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🌊⚖️🇺🇸 Retired LE investigator, wildlife rescuer & creator of @BullyingBugsMe. Author of FITZGERALD & coming soon; C.J.'s Boy. I #FactCheck & #Verify!
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2 Sep 19
Not sure what good it will do (if any) but I have forwarded info concerning U.S. Border Patrol agents supposedly using their government vehicles (& possibly even weapons) in "immigrant-themed" porno films, to some folks who hopefully can investigate this accusation properly.😡
TO BE CLEAR: I am NOT talking about actual female immigrants being filmed. It appears to be 'actresses.' But agents are apparently either getting paid or are possibly getting freebies for lending government vehicles & equipment for 'realism.'
These images are NOT from actual Border Patrol arrests. They are screenshots from porno films with actors where BP trucks are being used for 'realism.' They usually remove the tags & fleet numbers & they blur the official BP seal on the door, but I found a couple that they missed
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2 Aug 19
HERE WE GO AGAIN🤦🏽‍♂️With #RacistInChief, #RacistTrump & #RacistGOP all still trending, MAGAts are dragging out the tired old "Democrats are the party of slavery and Republicans freed them" line. They do it every time.

Here's why it doesn't work👇 [THREAD]
Go to any "racial" topic that trended over the last few weeks; Sweden, Reparations, Barack Obama Blvd, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Dinesh, etc, and scroll through the tweets and you'll find dozens & dozens, maybe even hundreds with a variation of 'DEMs are the party of slavery!' 2/
Those using the 'DEMs are the party of slavery/Republicans freed them' rationale to *remind* black Americans why they should be loyal to the GOP are either too ignorant to understand how the ideology of the two parties has evolved, or, they assume that black Americans are. 3/
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16 Jul 19
PLEASE🙏🏽...take a moment for a short thread👇🏽

Talia Joy Castellano died six years ago today.

I had been following this remarkable young lady after seeing her on @TheEllenShow. Talia was a 13 year-old who was wise beyond her years, perhaps because she would have so few of them.
@COVERGIRL made Talia an honorary Cover Girl after seeing her makeup tip videos on @YouTube. Talia was naturally beautiful, but her inner beauty surpassed even her physical appearance. There is no way of knowing just how many children (and adults) that Talia helped. 2/
As a result of fighting TWO forms of cancer for over six years (half her life) Talia had received thousands of units of blood, and, as her mom explained, Talia learned about the importance of blood donors the hard way, because of a blood supply shortage. 3/
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9 Jul 19
🔥URGENT!🔥South Georgia: We need someone to transport an injured fawn from Tifton, Georgia to Valdosta as soon as possible!

PLEASE RT to your Georgia contacts🙏🏽
crap... add a raccoon to that transport.
GREAT NEWS! Thanks to social media, transport for the injured fawn and orphaned baby raccoon has been arranged.

