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It’s happening #GoodTrouble 😉

Hint: that’s Mitch McConnell‘s house in the background Image
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March For Our Lives federal affairs manager @eve_levenson helping paint In front of Mitch’s house. Image
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We're LIVE to collaborate and learn how to create a #DEI ecosystem in your organization! @JohnsonCarolynn @KenBouyer @kimariewhy @CalvinHJr @supt4kids @EquitySupt1 @davyno #BringPeopleTogether #Crowdsourcing #DEI
@davyno welcomes us all and recognizes that there are more CEO's named "Dave"' than there are female CEO's in Fortune 500 companies.💜 Irreversible and sustainable change is what we are here for, thank you for showing up! #TeVirtualEvents #DEI
We are now participating in our 1st of 5 exchanges. Let's make the most of our time together by #crowdsourcing! First question - "Why are you here and why is that important?" Image
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Good morning!☀️This is your daily reminder that you don't need to get a [graduate] degree to do good work.

The presumption that a degree is the [only] pre-requisite for meaningful work is elitist.
I've interacted with professionals [including academics] who fundamentally believe that good work is exclusive to [graduate] degree holders alone.

That entire worldview informs how they interact with people who inform discourse. Many times they dismiss or undervalue their input.
I think recognizing that not everyone has the same choice set as you requires empathy.

If you think my young Black self cannot contribute to discourse because I don't have a PhD, you are gravely mistaken.

Just ask any teenager fighting for climate change at this very moment.
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Sunday morning reflections (thread): This year, we have lost so much. We’ve seen devastation from fires and hurricanes. We’ve watched a virus ravage our nation and the world. We’ve lost connecting with family and friends. (1/4)
And we’ve lost so so so many lives. Including icons whose life’s work have helped make this country what it is today. From the trailblazing Katherine Johnson, to Rev CT Vivian, John Lewis, and now Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (2/4)
While we mourn, I also hope that we are reminded that our pursuit of justice does not rely on individual heroes, but rather a collective of all of us. Our own heroes, in our own ways, doing our part to fight for a more just and equitable America. (3/4)
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"What is at stake in this election are not just the candidates on the ballot, but democracy itself."
-@NAACP_LDF President and Director-Counsel @Sifill_LDF
"The reason Thurgood Marshall thought that [Smith v. Allwright] was his most important case is because he believed the theme of tonight: that when you unleash the vote, you unleash political power."
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GEORGIA Democratic Candidates
#GA1 #GA2 #GA3 #GA4 #GA5 #GA6 #GA7 #GA8 #GA9 #GA10 #GA11 #GA12 #GA13 #GA14 & SENATE (x2)
*Postcards & Links to Follow & Support*
#Congress2020 #Senate2020
#HoldTheHouse #FlipTheSenate
All States here:…
#PostcardsforAmerica Image
Hey #GEORGIA #FlipTheSenate
Bye Kelly Loeffler
Dems, Nov 3 Jungle Primary
D Jackson
J James
T Shealey
M Lieberman
J Slade
R Warnock
R Winfield
@WinfieldForUS Image
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Stanford won't give amnesty for social distancing violations to students who report assault or dating violence. If student hosts a gathering where she is attacked, she may be punished.
We know from experience and research that policies like this one that may punish victims for other violations like drugs and alcohol chill reporting.

Yet @Stanford refuses to grant amnesty to students who are raped, even if they made the dumb mistake of hosting "gathering."
MEDIA ALERT: @Stanford may punish rape, harassment, and abuse victims who come forward if they were engaged in social distance violations at the time of the attack.

This means no one will report. This deserves coverage!

@paloaltoweekly @ekadvany @mercnews @mariannefavro
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Here are a few resources to help you start the journey to being part of the solution:
1) Race and Equity BootCamp @FreedomRoadus (not just basic stuff)…
2) How to Decolonize the Bible Series @FreedomRoadus (Absolutely essential)…
Read #VeryGoodGospel and check in with our IGTV Book club @lisasharper .…
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“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetuate it.

