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Thread. Parent here. Fact checked @SfLecce’s claim that Ontario High School classes “are effectively the same as last year” -which he defined as provincial board-wide class avg of 22.5:1 vs. 22:1 [18/19]. 1/16 #onted
@Sflecce Collected board-wide secondary staffing ratios & projected enrolments by emailing boards or reading online board min/newspaper articles. Got data for 40 school boards that enrolled ~523K secondary Ss or ~83% of all Ont secondary Ss. #onted 2/16
@Sflecce RESULTS (1): 17 bds had ratio of ≤ 22.5:1 BUT ONLY 4 of these bds (~26K Ss or 5%!) had ratios this low due to MIN regulations or their own choice. #onted 3/16
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This student's story resonates so deeply with me because it echoes so much of my own lived experience.

Hang in with me for a bit of a thread:
Growing up in poverty - as the daughter of a single mom with a disability - I learned very early on that the easiest bill not to pay when you need groceries or new shoes is the phone/internet bill.
I remember how the unopened past due bills would collect on the bookshelf month after month. When I was about 12 or 13 I remember asking my mom why she never opened the envelopes.
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Thread: If this is to be a summer of EDU spin, here are some numbers about high school cuts @TDSB, @YRDSB that can’t be refuted. Disclosure: I am a just a parent/voter keeping track. 1/7 #onted
@tdsb @YRDSB @YRDSB has cancelled 125 courses & 38 more courses will have fewer classes because of @OntarioPCParty cuts. Each riding is a PC riding so these are THEIR cuts. Personal compilation of cuts by school, for each PC MPP in @YorkRegion. 2/7 #onted
@tdsb @YRDSB @OntarioPCParty @YorkRegion @TDSb has cancelled 330 classes and reduced many periods of support for Ss outside class (E.g. cut: 35 guidance periods, 58 library periods, 21 periods for course recovery, 15 period of literacy support for Ss who did not pass OSSLT). 3/7 #onted
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A lot of changing in Ontario and it's hard to keep up. Every day I will expand the #FordCutsTracker list by posting about a cut that has happened under the Ford government. This way, everyone will have an easy list to reference. #ONPoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO #FordCutsHurt
#FordCutsTracker #1:
The Ford government retroactively revoked eight months of funding for the College of Midwives of Ontario in addition to cancelling all of their future funding. #ONpoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO #ONhealth #FordCutsHurt…
#FordCutsTracker #2
One of the first things the Ford government did was cancel the Liberals’ planned $335 million/ year funding for mental health.
#ONPoli #TOPoli #ScarbTO…
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Yesterday the government made a big splash about $1.6B in attrition protection. But until today we've been woefully short of details as to how this will work. I'll take a shot at breaking it down in this thread.… #ONTed #ONpoli #ETFO #osstf #oectf ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Attrition Count Period: 19/20 attrition only counts for funding if it happens between March 1st & the last day before school starts (Monday Sept 2nd for most). Any attrition after that counts for next year.

** It's recommended to use LTO's, not contracts for these positions !!!
What counts as attrition? Retirements or leaves during the attrition period. Leaves includes teachers who leave the classroom for other roles, but doesn't include mat leaves or other "health" leaves.
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Let’s compare % students achieving provincial standards in @eqao at end of Harris govt & Wynne govt:
2003 2018
Gr3 Reading 50%. 75%
Gr3 Writing 55%. 72%
Gr3 Math 57%. 61%
EQAO. 2003 2018
Gr6 Reading. 56%. 82%
Gr6 Writing. 54%. 80%
Gr6 Math. 53%. 49%

Gr9 Academic Math 66%. 84%
Gr9 Applied Math. 21%. 45%
#OntEd #OnPoli
#EQAO results 2003-2018 change:
Gr3 Reading +25 percentage points
Gr3 Writing +17 percentage points
Gr3 Math + 4 percentage points
Gr6 Reading +26 percentage points
Gr6 Writing +26 percentage points
Gr6 Math - 4 percentage points
#OntEd #OnPoli
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Minister of education @LisaThompsonMPP said the Liberals performed "social experiments on our children" and painted a grim picture of Ontario's education system... however I am here to bring you the receipts in this video thread!🧾 @MitzieHunter #ONPoli #ONTEd (1/4)
Lisa Thompson:
- Thinks cutting $1-billion in education is investing smarter
- Called the Liberal's education programs "elitist" & "schemes"
- Promised teachers will not lose their job despite teachers losing their jobs
- Used a fake $5B figure without an example or source (2/4)
The "progressive" conservatives "new" math strategy is rather similar to the Liberal’s previous one... including an emphasis on STEM education. Check out 1:23 for the exact same examples! (3/4) @MitzieHunter @LisaThompsonMPP
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Ten years ago I realized I did not enjoy confiscating student devices...a thread.
I was newish to teaching and new to the high school. I was told by other teachers that if devices were out I was expected to confiscate and bring them down to the office. Not knowing any better and wanting to fit in, I followed this advice.
Every day I was carrying multiple devices down to the main office. Students who had their phones brought down a certain number of times had them kept in the main office until a parent could arrive to claim the phone. Days might go by.
And yet, cell phone use didn't decrease.
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Breaking: @TDSB Chair says Community Use of Schools grants have been cancelled.... and outlines cost to at risk and vulnerable students because of #FordGovernment cuts. memo to trustees released tonight... excerpts below. #OntEd #Onpoli
This is a further $1-million cut to Canada’s largest school board and will reduce access to school facilities for community organizations/activities, particularly in high-need neighbourhoods. Devastating #ONpoli @OntEdu
@TDSB also warning that #FordGovernment failure to commit to funding the #FocusOnYouth Summer program is putting the program at risk. Last year 600 young people were employed in this program, 11,000 children/youth participated, w proven results! #Onpoli #OntEd
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