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#Hamas - Suheib Yussuf, brother of Musab Yussuf, son of a Hamas senior leader / founder, tells how Hamas is used by #Iran to gather intelligence about Israelis & Israeli concerns that have no bearing on the Palestinian issue. Such as intel on Iranian Jews living in Israel. 1/6
He shares #Hamas knowledge of building tunnels & producing missiles w/ #Hezbollah. He says Hamas officials invest in real estate in #Turkey & obtain Turkish nationality w/ donations intended for the poor of #Gaza.
Suheib Yussuf has cut ties w/ Hamas 2 years ago & is hidden. 2/6 Image
In the full version of the interview; He explains that #Palestinians are not free to express their views, neither in #Gaza nor in #PA controlled territory, & mentions the recent murder of Nizar Banat while in PA custody. 3/6 Image
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Our latest report on response to the escalation in the occupied #Palestinian territory is out:…

1. The #Gaza ceasefire is largely holding. The Israeli authorities have eased more of the restrictions imposed after the May escalation.

More in the thread 👇
2. About 8,250 internally displaced people (IDPs) in #Gaza remain with host families or in rented accommodation.

3. Israeli forces in the #WestBank killed ten #Palestinians, including one child, in various incidents during September 2021.

4. The #humanitarian community has raised US$66.7 million of the $95 million requested in the emergency response plan to support 1.1 million #Palestinians for three months. #Gaza #WestBank

Read the full report here:…
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Wie kann ein "aufgeklärter" und "informierter" Mensch des Jahres 2021 sich selbst einreden, sie oder er gehöre zu den "Guten", wenn er die Verbrechen der US/NATO oder der Zionisten und israelischen Regierung in Palästina (Gaza) oder im Yemen unterstützt?
Wer glaubt noch die Lügen &die Propaganda der israel. Regierung, der Zionisten &ihrer Mittäter, dass Massenmord an Kindern &der fortgesetzte Landraub, die Vertreibung &Unterdrückung von Menschen mit irgendwelchen Mythen &mit dem Recht auf Selbstverteidigung zu rechtfertigen sind?
Lasst euch nicht einreden, dass die Menschen verschiedener Religionen, Nationen und Herkünfte Feinde sind! Das es Auserwählte gibt, die dass Recht haben über andere zu herrschen, diesen ihr Land zu rauben, sie zu vertreiben oder gar zu ermorden!
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1/ On my way to work I drive past a day laborer pick-up point in South Tel Aviv. For the last decade there have only been African men waiting there. For the last couple of months, I've noticed a change. At least half have been Palestinians, probably from J&S (WB).
2/ 20k new work permits have also been granted to Gazans by Israel and the plan is to add another 30k, so eventually 50k will be working in Israel. #Gaza
3/ These developments will improve the economy in J&S and especially #Gaza. Also, a new generation of young Gazans will get to meet Jews, and discover that, contrary to what they learnt in #UNRWA school, we don't have horns and fangs.
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1/ Ehud Yaari: Among decisions #Hamas made at their public conference 5 days ago in #Gaza, headed by Yahya Sinwar no less, in which they debated what the Greater Palestine will look like once it is freed from the Zionists:
#TheGazaYouDontSee #Palestinians…
2/ They decided not to kill all the Jews. Some will be allowed to leave; some prosecuted (if they held weapons, etc); those w valuable professions, engineers, doctors, hi-tech will be forced to stay, as they acquired their skills on occupied land. From 53:36 in link above (Heb).
3/ Over 20 issues were discussed in detail: How the new state will be established, the interim period, legislation, how to treat Israel's international agreements and if they will be respected, FI the territorial waters agreement with Egypt and Cyprus. Etc.
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African Union: “To grant #Israel observer status at the ⁦@_AfricanUnion⁩ on the heels of Israel’s recent atrocities in #Gaza, while it displaces #Palestinians, destroys their homes, and subjects them to a brutal system of apartheid is unconscionable”…
"The African Union should be in the vanguard of the struggle against the brutal domination of one group over another but instead has lent legitimacy to Israel's apartheid government."
@DAWNmenaorg @LRCSouthAfrica join legal submission to the Executive Council of the @_AfricanUnion drafted by the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (@ICJP) arguing why the AU should not have granted #Israel observer status, as well as why the AU should withdraw it
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1/ Some people think that in #TheGazaYouDontSee I'm trying to say that people in #Gaza are all fine. This is not what I'm saying at all. I am showing how the small ruling elite lives in luxury, how they steal the aid and exploit the people. #Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee
2/ This boy's father is in prison for 14 days in #Gaza b/c of a 500 shekel debt. Their home was destroyed in the war and they live in a hut on their land. His mother left for Israel and he has never met her. His grandmother brought up him (and his siblings?), but she passed away.
3/ To circumvent the months long queue to get out of #Gaza via Egypt, all one need do is pay a $950 "coordination fee" and waltz straight out. So all those I've shown you popping off to Egypt or Turkey have mostly likely paid that, or are connected to Hamas bigwigs. #leavingGaza
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@fvdemocratie Jeetje, dat [ #Omtzigt] voelt echt pijnlijk. Ik ga die boek ruilen voor een grote pak Gauloises blondes. Ik heb Pieter hoog gewardeerd ivm MH17. Bij deze stop ik ermee.
@fvdemocratie #MH17📖…

