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4 Oct 20
"The best way to dominate and gain control over people is to spread despair and discouragement, even under the guise of defending certain values."

Just digging into #FratelliTutti - but of course, this resonates.…
"The organization of societies worldwide is still far from reflecting clearly that women possess same dignity & identical rights as men. We say one thing with words, but our decisions & reality tell another story."

Glad to see but this is true of the Church, too. #FratelliTutti
These two sentences from #FratelliTutti: "War, terrorist attacks, racial or religious persecution, and many other affronts to human dignity are judged differently, depending on how convenient it proves for certain, primarily economic, interests..."
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2 Oct 20
.@joshjdickson starting us off on tonight's #CatholicsforBiden Town Hall. @JoeBiden Image
#Catholicsforbiden co-chair @fgorordo giving us the opening prayer - The Prayer of St. Francis @JoeBiden Image
Joan Neal, also a #Catholicsforbiden co-chair, on the Town Hall. She says we are being challenged and there is only one choice - @JoeBiden

"As Catholics, we are called to be multi issue voters." Image
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18 Sep 20
Good to see our friend @JohnWMcCarthy calling us all to action on this #CatholicsforBiden call. @JoeBiden Image
.@joshjdickson: "The moral choice could not be more clear." #CatholicsforBiden @JoeBiden Image
.@nicholemflores offering the invocation for this #CatholicsforBiden call to action, reminding us of the social gospel. @JoeBiden Image
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7 Sep 20
Fr. James Altman (WI pastor), has produced a disturbing video w/RW pol. group, illegitimately smearing all Catholic Dems (2 by name) & even clergy & bishops (@WashArchbishop by name). In doing so he has violated Canon Law & ignored a 1993 Pope JPII directive against such actions. Image
Fr. James Altman (a pastor) said you cannot be Catholic + a Democrat & that we don't know God, saying at same time (w/smirk) that he doesn't love people in Borneo. Fr. Altman, pls learn the Gospels or perhaps you'd be happier w/ a different job. Bp Callahan @DIOLaCrosse? @USCCB Image
Won’t share his egregious video but given it's broken thru on social media & RW blogs, we must issue a Public Notice of Canon Law Transgression so all Catholics - including clergy & bishops - learn our pastors should "form consciences, not replace them," as @Pontifex says. @USCCB Image
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5 Sep 20
From today's Dear Prudence column.

The answer to your question, LW, is "because baptism is a sacrament in the Catholic Church and Mass is the way we roll"?

Yes, it's rude for you to skip Mass, even if "Deb" isn't "really religious at all." Image
We always end up rolling our eyes when people ask Catholicy questions at Dear Prudence.
The eye-rolling comes from the fact that so many of the people who write in with Catholic questions seem to often boil down to something that they could solve with 5 minutes of Googling.
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3 Sep 20
Now watching the #CatholicsforBiden Kick off Call! #BidenHarris
.@JohnWMcCarthy - a good Catholic Democrat (and longstanding supporter of @CatholicDems) - is now welcoming us. #BidenHarris #CatholicsforBiden
Invocation by Dr. Polly Baca, the first Hispanic woman elected to the Colorado State Senate and in the House and Senate of a state Legislature. #CatholicsforBiden #BidenHarris Image
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2 Sep 20
We're going to say one more thing about the #masen race because there are lots of non-MA people on here making lots of grand pronouncements.

Markey won with progressives, no doubt. But he also won in places that are commonly thought of liberal but progressive hotbeds...
...wealthy, highly-educated, and not particularly diverse. (In other words, communities like Newton, Brookline, the suburbs between Boston & Worcester). That's all fine, it was a good strategy for him.

But he was also uniquely qualified to succeed at that strategy. Why?
For one, he does truly have progressive bona fides. He was long one of the most liberal members of MA's House delegation & has a long record on issues like environment, etc. So he was v. authentic on those issues, meaning progressives didn't need to be converted to support him.
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2 Sep 20
Whatever the outcome of tonight's #masen race is, we're just glad we'll no longer have to see the garbage hot takes about the Kennedys on this site anymore.
You can genuinely prefer Ed Markey without garbage Kennedy family hot takes! In fact, half of @CatholicDems HQ found reasons to vote for him that weren't "who do the Kennedys think they are?!" There are actual policy reasons to want Markey in the Senate.
You can even dislike for Joe Kennedy for reasons entirely unrelated to his family. I know that is a difficult thing to understand on Twitter but it's true!
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20 Aug 20
Today's readings are available here:…
First reading from Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley. #DNC2020 #DemConvention #DNCConvention Image
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16 Aug 20
Never considered before that #IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade begins with Indiana Jones "finding" the Cross of Coronado and of course ends with him also finding the Holy Grail.
It does seem like one of the Apostles would have kept the Holy Grail. That seems like the kind of memento you'd want to have but we guess they had other things on their mind. #IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade
And yes, we know that there is a 1000 years of Grail-lore, from the Arthurian legends to Dan Brown. #IndianaJonesandtheLastCrusade
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15 Aug 20
.@paramountnet is showing both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, so our Saturday night is set.
Too bad that Spielberg didn't do a film in which Indiana Jones prevented the Nazis from discovering and using the true Cross as part of their world domination. That would have been quite the trilogy along with the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.
Of course there are like hundreds of churches that claim they have a true Cross relic, so it's not quite the same.
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14 Aug 20
Our fellow Americans, recognize that part of the reason they are being so open about what they are doing to the USPS is that they want you to believe that your vote won't be counted.

