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When Rs 2,840,000,000—i.e. Rs 284 crore—is seized from one businessman’s house in the country’s biggest ever tax haul, can there be any confusion on who he is, and whose money it is? In “No.1 state” #UttarPradesh, anything is possible. A thread. #PiyushJain #ShikharPanMasala
2️⃣ Prime minister @narendramodi and UP chief minister @myogiadityanath blithely insinuate that the businessman #PiyushJain was a Samajwadi Party man—and that he was hoarding the cash for SP, the BJP’s arch rival, for use in the upcoming state election. #ShikharPanMasala
3️⃣ To be fair, when news of the raids in #Kanpur and #Kannauj was leaked on the night of December 24, Hindi newspapers @amarujala and @DainikBhaskar were quick to link #PiyushJain with ‘Samajwadi Itr’, a perfume developed for SP. Surprisingly, @JagranNews was more circumspect.
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Thread on #Bollywood Hypocrites & their support of #Modi on #Demonetisation

1. @TandonRaveena
2. @AnushkaSharma
3. @vidya_balan
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Five years have passed since #Demonetisation.
What happens when cash is abruptly removed from an economy?
The impacts varied per time and space.
Day #1. Initial shock at the Karnataka/Tamil Nadu border.…
Day #8. Frozen prices at Patna’s Maroofganj Mandi.…
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[Thread 1/8]
Demonetization was the biggest demonization.

Modi’s claims v/s Facts:
• would end fake currency, have special security features.
• Tax growth, would boost economy.
• Cashless economy.
• would help controlling terrorism.
• would end corruption.
• Black money.
The seizure of fake currency notes increased 191% in 2020, according to data from the National Crime Records Bureau.

Rs 2,000 notes accounted for 53% of the total seizure by value, followed by Rs 1,000, at 35%.

Special security features was a evergreen joke.

Slowing Tax collection compared to the targeted Tax collection.

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#Demonetisation:What did the Stupidity Cost?

Today Monday it's the 5th anniversary of that day of monumental stupidity when banknotes were withdrawn from circulation. It was Modi’s stupidity!Who can forget that day?
According to a 2011 Pew Research Survey,95% of Americans
95% of Americans born in 1955 or earlier said they could recall exactly where they were or what they were doing when Kennedy was killed.The sheer trauma of the event etches the day vividly in our memories.Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October31, 1984 was yet another day.
Most of us who were alive then can recall small details of that day.Even now I can recall every incident and conversation of that day.The demonetization of November8 2016 has become another day similarly etched in most minds.

I was entertaining some friends at home
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It will soon be the 5 year anniversary of #DeMon. Modi WhatsApp University's greatest messaging triumph is that India is still in denial about what a stupid, selfish, and destructive move that was. People were robbed of their own money for months and they barely protested.
And BTW, I don't say this in an abstract academic sense. I was personally impacted. Had to handle a family emergency situation involving a death across 2 continents and 5 cities, while having to fly to Bombay overnight a few weeks after #DeMon. It was so bizarre and rough!
It's the first time I sang that line truly meaning it - "Aye Dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan". For the first time in my living memory, India had gotten harder than easier. And it was just the start.

After that, every trip, India gets harder than easier.

But that's fascism for you.
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Chronic Chronology since 2014 LS Polls:-Success Formula & Political Espionage’s r the Key Factor to diminish One & Inflated another. One’PK’made Big & Sent Out made to Accept as the Top Strategists,wt an agenda to Eliminate Congress,Meticulously executed. Who is the HERO? #2024?
My understanding of Indian Politics since 1989 as a @nsui Ldr till date almost 30yrs @RahulGandhi had lost the game before the elections in 2019! Pl recap what all burning issues during 2018 #Demonetisation #GST #TripleTalaq #Article370 #CAA #NRC #PriceRise Etc.Still @RSSorg WON.
Post 2019 WIN the Arrogance of Power which was at its Peak for Ruling BJP as they Bull Dozed everything & anything which the Govt felt they are Right as instructed by RW Bosses. Meanwhile their Nominee & chela was given the Task to ensure BJP is made the Formidable Opposition.
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Reflecting on the last 7 years I am not sure whether to laugh or cry at the choices we have made and the situation that we have put ourselves into....

