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THREAD: My speech at the groundbreaking of the new École à la Découverte in Elsinore-Chambery & to Ed Minister LaGrange:

It’s a pleasure to join you on the traditional territory of Treaty Six & of the Metis people. Congratulations to the École à la Découverte community 1/ #ableg
This is an important milestone in a long journey towards a building that can accommodate all of the students that want to learn here. Many young families are choosing to live in North #YEG, Castle Downs in particular & Im so happy that they will have a new Francophone school 2/
to serve them. Many of those students have parents who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces & many of those members have come to AB from Francophone communities elsewhere in Canada. ItS so important to our military community & our broader community, that we have strong 3/
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We've been compiling info on school reopening plans across the country. No clear winner yet, but Nova Scotia seems the best, Quebec the worst

We're going to keep updating this as more info comes in, and you can check here…

#masks4canada #SafeSeptember
School reopening depends on all of these important factors being optimized
1) Masks for children of all ages can be difficult to accept, but evidence is increasing on their effectiveness. @ChildLifeMorgan goes over some basics on how to prepare your kids for school
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Ontario #students, #parents, #grandparents, #teachers, #eduworkers #doctors, #nurses, #frontlineworkers, #busdrivers, #businessowners, and EVERYONE ELSE who is concerned that a failed #OntEd plan will undo all our efforts of the last 6 months: we need your voice...
Share a selfie video w/
to share your concerns and push for SMALLER CLASS SIZES based on evidence & expert advice.

We need submissions by FRI., AUG. 28. They will be compiled & edited to create a video open letter.

Follow the script, but make it your own:
Dear Premier Ford,
I am _____ (your name, profession, whatever you want to share)
I live in ____ (where are you in #Ontario?)
I want smaller class sizes b/c _____ (share whatever you like; why is this important to you?)
Please reduce class sizes. Smaller is safer.
Thank you.
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Feds transfer $381M to ON to top up the almost $800M that the province has provided to #SchoolBoards to better ensure a #SafeSeptember @opsba…
Reopening Plan Implementation: $200 million =
$100 million to complement the health & safety of school reopening plans, in consultation with local public health units, including the hiring of custodians, HVAC, improvements, internet connectivity for students & other local needs +
$30 million to support additional PPE for schools.
$70 million for the temporary hiring of educators as required.
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Listening to the @JustinTrudeau Back to school press conference. He says school matters, and getting them back to school safely with confident parents really matters. He tells a story of a family concerned w/going back to school; they want a #SafeSeptember. #topoli #onted #onpoli
.@JustinTrudeau says we must follow all local public health advice, and to provide the funding necessary to take action for a #SafeSeptember. The federal government is investing up to $2 billion through the Safe Return to Class fund. Our children must be our top priority. #onted
The announcement is designed to support Provincial Governments, and is flexible for provinces to use towards PPE or remote learning or anything else school related. Also announcing $112 million for First Nations Schools. #cdnpoli #Onpoli #onted #topoli
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1/ #VENTILATION is a key factor in #SafeSeptember for #onted. In this thread I'll cover:

🔸My immediate 3 asks of @sfleece and @fordnation

🔸A suggested room-by-room assessment and implementation methodology

🔸Who to follow Photograph of a rusty rooftop classroom exhaust fan that was
2/ My immediate asks of Ontario:

1⃣ Update the Guide to Reopening Ontario's Schools to add #ventilation, currently absent. I recommend using Schools for Health: Risk Reduction Strategies for Reopening from Harvard School of Public Health…
2⃣ Also update the Guide to Reopening Schools to reflect current knowledge regarding the relative importance of airborne transmission of COVID-19 compared to surface transmission.
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The @Alberta_UCP ran on a promise to “affirm the primary role of parents in choosing how their children are taught”. It took a #pandemic for parents & caregivers to know that #CHOICE in #abed is only afforded to a privileged few, whether that means a #SafeSeptember or #charters
They promised that “A UCP government will defer to parents as the natural guardians of a child’s best interests and will trust teachers as professionals.” But they are ignoring calls from parents & teachers to establish a province-wide plan to protect students & staff. #AbLeg
Long-time #PublicEducation advocates @SOSAlberta wrote to @AdrianaLaGrange in May asking for improvements to school, classroom, and staffing conditions. Their letter has gone unanswered.…
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This just out: @AmyTanMD and I make the case that by not mandating masks for K-12 children in schools, we are playing Russian roulette with the health of our children, educators and communities.


