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According to reports from #Gaza, #PIJ Military Wing, Saraya Al-Quds have announced a general mobilization of it’s members due to the deteroriation of Maher Al-Akhras health after the 90th day of his hunger strike. #Israel
The reports all stem from a single source, Al-Quds TV.
Saraya Al-Quds via their media channels confirm the general mobilisation.
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Achtung hinter @Mena_watch stecken fast nur die deutschesten aller dtsch. &österreichischensten aller österreich. Enkel der Nazitäter deren Berufung Hasbara-Propaganda ist&jeden Kritiker von Zionismus Kolonialismus Israel/USA/NATO mit unbelegten Antisemitismuskeulen zu bedrohen
Ich halte es da mit Esther #Berajano gegen die deutschesten aller deutschen "Antideutschen" Enkeln der Nazitäter... die geborenen Mitläufer des System als Pseudo-Antifa bzw. TranslAntifa ohne Antikapitalismus und Hasbara-Handlanger wie @MENA_WATCH?
Am schlimmsten ist der präfaschist. dtsch. Untertan
heute in mehreren Varianten
1. AfD &Co. die neoliberale, nationalistische Variante
2. Anti-Kartoffeln"Antideutsche" schwarz-Grüne pseudolinke Hasbara-/ NATO-Untertanen
3. Hamsterrad-Untertanen der "Mitte"
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Explosion reported in the center of the Gaza strip

#Gaza #Israel
Roof knock at an observation post reported

#Gaza #Israel
Another explosion near Khan Younis.

#Gaza #Israel
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@threadreaderapp @MENA_WATCH @plutonisch @BenWeinthal @WORTFRONT No Border, No Nations
Könne wir uns darauf einigen, alle Nationen zu überwinden in Richtung kleinerer politischer Organisationseinheiten, dass schließt Deutschland, die EU, USA, China, Israel eben alle Nationen mit ein. Das verstehe ich auch unter links.?
@threadreaderapp @MENA_WATCH @plutonisch @BenWeinthal @WORTFRONT Nun die "Antideutschen" und @MENA_WATCH ? können sich nicht entscheiden zwischen No Border, No Nation und kein Mensch ist illegal und ihrer bedingungslosen USA und Israel-Gefolgschaft
@threadreaderapp @MENA_WATCH @plutonisch @BenWeinthal @WORTFRONT Kein Mensch ist illegal!
Nicht in Deutschland, nicht in den USA, nicht in Israel/Palästina - nirgendwo auf der Welt.
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One of these places is famous for being "The Most Densely Populated Place On Earth". The other is Hong Kong.
#Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee #Gaza4real
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#BREAKING: Today is 8th day of #Armenia-#Azerbaijan war over #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. #AremanianArmy used #Tochka ballistic missiles to target city of #Ganja in #Azerbaijan this morning. It was a response to constant shelling & rocket attacks at #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan.
This is aftermath of ballistic missile attack of #Armenia Army at city of #Ganja in #Azerbaijan. #RmenianArmy used Tochka ballistic missiles to target the city. It was a response to constant rocketing and shelling of #Stepanakert by #Azerbaijan Army in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh.
In response to launch of at-least one Tochka ballistic missile by #Armenia Army at city of #Ganja, the #Azerbaijan Army launched 280mm heavy unguided rockets by their BM-30 Smerch systems at city of #Stepanakert in #Artsakh/#NagornoKarabakh. It's aftermath of their rocket attack.
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Keir Starmer: day 101 to 150
Keir Starmer celebrates his 150th day as the leader of the Labour party today. Let’s have a look at his last 50 days (a link to days 1 to 100 are in the thread below).