...and wildlife rescuers everywhere rejoiced!
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15 Apr 19
ANOTHER WILDLIFE QUESTION: Humans know better than to bother me during #GameOfThrones so when I heard the dogs doing their “Danger” bark, I grabbed a flashlight & ran outside. I heard a long ear-piercing whine, like the sound of air leaving a balloon. What was it? Video coming!
A hint; I'm in south Georgia & it rained here for most of the day.
It was a bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) & the reason that sound is so similar to what I described coming from a balloon, is because that’s exactly what is happening. When threatened, they blow themselves up to look bigger & if that doesn’t work, they exhale to make that loud noise.
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11 Mar 19
FIVE YEARS AGO I posted on Facebook about the misogyny coming from @FoxNews. With the news about Tucker Carlson's comments & alleged jokes about a 13-year-old being molested, here's a thread of that post. Keep in mind, this was BEFORE Roger Ailes & O'Reilly were ousted. THREAD👇🏽1
Okay, I’ve just GOT to ask this question even though I may very well lose some friends or get pelted with rotten fruit because of it. My question is simply; WHY? If you have daughters or granddaughters, WHY would you keep watching FOX News? I am not joking. I'm being serious. 2/
FOX has said repeatedly, “There is no war on women,” yet here we are, 14 years into the 21st Century, and the supposed freest and greatest country on earth can’t pass a law providing women equal pay for equal work? You do know that Congress just voted on it, right? The same 3/
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8 Feb 19
When I learned that I would be attending a conference in Detroit in 2012, I reached out to Zell Miller to see if he could arrange for me to meet a genuine American hero, @JohnDingell. He did, & it was even better than I had hoped. We lost the man today, but the legend lives on.🇺🇸
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19 Jan 19
I'm old enough to remember when Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward made a factual error in one of their stories during their Watergate reports & were so disparaged that they considered resigning, but Ben Bradlee said, "We stand by our story." Remember how that turned out? #Journalism
While the movie is factual, I would highly recommend👉🏽READING the BOOK, "All The President's Men," by Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward. It goes into more detail on this & other incidents. I also suggest "Watergate’s Legacy and the Press: The Investigative Impulse,” by Jon Marshall.
Check out this 2017 article by Jon Marshall, assistant professor at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, and the author of the book, "Watergate’s Legacy and the Press: The Investigative Impulse."…
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16 Jan 19
HAPPENING NOW: We interrupt the regular bullshit on your Twitter feed to bring you ... PUPPIES!!!!!!
This is the first one. It's WAY smaller than it looks in the video. They're Chiweenies (some call'em Chiwees) which are a mix between a Chihuahua (dad) and a Dachshund (mom).
Second arrival!
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31 Dec 18
🔥👉🏽PLEASE RETWEET THIS!👈🏽🔥Police in Houston, Texas are searching for a white man who pulled alongside a black family’s car and opened fire, MURDERING A 7 YEAR-OLD GIRL. #LEO #Alert…
PLEASE RT: @HCSOTexas investigators ask residents in Wallisville Rd/E Sam Houston Pwky area to review security video from the morning of 12/30 for a red 4-door pickup involved in the fatal shooting of 7 year-old Jazmine Barnes. Call 713-274-9100 or @CrimeStopHOU at 713-222-TIPS.
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14 Dec 18
AS YOU WATCH THIS👇🏽video of a Border Patrol agent pouring out water that was left for migrants, know that the body of a 7 year-old girl is lying on a table right now. SHE NEEDED WHAT HE POURED OUT. Her death is a direct result of the hateful policies of Donald Trump & the @GOP.
For folks informing me that the video is from 2013: Look at #FactCheck & #Verify in my profile. I purposely included the time stamp but used the video because it was used in a story from THIS YEAR because the practice continues. Not only that; the BP arrests those who leave water
For those saying; If it continues, why not use newer video? THINK!🤔The BP "officially" stopped the policy after the outrage when the video originally surfaced, but unofficially, it continues. Do you honestly think they'll allow themselves to be filmed now? There is no NEW video.
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25 Nov 18
🔥MAKE NO MISTAKE🔥by closing the border at the largest US-Mexico checkpoint between San Diego & Tijuana, Donald Trump is intentionally creating a situation where conflict & violence is MORE LIKELY to occur... which he will then USE as a political tool. #CaravanCrisis 🗽🇺🇸
💥UPDATE💥By closing the border at the largest US-Mexico checkpoint, Trump is intentionally creating a situation where conflict & violence is MORE LIKELY to occur, which he will then USE as a political tool... and it's starting now. #CaravanCrisis 🗽🇺🇸
JUST RELEASED PHOTO... shows that many of the scary #Caravan invaders are men disguised as women and barefooted small children, some in diapers. #Tijuana

(📷: Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters)
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8 Nov 18
Jason Coffman is still searching for his son, Cody Coffman, who was at #Borderline when the shooting occurred. He said Cody's friend described the scene;

"It was chaotic, just like any normal shooting."

