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The first two cases of COVID-19 were announced in the Gaza Strip last night - beginning a nightmare scenario for many. Some initial thoughts. #thread on #Gaza.
1/ No one knows how many people catch COVID in any one area. Estimates have suggested that at least 25-50% of a population will. That’s 0.5-1m people in Gaza. 20% of those will have to be hospitalized; 100-200K. Gaza’s hospitals have 2,600 beds.
2/ The two cases, both returning from Pakistan, were immediately sent into quarantine by the Rafah border. There is an effort to identify everyone they’ve been in touch with so those individuals can also be quarantined.
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Exclusive: "Serious structural problems" in #Israel's military mean "masses of targets" in #Gaza are bombed without proper intelligence evaluations killing&maiming civilians, personnel told me. They said intel is often old,there's no visual check before (1)…
2. The #Israel airmen told me a culture of “destroy, destroy, destroy” rewards personnel for identifying fresh targets in #Gaza rather than checking the validity of 1000s already in the database, known as the “bank”. Sometimes the intelligence is over a year old. #Gaza
3. #Israeli airmen said if the targets in #Gaza run out, as happened during the 2014 war, the air force is told to “simply keep dropping bombs”. It got to the point in 2014 where personnel were questioning why the operation was continuing "because the target bank was finished"
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-Man tweets heartbreaking photo of child in cardboard box adding hashtag #Gaza.
-Man gets called out by multiple accounts that this picture is in fact from Greece .
Man backpedals and tweets I didn’t actually say it was from Gaza just want you to know what we go thru.
Look at the one day time stamp between first and second tweet *after* the shmuck gets countless replies disproving his OP. This is classic #Pallywood -I can find thousands more tweets similar to this. I implore you not to fall for the lies. @RashidaTlaib still hasn’t apologized.
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Breaking: Israel is carrying out airstrikes on Damascus, Syria. Syrian air defense systems are responding.

#Syria #Zionist #Israel
One of the locations Israel hit was a weapons depot at a Syrian military base at Dummar in the outskirts of Damascus #Syria. Among military bases hit are Mount Qasiyun and al-Kiswah.
Zionist #Israel also carried out air strikes against civilian targets in #Gaza during their strikes on #Damascus. No info on casualties yet. #BDS #BoycottIsrael #IsraelApartheid
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According to Israeli commentator Abu Ali, #Gaza Health Ministry announced that people returning to Gaza from China would be quarantined in the Algerian (military) Hospital in Absan, south #Gaza Strip b/c of Corona Virus. This is what the people of Absan thought of the idea...
More footage of the riot, in Absan south #Gaza Strip, against the plan to quarantine people returning to Gaza from China in the Algerian (military) Hospital there. From Abu Ali Express - telegram channel.
I mean, do they seriously think Gaza is going to be flooded with Corona Virus bearers?
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Trump‘s „Friedensplan“

Ich erkläre in einem kurzen Thread erst die Fakten und dann, was mit diesem sogenannten Friedensplan nicht stimmt:

1. Palästina existiert als Staat seit 1988 und wurde von 71 % der Welt anerkannt.
(Grenzen der Staatsgebiete sind unklar: es existiert der UN Teilungsplan und die 1967 Linien).

1.1 #Gaza, #WestBank und #OstJerusalem (= #Palästina)
sind von Israel besetztes Gebiet.
Besetzte Gebiete dürfen weder vom Besatzer besiedelt, noch darf die indigene Bevölkerung
zwangsweise umgesiedelt oder vertrieben werden.
Beides geschieht jedoch seit der Besetzung, also seit 1967.

(Deshalb hält Israel den Weltrekord an UN Resolutionen.😬)
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I have read the entire #Israel-#Palestinian peace plan and my advice to revelers is not to pop the champagne anytime soon -- "peace" is not around the corner. Here's a quick assessment. 1/11
I congratulate the plan's authors for injecting some realism into conventional views of this conflict. It is realistic for the Jordan River to be Israel's security barrier. It is realistic for hundreds of thousands of Israelis in West Bank not to be forced to relocate. 2/11
But they took those & other principles and stretched them beyond all recognition. #Israeli security control of #JordanValley became full sovereignty; not uprooting hundreds of thousands of settlers became not uprooting even 1 settler. There are no Solomonic judgments here. 3/11
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**New Report: NGO Monitor released a new report series on the #PFLP NGO network.**

8 NGOs with extensive ties to the PFLP terror group
70+ NGO staffers tied to the PFLP
5 arrested for PFLP activity
All funded by #Europe

Addameer is a Palestinian NGO that supports convicted prisoners.

