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UK GP, FRCGP, Illustrator. Daddy to my boys! Created ‘The National Health’ #GP150w #GPKipling #CIAN #GPsAWonderfulLife #IAMUK Winner. RCGP Faculty Champion & 🪑
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I’d like to make 10 points:

PSR breach came from interest payments on the stadium build, not player transfers. The rule on this was changed mid-process. No other club was stadium-building when this change was made.

🧵 @CBobblers1878 @EvertonBlueArmy #EFCpointsDeduction

The commission acknowledged there was ***no sporting advantage*** due to the breach- it wasn’t done deliberately or cynicallly.

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Incredible stories, incredible CVs.
Brilliant high-achieving GPs.
Who has the authenticity and career to follow in their footsteps and be our next #RCGPpresident
Use your vote!
@TeamGP @rcgp @RcgpFaculties @RCGPYorks
1/10 Bill Pickles Image Incredible stories, incredible CVs.
Brilliant high-achieving GPs.
Who has the authenticity and career to follow in their footsteps and be our next #RCGPpresident
Use your vote!
@TeamGP @rcgp @RcgpFaculties @RCGPNWLondon
2/10 Annis Gillie (Our first female Chair) Image
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In case this helps for getting a flight refund:
In July last year our holiday flights were cancelled.
We booked through an online holiday company & their chosen airline for the break. Both extremely difficult to speak to directly; all online chat help
We got our refund today 👀 Our money was paid in instalments to the holiday company and we got our ATOL Certificate, breaking down the flight & hotel costs.
We were checking on the flight details regularly in the lead up to travelling? And 8 days before holiday flight was cancelled; airline didn’t call us
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It’s Semi-Final day in the 150th year of the FA Cup #FACup150
Although it’s the 140th competition due to 10 years without the Cup during the wars…
Most Semi-Finals:
3️⃣0️⃣ #Arsenal & #ManchesterUnited
and fittingly neither of them are there this weekend
1/8 🧵 #EmiratesFACup
It’s Semi-Final day in the 150th year of the FA Cup #FACup150
It’s Liverpool’s 25th Semi-Final today; (21 post-war)
The Reds have won their last FIVE in this competition (92, 96, 2001, 2006, 2012). 10yrs since their last semi is the longest gap since 1963 #MCILIV
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#StartTheFire 🔥
As seen at the launch of this year’s conference

For the karaoke Kings and Queens out there...
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Vague and Non-Specific Cancer Symptoms: A short Tweetorial.
A bit of context courtesy of #GP150w for the #blackandwhitechallenge faced in Primary Care:
1/7 Vague and Non-Specific Cancer Symptoms
Continuing the shades of grey, we differentiate the specific cancer signatures from those non-specific symptoms, noting the lowering of the threshold for Positive Predictive Value to the current 3% level.
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@MartinRCGP @rcgp 2/9 See our press release and action plan here: rcgp.org.uk/about-us/news/… - GPs and their teams have played a pivotal role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but even before the pandemic, GPs were under immense workload and workforce pressures. @MartinRCGP @rcgp 3/9 We simply do not have enough GPs to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population, with increasingly complex conditions, on top of managing the fallout and backlog from the pandemic. If general practice collapses, the rest of the NHS will follow.
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Delighted to be living the lifelong career ambition: Roger Neighbour is presenting on the Consultation for our VTS.
Wonderful stuff. #MedEd Patient centredness: not doing all that the patient wants, but putting all of your skills, expertise and attitude at the disposal of the patient.
This does require a skilled application of structure within the Consultation
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Today during my on call I was asked to review the following case. The parents have given their consent to discuss via social media for educational purposes:

The case of the blue willied boy.

