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Pic 1- @CNNnews18 published article against Amit Shah.
Pic 2- News 18 removed the article within 2 hours.

Question : Why are you scared? #DaroMat
Screenshot from Facebook page.
Who @CNNnews18 is scared of?

Here is removed link :…
Bank with Amit Shah as Director collected most banned notes among DCCBs : RTI (Link Removed)

And Modi said, unka 50 saaal ka loota cheen raha hu, Mujhe Jinda nahi chorenge.. #Demonetisation…
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Thread: Collection of images which we believe will shake your conscience.
45 years old Qasim was allegedly lynched by mob over suspicion of cow slaughtering in #Hapur on 19th June
Mother of 8yrs old girl who was sedated, raped and murdered in #Kathua, cries infront of her clothes and belongings.
Mourning mothers during #GorakhpurTragedy in which 61 children died in less than 3 days due to various illness in August 2017, 30 allegedly died due to lack of oxygen supply.
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Harini saya nak story sikit tntg sejarah, koleksi & kontroversi wang Malaysia kita iaitu Ringgit.

PS : boleh jadi rujukan kpd Newbies Numis.
Sebelum mula ini sikit Fast Fact.

Numismatic ialah orang yg suka kumpul duit. Tak kisah duit lama atau baru, dalam atau luar negara asalkan duit. Menabung duit bukan dikira Numis.

Philatelic pula ialah orang suka kumpul setem. Jika setem hasil tak tahu apa status.

Nama Ringgit maksud "bergerigi" iaitu sisi bergerigi yang terdapat pada wang perak dolar Sepanyol yang digunakan secara meluas pd zaman penjajahan Portugis sekitar abad ke-16 & ke-17.
Ada juga kata bila koin tu dipecah 8 ia bergerigi. Sbb tu dipanggil Piece of Eight (8)
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#BasEkAurSaal #EMPAvPPG 1

My two bits on why #2019Elections (I believe they will be held in 2018) will be very different from 2014 and how @BJP4India seems to be completely unprepared for an opposition onslaught ➕ revival of Anti @narendramodi @AmitShah forces within NDA
#BasEkAurSaal #EMPAvPPG 2

I was told in 2009-10 about the greatness of @narendramodi by 5 #Gujarat based businessmen, 3 of them #Muslims (important as I too, then, thought him to be responsible for 2002 riots) plus 2 people from #Bengaluru who had interacted with #NarendraModi
#BasEkAurSaal #EMPAvPPG 3

When 7 different people not related to or connected with each other - and all respected by me - praised @narendramodi so much, I had no choice but to start tracking his doings and sayings mostly on MSM at that time as I was not on @Twitter
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When Paid Media, Liberals & Commies are bought by opposition to defeat a successful leader Modi, it's time to sit back & see what Modi has done in this little time.Will this progress continue if we ignore him & let vultures come again? Pls read the thread below!👇
1. #Demonetisation
Without bothering that his popularity will decline & his Govt might fall, He took this bold step. We all had inconvenience but everyone knew it was for the betterment of India. Country united in ATM Queues but the Corrupt screamed from rooftops
2. #GST
We had been hearing about GST since years but it wasn't possible to bring every state, business, Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha agree on it! Jaitley & Modi made it possible. Businesses were down temporarily but now everyone is reaping benefits of 1 Country 1 Tax
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RBI has come with an excellent paper on the benefits of #Demonetisation - with undeniable facts and data and not rhetoric that has been offered by newly minted economists or stale shayari from the Congress stable. Consider some facts in next few tweets.1/10
Currency in circulation (CIC): CIC was down by 8% Y-o-Y as against 17.2% rise in previous year. So as of 27th Oct 2017, CIC was around 91% of pre-demonetization levels and actually 81% if same growth rate had continued in absence of demonetization. 2/10
Currency in circulation as proportion of broad money (M3) fell to 12.3% on 13th Oct 2017 as compared to 14.4% on 11th Nov 2016. The conclusions in RBI paper are thus significant. 3/10
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1/ This is voodoo economics. Lets start with high real estate prices being a problem. Are there not other ways of dealing with an asset price bubble here?Rraising Stamp Duty, a national register of real estate, gradually escalating property tax, are some measures...
2/ The trouble is that these steps call for better honest administration that is non-corruptible and fair. But that remains elusive in India. The fact is that while property prices may have come down, the venality has not. There's still a lot of under-the-table deals.
3/ with all the cash sloshing around Indian money has now become the largest source of deals for real estate in Dubai. So the rich guys have found a new place to park their wealth. Thank you for #DeMonetisation.
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Let me show u how the CBI has been used as a puppet of the Modi govt in the #Ryan #PradyumnMurderCase only and only to divert the media from the debates of #DeMoDisaster . #thread :
1. The CBI has NO evidence that the 11th std boy went into the toilet before the murder of #Pradyumn. They base their case on the "fact" that the 11th grade boy saw the body & told the school staff about it . N
2. With no evidence to show the 11th grade boy was in the toilet before #Pradyumn came , the case by the CBI rests on the murder weapon. The CBI has still not determined where the boy got the weapon from ! N
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This is a picture story/thread I compiled on #Demonetisation . My frustration from my own experience made me waste this much time. I was inspired by @jamewils @t_d_h_nair & countless others. I dedicate this 2 the author of this tragedy @PMOIndia wiping out 2% of USD2.264Trillion
We had certain rat problems in our home. So one of the self appointed Elders wisely thought of ways to handle the Rat issue which was his election Plank.
There were lot of ways to solve this issue.
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Gujarat is blessed by having extremely enterprising people who have done exceptionally well worldwide: Former PM Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
Modi often says nothing was done in 70 years before he became the PM. Does he really mean that? Asks Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
Life expectancy was 31 years at independence, now it is 70 years. Is this not progress? Asks Manmohan Singh in Ahmedabad
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1 year of #Notebandi: Lasalgaon, asia's largest onion market, stopped cash payments to farmers. Traders give 20 days post dated cheques 1/n
Takes a month for the cheques to encash. Many cheques bounce. Meanwhile, Farmers take loan to make their payments till the cheque encash 2/n
"Only traders benefitted from Notebandi" farmers allege.Traders get 1-2 months to make their payments which used to b cash till Nov '16 3/n
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1. In @TOIIndiaNews I argue that the govt has been more concerned with taxes/pub finances than the broader economy.…
2. August 2017: I have been warning about the government’s policy missteps for a while. E.g. with @rajeevgowda.…
3. February 2017: “Modi and the sunk cost fallacy”.…
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1/ It was always clear to most non-bhakts that #demonetisation was a stupid (and I'm being polite here) move economically.
2/ Once you layered the human cost, the move was downright unconscionable. We are aware of the prominent folks who opposed it.
3/ They were very helpfully termed as black-marketers, cash hoarders, anti-national by the bhakt brigade.
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Thread: The real objective behind #demonetisation was… (1/n)
Nov 8, 2016: Modi demonetisation speech - “to get a grip on corruption and black money”… (2/n)
PM Narendra Modi uttered the phrase “black money” 18 times in this speech on Nov 8, 2016. (3/n)
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