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#Hasbara #IsraeliCrimes

L'inchiesta sulla morte di #ShireenAbuAkleh verrà affidata all'#IDF.
I principali sospettati indagheranno su se stessi... ⬇1/12

#Palestine #ApartheidIsrael #IsraeliOccupation #SanctionsOnIsrael #HumanRights #13maggio…
"La morte della giornalista #ShireenAbuAkleh richiede un'indagine vera e completa, senza insabbiamenti, che mostri al mondo cosa è realmente successo nei vicoli di #Jenin mercoledì. ⬇2
Affinché la verità venga alla luce, dobbiamo garantire che investigatori indipendenti, credibili e rispettati indaghino a fondo su questo tragico avvenimento.

Questi investigatori devono essere completamente distaccati dalle forze di combattimento, ⬇3
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Initial reports of two explosions heard. #IDF conducting their review.
#IDF confirms one rocket launched from Gaza into Israel. Iron Dome was not activated, looks like a direct impact on the outside area of a house.
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@gameruncle69 @jockowillink 1/3 We were attacked by the #IDF—the most powerful military in the Middle East at the time—but they weren’t alone. They were allied with the President of the United States.
2/3 As soon as LBJ learned aircraft had been dispatched from Sixth Fleet aircraft carriers, he ordered CTF60 RADM Larry Geis on the #USSAmerica to recall the aircraft.
3/3 Had that order been disobeyed (and Article 99 of the UCMJ demands it be disobeyed) they would have arrived in time to drive off the torpedo boats and 25 of our shipmates would have survived the attack.
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As I predicted two days ago, the Russian invasion of #Ukraine would directly affect the course of the negotiations in #Vienna on #Iran's nuclear program, which was declared frozen today.
To understand why, you can read the thread:👇
Signing the agreement would have meant a stab in the back for #Russia by opening the way for Iranian oil and gas to be pumped into the global market, which would turn the most dangerous Russian weapon against the West less severe.
#Iran #USA #EU #UK #NATO
A rejection of the agreement would create to the West anger and disappointment with all the economic and security concessions made by #France, #Germany and the #US, which in one way or another caused tension in western relations with #SaudiArabia and the #UAE.
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Tuning in to #Hamas' radio, looks like there would be a response to the early rocket launch from #Gaza towards #Israel
If there's any retaliatory strikes on Gaza, I'll update this thread.
More to follow.
"something something 9 O'Clock"
"something something betawqit al baha' "
PIJ radio is blabbing
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A rocket batch launched from #Gaza
@~ 0500Z, 2 launches were heard by Gazan locals.
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Initial reports of a shooting on the #Gaza border near Alumim. #IDF currently investigating, at least one person reportedly lightly injured. #Israel
A contractor working for the MoD in #Israel was reportedly lightly wounded and has been evac’d to hospital. An #IDF tank has reported fired a single shell towards a position in #Gaza in response
At least 4 observation posts have been targeted by #IDF tanks in response, no injuries reported.
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Thread🧵 - East of #Homs, #Syria;

On the 8th October 2021 reports began to circulate of Air Defense active over Homs Governorate, #Syria. Shortly after the initial reports, sources and social media begin to report that the area of T4 Airbase near Tiyas was reportedly struck.
The next day, initial investigation had begun, and initial low resolution imagery courtesy of @sentinel_hub confirmed that the runway at T4 airbase had been struck. This wasn’t exactly new, as highlighted previously, the runway at T4 has been targeted multiple times…
In the past (included are two examples of previous strikes). The odd thing about this one was it was conducted during Shabbat on a Friday evening, this is rare, and if I remember correctly it’s the fast Friday night strike since 2018, which oddly…