- We chose as our Prime Minister a person who stood as 3000 people were butchered under his watch.
- We chose a man who was banned by the court of law to enter a state, to be in charge of home security of our entire country

- We chose a Mahant, who is supposed to have given up on all Moh Maya, to lead one of the largest States of the country.
- We chose a terror accused to represent us in the Parliament

- We danced with joy when our money was taken away from us and stood in long queues to collect our own hard earned money thinking of the soldiers standing at Siachen.
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The amazing rise—and the even more amazing fall—of #Zee founder @subhashchandra, the Haryanvi rice supplier who turned India’s first satellite TV broadcaster into a rabid “fabricator of consent” for the great cause, bit off more than his due, and found himself abandoned. (1/9)
January 2016: Narendra Modi launches @subhashchandra’s candid biography ‘The Z Factor: My Journey As The Wrong Man at the Right Time’ at the PM’s official 7, Race Course Road residence, in the presence of three cabinet ministers: (2/9)
June 2016: “Independent” candidate @subhashchandra elected to Rajya Sabha with BJP support from Haryana, after 14 Congress votes are rejected. 12 of the Congress votes were declared invalid due to use of “wrong type of ink”. (3/9)
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#eRUPI #UPI Vouchers for benefits is a radical departure from #DBT. Purpose and person aware #G2P payments are here. #SaveOurPrivacy… is digitized food stamps, but crucial digitization difference is it converts a bearer instrument like stamp / coupon into a person / purpose specific instrument, embedding automatic data emission about beneficiary upon use.
The naming of this is curious. When countries around the world are discussing #CBDC / issuing new digital currency, naming a private payment instrument #eRUPI is sign of things to come (?). One can only speculate at the moment.
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This is a thread on #VaccineJumla based on my personal experience! I wish @thecaravanindia or @thewire_in or @thenewsminute do a thorough write up. Here's my story. First, it's a big racket of commercial greed created by the inefficient Modi govt. Vaccine shortage is created! 1/n
I started this process on June 21 while I was in Trichur. We had 5 candidates who needed 2nd dose. My mother, wife & my in laws & myself. I'm an above average tech savvy guy. I tried 4 a week on the Cowin portal & that fraud Arogya Setu app out of desperation. No luck at all. 2/n
I had taken my 1st dose, along with the same group via a private clinic in Trichur. Even they said, they're unable to get vaccines. I had consulted many "experts" who suggested using Telegram, KPolice website etc. I even tried Primary Health Centers. Still no slots 4 2nd dose 3/n
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A thread.
After the #PunjabFarmers protesting at the #ModiGovt's AgriMarket bills complained that the mainstream media TV were either ignoring them or mischievously showing them in a bad light, lets look at how the World's press is reporting it.
Londo's @guardian first. On 30 Nov they carried this big story:
The story reported:
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I am just going to add this to the list of Gaslighting by PM Modi.

#DeMonetisation was a confirmed disaster. This has been repeatedly verified statistically by economists.

Been awhile so I figured I would add this to the list of modern lies aka gaslighting from the last 2 years by the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Modi's recent gaslighting saga regarding the prices offered to farmers in Kerala explained in a pretty sensible thread.
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I don't know why People (incl RWs) blame #NirmalaSitharaman so much for Economic slowdown & mock her continuously.
IMO, it's the policy failures in the first term of Modi Govt which is responsible for slowdown & not #NirmalaSitharaman .
I will explain why.
Contrary to general perception of layman that #DeMonetisation & #GST are responsible for slowdown, I feel there are other policy failures more responsible -
1. Delayed Payments to Industry by Govt Depts & PSUs. When govt itself never follows payment discipline, how....
.. how can we expect Payment discipline in Private Sector? According to one estimate, Govt owed more than 5 lac cr to MSMEs alone. Nirmala had nudged Govt Depts for faster clearances last year. I don't know it's current status tbh.
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I hope all Bhakt youngsters who are agitated over #pubgban realise that a 4 hour notice of #lockdown left lakhs of poor on the roads, /1
a 4 hour notice of #Demonetisation left lakhs of small businessmen begging in banks for depositing & then withdrawing their own hard-earned money./2
Modi has used this shock and awe policy to leave #Kashmir in seige & let #Kashmiris bleed.
His "suddennness" of Demonetisation left the economy in shambles far before covid hit our country. /3
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#India's economic collapse is neither unique nor irreversible. But it is both steep and deeply damaging to the prospects for India's struggling citizens, esp the unskilled, the poor and the rural. It is almost certainly due to the Coronavirus epidemic and the #lockdown. Image
But the lacklustre performance in previous quarters going back a few years now, especially since #DeMonetisation, the failure to implement sound policies and tough reforms when the going was easier means there is hardly a cushion for comfort.
Apolgists like @sgurumurthy are right that other countries too are affected, But unlike other countries that can start the recovery process because the worst of the #Coronavirus epidemic is behind them, #India's epidemic is still growing strongly. Image
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ONE year since #ArunJaitley Ji left us. How I wish we could have witnessed his eloquence in Article 370 & Ram Mandir? I grew up listening to his speeches & reading his wonderful writings. I'm sure he's out there showering his blessings to PM @narendramodi on all his endeavours. Image
Millions would have had the delight of reading @arunjaitley's blogs on current affairs. I'd the special privilege of translating his important blogs to #Tamil to take the message to the Tamils. It was a delight writing his blogs in Tamil. Sharing some of his exceptional writings.
Blog "The Compulsive Contrarian and his Manufactured Logic" was written by @arunjaitley sometime in January 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this in Tamil.