2nd📺Prof. #JoepLange, my boss on board🚩 #WarOnRussia✈falseflag

🔎12m:14s that's what I call a motive. Dutch #WRR⤵ advised NOT to invest in🌍health📍 anymore▶

#WRR⤵scientific council for @Rijksoverheid

📨 @CourtMH17
@fvdemocratie @Rijksoverheid @CourtMH17 #MH17 thread📖 in reply to @PieterOmtzigt. It's all there, @Het_OM @politie. Nobody listens to me & when I tried to report it, I got parked in mental institution for 2 weeks

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@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts RIP Barry Jennings, key 9/11 whistleblower. Segments feat. Jason Bermas & Dylan Avery (Loose Change 9/11 movies)

@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts #911Truth Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew in April 2001. @CIA asset @SLindauer2011 tried to stop 9/11 via @congressdotgov #McCain. 30 days later, @FBI picks her up w/arrest warrant on the #PatriotAct; 9/11 had to happen? Perfect pretext for war.

#WTC7 next..
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It appears the factions are responding. Red Alerts on the border. #Gaza #Israel
Reports of explosions heard.
Initial reports of at least one Iron Dome interception.
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#IDF have begun their retaliation strikes in #Gaza in response to the rocket attack earlier today, initial strikes reported in Rafah, southern Gaza
#Hamas Al-Thakanah Camp, based east of Rafah has been targeted twice.
Al-Thankanah Camp was targeted by several airstrikes, #IDF are now reportedly targeting #Hamas Filistine Camp in northern #Gaza.
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Terrorists in Gaza fired a rocket toward Israeli civilians.
Iron Dome Aerial Defense system intercepted it mid-air.

#BreakingNews #Gaza #Video #RocketAttack
#INFO: This was third day in a row, that sirens sound in southern Israel due to rocket attack from Gaza.


Terrorists from Gaza fired 1 rocket to Israel.
It was intercepted by Iron Dome.
The moment, #IronDome intercepted the missile launched from the #Gaza Strip.

#BreakingNews #Video #RocketAttack
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A rocket is fired from Gaza to Israeli Territory one hour ago.
The Iron Dome Aerial Defense System intercepted it mid-air.

#BreakingNews #Video #RocketAttack

At least 3 Israeli UAV strikes tonight on Hamas targets in Gaza so far, in response to earlier attack from Gaza.