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A number of TV channels and websites close to #Iran published a statement attributed to the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" confirming that the #IDF targeted two of their sites in the vicinity of the Syrian city of #Palmyra.1/6
#Syria #Israel #IRGC #USA #Russia
The statement indicated that the attack was carried out from over the Al-Tanf area and confirmed the deaths and injuries among the fighters of these militias. It also explicitly referred to an American role in this attack, and vowed to respond "very strong".2/6
This is not the first time that the so-called "Syria's Allies Operations Room" makes a statement. It has issued a number of previous statements, including the attacks of the #IDF on #Syria, and the battles of the city of #Aleppo against the Syrian rebels.3/6
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Overnight the #IDF were conducting an arrest operation when a gunfight broke out, the gunfights were in a number of locations. Palestinian media claims an ambush was created, however this remains unconfirmed. 3 #Hamas Al-Qassam members, 1 #PIJ Saraya-Quds member and reportedly
another unconfirmed was killed in the gunfight, these were in Burqin and Biddu.Two #IDF SF were evacuated to hospital due to sustaining seriously wounds during the gunfight.
#Israel|i PM Bennett released a comment earlier today saying the operation was nessersary and time bound due to immediate threat (paraphrasing). The media for the factions have released several statements threatening a response to Israel.
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Возможно лезу не на свою территорию и у @IsraelThreads найдётся тред и на эту тему, но я ещё не видела, поэтому добавлю в свою копилку😁
Сегодня в вечерних новостях увидела как 81 подразделение Армии Обороны Израиля порадовало пожилого ветерана войны Судного дня своим подарком-
саксофоном специально разработанным для однорукого человека🤷🏻‍♀️ Да, именно так. Идея и реализация чётко под одного человека. Жил был молодой красивый парень, играл на саксофоне, а потом вдруг война, и остался без правой руки. Война закончилась, всё потихоньку наладилось и вернулось
на круги своя, кроме… любимого занятия - игры на саксофоне. Но любовь к музыке осталась, в виде игры на простой трубе, потому что на трубе можно и одной рукой. Но Израиль не был бы Израилем,а #IDF не была бы Армией Израиля, если бы всё так
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#IDF have begun their retaliation strikes in #Gaza in response to the rocket attack earlier today, initial strikes reported in Rafah, southern Gaza
#Hamas Al-Thakanah Camp, based east of Rafah has been targeted twice.
Al-Thankanah Camp was targeted by several airstrikes, #IDF are now reportedly targeting #Hamas Filistine Camp in northern #Gaza.
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Red Alert #Gaza #Israel
Sderot and surrounding areas. Image
2100 local time so, PIJ Saraya Al-Quds.
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🛡️ Stand by for a security event. Image
🇮🇱 #IDF on elevated readiness for fear of riots and terror attacks, forces on standby for emergency operations, @N12News reports.
🇮🇱 War Minister, Benny Gantz: 6 have disappeared among millions of people. I hope that this day ends quietly.
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The #IDF have begun retaliation strikes in #Gaza after militant groups earlier today ignited 3 fires in the #Gaza envelope by incendiary balloons. According to reports a drone strike was conducted against a #Hamas position in the last 10 minutes.
A drone strike roof knock was conducted, followed reportedly by a jet strike on #Hamas’s Qadisiya Site, near Khan Younis. This location has been struck in the last two rounds of retaliation strikes by the #IDF
Initial footage reportedly from tonight’s airstrike against #Hamas’s Qadisiya Site, #Gaza Several secondaries noted, possible targeting of rocket manufacturing and/or storage position.
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According to reports the #IDF have begun retaliation strikes against #Hamas positions in #Gaza in response to the fires caused by incendiary balloons today in #Israel
#Hamas Saladin Camp was reportedly struck by two UAV missiles.
Follow up strikes reportedly conducted by jets, UAV roof knocks prior to jet follow up strikes.
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#IDF/#IAF jets and drones reported over #Gaza.
Initial reports of an explosion in the central #Gaza.
#IDF are reportedly targeting the same position west of Nuseirat camp in Central #Gaza.
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Somewhat surprised by this video being released, clear footage of protesters on the #Gaza border today attempting to snatch an #IDF rugger rifle (rubber bullets) and then firing back with a handgun (9mm?)
Obviously an attempt to cover the participants on the border involved in the event, why not cover the drawn gun too? Then again the IDF will have them on camera approaching the fence.
23 people have reportedly been wounded due to IDF fire on the border today amid the protests according to the Health Ministry in #Gaza. 2 reportedly critical. According to reports earlier this week, after the agreement of the #Qatar|i Grant money reentering #Gaza after an…
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Initial unconfirmed reports of an #IDF strike against an observation post near Hader, #Syria
Reported video of the strike against the observation post.
Another angle.
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One explosion was reportedly heard, the cause currently unknown.
Explosions appear to be multiple interceptors and/or interceptions per video.
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#BREAKING: The weapon storage sites of #Hezbollah terrorist organization which are targeted by #IsraeliAirForce minutes ago are in #KafrKila or #Kfarkela in South of #Lebanon. Here is an screenshot of the footage showing the storage facility on fire after the airstrike.
#BREAKING: At-least three different #Hezbollah weapon storage facilities including one at Kafr Kila in South #Lebanon are destroyed by #Israel Air Force. #IDF is on high alert & ready to counter possible rocket barrage of #Hezollah terrorist group at #Haifa & #TelAviv.
#Hezbollah is capable of firing over 5,000 rockets at #Israel during any possible war which might last to maximum six weeks starting from tonight. #Israel Air Defense Command is well prepared to counter the threat of rockets & missiles fired by #Hezbollah at #Israel.
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Initial reports of sonic booms on the #Israel/#Lebanon border
Initial unconfirmed reports of an airstrike in southern #Lebanon
Nevermind, confirmed, airstrike in southern #Lebanon
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Red Alerts in northern #Israel
Sirens in Kiryat Shmona , Kfar Giladi and Tel Chai
At least one explosion is being reported in the area, the cause is currently unknown.
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In response to the earlier incendiary balloon fires the #IDF are reportedly conducting airstrikes targeting militant affiliated locations near Khan Younis and #Gaza City.
So far at least four different locations have reportedly been struck by a single missile from a UAV, no jets used in the airstrikes at this moment in time.
Jet airstrikes now being conducted. Single missiles earlier appear to have been roof knock warnings.
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