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Key #Iranian military leaders may be endorsing President Ebrahim #Raisi to succeed Ali #Khamenei as #Iran’s next supreme leader. Here is what happened and why it matters: (1/8)
Senior Iranian military officials published an open letter praising Raisi’s #UN General Assembly address on 9/21. These letters are rare and used by officials to signify their political positions to the wider regime. Some of the #IRGC’s senior commanders signed this letter. (2/8)
These IRGC commanders include a tight circle of senior officers who often influence and intervene in domestic politics to promote their hardline agendas. They have established the IRGC as the most dominant actor in Iran. Read more here: (3/8)…
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Uncorroborated reports suggest that #Iran is mobilizing its proxies to suppress ongoing #MahsaAmini protests. If true, #proxy participation may indicate that Iran fears disloyalty among security personnel and requires additional manpower to quell unrest. 1/4 #IranProtests
Social media users reported that #Iranian leadership is seeking to mobilize 4,000 #Hezbollah members to participate in Iranian domestic protest suppression. CTP cannot independently corroborate these reports. 2/4
This isn't the first time we're hearing these reports: #Iranian leadership has long been suspected of deploying proxies to support security forces' crackdowns in prior protest waves, like the 2009 Green Movement. 3/4…
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests are now started in several cities of #Iran for the eighth consecutive day. Here is a video showing a protest in city of #Shiraz an hour ago. Iranians don't have access to the internet in most of the country.
#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests are reported in over 30 cities of #Iran. This video recorded in #Amol an hour ago shows thousands of protesters chanting slogans against the regime.
#Mahsa_Amini #مهسا_امینی
Students of #Tehran's National University can be seen protesting against #Iranian regime and its Sharia laws in this footage today. Security forces raided the university and arrested tens of them.
#Mahsa_Amini #مهسا_امینی
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#BRFEAKING: On order of Ali #Khamenei, dictator of #Iranian regime, 20,000 members of #IRGC, #Basij paramilitgary organization & government staff are being mobilized to #Tehran to attend a propaganda rally against current nationwide protests over murder of #MahsaAmini tomorrow.
#BREAKING: #Iranian regime has mobilized thousands of #Basij paramilitary forces, #IRGC members & their relatives armed with knives, stick and baton to attend a propaganda rally against protesters & then attack all neighborhoods of #Tehran tonight. People will confront them.
Most of the participants of the rally (propagada or psychological operation) are officers and personnel 27th Mohammad Rasulullah Division of #IRGC Ground Forces. They are supported by #Basij paramilitary forces from #Tehran & nearby provinces.
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#BREAKING: Anti-regime protests are reported to be on-going for the seventh night across #Iran over murder of #MahsaAmini. This video recorded in Sattarkhan street of #Tehran shows people protesting the regime and its Sharia laws tonight.
#BREAKING: This video recorded in Naziabad district of #Tehran shows people protesting the regime and its Sharia laws tonight. Anti-regime protests are reported in almost 30 cities of #Iran tonight.
#BREAKING: This video recorded in #Tehransar district of #Tehran shows people protesting #Iranian regime and its Sharia laws over murder of #MahsaAmini. Anti-regime protests are reported in almost 30 cities of #Iran tonight.
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#Iran has expanded internet censorship in recent days, indicating that regime leaders view ongoing protests following #MahsaAmini's death as a serious threat. Here's what we know so far: 1/6
#IRGC-affiliated Fars News Agency today confirmed that #Iranian authorities blocked domestic access to #Whatsapp and #Instagram in an attempt to suppress nation-wide unrest. 2/6
Fars added that the ban will remain intact for an unspecified period of time. #قطع_اینترنت #فیلترنت #internetshutdown ( 3/6
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#BREAKING: Today is sixth day of nationwide anti-regime protests over murder of #MahsaAmini in #Iran. In this video you can see protesters confronting security forces in city of #Sanandaj this afternoon. Several protesters were shot and killed by police & #IRGC last night.
Anti-regime protests are currently on-going in at-least 30 cities of #Iran but because of slow internet speed we can not receive the videos. Here is one of the protests currently on-going in city of Eslamabad-e Gharb.
See bravery of this woman who protested against barbaric laws of #Iranian regime in city of #Tabriz. Anti-regime protests over murder of #MahsaAmini is currently on-going in over 30 cities of #Iran.
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Unbelievable scenes from #Tehran: a woman standing on a car, wearing western clothes, takes off her hijab and waves it in defiance at #Iran's religious police.

#MahsaAmini #IranProtests2022
I could not watch the terror on their faces. Amazing courage by these Iranian men and women as #Iran security forces chase them into a residential building stairway then try to get in. These brave souls are out for #MahsaAmini, 22, killed by hijab police:
This lone Iranian woman at the beginning of the video joining men in turning #Iran police car upside down. Other women join in moments later.