#SafeSeptember #Masks4Canada @DFisman @AshTuite
1. Children represent ~3–9% of COVID-19 infections. This fraction is rising in the US due to testing and increased exposure. Although children have less severe symptoms than adults, why some children get sicker and a rare few die is still unknown.…
2. Children transmit COVID-19 to household and non-household contacts with resulting severe outcomes, such as death. Expectant mothers infected with COVID-19 tend to have more severe outcomes than other women of reproductive age.…
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I wrote the Mask Policy for a local school.

Including how to frame it positively for Parents & Kids.

Following is the crux in <20 tweets.

If it can be useful to you or your school, pls take.

If it can be improved, pls comment. (@jkwan_md @AmyTanMD?)

For a #SafeSeptember.
1/ To start, it is important to acknowledge that non-medical masks are not personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE is specifically designed to protect the wearer in situations when risk of exposure is known to be high, as it is in some healthcare settings.
2/ Non-medical, or cloth, masks are designed for source control. They block the respiratory secretions produced by speaking, coughing, and sneezing.

This protects the group overall by reducing the concentration and circulation of potentially infectious particles in the air.
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Does it concern anyone else that besides a very small handful of incumbents that there are an even smaller handful of #NBElection candidates who are both women & mothers? 1/ #nbpoli
So many mothers focused right now on New Brunswick’s #SafeSeptember return to school and all the inequitable extra responsibilities of pandemic on top of the day-to-day. 2/ #nbpoli #nbelection
Women and Mothers, who are often devalued and dismissed, bring another perspective to the table. We need these voices helping to shape policies which affect the majority of our #NewBrunswick population. 3/ #nbelection #nbpoli
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#COVID19 in #Ontario [Aug 18]:
40870 known cases* (125 new cases)
2793 total deaths (4 new deaths)

See THREAD for more graphs📈⬇️
#covid19Canada #COVIDー19 #onhealth #COVID__19 #COVID19ontario #onpoli #SafeSeptember Image
A closer look at #COVIDー19 daily changes in #Ontario

New cases: 125
New deaths: 4
New resolved: 90

Thicker lines = 7 day moving averages.
#COVID19 #COVID19ON #covid19Canada Image
Confirmed cases of #COVID19 in #Ontario by likely acquisition & public health unit reported date.

#COVID19Ontario #Covid_19 #onpoli
Graph source:… Image
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Stop vilifying teachers, @Sflecce . You need us. The kids need us. The economy needs us. We will go back to work and make the best out of every obstacle thrown at us because that’s what we do. /1 #onted #firelecce @ETFOeducators #ETFO
We give up so much of our own time for kids. Stop implying the opposite. Our unions haven’t instructed us to stop anything, so you are both lying to the public and making our jobs harder by trying to turn the public against us. /2
The hardest part of our job is the disrespect that comes from some of the general public who don’t understand the actual ins and outs of our profession. I would expect the Minister of Education to respect and defend us. We are what makes our province’s education system great. /3
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It's time for a thread, and I've got fire in the belly tonight.

To start, a bit of a blurb on the Flames game today. To be fair I never watched the game but what I gathered from my Flames followers it sounded like there may have been some questionable calls, but don't quote me.
I have to say considering how strong of a team Dallas has, and then to add in that the Flames are missing Tkachuk, I think they're doing well. They have talent, and when they play their game they can be a threat. I thought Dallas had a fair
edge when the series started but this has been a good series so far. I can see this series going the distance and if Calgary's goaltending can stay strong, and they can get Tkachuk back I give them a real fighters chance to win.

