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#Israel unmasks secret #Iran based where the #IRGC trains and distributes drone technologies to proxy militias across the region.


#Iran counters the negative publicity today centered on #Israel revealing the location of secret Iranian base that trains proxy regional militias by making public this decision: granting visual access to IAEA to Iranian installations

The #US embassy in #Iraq raises alarm on the drone attack at #ErbilAirport

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The following will be a series of video threads showing by no doubt #Iranian involvement in #Daraa_al_Balad siege and tonight attempts of genocide:
Proof of #HizbAllah forces fighting in #Daraa
On the #Syrian #Jordan fronts now: Fatimoun funded by #Iran: Watch how Sulimani recruited fighters over the years.
Whoa! Iraqi/#Iranian forces jointly fight against the 50k in #Daraa_al_Balad
Didn't the US issue a statement of condolences to one of their top satanic leaders? Is this proof that #Biden is supporting those terrorists' leader?
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#BREAKING: #IRGC backed #Houthi rebels just carried-out a Ballistic missile attack at #Dhahran & #Dammam, #SaudiArabia. Reports about #Aramco's oil facility being one of their targets.
#BREAKING: At-least one ballistic missile has hit the #Aramco's oil facility or possibly in vicinity of that near #Dhahran in east of #SaudiArabia.
#Update: Per #SaudiArabia's defense authorities, it was a combined attack as they used missiles and loitering drones. At-least three drones were shot down by Saudi Air Defense Command.
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#IAF jets reported over #Lebanon.
Reports of 4 #IAF jets over Lebanon

Video of #IAF aerial activity over #Lebanon
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Misogyny & sexism is bad, and we must always stand against them, and we should avoid double standard. For this reason, I believe we need to talk about the case of @farnazfassihi vs @AlinejadMasih. @nytimes @meslackman @NYTimesPR @cliffordlevy /1
Let's start and go back to 12 October 2019, when @AlinejadMasih tweeted her interview with @FoxNews. /2
In response to this tweet, @farnazfassihi replied to @AlinejadMasih: "Do you understand it recently? You haven't seen North Korea? Or you don't know the US history?" /3
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#BREAKING: #IRGC Navy is behind the attack "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oil tanker near the port of #Fujairah. Golden Brilliant is heavily damaged by a mine planted by the #IRGCNavy near port of #Fujairah. In addition to that, an asphalt carrier ship named Kamdhenu is also damaged.
#BREAKING: A C-295 MPA of Royal #Oman Air Force is now flying over the burning ship to assist in Search and Rescue operation. It is not known how many crew members are injured or killed but the "GOLDEN BRILLIANT" oiler is reportedly is heavily in fire due to #IRGC attack.
#BREAKING: Unconfirmed reports about that the "Golden Brilliant" is still underway & not on-fire but a third ship, an oiler named "ASPHALT PRINCESS" is also damaged by the mines of #IRGC Navy in #Oman Sea!
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Thread: Al-Alam Claim, Mercer Street in response to Al-Dabaa Airbase?

Yesterday, in a odd silence from #Iran|ian media Al-Alam surfaced with a claim that the targeted attack against the Mercer Street Tanker off the coast of Oman was in response to an airstrike conducted…
by #Israel against Al-Dabba Airbase. But we need to look at the full timeline of events first to understand the full picture here.

On 19th July 2021 - SyAAD was confirmed to be active over Eastern Aleppo, near Al-Safirah. Satellite imagery several days later via @planet showed
Two impacts noted just east of Aleppo itself. In the following days to this airstrike, members of #IRGC linked Fatemiyoun and a Local Hezbollah branch were confirmed to be killed in this airstrike.
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Does this newspaper have an editor?
ِReducing the significance of the government's role in destroying water resources by mentioning drought/climate change first is absurd. This regime created this man-made drought. No talk of #IRGC's projects that destroyed Khuzestan's resources.
Does #NYT investigate the #Why, #What, #When, #Who and #How of the problem & #Rafsanjani, #Reformists and #IRGC imposed destructive dams & water diversion projects from 1989 to 2005 that were continued under #Ahmadinejad and #Rouhani? Dams that are killing marshes and rivers?
Does #NYT dig deeper to see how those reformists who occupied the US Embassy in Tehran later led the #Iran_Water_and_Power_Resources_Development_Company and were behind the #Karkheh & #Gotvand and #Karun3 dams that are part of the problem? Ali Zahmatkesh, Mohammad Na...Karkheh dam is one of the m...Gotvand dam. 3 dam forced over 10 ...
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NEW: #Iran-based hackers known as "Tortoiseshell" targeted US military, defense companies in US, #Britain, #Europe per @Facebook

"This group used various malicious tactics to identify its targets & infect their devices with malware to enable espionage"…
"This activity had the hallmarks of a well-resourced & persistent operation, while relying on relatively strong operational security measures to hide who’s behind it" per @Facebook

#Iran hackers
.@Facebook's platform just one element in a "much broader cross-platform cyber espionage operation"by #Iran-based #Tortoiseshell

"Activity on Facebook manifested primarily in social engineering...driving people off-platform, rather than directly sharing the malware itself"
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#Iran's #IRGC unveiled a new 6 Tube Missile System this tomorrow. ImageImageImage
FML - this morning. COFFEE TIME.
@wammezz @chigrl @Samir_Madani PEAK TYPO! actually laughing.
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1/ .@ps752justice Montreal #JUSTICERALLY STATEMENT🧵
We are gathered today in front of the International Civil Aviation Organization headquarters in Montreal. @ICAO is an organization that is established for the sole purposes of regulating civilian aviation safety.