They want you to believe that because it is another form of voter suppression. If enough people don't even try to vote, they have another avenue to "win."

It is up to us to not be discouraged, to find ways to cast our ballots.
To remind friends and family members to mail their ballots early. To find out where to drop off your ballot instead of mailing it, if you need to. To make sure you have masks and face shields o. Election day, if you need to vote in person.
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13 Aug 20
Okay, serious stuff is happening in the world but this episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has some of the ladies going to Mass at the Vatican and we are scared for all of the good people at the Vatican. #RHOBH
"I am religious but more now spiritual." Once again, we remind you not to learn your Catholic doctrine from reality shows. #RHOBH
"Who knew that St. Peter's would be so busy?" Um, there are a billion Catholics worldwide, a good fraction of which are visiting Rome on any given day? #RHOBH
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30 Jul 20
Within the founding context of “forming a more perfect union,” @BarackObama described @repjohnlewis as a kind, gentle, and humble man and ”a battered prophet” on the “battlefield of justice.” #JohnLewis #GoodTrouble 1/7
He said #JohnLewis - as much as anyone – “brought us closer to our highest ideals” and that he is a “founding Father of that fuller, fairer America” that we have sought to attain throughout our history. #GoodTrouble 2/7
Channeling his prophetic voice, @BarackObama said that #JohnLewis showed us that “if we are willing to persevere we can make progress… b/c… “in all of us there is a longing to do what is right.” #GoodTrouble 3/7
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26 Jul 20
He got the evil part right, we guess.
On a more serious note, the Catholic Church considers racism an intrinsic evil and the catechism forbids the enslavement of human beings. So, according to the Church, it's just an evil, not a necessary one.
"The seventh commandment forbids acts or enterprises that for any reason - selfish or ideological, commercial, or totalitarian - lead to the enslavement of human beings, to their being bought, sold and exchanged like merchandise, in disregard for their personal dignity..."
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22 Jul 20
So there's a lot going around about this @politico "cancel culture" poll and it looks like the wording on the question was pretty broad. And also, the term "cancel culture" has become shorthand for "legitimate grievance about racist, sexist and/or homophobic words and actions" 1/
But we're also going to push back a bit on our liberal sisters & brothers who want to reject the poll outright because, whether we like it or not, "cancel culture" does mean something to some people. Much like the term "political correctness," we can argue against its misuse. 2/
But we need to recognize that those who misuse "cancel culture" may be winning the war in using it to discredit those who do have legitimate grievance. 3/
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16 Jul 20
Really interesting data here and lines up with much of what we've seen around how Americans think about abortion - namely, that many view it as a moral issue and they have overlapping identities. In short, most Americans have a nuanced view.…
Worth noting that while the study was conducted by Notre Dame, the participants were not primarily Catholic - Protestant (41%), Catholic (21%), Jewish (4%), Other religious affiliation (7%), No religious connection (27%).
The way we talk about abortion in this country is very polarized, with absolutists driving the debate more often than not. But most Americans actually have more complex, sophisticated views about the issue. This study reaffirms that, once again.
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11 Jul 20
You can say you aren't saying "hurt the churches," but that would be the result of taxing them.

And the "separation of church and state" when it comes to PPP is a canard - ALL religious institutions, regardless of creed, had access.
State WASN'T putting its thumb on scale for any one denomination or faith tradition. State wasn't seeking to impose one religious tradition.

All state was doing was ensuring religious institutions, as employers, COULD PAY THEIR EMPLOYEES
If the Catholic Church had an unequal access or was asking for some special favor beyond using the program for what it was designed for, then yes, there a church/state separation problem. But none of that is true. So no, this isn't about "separation of church and state."
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11 Jul 20
In our world, what they think is:

"The Catholic Church can just sell the Vatican to keep every parish in the U.S. open and if not, oh well, rich white parishioners should shoulder the responsibility for every single charitable thing that the Catholic Church does."
What it would actually mean - parishes in poor and lower income communities would not be able to survive and Catholic Charities - one of the largest providers of social services in the country - would be greatly impacted.
At least in Massachusetts, churches aren't taxed because they are churches. They aren't taxed because they are charities. Many people don't understand that fact.
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8 Jul 20
As noted in another thread, you are equating contraception with sin. You seem to be equating contraception only with sex outside of marriage, and that is often not what contraception is used for.

Secondly, the Church is more than just the Pope... is also the clergy, theologians, and the laity, etc. There is a real question within the Church re the validity of a teaching that is thoroughly rejected by the majority of the people in the Church & the teaching around contraception has been, since almost the beginning.
Thirdly, saying that this is a question about "papal infallibility" is itself a slippery slope indeed. It argues that Church teaching is frozen like amber - that wasn't true when the Church talk that the sun revolved around the earth, and it isn't true now.
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4 Jul 20
This Fourth of July, do make sure to read the Declaration of Independence:…
But do also make sure to read Frederick Douglass' 1852 speech: "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?":…
Both are important documents regarding how we view freedom and equality in our society, both in terms of the ideals we wish to live up to and the ways we fall disastrously short on those ideals.
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