Read that statement again & let it sink in.
"#NormalShooting" #GunSenseNOW
And sadly, Jason Coffman finally got confirmation that his son, Cody, is dead.
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28 Oct 18
ONE LOCKED DOOR. This week was a trifecta of domestic terrorism, but the media isn't saying so because of a locked door. On Wednesday Gregory Bush (L) tried unsuccessfully to get into a predominantly black Baptist church. So he went instead to the Kroger supermarket down the- 1/X
street. He walked into the store, passed white employees at the registers and at least 3 white customers (Drew Butler, Eric Deacon & Kathy Mayhall) before coming up behind the 1st black person he saw, Maurice Stallard, who was there with his 12-year-old grandson to get some- 2/5
poster board for a school project. Bush pulled a handgun & shot Stallard point-blank in the back of the head. The grandson ran as Bush fired into Stallard's body on the floor. Bush calmly walked out of the store, where he killed Vickie Lee Jones as she was walking toward the- 3/5
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26 Oct 18
For MAGAts spouting "most domestic terrorists are liberals" bullshit: I'm gonna hit you with some #FACTS. The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) includes systematic data on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2017. It includes domestic, transnational and... 1/7
international terrorist incidents. The GTD is →THE MOST← comprehensive unclassified database on terrorist attacks in the world, covering more than 180,000 cases. It includes the date & incident location, weapons used, nature of the target, number of casualties, and when... 2/7
identifiable; the group or individual responsible. According to the GTD; globally, terrorist attacks dropped from about 17,000 in 2014 to 11,000 in 2017, including a 40% DECLINE in the MIDDLE EAST, but the U.S. had a surge of terror-related violence in 2017 with 65 attacks. 3/7
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23 Oct 18
I'm quoted in this AJC article about Stacey Abrams involvement in burning a Ga flag when she was a college student. The quote is accurate, but it was edited for space. @bluestein's question was "Do you think it fires up her supporters more?" My full... 1/2…
response: "Honestly, it's likely to fire up both sides to a point, but I also think it's mostly a dead issue now. Remember, at the time the state flag issue was big - from Zell in the 80s thru the 90s - was when a LOT of politicians were shuffling between parties & many of- " 2/3
- of them obviously voted to change flag. While some voters (mostly older white Sons-of-Confederate-Veterans types) will key on it, I'll bet that most of the older politicians want to avoid it & frankly, as I said, it's a done deal."
FOR THE RECORD: I stand with @staceyabrams 3/4
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18 Oct 18
The discussion going on right now on @MSNBC, between @NicolleDWallace, @SteveSchmidtSES, @Rosie O'Donnell & @Eugene_Robinson, should be 'required viewing' for every American. It's intelligent, informed, rational, TRUTH.
Well done, people! 👏🏽🇺🇸
Here's one small segment👇🏼As I said, it went for the better part of an hour, so please feel free to post more if you see any.
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17 Oct 18
@TheView @WhoopiGoldberg @sunny @MeghanMcCain @JoyVBehar @HuntsmanAbby: Could you PLEASE address this? This is a typical example of what Trump thinks of his wife & women in general.
And it's NOT the 1st time...
And it doesn't matter if it's his wife, a porn star or... Queen Elizabeth.
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7 Sep 18
🔥URGENT - HAPPENING NOW🔥 Nick Warnell👇🏽JUST shot a Colquitt County deputy sheriff (A close friend of mine) He is in the area between Berlin and Ellenton, Georgia. (Cannon & Tillman rd area) He is ARMED and DANGEROUS. More info as it is available.
I'm at the scene now. This is a VERY rural area. Lots of woods & fields. They've got a perimeter set up & have more help coming. We're hoping that he's still on foot & hasn't stolen a vehicle or caught a ride.
UPDATE: A second deputy was hit by the suspects vehicle. Condition unknown.
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2 Sep 18
🔥PLEASE RETWEET this #AmberAlert!🔥 The child may be with an unidentified man who goes by Antwan; mid 20s, brown hair in dreads, gold teeth, last seen wearing a white tank top, black basketball shorts with "AMD1" logo and may be in a white Toyota Camry.…
#AmberAlert UPDATE: 2-year-old Jordan Belliveau is still missing & we should stay vigilant, but from past experience, I'm doubting that there ever was an "Antwan" & I'm beginning to think the mother is somehow involved. I hope I'm wrong.…
The reason you always hear about experienced criminal investigators getting a "gut feeling" in movies & on TV shows is; it's real. It makes you work harder to find the truth, but you always hope you're wrong when it involves a child. This hurts my heart.
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