Now onto some other things.

Can someone explain
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Friday, August 21, 2020

Leduc-Beaumont: 11am-1pm
Champion: @Blurg5

Edmonton SW: 11am-12pm
Champion: @JohnRMcDYEG

(CONT) 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

#abed #ableg #abpoli
Calgary-Edgemont: 12pm-2pm
Champion: @lizzyinyyc

Calgary-Elbow: 5pm-6pm
Champion: @RebeccaF_luke

Calgary-Bow: 10:00am-11:30am
Champion: @TheQuiltLamb

Calgary-Foothills: 1pm-2pm
Champion: @APhil131

Airdrie-East: 11am-12pm
Champions: @youngballer1000/ @jklugAB

(CONT) 👇🏻
Spruce Grove-Stony Plain: 11am-1pm
Champion: @karliwithakay

Calgary-Varsity: 12pm-1pm
Champion: @TheBlueGem3

Calgary-Klein: 2pm-3pm
Champions: @shawnbrackett /@bymichaeldunn

Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo: 12pm-2pm
Champion: @una_faye

#ableg #abpoli #abed

CONT 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
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Two weeks tomorrow I go back to work. So here’s my two week thread. @AdrianaLaGrange @jkenney @CMOH_Alberta I know you’re banking on very few children getting sick. I hope with all my heart that you’re right. It’s a big gamble. #abed #ableg
However, there’s a very good chance that I, and many of my colleagues, will get sick. Some will get very sick. Some may die. Some of us will bring COVID home to our families.
You’ve given us masks, face shields and hand sanitizer, and that’s it. I need to beg you for two more things. I worry that we will have a critical shortage of substitute teachers. I see that some boards are already asking non-teachers to do that work.
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A thread: There has been a lot of talk about the importance of ventilation in schools during the #SafeSeptember discussion, so I wanted to weigh in to explain how bad one example of school ventilation truly is. @fordnation @Sflecce @OntarioPCParty @TVDSB @osstf #OntEd 1/20
The school I teach in was built in the 1880s, with a small extension in the 60s. The heat is provided by boiler and radiators. There is no air conditioning in 90% of the school, the exception being the extension. Not surprisingly, the main office is in that area. #OntEd 2/20
From first day in September to late October, the heat in most parts of the school is unbearable. On arrival in the morning, the temperature is frequently in the high 20s, and soars to the mid-30s by end of day. Students and staff DRIP with sweat. #OntEd 3/20
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#COVID19 in #Ontario [Aug 12]:
40289 known cases* (95 new cases)
2787 total deaths (1 new death)

See THREAD for more graphs📈⤵️
#covid19Canada #COVIDー19 #onhealth #COVID__19 #covidontario #COVID19ontario #onpoli Image
A closer look at #COVIDー19 daily changes in #Ontario

New cases: 95
New deaths: 1
New resolved: 134

Thicker lines = 7 day moving averages.
#COVID19 #COVID19ON #covid19Canada Image
Reopening metrics🦠📊
(#COVID19 pandemic/response monitoring, response capacity, and stage by PHU) from @howsmyflattenON:
#COVID19Ontario #COVIDー19 #onpoli Image
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While priority for if/when to re-open schools must be #COVID19 evidence & ensuring safety; it is necessary to also consider changes to support teaching, learning, equity & well-being for 2020-21 school year. We are advocating for a #GentleReturn
Thread 1/…
We are proposing 10 considerations for a #GentleReturn to upcoming school year:
1. A phased-in return…
#OntEd #SafeSeptember #BackToSchool /2
#GentleReturn Consideration 2: Clear communication at all levels and for all participants…
#OntEd #SafeSeptember #BackToSchool /3
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#COVID19 in #Ontario [Aug 9]:
40046 known cases* (79 new cases)
2786 total deaths (2 new deaths)

