadhis were funerary monuments of saints in #Hindus, Chhatris were #Rajput's choice of the memorial. They made sure that the memory of the chivalry of their ancestors passed on to the next generations. Though, all Chhatris did not necessarily contain the mortal remains. 2/
Chhatri i.e. umbrella, first appeared as a canopy above the tomb in #Islamic #architecture. #Hindu kings transformed the tomb into Chhatri. By the 16th C, Rajput courts had started building Chhatris. It was a place where a noble was cremated, memorialized and later worshipped. 3/
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Brij Mohan Nath Mishra was born on 4 February 1937 in Lucknow into an illustrious family of musicians. Popularly known as #BirjuMaharaj he would go on to become one of the most recognized personalities of Indian classical dance and make his own way as a artiste.
His father was the famed Pt. Jagannath Mishra (d.1947) , popularly known as Achchan Maharaj was the eldest among the three sons of Pt. Kalika Prasad. He was an expert of both Nritta and Bhava. He would serve as court musician of the Raja of Raigdh.
Achchan Maharaj was a disciple of both his father Kalika Prasad (d.1910) as well as his uncle very famous uncle Bindadin Maharaj (1830-1913). Originally from Lucknow, the duo were pioneers of contemporary kathak as court musicians of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Awadh.
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