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27 Sep
For organizations sake I will be adding all #Armenia vs #Azerbaijan things to the thread bellow.

Azerbaijani Parliament has announced a curfew for the following locations starting at 00:00 tonight.

Baku, Ganja, Goygol, Yevlakh and other regions

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
@NikolPashinyan has stated "The recognition of a Nagorno Karabakh independence is on the agenda of the government."

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
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24 Sep
As always, propaganda is huge with anything in the Middle East. This video is not from #Bahrain in regards to protesting the #AbrahamAccords it's actually from #Iraq in 2019.
Several scenes are mixed through this video from different locations actually after taking a second look at it.
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24 Sep
Shots fired towards police at the #BreonnaTaylor protests in #Louisville.
Appears that an officer has been shot.
Clip from one of the streams of shots being fired.

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22 Sep
A Gas Station has reportedly exploded in Ain Qana, Southern #Lebanon.
Video captured moments after the reported explosion in Ain Qana.
Initial imagery circulating social media showing the scene of the explosion zone. Image
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16 Sep
Reports of rocket attack at the #US Embassy, The Green Zone, #Baghdad, #Iraq
Alarm sounding in The Green Zone due to the reported rocket attack.
Worth noting, daylight hour attacks are rarer, not unheard of, but definitely not as common.
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16 Sep
The #IDF has issued a statement on tonight's strikes on #Gaza.

Looks like it's over for tonight. Image
Though maybe not done yet...

The response according to the IDF was just to last nights attacks on Ashdod and Ashkelon, not to the rocket fire tonight.
We'll be keeping a close eye out over the coming hours just in case there are any developments.
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16 Sep
Rocket sirens sounding in souther #Israel.
IDF investigating.

Palestinian media stating rockets were launched.
Reports of at least one Iron Dome interception.
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16 Sep
Explosion reported west of Beit Lahia, #Gaza.
#Israel|i helicopter strike.
Multiple strikes on the same site.
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15 Sep
Perfect timing. Red Alert. #Gaza #Israel
As #AbrahamAccords are being conducted Red Alerts are sounding in Ashkelon, and Ashdod. #Gaza #Israel
Explosions reported over Ashdod.
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14 Sep
Rocket attack against The Green Zone, #Baghdad, #Iraq. CRAM was active.
Unconfirmed reports suggest CRAM was activated twice. I’m checking.
Pro-#PMU/#IRGC News Channel Sabreen News has published an image of the active CRAM over #Baghdad, #Iraq this evening. Image
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13 Sep
Al-Qassam, the Military Wing of #Hamas are currently show casing some of their new rocket capabilities on @AJArabic.#Gaza Image
Devliery of some Fajir-5’s from #Iran as per the documentary currently on @AJArabic Image
@AJArabic MRLS appears to contain 8 rockets. Image
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13 Sep
It’s Sunday, and do you know what that means….?

#IAF/#IDF activity is being reported over southern #Lebanon.
Busy day over the south of #Lebanon it seems
Busy, busy day.
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10 Sep
#Syria|n A/D active over #Aleppo a short while ago, explosions reported.

Reports of #Israel|i strikes.
I am wondering if we are going to see evidence of an airstrike close to the same area as the last one in early May.

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10 Sep
A large fire has started at #Beirut Port, #Lebanon.
Significant column of black/dark smoke rising from the area. Image
I'm assuming some form of fuel is burning due to the darkness of the smoke?
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10 Sep
"Intensive" #IDF/#IAF activity being reported over several areas of #Lebanon this morning.
Mock raids are being conducted along with several reports of sonic booms being heard throughout multiple areas in southern #Lebanon.
Two #SIGINT/#ELINT aircraft are airborne over the Med. Sea running tracks, if both are working with the jets over #Lebanon this would explain the extra intensiveness being reported.
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9 Sep
#Iran's Army Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari has announced that their naval forces will start several massive drills in the Southern waters of #Iran on Thursday. Home-made submarines and drones will be used during the war-games.
According to reports from #Iran an "unknown target" entered the area of the #Iran|ian Army's Air Defense Testing during the 99th Zulfiqar exercise earlier today. After a warning was issued the "unknown target" reportedly left the area.
Of course some outlets are reporting it was an American Surveillance Drone.
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8 Sep

Yes, I predicted this would be a response, but we will see the movement of equipment and "tracks" forming around the area so we can see where the entrance/exit is. Also the ventilation and supporting infrastructure will be required.
Just because we can't see the physical hall doesn't mean we can't see related activities.
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6 Sep
2nd September 2020, an alledged airstrike conducted by the #IDF at T4 Airbase, East of Homs, #Syria. Three areas appear to have been targeted. Imagery from yesterday (5th September) shows scaring to the West Runway Apron. Equipment repairing the runway and…(1/2)
the targeting of a radar site just North of the runway target. 3 different areas struck.

This tactic has been used before to take airbases out of commission for a period of time. The scared land on the Apron suggests some additional fuel present.

Sorry forgot to say, 3 areas struck but at least 4 missiles used in this reported airstrike.

1 - West Runway Apron
1 - Runway
2 - Radar Site (Two different areas struck, one in the circle and one outside to the East)
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4 Sep
Well, not what I expected to see today that’s for sure. Image
RAF Typhoon’s over the Black Sea aswell now… what the…
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3 Sep
Simple infograph of the area reportedly affilated to #IRGC at #Damascus Intl. Airport, #Syria showing the three airstrikes this year that have targeted this area. Image
Another observation from T4, East of #Homs, #Syria. The targeting of the Runway Apron is a repeat of the strike in Jan. Image
@sfrantzman one for you and your timeline infographics. [David]
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2 Sep
#Syria|n Air Defense Active
Initial reports of an airstrike at T4 Airbase, East of #Homs, #Syria. T4 was last targeted by the #IDF in January this year.
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