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Just got told @OttCatholicSB has closed the special education classroom the boy should be moving into. Welcome to @fordnation’s #onted
And hey @OttCatholicSB shouldn’t you have told parents of special Ed kids and not have it casually mentioned to us?
And for all of those teachers and parents who vilified special Ed kids during the strike - this means kids like the boy will be fully integrated 100% of the time in a regular class with minimal or no support. No one is going to thrive. #onted #onpoli
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A little weekend 🧵on police in schools, for those who wonder what is abuzz at @OCDSB. You may have seen coverage from @CBCOttawa @ctvottawa @OttawaCitizen (and other less reputable sources). This isn’t a “two-sides” issue, and shouldn’t be up for debate, IMO. #onted #onpoli
The previous @OCDSB board of trustees and community organizations put in tremendous effort to address harms caused by the presence of police in our schools.

The policy to remove police from schools was passed in 2021 by the @OCDSB (on a 10-1 vote) after extensive community 2/
consultations re the history of (and current) bias, discrimination, and trauma experienced by Black, Indigenous, and 2SLGBTQIA students, refugees, newcomers, people with disabilities, and other marginalized @OCDSB staff and students, and their families. 3/
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Here's a small part of my love letter to Educational Assistants and Child and Youth Workers... nothing I can ever write or say will be enough to thank you for the work that you do for our kids. Please take note, @Sflecce.
EAs and CYWs have been the safe, caring adult that students needed, time and time again. From helping an overwhelmed little newcomer whose mother had flown back to their country of origin for work, helping her breathe and knead thinking putty instead of self-harming... jumping in to coordinate community supports for a newcomer family who had a fire in their apartment and injuries from jumping out their window to escape and had literally lost everything except for the clothes on their backs...
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For the next few hours I will be tweeting details from the education funding release.

I keep 5 years of GSNs (excel I maintain of key funding lines) because comparisons reveal hidden changes.

(Arab pro tip, @FarmBoy has to have a teita on staff. Good hummus.)

#onted #osstf Image
@FarmBoy Colleagues in #OSSTF, #OECTA, #ETFO & #AEFO have a clear indication of where the government stands on salaries according to these docs.

The gov has priced in 1.25% (far below inflation) for wage adjustments while still at the bargaining table.

Admin have nothing priced in. Image
@FarmBoy Not so fun fact, the Conservatives have tried to scrub the Liberal documents from all their websites. They have overhauled the Ministry of Education website and deleted all of the funding documents from before their election.

You used to be able to go many years back.
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(THREAD) Today, the Minister of Education @Sflecce announced "the Better Schools and Student Outcomes Act," promising transparency and accountability by taking power away from school boards to make decisions free from transparency and accountability.

#ONted #OnPoli Image
1/ These new changes bring about the opportunity to monetize our students and "surplus" resources. 

#ONted #OnPoli ImageImage
- If you’re wondering what the difference is between this program & the pre-existing co-op, essentially, the Education Act, requires students to stay in school until they’re 18 or graduated. This new bill allows employers to hire child labour at a low cost.

#Onted #OnPoli Image
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The Boy’s blood sugar dropped to 1.2 twice this week at school. He was floppy. his amazing EA realized what was happening & had rescue meds with her. Kids without an EA don’t have this support. He could have died. Schools need a nurse. #onted #onpoli #t1d #autism
And @Sflecce your for profit nurses almost killed my kid when they tried to give him twice the dose of insult. So don’t pretend you are doing anything #onpoli #onted
And if you didn’t know (I didn’t know). Below 2.8 you may lose consciousness and die. So that’s what @Sflecce and his nonnas are ok with doing to kids with diabetes .
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The second installment of my investigation into Ontario's public school system dropped today.

As provincial math scores plummeted, leading math educators have doubled down on their embrace of 'Woke Math' denying it is a political movement at all.

This piece exposes this farce.
'Woke Math' evangelists cast political Others as the handmaidens of white supremacy – in urgent need of social ostracization and banishment – for believing in the apolitical nature of math and standardized test scores.

They do not offer room for debate or disagreement.
The doctrine is undergirded by Critical Consciousness, an approach pioneered by Paulo Freire.

The philosophy is avowedly Marxist and frames social relations as a zero-sum conflict between the oppressed and oppressor.

What this has to do with basic math remains unclear.
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Gender neutral/all user washrooms in #onted schools.

They've become the latest talking point in the attack on inclusive policies in schools.

If you'll be watching the #OCDSB meeting on Tuesday, you'll hear some things about them.


So let's talk about this, shall we?
First, for those who are unfamiliar with what "gender neutral" (I prefer "all user") washrooms look like in schools, for most schools they are repurposed staff/adult washrooms.

Single-user, separate from the existing multi-user washrooms, locking doors, sink in the room.

Who has permission to use an all user washroom?
> Anyone.

Who must use an all user washroom, by policy?
> No one.

All user washrooms are available for those who want them, but are not intended for one specific group of people.

