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And once again!
2nd round trip of #IRGC's EP-FAB (on OFAC'S SDN list) Boeing 747-281F/SCF (Fars Qeshm Air) to AhmedAbad #India 🇮🇳 in a day!

#Iran Image
*SCD* typo
Sending this to @USTreasury
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No war of words, these are real threats, says #IRGC head. “Do you think we will kill a woman in S Africa to avenge our martyred brother? We will target those behind unfair assassination of Gen. #Soleimani. Mr. Trump! Don’t doubt our revenge. It’s really serious,” says Gen. Salami
#Iran #IRGC: “We will take a fair revenge. That’s why we didn’t target ur soldiers in Ain Al Assad. You threaten us with an attack 1000s times greater in magnitude! When we targeted ur base, we anticipating ur response & had prepared 100s missiles to fire”…
With only 6 weeks to #US vote, tensions are rising. Trump's reelection means more escalation. Strained under sanctions, #Iran under hardliners will have few reasons to show restraint, with #Israel drawing closer to its doorstep! Revenge is a matter of honor! Trump is provoking!
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IED Targets a convoy of [#Iraq|i] trucks carrying U.S. military equipment in Samarra,
#Iraq 🇮🇶 Image
pro-#IRGC pro-#PMU Sabereen channel claims that a security guard of "Gulf Gate security company" and an American soldier were severely injured.
#Iraq 🇮🇶 Image
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Yes, I saw reports and claims regarding "An explosion in east of Tehran",
No, I don't have any confirmations or a source for that claim.
And a video to follow:

Here, this lady clearly says she lives nearby "Imam Ali Highway" and she says she saw nothing, and there was no emergency vehicles as well.

And if u r reporting this video as a proof of the explosion, you're wrong, here's the full text of what she says:

"ما خونمون شرق تهران، نزدیک اتوبان امام علی ، فعلا که چیزی ما نمی بینیم، صدای آژیری هم نمیاد، اون هم اتوبان امام علی، خبری نیست. "

meaning: nothing's going on!
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Rocket attack against The Green Zone, #Baghdad, #Iraq. CRAM was active.
Unconfirmed reports suggest CRAM was activated twice. I’m checking.
Pro-#PMU/#IRGC News Channel Sabreen News has published an image of the active CRAM over #Baghdad, #Iraq this evening. Image
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9/11 CIA documents prove the broad Qatari role in support of the terrorist Al-Qaeda organization.

Several languages Subtitle.

@MASnotes @halgawi @0khalodi0 @farjad99 @Hessian_Mohd @manal3zam44

🔥 Imagine if Qatar have not facilitated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s escape?

What would our world be like today without the painful memories of 9/11? Qatar was Al Qaeda's main partner with Iran.


Several languages subtle.

🔥 Rola Haddad, a Lebanese YouTuber, wants peace and development for Lebanon. 🌺🌺🌺

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#Damascus Intl. Airport, #Syria imagery from yesterday showing the overall damage sustained to the reported compound affilated to the #IRGC. Info also shows the damage caused over the period of three different airstrikes over this year so far in the area.
Image of the damage alone for visuals. Image
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Simple infograph of the area reportedly affilated to #IRGC at #Damascus Intl. Airport, #Syria showing the three airstrikes this year that have targeted this area. Image
Another observation from T4, East of #Homs, #Syria. The targeting of the Runway Apron is a repeat of the strike in Jan. Image
@sfrantzman one for you and your timeline infographics. [David]
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#Syria: #Airstrikes targeted #Damascus International Airport (31 August) and #T4 #Military Base (2 September).

#ISI #intelligence #IMINT #VISINT #Space #AI #Defence #Iran #IRGC
#Syria, #T4 Airbase: Two accurate #attacks targeted the base on 2 September 2020 and hit the runway and an apron and resulted in a temporary #lockout of the #airport's #operation
#Syria, #Damascus International Airport: The #attack (31 August 2020) hit an area that was previously targeted (February 2020) next restored.
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I've had a few questions over the last couple of days regards to sat. imagery and analysis. Thought some of you might find this following interesting.

At the moment I am looking into the reported #IDF airstrikes in #Syria on the night of 31st August 2020. Reports indicted..
Explosions heard around southern #Damascus, and namely Al-Kiswah, which is a known area to home/house/facilitate #IRGC related activities. Satellite imagery is freely available for interpretation, but the key thing is to look at the details around an event.
See the included, an Army Barrack, Al-Kiswah, Damascus, Syria. An area that could have been targeted by the IDF (the reports suggest otherwise, but it could have been) note the area circled is a fire, causing scared landscape. More often than not, things like fires can be... Image
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I was asked about rumors regarding "Qaani getting injured by #IAF attacks on Damascus",
Yet, here's my general answer 👇
See? mofo was in Tehran yesterday/today,
He's not dead or wounded if you ask me.
Per state-controlled IRIB, Today, #IRGC QF commander, Esmail Qaani pays a visit to Pour Jafari family.
This seems to be a move for denying his death in Syria.

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Wonder how pro-#IRGC accounts react to this roundabout in #Gaza !