2/ It regulates and assists member countries to maintain aviation standards that ultimately help save lives. It seems however, that there is a country that has fallen in the blindspot of @ICAO; the Islamic Republic of Iran.
3/ Over 90 percent of fatal aviation incidents in Iran’s history have happened since the 1979 revolution. 101 passenger aircrafts have crashed and 29 of those resulted in fatalities.
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#BREAKING: #IRGC's terrorists are playing with fire again! #USMC foiled a drone strike of #IRGC's Kataib Hezbollah at a #USArmy camp in #Baghdad minutes ago. LPWS (Land Phalanx Weapon System) of a C-RAM system shot-down the suicide drone throught its several bursts of fire.
Another video shows C-RAM activity in #Baghdad, #Iraq's capital minutes ago. #USMC managed to shoot-down several suicide drones of #KataibHezbollah which had been flown toward a military camp of #US in #Baghdad minutes ago!
Here is the shot-down suicide drone, a Quad copter with a pack of explosive attached to it. Interestingly, it is similar to the drones used by #ISIL/#Daesh (right image) against #Syrian Arab Army in #Syria!
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and as a Canadian, I am outraged.

WHAT FOLLOWS is my opinion.

@CommrRCMPGRC has recently conveyed her decision NOT to open a Canadian criminal investigation into the murder of 55 Canadian citizens aboard Ukraine

@ps752justice #cdnpoli
International Airlines Flight 752.

WHEAREAS,the attack upon Flight #PS752 has been ruled as "intentional" and "act of terrorism" in a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling.

AS SUCH, it's the second deadliest terrorist attack against Canadian citizens in Canada's history.
THIS ATROCITY is second only to the bombing of Air India Flight 182 (1985).

IN MY OPINION, this decision by RCMP Commissioner is clearly unreasonable as it has been made with a clear disregard for the provisions of Criminal Code of Canada.
#CrimesAgainstHumanity #terrorism
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The downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 by two (2) #IRGC missiles - fired 30 seconds apart - was the second greatest mass murder event in Canada's history.

55 Canadian citizens perished.

AND YET, @JustinTrudeau still insists on calling it a


FORTUNATELY THOUGH for Trudeau [#sarcasm intended], this also happens to be the same choice of wording that #Iran @HassanRouhani prefers to use.

THAT SAID, it is NOT a "tragedy"; such a brutal and intentional attack must be called what it is ... an «ATROCITY» **
** SIGNIFICANTLY - Justice Belobaba of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently ruled unequivocally that the attack on #PS752 was "intentional" AND THAT it was an "act of terrorism".

LINK (Court Decision):…
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Yesterday 25 June 2021 was the 25th anniversary of #Alkhobar bombing in #SaudiArabia that killed 19 #US servicemen, injured 500+ from several nationalities, incl #Saudis #Pakistanis #Egyptians. Marked a shift for #Iran #IRGC's ops inside #KSA; close to ARAMCO & a major mil base.
Crater is where a sewage tanker truck detonated nearly 14,000 Kg of explosives. Bomb was a mixture of petrol & explosive powder placed in the tank of the truck. The material was smuggled in exported fruit trucks from #Lebanon and hidden underground in #Qatif, near #Alkhboar.
That day, I was with a group of journalists in #Kuwait waiting for a #US heli to take us to a #Saudi base for a briefing related to the situation with #Iraq. We waited for half a day. After #Alkhobar, US military disconnected for the next 72 hours. [Pic: briefing; Kuwaiti desert]
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ONE SENTENCE (highlighted in Red) is troubling.

It stands out and is completely incongruous with the emerging fact pattern of this case.
IT READS ❮AS IF❯ downing of #PS752 was nothing more than a matter of negligence, a 'failure to take proper care in doing something.'
@OmarAlghabra calls it a "tragedy".

"Tragedy" is more great loss and misfortune, even calamity. It's benign and it minimizes.

FIRSTLY, it flies in the face of a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling: "The plaintiffs have established that the shooting down of Flight 752 by
the defendants was an act of terrorism and constitutes 'terrorist activity' ..."

SAID IN OTHER WORDS, it has been now ruled that this was NOT an accident, but deliberate; NOT a tragedy, but an ATROCITY

It is literally, a 'mass murder'.