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Our family caught Covid last year, and our youngest now has Long Covid. Masking indoors is non-negotiable for us, but our 14 yo was struggling with being the only masker so much that we removed her from school. Last week we met with school admin to discuss next steps.
The principal had met with @kprschools board staff to discuss options. His first suggestion was for us to either pay for e-learning courses or to homeschool her. Both those options would mean she would no longer be a KPR student. She would miss out on the IB and FI programs.
He did not ask how she was doing, what she wanted, or how she learns best. She thrives in person and has been struggling academically and emotionally learning from home. We shared this and expressed that removing her from the school was not an option we wanted to consider.
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(THREAD) The Ford government tabled the budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year Tuesday afternoon. Despite having presented the largest budget in our province's history, the government has yet to address our underfunded public services or put an end to shortchanging.

#Onted #OnPoli
1/ In education, what appears to be a $2.3 billion dollar spending increase was actually allocated for the federal-provincial childcare agreement, making it not only federal funding, but it also won't be for primary or secondary school.

#Onted #OnPoli…
2/ In addition, we have a $17 billion backlog in school repairs that was only covered by $2.8 billion in funding in this budget, and school boards like the TDSB have less money to spend on programs because they must replenish the reserves used in COVID.

#Onted #OnPoli
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It's Not Worth Debating the Anti-Woke: a 🧵

If you’ve been following the rise of anti-trans and anti-queer rhetoric in school boards over the last few years, you’ve likely seen the “anti-woke” crowd accuse equity advocates of never being willing to debate.

#onted (1/17)
Here’s the thing, friends.

Listening to dissenting opinions and engaging in debate only work when those opinions and debate are made in good faith.

And in the context of the anti-woke crusade going on in the education system, there is no good faith to be found.

#onted (2/17)
The anti-woke crowd uses a lot of very charged, very evocative words in their arguments. They throw around words like sexuality, pornography, child abuse.

In an argument made in good faith, they’d back up these claims with two things: a definition and evidence.

#onted (3/17)
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(THREAD) The Ford government's and the Minister of Education's lies about "historic" funding in the education sector have once again been indisputably proven. Thanks to the Financial Accountability Office, we now know $844 million went unspent last quarter.

#ONPoli #OntEd
1/ Just this Tuesday, Education Minister Stephen Lecce claimed mental health funding is up “400%” because “we recognize the demand is up”. #Onted #OnPoli
2/This is a misleading statistic, as with roughly 2 million children in our public schools, 90 million dollars equates to 45 dollars per child, proof this government doesn’t understand how doubling & quadrupling on nothing is as ineffective as it is “historic”. #Onted #OnPoli
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Parents with children in @PeelSchools be aware that a Student Census is coming April 11-May 4th. There will likely be questions about sexuality, gender identity and race. Start asking questions now. #onted…
The survey is confidential but not anonymous. The survey is voluntary but is given during class time for grades 4-12. Ask your school how your child can be exempted.
Why does the school board think it is ok to ask questions that may “trigger and emotional response” and require support?
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In the last SB election, the candidates who ran on platforms against woke activism in #Onted "have unfortunately been vindicated because their predictions are turning into a reality." - @anthonyfurey @EpochTimes…?
"In just the past couple of months, we’ve seen a whirlwind of changes happen in our schools that shows the quality of our education system is collapsing in real time before our very eyes."
"Parents are clueing in to what’s going on and they don’t like it. More and more people are talking about it. As the public education system has turned into a playpen for activists, it’s become a mess." #Onted
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1/ As Canada grapples with its ongoing legacy of violently dispossessing Indigenous peoples of their lands & waters to make way for resource extraction, our public pension funds have a clear role to play in the process of reconciliation. #cdnpoli #UNDRIP…
2/ But only a handful of pensions have taken steps to develop an Indigenous rights & reconciliation framework in their investment processes. This is particularly troubling for pension managers that are Crown corporations in jurisdictions that have enacted #UNDRIP in law. #cdnpoli
3/ @aimcoinvests, @LaCDPQ, @cppinvestments, @HOOPPnow, OMERS and @OTPPinfo have said virtually nothing about Indigenous rights and reconciliation, despite collectively having more than $1.5 billion in assets in Canada and around the world. #onpoli #polqc #ableg
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1/ NEW REPORT: Our first ever Canadian Pension Climate Report Card reveals Canada’s major pension funds are not on track to protect pensions from the worsening #climatecrisis or to align their portfolios with a safe climate future. #cdnpoli

A 🧵. Read on!
2/ Canada's pensions must do much more to develop and implement credible Paris-aligned climate action plans, fulfill their fiduciary duty to invest in members’ best long-term interests, and protect retirement security in a world that limits global heating to 1.5°C. #cdnpoli
3/ The report finds a high level of inconsistency among pension funds with a collective >$2 trillion in AUM, with the degree of urgency, detail, transparency, and ambition varying widely for managing climate-related risks and opportunities across the sector. #climaterisk #cdnpoli
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1/ Calgary-based NuVista Energy is reporting record oil and gas production and allocating $450 million in capital expenditure to further increase production in 2023. #ableg #cdnpoli…
2/ This clearly violates IEA and IPCC emissions pathways for limiting global temperature increase to 1.5C, which require oil and gas production to immediately and rapidly decline. #fossilfuels #climatecrisis…
3/ On January 1st, NuVista corporate director Deborah Stein joined the Board of Directors of the Ontario Teachers'​ Pension Plan @OTPPinfo. #onpoli #onted #cdnpoli…
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A thread…

This video has been making the rounds on Twitter.