He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

#BlackLivesMatter Image
“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular; but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

#GoodTrouble Image
“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

#BlackLivesMatter Image
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Important Thread:
Every word that 'warned' anyone listening about how awful things would be in a Biden Presidency(which was actually all lies), is actually true about whats happening NOW under a trump Presidency. He's responsible for all that's happening on his watch, under him.
Biden isn't president right now, he had no administrative power.
The massive loss of jobs, unemployment at record highs since the Great Depression, covid deaths, rioting (not the peaceful protesters), police brutality, the hate, division& every terrifying
thing they 'warned' about is is happening right NOW on his watch!

The blatant attempt to claim that all are Christian was to ignore the very many who practice their faith or not who are not Christian and as far as I know, Christian or any religion doesn't stand with any
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I need to take more naps --- waking up to this article made me smile -- #WashingtonState ⬆️⬆️⬆️
⬆️⬆️❤️#GoodTrouble emanating from #WashingtonState
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OK so my livetweet commences...but first, forgive me for QTing myself because I really mean this:

The Chicks 🥺 phew those voices are a big part of the soundtrack of our lives aren't they?
Oh man, this moment with the Rev Anthony Thompson will stay with me forever. It was one of the most moving movements of the primary for me.
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1/12 An open letter to The Christian Left, a “progressive online ministry” that is inflicting organized white violence against Lace Watkins, a long-time follower of @TheChristianLft and renowned Black Christian #activist #shareblackstories
2/12 Her transgression? Being a Black Christian woman who dared to question the white male co-founders of The Christian Left for profiteering off the death of Congressman #JohnLewis by appropriating his legacy of #goodtrouble.
3/12 The Christian Left refuses to #listentoblackwomen. They ban Lace and erase all of her comments. They silence anyone who kindly invites them to consider how their behavior is at odds with their stated values, which they call "concern trolling" rather than #goodtrouble.
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Here's the thing: Teaching during a pandemic is new.

There were things happening in almost every district that were unnecessary. Things that could have been changed but folks are scared of change or don't have skills for large scale change.+
Despite Ts saying "Hey, I have a suggestion that may alleviate Thing C. I've thought it thru or I've seen it work somewhere else."

Nah. It won't work.

Whatever ineffective process was keeping Ts from being most effective stays in place.+
Ts have the right to complain/be unhappy, ESPECIALLY since they try to improve their workplace.

We didn't move from the back of the bus bc of positivity. Somebody had to be pissed off enough to say 'No more'.+
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Ever since I tweeted about my experience with John Lewis and also about my Dad, Judge John Henry England Jr., reading the resolution renaming Nott Hall, many people have contacted me and asked to know more about him. Well, let me tell you a few things.
He was born in Uniontown but grew up in Birmingham. He graduated @TuskegeeUniv in 1969. He was pretty active in college. Example? He may have been involved in locking the administration up in their offices during a protest. However, he also made time for the ignorant bench too.
In 1969, my Dad went to @UALawSchool. He along with Michael Figures, Booker Forte Jr. and Ronald Jackson were the first Black students to attend the Law School. However, he did not graduate until 1974 because he served 2 years in the Army during the Vietnam War.
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A thread on #vetmed recruiting BIPOC students in the K-12 space.

In recent weeks I'm hearing so much excitement & energy around the long game of recruiting BIPOC students into vet med. I know many of us have dancing images of exposing littles to animals & animal docs.
I'm soooo supportive of this, but hear me clearly that these efforts already have HUGE blind spots that must be addressed if we want these efforts to even have a chance.
1) Stop assuming Black & brown kids don't also have a "calling" to be a veterinarian like so many of our applicants. Stop assuming that lack of exposure is the why our kids don't want to be vets. Recognize that there are systemic biases that reroute interested kids. #itsamyth
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We honor #VRA55 by taking action.