Hamas' site in Al Maghazi, in
Central #Gaza, is on fire.
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Red Alert #Gaza #Israel
Sderot and surrounding areas. Image
2100 local time so, PIJ Saraya Al-Quds.
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The #asaJew phenomenon= fools who insist on their ‘Jewishness’ in order to provide cover for Jewhate racist like Corbyn The Green Parry et al whilst taking endless swipes ( and smearing) at genuine Jewish and anti racist activists
Pinky Adressi-Ariel, lets call her that, spends all her time screaming about Israel from,say, Brooklyn or Maida NB her bookshelves are lined with books by ‘the right’ Jewish authors and she allegedly has a fondness for pork.
Accuse her type of anti-Semitism and they exclaim that they’re a Jew! Often stating ‘as a Jew’...But Pinky is as Jewish as American Pie/Shepherds Pie.
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The #IDF have begun retaliation strikes in #Gaza after militant groups earlier today ignited 3 fires in the #Gaza envelope by incendiary balloons. According to reports a drone strike was conducted against a #Hamas position in the last 10 minutes.
A drone strike roof knock was conducted, followed reportedly by a jet strike on #Hamas’s Qadisiya Site, near Khan Younis. This location has been struck in the last two rounds of retaliation strikes by the #IDF
Initial footage reportedly from tonight’s airstrike against #Hamas’s Qadisiya Site, #Gaza Several secondaries noted, possible targeting of rocket manufacturing and/or storage position.
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According to reports the #IDF have begun retaliation strikes against #Hamas positions in #Gaza in response to the fires caused by incendiary balloons today in #Israel
#Hamas Saladin Camp was reportedly struck by two UAV missiles.
Follow up strikes reportedly conducted by jets, UAV roof knocks prior to jet follow up strikes.
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Israel is bombing #Gaza right now.
Israeli planes bombing #Gaza
At the border fence, hundreds of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza strip were protesting to mark an arson attack against al Aqsa mosque in 1969. They were shot at by israeli forces resulting in dozens of wounded.
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#IDF/#IAF jets and drones reported over #Gaza.
Initial reports of an explosion in the central #Gaza.
#IDF are reportedly targeting the same position west of Nuseirat camp in Central #Gaza.
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It could be a long night for #Gaza and #Israel.
Joint Operations Room of #Gaza factions have reportedly begun a “snap meeting” amid the riots on the #Gaza border. #Israel|i Defense Minister Gantz says Israel will respond to todays events. Ministry of Health in #Gaza has issued an update, 41 injured.
A border police solider was critically wounded in the incident involving the live fire during the protests.
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Somewhat surprised by this video being released, clear footage of protesters on the #Gaza border today attempting to snatch an #IDF rugger rifle (rubber bullets) and then firing back with a handgun (9mm?)
Obviously an attempt to cover the participants on the border involved in the event, why not cover the drawn gun too? Then again the IDF will have them on camera approaching the fence.
23 people have reportedly been wounded due to IDF fire on the border today amid the protests according to the Health Ministry in #Gaza. 2 reportedly critical. According to reports earlier this week, after the agreement of the #Qatar|i Grant money reentering #Gaza after an…
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La violenza dei coloni e la complicità dei militari non possono essere attribuite a un singolo generale israeliano.
Il disprezzo per la vita umana nasce prima del suo arrivo. ⬇1/18

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliCrimes #Palestine #IsraeliOccupation #13Agosto…
"L' editoriale di Haaretz dell'11 agosto , uno dei più feroci degli ultimi anni, ha invitato il capo di stato maggiore dell'IDF, il tenente generale #AvivKochavi, a rimuovere il maggiore generale #TamirYadai, capo del comando centrale. ⬇2
Yadai dovrebbe infatti pagare per i 40 palestinesi uccisi dall'esercito negli ultimi tre mesi e per il rapporto simbiotico tra soldati e coloni estremisti.
Un prezzo deve essere pagato per questo disprezzo per la vita umana.
Ma anche i superiori devono pagare. ⬇3
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"Una delle società più egoistiche e sconsiderate del pianeta.
Gli israeliani uccidono innocenti e poi confiscano i permessi di lavoro in Israele dei loro parenti.
Interessa a qualcuno ?" #GideonLevy ⬇1/10

#IsraeliApartheid #12agosto…
"A prima vista è una banalità: gli automobilisti israeliani non segnalano quando devono svoltare.
Questo dice molto sulla loro aggressività, violenza, maleducazione e mancanza di considerazione per chiunque altro sulla strada. ⬇2
Non segnalare le svolte sembrerebbe essere l'ultimo dei loro pensieri.

È un'azione semplice. Richiede solo un dito e non costa denaro.
Eppure, gli israeliani non segnalano.
La segnalazione è per i deboli. La segnalazione è per gli imbranati. Chi segnala è un idiota. ⬇3
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Le numerose uccisioni di palestinesi inermi dimostrano un'orribile verità “economica”: le vite dei palestinesi costano poco.
La richiesta di Kochavi ai comandanti IDF non ha senso.

#IsraeliApartheid #IsraeliCrimes #IsraeliOccupation #Palestine…
"Che i soldati delle Forze di Difesa israeliane tendano ad avere il grilletto facile è un dato di fatto.

Anche il capo di stato maggiore #AvivKochavi non poteva più ignorare le numerose vittime palestinesi del fuoco dei soldati negli ultimi tre mesi, ⬇2
in particolare nelle ultime settimane.

Ecco perché domenica Kochavi ha incontrato gli alti ufficiali del comando centrale e ha chiesto loro di adottare misure per ridurre questo.
I dati sono a disposizione di chiunque sia interessato e sicuramente del capo di gabinetto. ⬇3
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