Its chair, former vice chair, & board members have ties to the PFLP.

@SwissMFA provided $120,000 in 2018
@IrelandMFA_RBLX provided $75,000 in 2017
@SpainMFA provided $400,000 in 2015-2019

DCI-P "promote rights of children."

Its child protection director, general assembly pres, board members are tied to #PFLP.

@RockBrosFund gave $90,000 in 2017-2019
@EU_Commission gave $700,000 in 2017-2019
@UNICEF partnered w/ @DCIPalestine in 2013-2017

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#OTD Sunday 22 Jan 1995, 09:20 #Palestinian #terrorists detonated 2 explosive devices, several minutes apart, at a crowded bus stop for soldiers at Beit Lid, central Israel. Rescuers assisting the victims of the 1st explosion became victims of the 2nd explosion #TerrorVictims /1
#OTD 22 Jan 1995, the Beit Lid attack murdered 22, wounded 66.
Perpetrated by 2 members of #Palestinian Islamic Jihad from the #Gaza Strip. At the houses of the #terrorists, 1000s of supporters gathered to express delight at the murders. #TerrorVictims /2
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The last few days of #US military build up make a lot of sense now. The killing of #Iran Quds Force commander Suleimani cannot be overstated as an escalatory event, even if US will have intended it as ultimate show of force.
Suleimani was the most visible face of Iran’s fight against #IslamicState and US in the region. A huge loss of knowledge and expertise for IRGC and humiliating for #Khamenei after his tweet taunting #Trump. The question now must be what an Iranian response will be.
Iran can not afford not to respond to this level of attack, but does not necessarily have to respond immediately. They will understand how vulnerable Trump is going into the electoral period. US military and energy assets across #Iraq are at high risk of rocket and mortar attack.
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A decade in review: the moments that shaped the past 10 years in #Israel/#Palestine

Photo: A'ed Abu Amro at the Great March of Return, Friday October 26, 2018. (Mohammed Asad)
Another decade of the Israel-Palestine conflict ends and a peaceful and just solution for the Palestinians seems further out of reach. Look back at the moments that shaped history in Palestine and Israel, and will continue to shape the future of the region for years to come.
2010: A glimmer of hope at the beginning of the Obama era

In his historic "A New Beginning" speech in Cairo on June 4, 2009, Obama promised to mend relations with the Muslim world, and highlighted peace between Israel & Palestine as key to that goal.…
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Which group has a 2500yo pathological obsession with a symbolic One Eye ... as in, their own concealed-revealed "crown" One-Eyed Trouser Snake?

The same people who tweeted then deleted that "Everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed". #IDF #Gaza
#ICYMI – America is a masonic project, and masonry is ✡️ for useful idiot goyim. #Cabala
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@UNRWA #Gaza #Genf

More than half a million people in #Gaza depend on #food #aid. Every quarter there is a discounted ration per person. The #goods are ordered for the first quarter of the new year, but not yet #paid.
Whether the @UN organization can pay the salaries of its 13,000 workers in the #Gaza Strip in December is unclear. In Gaza, under the eyes of #Hamas, @UNRWA operates 276 schools, 22 health centers and distributes food. The unemployment rate is also 41% (Total PA Area 30% 2018).
@UNRWA currently cares for 5.5 million #Palestinians. But they are missing 167 million € to pay everything. It would take at least € 30 million for the current quarter and € 60 million for the second quarter of next year.
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Thousands filling #IAC2019 session ahead of @POTUS speech.