#MahsaAmini #IranProtests2022
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Footage circulating on social media suggests that protests following #Mahsah_Amini's death have occurred in 19 of #Iran's 31 provinces within the past three days. A thread: 1/5
Protests that were initially concentrated in #Tehran City and throughout #Kurdistan Province – where Amini was from – have since spread nationwide within the past day, reaching historically conservative cities like #Qom. 2/5
Protestors have chanted anti-regime slogans against mandatory veiling and against Supreme Leader #Khamenei's son, #Mojtaba, who some have speculated will succeed his father as Supreme Leader. CTP discusses Mojtaba and succession in a recent update:…  3/5
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there are reports from inside sources that #Iran has sent an official warning to #Azerbaijan that if they escalate their situation with #Armenia and increase tension near borders, #Iranian military and #IRGC would intervene in #war and defend the Armenians and security of borders
just a few minuets ago, Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi.

he conveyed details about the provocative and aggressive actions by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the direction of the sovereign territory of Armenia.
also just a reminder that this group is still active :
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Sat. Imagery courtesy of @planet from earlier today shows several vehicles on the runway at #Aleppo Intl. Airport, #Syria most likely conducting a repair (square cutover already) after the reported #Israel|i airstrike hours after #IRGC affiliated Yas Air Cargo EP-GOX landed.
To the south of the runway you can see the damage caused to the DVOR/DME Navaid which also appears to be targeted.

Heavy scaring can be seen in both areas due to fires. Notably, personally, I’ve only twice seen a runway targeting have some heavy prominent scaring.
In September 2020 an airstrike at T4 left heavy burn marks after something was reportedly struck on the apron. And the included tweet in 2021.
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NEW -- reports of a possible #Israel airstrikes hitting #Iran-linked targets in the western edge of #Aleppo International Airport as well as a section of the runway.
Here's video filmed showing #Aleppo International Airport in the distance -- showing multiple successive explosions.

Reports now coming in of possible airstrikes in #Latakia too.
*Highly* unusual to see #Aleppo International Airport targeted, or the Neirab Airbase next-door -- it speaks volumes about #Israel's perceived need to respond to #Iran's activities in #Syria.

Note -- #Israel hit #IRGC shipments at #Damascus International Airport in June.
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#BREAKING: #Iraq is experiencing a security crisis now. A civil war has now started in #Baghdad! These armed militias of a Shiite cleric named Muqtada Sadr (this footage) are now fighting against Iraqi security forces including #PMU militias.
In this footage recorded this afternoon in #Baghdad you can hear exchange of fire between #Iraqi security forces and the militias of extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr.
Interestingly, supporters of the extremist Shiite cleric, Muqtada Sadr can be seen removing a banner showing images of the dead Commanders of #IRGC Quds Force & #PMU in #Baghdad this afternoon. Muqtada Sadr was an ally of both Qasem Soleimani and Abumahdi Al-Muhandis!
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Well.. @NourOusama tweeted a sarcastic news and was reported by the local and regional press about the killing of a general in the #IRGC named "Mutlaq Ishaati" "#مطلق_اشاعتي" , which the name means "giving my rumour". Here is a sample of those who fell into this trap.
And more...
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Salman Rushdie has been stabbed in New York as he was beginning a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution. Rushdie's condition is unclear. Suspicion will naturally fall on #Iran, whose government called for his murder in 1989 and never repudiated the fatwa.…
Pictures circulating show the Salman Rushdie being wheeled away on a stretcher after he was stabbed in New York, contrary to some reports he walked off stage, and the perpetrator being arrested. ImageImage
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#IRGC member charged in an attempted plot to murder @AmbJohnBolton, says @TheJusticeDept.…
"This is not the first time we have uncovered Iranian plots to exact revenge against individuals on U.S. soil and we will work tirelessly to expose and disrupt every one of these efforts," says Asst. AG Matthew Olsen of @TheJusticeDept Nat'l Security Div.…
#Iran #IRGC through the defendant, "tried to hatch a brazen plot: assassinate a former U.S. official on U.S. soil in retaliation for U.S. actions,” says #DC US Attorney Matthew Graves.
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#Iran and #Russia are pursuing greater aviation cooperation which could help the Kremlin weather international sanctions and fight in #Ukraine. @Kat_Lawlor and I have been tracking deepening Russo-Iranian cooperation since the invasion of Ukraine began. A thread. 1/8
Moscow and Tehran agreed on July 26 to increase passenger flights from Iran to Russia from 2 to 35 per week. They also discussed Iran sending aviation parts and providing Russian aircraft maintenance, repair, and technical support in Iran. 2/8
Iran and Russia could use this arrangement to support various sanction evasion efforts. Iran could support Russian efforts to rebuild and repair its civilian and military aircraft as well. 3/8
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IAEA DG Rafael Grossi said #Iran’s regime had failed to reduce concerns about violations of its nonproliferation safeguards agreement, will eventually cross the uranium enrichment threshold. #IAEA’s Board of Governors is to decide on decades of denial, deception & duplicity.
The IAEA report is perhaps the most damning since its Nov 2011 report, which highlights clear activities related to the Possible Military Dimensions (PMD) of Iran's nuclear program, i.e., uranium particles of anthropogenic origin at three undeclared locations in Iran. 2/
These 3 locations are, Turquzabad (2019), Varamin (2020) and ‘Marivan’ (2020). Despite "numerous opportunities, in different formats," IAEA report states, "Iran has not provided explanations that are technically credible in relation to the Agency’s findings at those locations."3/
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#BREAKING: Tomorrow,#IDF will launch exercise Agapinor-2022 during which #Israeli Special Forces and also transport, helicopter, fighter and drone squadrons of #IsraeliAirForce will simulate military operations against #IRGC Quds Force and its proxies in an unfamiliar environment
It is expected that #USAF also take-part in the exercise through deploying two KC-10A Extender tankers to refuel Israeli fighter jets alongside Israeli KC-707s.
Exercise Agapinor-2022 is the final phase of exercise Charriots of Fire. All of those airmen and airwomen who practiced combat operations in Israel will do what they did now in an unfoamiliar environment.
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"[@TerryGlavin:] While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Vancouver this week ⟪ PRETENDING IT WASN'T HIS JOB TO CALL OFF THE OBSCENITY⟫ of the federally subsidized Soccer Canada organization shelling out $400,000 so the Khomeinist +