See THREAD for more graphs📈⤵️

#covid19Canada #COVIDー19 #onhealth #COVID__19 #covidontario #COVID19ontario #onpoli
A closer look at #COVIDー19 daily changes in #Ontario

New cases: 79
New deaths: 2
New resolved: 148

Thicker lines = 7 day moving averages.
#COVID19 #COVID19ON #covid19Canada
#COVID19 testing in #Ontario

- % positive 0.3% - (orange)👍🏻
- Testing: 27771 today (red)👍🏻
- Backlog: 17540 pending today (green)

#onhealth #COVIDー19 #COVID19ON #CovidTesting
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THREAD: Some thoughts on @SickKidsNews prompted by these quotes from their CEO!

TL:DR @ronald_cohn is saying class sizes generally need to be much lower than Ford’s plan, but Cohn/SickKids would benefit from political courage & perhaps some comms training.

#onted #onpoli
1. In June, SickKids releases a half-baked report about 1/6th the length & 1/1000 the depth of the outstanding Harvard Chan report. It omits or glosses over things like age distinctions &, um, reality.

The incredible Harvard report is here:…
2. The SickKids report is also based on early research that some epidemiologists point out is flawed. It is strangely optimistic about risk to children both of the disease & transmission rates. It takes best case scenarios from research & makes them feel scientifically certain.
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About schools returning... we aren’t just talking about opening schools, we are taking about regulating the largest indoor public gatherings to happen since COVID-19 began. #onted #SafeSeptember @fordnation @maritstiles @TOPublicHealth @epdevilla @Anniekidder @parentaction4ed 1/4
Health shouldn’t be the first priority, it should be the ONLY priority. If schools are successful it paves the way for society to continue to expand. If schools get hit with frequent closings, and/or initiate wildfire spread due to lack of distancing...2/4
...we all experienced the last 5 months - we know what that looks like. One path leads to minimal disruption in society moving forward and students flourishing in learning. The other path leads to constant disruption and closures and potentially lockdown measures once again. 3/4
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I have been chatting with people about the embarrassing excuse of a conference by @AdrianaLaGrange this morning. In response to a friend on FB, I ended up writing an unintentionally lengthy response and thought it might serve well as a Twitter thread.

#abed #abpoli #ableg
This press conference, in my opinion, was a pledge to indoctrinate Albertans with the conservative ideology that school is to produce workers, period. Any inability to work or failure to meet expectations means that you are not a good, hard-working person.
This is very black and white, simplistic thinking that is typical of alt-right groups who want to maintain white privilege (systemic racism) and socioeconomic gaps. It doesn't account for the many factors that go into developing a full grown adult like-
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People who have been following me for a while know that I occasionally talk about the hierarchy of controls, which I use in assessing risk and establishing appropriate precautions in industrial environments. 1/12… Image
I was excited to read that guidance from @SickKidsNews on #SafeSeptember makes reference to this theory, but I observed some controls have been misclassified in the document and I wanted to point a few of them out. 2/12 Image
The first thing I'll mention is that not all of these things are actually controls. Example:

"testing capabilities" ➡️not a control
"weekly testing of all students and staff" ➡️ weak control
"daily rapid test before entering" ➡️good control
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My friends with kids're now beginning to express their fears about schools opening up in just over 4 weeks time. I don't know what to tell them other than I don't see how it can be done. Safely? No way. For the first time in this whole coronavirus era I'm absolutely terrified.
I'm of the mind no generation of parents have been forced to make tougher decisions than you are now currently being asked to make. If you're feeling overwhelmed, understand you're not alone & that's probably the most normal and rational feeling you could possibly have right now
For those of you based in Calgary that are able to contemplate keeping kids home for schooling I've attached a link from the Calgary Board of Education @yyCBEdu outlining a program for that. I hope it's useful to you #yyc…
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