நிர்பந்திக்கப்பட்ட முரண்பாட்டாளர்களும் - அவர்கள் உற்பத்தி செய்யும் பொய்மைகளும்! - அருண் ஜெட்லி…
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#Sensex@36000+ for 1st time since 11thMarch

Rupee/$ 75.01,best since 27th March

#BajajAuto sales@2.78Lakh units, for June,up 119% MoM

#GST revenues for June,90917Cr

#AxisBank to raise $2bn from PEs

RBI commences 30000Cr special liquidity scheme for NBFCs&HFCs
#HeroMotoCorp,world's largest wheeler company,sold 4.5 lakh units in June 2020

This is a massive 302% growth over 1.12 lakh units,despatched in May 2020

This stellar performance came,in midst of a raging pandemic

Leftists& #Twitternomists, quiet😑

#GreenShoots #Modinomics💪
#UPI transactions in June hit all time high of 1.34 billion in terms of volume,Vs 1.23 bn in May2020

Value of June transactions was Rs 2.62 lakhCr,as per #NPCI data,Vs 2.18 lakh Cr in May

Huge surge in UPI trades,big vindication of #Demonetisation& #DigitalIndia

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#AmartyaSen's great insight was that dreadful disasters (s/as mass starvation) do not happen in a democracy because news of the early signs of distress are seen, heard and responded by those in power.
That theory is being tested in #Modi's #India. And so far found wanting
A willingly controlled and spontaneously sycophantic media refuses to hold the Great Leader to account; such criticism as may be made by intellectuals and a remnant of the free press is silenced by the howls of mobs on social media. Free debate is replaced by adulatory paeans.
Respectful discussion of policy choices has been pushed aside by a Know-it-all leadership that adopts a We-Can-never-admit-to-any-failings style of governance that places false propaganda over real performance, empty spin over true substance.
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Let me make it clear!

I am a Civil Engineer by profession.

When I venture into #demonetisation & #COVID19, I am not replacing an economist or an epidemiologist!

I am dissecting the data ALONE, using my professional skill, and my knowledge about the above areas is zilch!
To find right data, analyse it to see the hidden patterns, asking pertinent questions based on sound logical reasoning, resource management, etc. are my strengths.

Many of these skills are acquired through self learning!

Even cohesive writing is tedious exercise for me!
Because I studied in a Malayalam medium Government school during my schooling, because my dad was a teacher in a Govt school, his principles did not allow his children to embrace convent education leaving Govt schools, it was not a question of affordability, rather of principles.
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Every bird-brainwave of @narendramodi and his handlers—from #Demonetisation to #CAA_NRC_NPR—is about testing India’s democratic spirit, to get people to meekly fall in line like sheep. “Discipline” lovers naturally see #JanataCurfew as “obedience” training. @IndianExpress
Despite the sanctimony, bird-brainwaves like #JanataCurfew stand the risk of ending up as fodder for vigilante groups to terrorise citizens. Who would have thought it would weaponise Bangalore’s police chief? @CPBlr @IPS_Association @Copsview @PMOIndia…
In the 2019 Global Hunger Index, India stood 102nd out of 117 countries, below Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. @timesofindia cartoonist Sandeep Adhwaryu reminds the nation of whom to (also) remember when it bangs its ‘thaali’ for the cameras. #JanataCurfew
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About time I wrote something on #Bollywood . Had an uncle working in the mean streets of the industry, so got a good look.
Unlike other industries Bollywood is completely owned and run by financiers and sugar daddies. (1)
Ever actor, artist, technician hoping to make it big had to pay homage to the sugar daddies who in turn would have links with financiers.
Once upon a time Subhash Ghai was big. So, was Mahesh Bhatt.
Now, it's the Akhtar family. (2)
The funding source/ financier would invariably earned big bucks through some black money source - terror financing, scams etc. Bollywood was their number one method of pumping in their ill gotten gains into the economy.
The often desperate actors, artists would cave in. (3)
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When every Indian is asked to prove his nationality and his claim to Citizenship on the basis of documents - not just his own but also of his parents - then the State will have total control - ownership almost - of every citizen's life and liberty.
My father was a graduate employed in the Railways. I dont have a birth certifcate, never mind my late parents. the earliest document I can produce is school leaving cert from the lid 60s - and that does not have my full name on it. I'd have to bribe my way into #NCR
The whole #NPR / #NCR process seems ripe for #Corruption and #venality on a massive scale. I know many #NRI's (foreign citizens with #OCI status) who have an #Aadhar while being ineligible for it because they are non-residents. With bribery you can get any document you want
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