#PS752 #cdnpoli…
... torture state in Iran could run a profitable public-relations exercise in the form of a 'friendly game' in Vancouver next month," [emphasis added]

☞ GLAVIN nails it, squarely.

TRUDEAU is attempting to shift responsibility onto @CanadaSoccerEN +

whilst also ⟨DUCKING BEHIND⟩ @CanBorder.

It's shameless, ... cowardly really. AND, it's classic TRUDEAU bobbing and weaving.

This isn't falling-between-the-cracks or bureaucratic incompetence of the 'right hand not knowing what the left is doing' variety. It's wilful +
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🧵THREAD🧵:Tomorrow @USEnvoyIran will testify before @SenateForeign. NUFDI has prepared ten questions on behalf of the Iranian-American community and shared them with Senate staffers.

Here are our ten questions for @Rob_Malley:
1. Why do you think Iranian-Americans and human rights activists were opposed to your appointment from the very beginning?
2. In your more than one year in office, why have you refused to meet with human rights advocates and pro-democracy members of the Iranian-American community?
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#BREAKING: Happened an hour ago! Tens of protesters are killed or wounded after #Basij paramilitary forces of #IRGC opened fire at them in #Hafshejan, a city in Shahrekord County, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province of #Iran.
This is how it was started two hours ago. A group of people in the city of #Hafshejan started protesting against #Iranian Islamic Regime over the increase of prices of goods. Then #Basij paramilitary forces riding their bikes attacked the protesters.
A few minutes later, the Special Forces of Police arrived and began suppressing protesters. You can see them on their pick-up trucks during their arrival at the city center. Protesters can be heard chanting "Death to Raisi" (president of the Iranian regime).
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#BREAKING: Just a few minutes ago in #Hama, #Syria, the #Israeli Air Force targeted an ammunition storage site in use by #IRGC Quds Force. SAM sites of #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force tried to prevent the airstrike by firing their surface-to-air missiles at the cruise missiles.
#BREAKING: In addition to an ammunition storage facility, #Israeli Air Force also tried to finish an incomplete job. They targeted a ballistic missile warhead production line in #Masyaf. Here is a #Syrian surface-to-air missile launched at one of #Israeli cruise missiles
#BREAKING: Unlike previous times, this time #Syrian Arab Air Defense Force was on high alert probably expecting #Israeli Air Force to carry-out such an airstrike. They fired lots of missiles at the Israeli cruise missiles. We have seen videos showing shot-down of some missiles.
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#BREAKING: For the second consecutive night, Iranians have come to streets of their cities to protest #Iran's regime over the rise of prices of goods. This video recorded in #Dorud shows security forces using tear gas to disperse the crowd of protesters.
In a small city called Junqan at Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, the peaceful protest turned into a riot after the security forces of #Iranian regime started brutally suppressing protesters.
#BREAKING: I just received this footage from someone in city of #Kermanshah. Anti-regime protests in this city in west of #Iran just started.
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