The first 100 days of Starmer’s leadership are here:
Right then, day 101 to 150. Let’s start with the Russian interference report. It was pretty damning. Basically we have no idea if the Russians are meddling in our affairs because the Gov’t and security services have deliberately looked the other way.
Keir was more interested
in why the Gov’t delayed the report. Missing the point is a bit of a theme of Starmer’s.
During PMQ’s, Johnson cites “legal reasons” as the cause of the delay. The hack pack and social media Keirleaders then go wild with delight when he reminds Johnson he was once a legal Wiz
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1/ Rahaf has an eye infection. They couldn't get in to the eye doctor so they went to the hospital. Here she is getting her prescription at Ayman Super Pharm near Shifa Hospital #Gaza City #TheGazaYouDontSee #Gaza4real
Uploaded to YouTube on 25 Sep 2020
2/ More about Ayman Super Pharm near Shifa Hospital #Gaza City, which is apparently located in the Badrasawi Building. #TheGazaYouDontSee #Gaza4real…
3/ The pharmacy was designed by Naim H. Rustom who also designed the Miravalle Chalet. #TheGazaYouDontSee #GazaHolidayChalet
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A batch of IED balloons has been reportedly launched from #Gaza towards #Israel 🇮🇱
Launched from east of central #Gaza
Source /
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The #MiddleEast Partnership for Peace Act relies heavily on the premise that the primary reasons that #Israel and the #Palestinians have not achieved #peace are merely economic.
by Kathryn Shihadah @HomePalestine… #Palestine #FreePalestine
The period from March to August 2020, a period marking the height of the #coronavirus #pandemic, represented the highest rate of #Israeli home demolitions in four years.
by Kathryn Shihadah @HomePalestine… #Palestine #israel
With no foreseeable end in sight, #Israel’s blockade on #Gaza not only runs afoul of international law, but it has also already been on the radar of the #UnitedNations and human rights groups for well over a decade.
by Kathryn Shihadah… #Palestine
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4 injuries, including a serious one.
#Gaza Image
Several ambulances rushing to the scene
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#Hamas' underground tunnel collapsed in northern #Gaza, 4 injuries including one serious. Image
Another source just in case. Image
5th injured person (militant?) has been transferred to the Indonesian hospital, northern #Gaza Image
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1/ Maha belatedly uploaded a behind the scenes vlog of the Hamdona Family's last video clip, from Eid el-Adha, filmed in a chalet in #Gaza (a rented villa with swimming pool for private family holidays and events) #TheGazaYouDontSee #GazaHolidayChalet
2/ Here is the actual video clip, uploaded in July 2020. It has had nearly 4 million views since then!
3. And here are the details of the chalet.
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#Palestine #Gaza #HealthMinistry #Coronavirus
(Auto. Translations)

Police Supply Investigations in Gaza announced the closure of 41 commercial establishments that did not comply with preventive and safety measures during the past 24 hours,
most notably wearing masks and adhering to physical distancing. The Director of the Supply Investigation Department, Lt. Col. Ahmed Quneita, said in a press statement today, Thursday, that the closed facilities included popular restaurants.
Poultry slaughterhouses, pastry factories, and electrical appliances stores. It indicated that 33 reports of destruction of spoiled and expired foodstuffs were issued, and 12 arrest reports were issued for violating traders who raised the prices of foodstuffs.
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With no foreseeable end in sight, #Israel’s blockade on #Gaza not only runs afoul of international #law, but it has also already been on the radar of the #UN and #humanrights groups for well over a decade.
by @HomePalestine… #Palestine #FreePalestine
Today, few #Palestinians remain in the #fishing trade – and about ninety-five percent of these live below the #poverty line, with little hope of improvement.
by @HomePalestine… #Israel #FreePalestine
Just as with the last three major Israeli incursions into #Gaza, #Israel’s stated motive – to stop incoming projectiles – conceals a long-term ambition: to seize more land with fewer #Palestinians on it.
by @HomePalestine… #Palestine #FreePalestine
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pro-#Iran #PIJ's leader Ziyad Nakhala to address a statement in 18 minutes.
He's guest of the "Game of Nations" TV program.
To begin shortly.
Screenplay by : "George R.R Khamenei" 😂
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The #IDF has issued a statement on tonight's strikes on #Gaza.

Looks like it's over for tonight. Image
Though maybe not done yet...

The response according to the IDF was just to last nights attacks on Ashdod and Ashkelon, not to the rocket fire tonight.
We'll be keeping a close eye out over the coming hours just in case there are any developments.
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Rocket sirens sounding in souther #Israel.
IDF investigating.

Palestinian media stating rockets were launched.
Reports of at least one Iron Dome interception.
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Explosion reported west of Beit Lahia, #Gaza.
#Israel|i helicopter strike.
Multiple strikes on the same site.
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Explosions in northern #Gaza
#IDF 🇮🇱 helicopter launched a missile towards a target, northern #Gaza
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#IDF 🇮🇱 launching flares over east of Khan Younis #Gaza
Jet activity, south 🇮🇱
#IAF 🇮🇱 jets over #Gaza
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#BREAKING: In response to the signing of #AbrahamAccords by #UAE, #Bahrain & #Israel, #Hamas & #PIJ terrorists fired several unguided rockets at #Ashdod to terrorize people of #Israel. 75 years of the Palestinian diplomacy is terror & violence which has led to their isoltaion.
Almost half of the rockets fired by the terrorists from #Gaza to #Ashdod are shot-down by the #IronDome air defense system of #Israel Defense Force. Video shows their shot-down:
But some rockets managed to pass through the #IronDome & fell into streets of #Ashdod resulting injuries in at-leas five civilians.
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