A thread 🧵 ...The child in question was very upset and complained to his teachers that to his great surprise and distress that his willy was blue.
No other symptoms, no pain, going for wees without difficulty.
No fever, no cough and no change in smell or taste.
Sorry, force of habit. 🧵
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Today's VTS session for GP Trainees:
Resistance is Useless!
#AntibioticGuardian #KeepAntibioticsWorking
@TARGETabx @rcgp @NICEComms @PHE_uk @TeamGP @RCGPAiT @DrNeenaJha @DrSimonHodes @JThambyrajah @AbbieSBrooks @irishayesha @sfinnikin @Dawnjacksonk @ShiresKirsty @DocDomP Thread: From @TARGETabx toolkit on @rcgp website- prescribing of ABx has been creeping up since the turn of the century- it's a popular misconception that ABx were only overprescribed in the bad old days...! But there's been better news recently...
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#NFL Teams as English #PremierLeague teams: A thread
Disclaimer: this may wind you up with some tenuous links... post your ideas as comments!
Dallas Cowboys:Arsenal
Wins in the 70s & 90s but some way off those glories in recent years. Still up there with the best #SuperBowl
#NFL Teams as English #PremierLeague teams: A thread
Disclaimer: this may wind you up with some tenuous links... post your ideas as comments!
New England Patriots:Chelsea
A 21st Century explosion of titles putting any previous history into paler comparison.
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GP Training: the what, the how and most importantly the why
@UoB_GP_Society @ShiresKirsty @sfinnikin @DrKate_King @DavidAHaslam @DrAmirKhanGP
@HPILLminster @JThambyrajah @AbbieSBrooks @DrSimonHodes @DrNeenaJha @HelenStokesLam @DrSdeG @SimonDGregory @rcgp #ExploringGPwithUoB
@gmcuk National Training Survey data on Satisfaction in Speciality Training.
Every year the question was asked:
GP Trainees highest satisfaction rates.
Credit to the investment made by GP Trainers & Programme Directors
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A definitive thread, with a message from the author ✍🏼
1/8 #CIAN
The First Chapter: As We Begin
Setting out the way ahead, navigating through the main parts of the Consultation
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For discussion:
@MartinRCGP @DrLucyHenshall @ChristmasRowena @drgandalf52 @careylunan @susi_caesar @sophie_lumley @drcartersingh @AmandaCHoweRCGP @DrJohnCosgrove @VictoriaTzB @michael_mul1 @jonathanleach13 @DrJonGriffiths When we’re Centred, we find comfort, confidence and serenity, choosing wisely our next intention.
In times of adversity we focus on those aspects at our core that make the most difference.
When the winter comes it’s the most important time to keep the fire burning 🔥
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It’s the anniversary of last year’s #RCGPAC when the originals came together to record #GPKipling
We’re socially but not intellectually distanced.
Much has changed yet much remains the same.
Sending best wishes wherever you’re watching this, until we connect again #GPKipling2020 To remind ourselves on how good last year’s conference was, let’s start a thread of what your best bits were: photos, memories, learning, people!! 👇
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Going to miss these weekly @PHE_uk Surveillance reports. Very helpful data to contextualise the current status of cases, ethnicity, age and location.
Helpful international data too

👇 This helped me understand why with the surge of cases we’re not yet seeing the surges in Admissions & Mortality at the rate observed in Spring.
It also helped to show its fine for my 5 year old to go to school!
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Getting a #COVID19 #SelfTest
In case you’re not prepared to do your own test, and being told how to do the test over the phone, here’s a thread with instructions to make it as stressless as testing can be.
Please share: it may help others 👇 Getting a #COVID19 #SelfTest
This is the kit you get.
Lots right?
More confusing when the guy phoning you tells you about a test tube, which is a sample pot, called a plastic vial on the instructions.... 🤯
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#TenCCs The Thread
Lead by Example.
We learned together and qualified as medical professionals together.
I’ve broken this one a few times in the name of banter.
We’ve more in common than we take for granted, and we get through this career together. #TenCCs
Holding Colleagues in highest esteem. Value them by our actions in prioritising their needs.
Paying it forward means we’ll get the same in kind.