[Note the "Sayyad Al Shuhada" nickname they gave to Saddam!]
Hey supreme douche @khamenei_ir !
You may wanna take a look ^
Thank you @ConservaCrenson for letting me know that I actually CAN DM the supreme bastard, Khamenei, here's what I sent that dirtbag Image
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Initial /
Rockets launched at the camp Victoria in #Baghdad Airport.
#Iraq 🇮🇶
Pro-#IRGC and pro-#PMU channels are claiming the same, still: not confirmed. ImageImageImage
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Imagery from 25th August 2020, shows the complete capsize of the #IRGC replica of the Nimitz Class Carrier at the mouth of Bandar Abbas Port, #Iran. She appears to have been flipped upside down to enable her to be towed back out of the shipping lanes.

Imagery via @AirbusSpace obtained via @sbreakintl
Good spot here by @Obs_IL, imagery now available on Google Earth Pro.

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What do anti-ship missiles do differently from other missiles?

#Iran #USA #Germany #FCBayern #Iraq #Russia #China #Military #Syria #Lebanon #Missiles #IRGC #physics
anti-ship missile is one of the most interesting missiles for one particular reason: it does sea-skimming. Sea-skimming is a great technical challenge. Let’s have a deeper look into it.
What is sea-skimming?

Sea-skimming consists in flying as close as possible to the sea surface.
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#Iran is exhibiting its new missiles right now, Haj Qassem (Soleimani) Ballistic missile with the range of 1400km Abu Mahdi (Muhandis) Cruise missile with the range of 1000km are two missiles that were named after IRGC and PMF terrorist commanders.
Also, according to the #Iran|ian DM "Jahesh 700" engine which is reportedly a clone of RQ-170's engine [TF34?] and uses single-crystal blades will be unveiled.
First video published by pro-#IRGC Tasnim shows "Abu Mahdi" and "Haj Qassem" missiles.
Missiles were named after the assassinated IRGC and PMF terrorist leaders.
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Who is #IRGC and what is it's mission?
In this video, we want to take a look at some terrorist activities of #IRGC in the world.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran @usadarfarsi @StateDept @statedeptspox @SecPompeo @realDonaldTrump @USUN @GermanyDiplo
Below is the history of IRGC.
#IRGC created by #Khomeini in 1979 is an #Iranian government agency tasked with defending the regime against internal and external threats. Espousing a radical ideology and a paranoid worldview.
#IRGCTerrorWithoutBorders #NoImpunity4Mullahs #Iran
#IRGC uses secret #police methods against its opponents within #Iran, and terrorist tactics against its enemies abroad.
The IRGC creates, trains, funds, arms, and deploys forces with thousands of fighters beyond Iran’s borders.
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1) This week #Macron warned Iran not to interfere in #BeirutBlast - but this may be too late

IRGC Gen Salami:

“All [#IRGC] capacities have been mobilised to help the Lebanese people…we will be them until the end of this crisis”

Thread: #BeirutBlast view from #Iran
2) Last week’s explosion in #Beirut has put significant pressure on #Iran’s activities in Lebanon, which are carried out by #Hezbollah –a Shia Islamist militia Iran’s IRGC helped create in 80s to export Islamic Revolution to #Lebanon & destroy the “Zionist regime”(#Israel) Image
3)Hezbollah's been 1 of Iran’s most valuable assets. Together with IRGC it's undertaken Iran’s strategic/ideological goals via terrorism, hostage-takings,assassinations, Syria + it's entrenched itself in political institutions.For Hez actions @Levitt_Matt…
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1)The #IRGC is eyeing Iran’s presidency & Parviz Fattah is emerging as its perfect candidate

As a strong contender for 2021, Fattah has been dominating headlines

But who is Fattah? What's his ideology? What would his presidency mean for #Iran’s domestic/foreign policy?

2)Despite avoiding limelight, Fattah’s got lots of experience:Ahmadinejad’s energy minister (1st term) + heading Khamenei’s ideological-charitable orgs:Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (2015-19)& Mostazafan Foundation(current role).But underpinning all of this are his ties to IRGC
3)Fattah’s a product of the #IRGC. His career began on the frontline of #Iran-Iraq War, but his links extend beyond the battlefield. After leaving gov in 2009, he became dep commander of IRGC’s construction HQ, Khatam al-Anbia & head of its investment arm,Bonyad-e Taavon-e Sepah
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1-I've now learned from the #Beirut explosion how one can reach distorted conclusions by only absorbing disinformation on this site. The 24 hours that followed after this atrocious event, I have seen people accuse #Israel and #Hezbollah, #IRGC and the #Lebanese govt... (con't)
2-... and while they have all contributed their own share to the pre-explosion state #Lebanon was in, I find it astounding that only a fraction of analysts have looked into *where* and *how* a #Russian ship's cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate was stranded in Beirut's port.
3-Undoubtedly #Beirut municipality has a lot to answer for-e.g. why was this massive shipment of fertiliser stored in the port w/o safety precautions for 6 years. But I also want to know how Russian-owned vessel got away with deserting 2,750mt of nitrate at sea w no consequences.
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#Hezbollah is responsible for thousands victims of the blast. Every single human is in pain to see the horrific incident. We are in tears & our prayers are with the nation of #Lebanon.
The day will come when #Iran, Hezbollah and #IRGC will pay the price of it.
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