Somehow I got a decent seat; will update on content as it goes on.
Video greeting by @PresidentRuvi, saying @israeliamerican has crucial role in maintaining #Israel’s relationship with both the US Jewish community and the United States as a country.
Now video tribute to Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, thanking them for ongoing support; after which, they are set to introduce @POTUS.
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Mera does a fun challenge with her dad in Metro Market in #Gaza - if she guesses the price of a sweet correctly, her dad will buy it for her. #Gazaunderobesityattack #TheGazaYouDontSee
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#BREAKING: #Iran's Islamic Regime raised fuel price to compensate its lack of oil income. It resulted quick raise in prices of all goods in 24 hours. Since morning, thousands of Iranians have come to streets of their cities to protest against the regime authorities. #IranProtest
#BREAKING: Thousands of protesters in #Sirjan, South of #Iran are protesting against the Islamic Regime over the rise of prices of fuel. They chant: "#RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul". #IranProtests
#BREAKING: Hundreds of protesters have come to streets of #Mashhad to protest against #Iran's Islamic Regime over the rise of price of fuel. They have switched-off their cars in street to prevent mobilization of the security forces for suppression of the protesters.
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1. The #Gaza ceasefire broke this morning after barely a few hours. Over the past two days, Israeli fire has killed 34 Palestinians, and counting, including 6 children.
2. This escalation began with Israel’s assassination of Islamic Jihad leader Baha’ al-Atta, which ended a period of calm that has been in place since at least September.
3. The escalation is the deadliest since May 2018, when Israeli forces killed 86 Palestinians, the majority of whom were protesting America’s relocation of its embassy to Jerusalem.
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#BREAKING: Incoming rocket siren activated in Latrun and surrounding communities outside #Jerusalem
incoming rocket sirens activated in #Gaza border communities
More sirens. Seems like a large barrage by PIJ after a quiet night.
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I truly don't know if #Gaza can withstand another brutal war on it by #Israel. The catastrophe Israel is evoking on Gaza's collective population under the pretext of "fighting terror" is horrifying.
I was able to witness life in #Gaza for three days and I couldn't understand how this has been left to continue for 13 YEARS. I was horrified within days. It's so inhumane to allow a government to continue this reality using war terminology as justification.
It is not Israel and Gaza at war, it is not Israel fighting terror. It is a war on #Gaza. A region of mostly Palestinian refugees that were displaced, only to be held under siege. There is an entire generation that only knows the boundaries of Gaza. That can't pass a certain..
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#IsraelUnderAttack 10 Rockets fired from #Gaza at Israeli civilians last night. Most shot down by Iron Dome.
- Hamas says wasn't us. Who then? Islamic Jihad, #Iran's proxy?
- Hamas is ALSO Iran's agent, receiving arms, $, training.
- 10 rockets in 2 barrages is no rogue op.
2/ #IsraelUnderAttack
- A volley of rockets from #Gaza requires coordination, civil defense, anti-aircraft crews. #Hamas leaders need time to get into their rat holes.
- Hamas coordinates with PIJihad. Here's PIJ leader Ziad Al-Nakhaleh w his Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani.
3/ #IsraelUnderAttack
- #Hamas has added high-flying UAVs to its arsenal. #Israeli Air Force shot one down last week at 10K ft. - certainly for recon. That's not the standard Iranian-supplied Ababil.
See Hamas monument to drone in #Gaza (& father offering baby to Moloch).
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Dudu and her sisters have milkshakes on #Gaza beach at sunset. You know the place, it's the coffee shop behind alHasseira's fish restaurant, just north of the port. Lovely atmosphere. #TheGazaYouDontKnow 1/
I know, I know, where are the milkshakes? Here they are -
#Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee 2/
And the source:
#Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee 3/
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Just saw #GazaFightsForFreedom by @AbbyMartin and @MikePrysner of @EmpireFiles in Toronto last night

Screening hosted by @mexieYT
Panel included editor Taylor Gill
@AbbyMartin @MikePrysner @EmpireFiles @mexieYT Wonderful film. Important. Beautifully shot. Well made

Gazan journalists contributed footage and interviews - and did so on four hours of electricity per day

Please everyone see this movie

@AbbyMartin @MikePrysner @EmpireFiles @mexieYT Film opens with a family on a beach. I have seen many maps of Gaza before. Much of its border is coastline. I have seen very few images of Gaza beaches.

Just as I was reflecting on this, and the interesting choice to open with it, @AbbyMartin's narration explains:
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Since these false accusations are regurgitated ad-nauseum here, use this #Thread to counter accusations of #Apartheid, and reply to tantrum tossing lifelong losers who squeal that the world should #Boycott, #Sanction and #Divest from #Israel #BDS
An attempt to disguise hatred and propaganda with a facade of humanitarian concern is quite apparent for all to see. As stated on many occasions if you're looking for apartheid in The Middle East and accuse Israel you have the wrong address!
In #Israel #Arabs have more rights that they would have anywhere else in the region, and every poll result shows they consistently prefer to remain in Israel rather than live in a future #Palestinian state.
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1. Are Rahaf and Ruba really in #Gaza ? Here is a thread for sceptics:
2. Here are Rahaf and Ruba and one of their brothers, preparing for school.
#Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee
3. Here is Ruba at her school. It's the first day of school, that's why there are clowns and acrobats. Her school uniform has a badge which says "Dar alSalam Private School". #Gaza #TheGazaYouDontSee
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