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#BREAKING: #Israel Air Force conducted an airstrike during which Delilah cruise missiles were launched by F-16I strike fighters at multiple #IRGC & #Syria Arab Army targets in #Damascus & near #Homs. Video shows the Israeli F-16s flying over #Lebanon after missile launch 👇
#Syria Arab Air Defense Force tried to shoot-down the Delilah missiles launched by the F-16I strike fighters of #Israel Air Force over #Lebanon but was again unsuccessful. Here is a surface-to-air missile launched by SyAADF getting self-destruct after failing to hit a Delilah.
Watch that Pantsir S1E or S2 of #Syria Arab Army firing its cannon at the Delilah cruise missiles launched by the F-16Is of #Israel Air Force at #Damascus International Airport minutes ago:
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Reports on #Iran-#SaudiArabia intelligence contact in #Iraq.

#Zarif leaves #Qatar. #Saudi FM lands in #Doha, invites Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet the King in #Riyadh.

#Tehran (& the #US?) appears to try to take the #Gulf on board.

This could isolate #Israel in a revived #JCPOA.
Some in #Vienna appear to want to isolate #Israel. But officials in #Gulf/#GCC face a difficult choice. They have to weigh if a compromise on #JCPOA and weakening Israel's position will resolve the problem of #Iran's malign activities? Or will it be a temporary solution?
The #US is directly engaging #GCC on #JCPOA, while FM #Zarif engages #SaudiArabia through #Qatar and #Iraq.

If the #Gulf comes aboard, #Israel and #Republicans will be effectively sidelined.

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BREAKING - reports of explosions heard near #Jerusalem, #Beersheeba, #Dimona & multiple other locations amid rocket sirens in #Israel.

Security sources say #IAJ jets have been “scrambled.”
#pt: Some sources say a rocket or missile may have been intercepted near #Dimona, #Israel.

Others say residences near the area shook during the explosion.
Security sources in #Israel seem unanimous that no rockets crossed from #Gaza, so all eyes on the #Syria border.

Claims of a Patriot interception would suggest a larger-than-normal projectile, so suspicion may fall onto #Iran#Dimona is home to #Israel’s nuclear facility.
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BREAKING: Iran’s State TV releases footage of Iranian IRGC drone hovering over USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier (CVN-69) in the Arabian Sea / Persian Gulf.

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'#Taliban as proxies in #Pakistan's endless war' is a cliché from the 2000s. It's outdated. Time to take stock of new realities in Pakistani military thinking because the #US #NATO & #Pakistan must prevent a new civil war in #Afghanistan. /1

No one can win in #Afghanistan. Not even the #Taliban. Some actors would love to see a permanent Afghan war of attrition that engulfs #America+#Pakistan+#Afghanistan. Make no mistake: a new #Islamabad+#WashingtonDC blame game will expedite such a war. /2

What's happening in #Afghanistan is by no means #Pakistan's proxy war. But it is the proxy war of multiple actors who want Afghanistan to be a permanent bleeding ground for #America #Pakistan #NATO. /3…
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The #IRGC loses a seasoned commander, reports #Iran media. It lost #Soleimani in 2020.
The #IRGC has commanders with impressive experiences: #Soleimani was involved in the #Gulf/#Iraq. #EsmailQaani is touted for his expertise on #Afghanistan+#Pakistan. Hejazi, who died today, was a #Lebanon expert.

☠ Hejazi was also responsible for #IRGC's precision missile program, and oversaw ops in #Syria. In this #thread, contributors in replies suggest possible foul play, and point out confusion over the wording of the cause of death in official announcements.

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Urgent request of #PJAK #extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by in February 2018. Yet, today, the government remains silent.

Full Article🔻🔻…
Meanwhile, the people of Iranian #Kurdistan have been facing the problems of terrorist groups for years, their security is threatened financially and physically. The latest example of this extortion was horrific. ImageImage
Mr. Danaei and two brothers contracted with the Department of Agriculture to cultivate nearly 4,000 hectares of land in the area & to mechanize agriculture. The people of the area were satisfied & helped them. These machines gave the opportunity to 20 families to make a living. ImageImage
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Unit 910 - #Hezbollah's Foreign Operations Unit.
#Unit910 is one of Hezbollah's elite & secretive units. It is headed by Talal Hamya (طلال حميّة), & is the long & strategic arm of Hezbollah & #Iran.
The purpose of this unit is to deter the West, including
🇮🇱Israel. 1
The one who headed it in the past was Imad Mourniyeh. The Unit 910 has sub-units - administrative & operational. It is confidential in relation to all #Hezbollah units. 910 has a limited number of activists, including Lebanese Shiites whose families are not from Lebanon. 2
And some have foreign passports that allow them to move freely around the world, covert by scenarios of trade or tourism. They go on missions without the knowledge of their family. What their family knows is that they are going on a trip with friends. 3
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