Today, here are four steps you can take to make #GoodTrouble.
Step one: Tell your senators TODAY to allocate $3.6B in necessary funding to make sure our elections are safe, fair, and accessible in November.

Call at 844-942-2935.
Step two: Make sure you are registered and ready to vote.

Becoming a voter is one of the most direct ways you can effect change in your community:
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Regarding UA’s renaming of Nott Hall today, my Dad, Judge John Henry England Jr., got to read the resolution. He chairs the University’s renaming committee that will continue this work. His quote from today’s meeting is perfect and perfectly summed up why today was necessary.
“Our group found that Josiah Nott, who supported slavery, misused medical evidence to argue that non-white races were inferior and that my ancestors, like scores of others, were destined for destruction,” said England, who is Black.

“Of course,” he continued, “I’m still here.”
I am proud that the University of Alabama is working to remove these vestiges of racism from campus. Other institutions in Alabama and the State of Alabama overall must do the same. We can no longer allow Alabama to be a respite for racists. #GoodTrouble #RollTide #wecandobetter
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This election season has taught me several lessons. A THREAD ⬇️⬇️⬇️
1. It is always easier to do the right thing and stand up for what is right.
2. Never get in the weeds with detractors. They want to bring you down.
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John Lewis' funeral is on in every room in the hospital. #3LivingPresidents are there - all but one... guess who?
@GWBLibrary George W. Bush is speaking now. @BarackObama @POTUS44 will speak later. (Not sure about @BillClinton ) But President Bush is speaking beautifully (and told a funny story.)
President Bush is tying John Lewis to the past as well as the present, including @BarackObama, and he's talking about how "differences of opinion are the inevitable elements of democracy in action." BEAUTIFUL!
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"Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love." MLK.

THAT'S a #JohnLewis kind of love.
John Lewis was one of the kindest men I've ever known-and still, his love was radical and honest about injustice.

We're watching in real time how they stripped Dr. King of his truth and we can not let it happen again.
Everybody wants the good part.

No one wants the trouble.

#GoodTrouble #JohnLewis
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So I just learned about this from my son. (I'll get back to that in a sec).

This unbelievable, immeasurable shitbag is being charged. CHARGED with felony tax evasion to the tune of $464,433.
Why am I emphasizing the word 'charged'??
2). Because this is a glaring example of some of what the people in the streets are so "Extremely" (Barr-ism) upset about.
This man, who had an incredibly violent service record including 18 official complaints on record, 2 of which resulted in disciplinary action,
3). and 3 police shootings, (one fatal), this officer, trained & trusted with the mandate to serve and protect, was still being paid by Minneapolis despite a clear pattern of violence throughout his 19 yr tenure, still drawing a paycheck on May 25th, 2020.
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Today donald announced that he was going to use federal forces against civilians excercising their 1st amendment rights. He literally has announced a federal invasion of states against their wishes. And gop and "libertarians" are complicit in their silence. #NeverAgain is now.
Most of us knew he'd try this. Which is why it makes it so engaging when pundits exclaim they never thought it would come to this. We the people knew. That's why we cried and protested and activated. People who lived through this before warned us. Hillary warned us. It's here.
This is not going to be easy but any city being invaded by #TrumpsGoons is going to need to stand up and get into #GoodTrouble. Peaceful protests are going to be attacked in order to incite violence. People will be hurt. But it's critical to channel your inner John Lewis.
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It's the 55th day of continued protests in Portland, and here's the scene now outside the Justice Center. The "Wall of Moms" is back, in yellow. (video by @noellecrombie)
As the Moms march along Salmon Street, young women of color have the megaphones — behind them are the mostly white, middle-aged and older women holding signs. (photos by @killendave)
Mom signs in downtown Portland tonight include:
"You Need a Time Out."
"Moms getting into #goodtrouble"
"Don’t mess with mama bear"
(photos by @killendave)
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