This is @MichaelFordTO - Minister of Multiculturalism and nephew of @fordnation…highlighting the 900 people of Indian heritage that currently live in Ontario.


900. Nine. Zero. Zero.
In Ontario.

A quick google search indicates over 750,000 people of Indian heritage in the province. It took about 30 secs to find that info.

One would think the Minister of Multiculturalism would have access to the same info I have.


All jokes aside…this is emblematic of the @fordnation govt in so many ways.

We see a minister who is woefully unqualified put in a position simply because of who he’s related to…ineptitude rewarded by nepotism…classic Doug Ford.

Yet this is just the veneer.

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People are tweeting their top ten tweets of the year, but I can't figure out how to find mine. Instead, here's the top tweet of each month. (More-->Creator Studio-->Analytics) They're copy/pasted because I also can't figure out how to get the links without lengthy scrolling! 1/14
JAN: Moore admits cases will be higher in the next six weeks, but "We'll get through it!" What, dear doctor, does that mean?? How many lives will be lost or experience profound cognitive disability or organ failure from long covid?? Is that part of getting through it?? #onted
FEB: As a civics teacher, the problem isn't the curriculum, but making it stick. Many of my top students in grade 10 forget some important basics by grade 12. It somehow needs to be reviewed each year, every year. It wouldn't hurt to lengthen it, shorten careers, as 1 credit.
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🧵Lets redouble our effort to #PaintTheProvincePurple! It's time @osbcucscso gets a good deal for students, workers and our communities!
Message to @fordnation @Sflecce: GET IT DONE! 1/5
#GoodDealNow #Justice4Workers #OntEd
@CUPEOntario @OFLabour
Send a message to @fordnation and @Sflecce that you support education workers! Tell them to fix the crisis in education NOW! #GoodDealNow 2/5
Sign here:➡️

#Justice4Workers #OntEd
@osbcucscso @CUPEOntario @OFLabour
3/5 Phone your MPP and call cabinet ministers! Numbers and talking points are available here:…

#GoodDealNow #Justice4Workers #OntEd
@osbcucscso @CUPEOntario @OFLabour
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🧵 Yesterday, Doug Ford announced that his government would immediately be repealing its strikebreaking act, #Bill28.

Faced with a united labour movement and massive public opposition behind @CUPEOntario, Ford backed down. This is people power. #onted 1/6…
The fact that @CUPEOntario education workers withholding labour was enough to shut down schools makes it clear: education workers are essential workers.

With #Bill28 repealed, workers retain their bargaining power, and negotiations can resume. It’s a big win. #onted #onpoli 2/6
Ford’s overreach brought together a massive coalition—public and private sector labour unions, climate and social justice activists, parents and students—in a broad and powerful movement. For the first time in a generation, a true general strike was on the table. #onted 3/6
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Ford blinked. He saw parents and other unions mobilizing to support CUPE education workers. He saw poll numbers suggesting the public blamed his government for the dispute. He saw unprecedented public support for a general strike – and he backed down.

#canlab #onpoli #onted
Ford overplayed his hand by unnecessarily suspending basic union rights and freedoms. It backfired. By refusing to negotiate and imposing a legislated settlement the PCs managed to unify a group of unions that had been internally divided.

#canlab #onpoli #onted
.@osbcucscso president Laura Walton confirms that Ford has committed in writing to repeal Bill 128 in its entirety.

#onted #onpoli #canlab
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Bill 28: What’s at Stake?


#IStandWithCUPE #39kIsNotEnough #OntEd #OnLab #OnPoli
The Ford government introduced Bill 28, the Keeping Students in Class Act, four days BEFORE bargaining with CUPE education workers was done.
Bill 28 is pre-emptive back-to-work legislation that FORCES the government’s offer on workers and OVERRIDES their rights and freedoms under the Charter and Human Rights Code for five years.

This is NOT bargaining in good faith.
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1/My son is autistic. He’s 9.5. Amazing. Solid. Unfettered strength that can take both his parents down. Non-conversational. Developmental age of under 3. No regard for danger. Hyperactive with a low attention span and rarely sits still for longer than a minute. He uses movement
2/to self-regulate. Lives his best life, every day like it’s his last. No time for anything that isn’t in his Top 5 of awesome things to do. He goes to school for half days in the mornings, and attends a therapy program in the afternoons. His schedule was built this way
3/because he fails to be productive after 3 hours and is always ready for a change of scenery.
He has a dedicated 1:1 EA that is by his side for every second that his feet are on school grounds (or hovering above school grounds when darting or frolicking from one end of the yard
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