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#Alert 9/17/20 This my thread for all #Posts for Thursday September 17, 2020. Focus on content [information]. Research for yourself and more!

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9/17/20 Q4731…
Sometimes non_domestic sources of information provide a more accurate report.
9/17/20 Q4732 Anon says

I'm not turning a blind-eye, I'm just waiting for justice to arrive! Let it be soon please!
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Here’s the #ClackamasWildfires resource page from @clackamascounty — including links to an evacuation map and a signup for their PublicAlerts service….
Breaking news: @MtHoodNF is temporarily closed to public access due to #ClackamasWildfires .


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#ALERT #BreakingNews

There is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR unemployment scam going on right now. This needs to be shared nationwide.

Details inside
It appears that the scammers are using previous data breaches to do this AND they're taking advantage of COVID.

The States send mail or email to company headquarters - and if we ignore the mail, it gets auto-approved.

The problem is three fold.
People who get fired and shouldn't be claiming are, and are getting auto approved...or scammers are doing it to them.

People who are still employed are having scammers apply under their names, and since nobody is going into the offices regularly, these are getting autoapproved.
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#Breaking Report- “The Hush-Hushed FBI Investigation in Argentina on the Assassination Plot Targeting American Pastor” Full Report Live at #Newsbud & via #Patreon. Preview Here:
After #Lebanon & #Belarus here comes #Bulgaria. Of course the designed #riots in USA. Which countries likely to follow the suit? As analyzed & forecasted in my reports months ago: #Turkey & #Hungary (Orban Admin targeted).… #
Currently working on a follow-up Breaking report on this with geopolitical implications for #Turkey #Russia #USA ... My #FBI sources have confirmed the agency’s direct involvement with the case- including possible extradition of #Kurtulus to U.S. Stay Tuned ... Image
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#Alert 9/2/20 This will be my THEAD for all #QPosts for Wednesday September 2, 2020. Why did it take a political outsider to [finally] confront China? and more!

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#Alert 9/2/20 4629
#Alert 9/2/20 4630
How is blackmail used?
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"Let us give you a movement we can control and decide what the messages are"-So true. Raison d'etre behind the likes of @TargetedJustice @JITupdate @FFTI_org @Frankthearcher @karen_kams56 & their attacks on those they can't control.…
Yet another example of Lying, Defaming, Discrediting attacks from @karen_kams56, who's still at it, despite exposure of her @RobertSau scummery. It's clear @annvandersteel, prob recruited by @Bill_Binney, was taken in hook line & sinker by the False-Narrative run by @JITupdate. Image
It's a subject I covered here, and I reco @annvandersteel dig a little deeper:…

"#DrKatherineHorton" and #KarenStewart specialize in Outright Lies, MAJOR & SCURRILOUS smear attacks, & Serious Defamation. @Bill_Binney & @KirkWiebe discredit themselves.
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1. News: President Trump to consider invoking ‘INSURRECTION’ LAW after demonstrators attack Rand Paul outside White House after RNC & President Trump's Acceptance Speech.… #RNC #Convention #Riots #Terrorists
2. News: ‘CONFRONTED’!? Rand Paul’s Wife Scolds Politico For Downplaying ‘Hateful Mob’ Outside White House… #RNC #Democrats #Riots #Terrorists
3. News: TRAGIC! Mattress Store Owner Breaks Down and Cries Talking About Her 71-Yr-Old Employee Who Was Knocked Out Cold by BLM Before They Torched her Store… #Riots #Terrorists #Democrats
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#Alert 8/20/20 This my THEAD for all posts Thursday August 20, 2020.


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#Alert 8/19/20 This will be my Thread on all posts for Wednesday August 19,2020. Ask yourself a very simple question -
Why is everything re: 'Q' being censored, banned, and attacked?

Let’s Go!
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#Alert 8/19/20
Epstein island.
Who owns the surrounding islands [close proximity]?
Unique skill sets of Maxwell?

Submarine pilot [unusual]?
Helicopter pilot?
What benefit might that serve?
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#Alert 8/17/20 This will be my Thread for all Posts for Monday August 17, 2020. Kevin Clinesmith [KC][11.3] and more!

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#Alert 8/17/20 4621

[Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Non_Civ]
[Set 1]
1. Kevin Clinesmith [KC][11.3]
[Placeholder - Indictments Tracking > Civ]… ImageImageImage
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Traffic #alert: N Lombard St near Campbell Ave and the surrounding area are blocked by demonstrators.
NE MLK Blvd. South of Killingsworth St are also blocked by demonstrators. Drivers are advised to use caution and consider alternate routes.
Those in the street are asked to get out of the street and move to the sidewalk.
Bicyclists are blocking intersections in downtown Portland as well.
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Traffic #alert: Demonstrators blocking the 1800 block of North Lombard Street. Drivers should seek alternate route.
Multiple warnings have been provided to vacate the street or be subject to arrest or force. At least one arrest has been made. Another arrest was attempted and others interfered and struggled with police to free the arrested subject.
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#Alert #FakeNews A fake letter attributed to Pakistan's Chief of Army Staff is circulating online [Thread]
Origin: Prominent Indian disinformation account 'FrontalAssault1' first posted this letter online on 22 June 2020 @ 5:17pm GMT. Archived copy:
We will use the copy of an actual (past) letter from COAS to former Chairman PCB as a reference to dissect the fake letter (see
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Have verified this forward, there is no @DGCAIndia approval for YuvaJet / Yuva Jet.

