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11 Aug
While priority for if/when to re-open schools must be #COVID19 evidence & ensuring safety; it is necessary to also consider changes to support teaching, learning, equity & well-being for 2020-21 school year. We are advocating for a #GentleReturn
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We are proposing 10 considerations for a #GentleReturn to upcoming school year:
1. A phased-in return

#OntEd #SafeSeptember #BackToSchool /2
#GentleReturn Consideration 2: Clear communication at all levels and for all participants

#OntEd #SafeSeptember #BackToSchool /3
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7 Jul
So a week before end of #OntEd school year, @Sflecce announced 3 scenarios for 2020-21 school year in response to #COVID19, on same day 2020-21 education funding was announced (3 months later than normal) but didn’t align with or cover costs of the 3 scenarios;
Next day Minister tells a TV interview that he’s directed school boards to start September with blended/hybrid scenario but boards hadn’t received that direction formally;
Last week of school year, a new Gr1-8 math curriculum is announced for September implementation
Now during school summer break, memo sent to boards with rules for 2020-21 calendar approval (almost 4 months later than normal) & reported in media on Canada Day;
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1 Apr
My views on what govts could do in regard to K-12 ed during #COVID19 pandemic:
We value, support, trust & respect students, educators & edu workers;
We will do everything we can to encourage & support students’ well-being, equity & learning, including providing $ & resources; 1/
We ask school boards, schools, educators & edu workers to use their profession judgment to work in collaboration with each & every student & their families to support students’ learning as best we can;
We will make sure there are specific supports for most vulnerable students 2/
All students will graduate on time & arrangements will be agreed for their high school qualifications/grades to be awarded differently & formally recognized for post-school destinations;
Formal accountability measures, standardized testing, & summative grading are suspended;
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5 Apr 19
Let’s compare % students achieving provincial standards in @eqao at end of Harris govt & Wynne govt:
2003 2018
Gr3 Reading 50%. 75%
Gr3 Writing 55%. 72%
Gr3 Math 57%. 61%
EQAO. 2003 2018
Gr6 Reading. 56%. 82%
Gr6 Writing. 54%. 80%
Gr6 Math. 53%. 49%

Gr9 Academic Math 66%. 84%
Gr9 Applied Math. 21%. 45%
#OntEd #OnPoli
#EQAO results 2003-2018 change:
Gr3 Reading +25 percentage points
Gr3 Writing +17 percentage points
Gr3 Math + 4 percentage points
Gr6 Reading +26 percentage points
Gr6 Writing +26 percentage points
Gr6 Math - 4 percentage points
#OntEd #OnPoli
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