Do not give money for becoming cabin crew, pilots, engineers etc to anyone, till you see such airlines on regulator / aviation ministry website.

#alert Image
Yes that's why I said till approved if someone asks for money for pilot etc kind of staff one should not be paid. They might be in the process of applying to ministry once they do, DGCA approvals come then its ready for take off

*should not pay
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This is the strongest OPNsense server I have built so far. Gigabit IPS throughput is possible with over 40000 Suricata rules.
CPU: Intel Xeon E-2236
32GB ECC 2666 Memory

I am now ready for a synchronous fiber Gigabit connection.
The performance in numbers:
root@OPNsense:/usr/local/etc/suricata/rules # grep 'alert\|drop' *.rules | grep -v '#drop\|#alert' | wc -l
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There are currently THOUSANDS of Americans with #coronavirus. We know this is how the pandemic has operated everywhere. Many of you will have it with little serious illness. But for those in the high-risk categories, that it not the case. They will get very sick.
We ALL have to behave as if we're carriers who could infect someone who has a weakened immune system and thus at high risk. @CDCgov says 131M Americans have chronic illness like heart disease, #diabetes or #asthma. This virus is easy to transmit. You MUST follow the guidelines.2/
The rules are not unbearable. Stay in as much as possible. Wash your hands and face. Do not touch your face. Wash/alcohol your phones, keyboards, remotes. Wash your clothes if you've been outside. Do not sit or lie on your bed in your street clothes. Take shoes off indoors.
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RIO ENTROU EM ESTÁGIO DE ATENÇÃO às 16h desta sexta-feira. Acesse e leia as informações. #alert
[siga o fio]

O Centro de Operações da Prefeitura do Rio informa que a cidade entrou em Estágio de Atenção às 16h desta sexta-feira, 13 de março, devido às medidas de prevenção e contenção ao contágio do novo coronavírus no município.
- A Prefeitura do Rio não vai conceder licenças para eventos que causem grandes aglomerações. Licenças já concedidas serão canceladas a partir de segunda-feira;
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You can utilize chart patterns in two different ways.

1) Trade price between well-defined boundaries (need to find a clear chart pattern at early stages)

2) Trade breakouts through chart pattern boundaries

I favor 2.
Following examples will highlight why I favor:

1⃣Breakout strategies
2⃣Horiozontal chart pattern breakouts
3⃣Rectangle setups with several tests of chart pattern boundary
BAE SYSTEMS. Breakout after several tests of well-defined horizontal boundary. No pullback and challenge to chart pattern boundary. Bullish continuation completing above 200-day. #RECENT #BREAKOUT #ALERT #UK #FTSE
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New #Thred for Prince Edward
A team of riot police came out from Mong Kok police station to clear white flowers left on PE station by people.
As usual, riot police are stationed on a balcony atop the door of Mong Kok police station. Image
Immediately after riot police left, people outside PE station put up new flowers on the railings.
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Not the first time.
Not the last time.
Re-read past drops re: VOTER ID.

Prepare for 'VOTER ID = voter suppression of minority vote'.

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LIVE from WHO HQ: Press Conference on the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on #Ebola in #DRC…
BREAKING NEWS: The IHR Emergency Committee recommended @DrTedros to declare the #Ebola outbreak in #DRC as a public health emergency of international concern: Chairperson Robert Steffen
The declaration of the Public Health Emergency of Intl Concern is not a reflection on the performance of the #Ebola response team in #DRC. It is a measure that recognizes the possible increased natl & regional risks & the need for intensified & coordinated action to manage them.
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1. #News ~ SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Democrat Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned…

#Trump #Qanon #DemDebate @howleyreports
2. #News ~ BUSTED: Keith Ellison Photographed With Portland ANTIFA Leader, Deletes Pro-ANTIFA Tweet…

3. #News ~ Whistle-Blowing Mothers Threatened, Doxxed by Antifa for Exposing Drag Queen Event Teaching Graphic Sex To Children…

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Two years ago today, we were patrolling in the Central Mediterranean, the deadliest border of the world. We didn't know it yet, but we were spied on by an undercover cop. Now we risk 20 years in prison. This is what really happened on 18 June 2017:


Handover on the bridge of the #IUVENTA, the new night watch takes over. Captain Dariush is still fast asleep, getting some rest before this first day of the mission. Today, some things will happen that will affect him for years to come.
[04:19] The night watch reports the current position of the rescue ship #IUVENTA to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC) in Rome. Nothing extraordinary, just daily morning routine to ensure good cooperation. After all, the crew is here for a reason.
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1. #BreakingNews ~ Hannity Special [Cut Short] Tonight the reckoning begins/Deep State actors who thought they could violate Americans trust & abuse the powers given to them will be exposed for the entire world to see. Tune in for our — The Deep State’s Day of Reckoning! @POTUS
2. #Breaking #News ~ Virginia Beach police say one additional person has died and four more were injured in today's shooting, bringing the death toll to 12 and 10 injured - Latest:…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #TickTock #News
3. #Breaking #News ~ Canada has enabled a ‘genocide,’ says inquiry report into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #TickTock
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