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On this #WorldPressFreedomDay, let me bring your attention to #Kashmir: Here the job of journalists has become extremely difficult due to unprecedented level of harassment, intimidation and surveillance by the state.

Recently, three colleagues — Masrat Zahra, Peerzada Ashiq and Gowhar Geelani — were booked by police, two of them under a draconian anti-terrorism law that could result in imprisonment for up to seven years.
In September 2018, Asif Sultan (31), the assistant editor of a local magazine, Kashmir Narrator, was booked under same stringent anti-terrorism law and is still in the jail.

He was awarded the Press Freedom Award by American National Press Club in August last year.
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Cowardice has many forms.
Hoarding a journalist is one.

Kashmir has witnessed a tremendous downfall from last couple of decades due to many vicious policies framed via incompetent governments. On daily basis one and another is booked under same Draconian law.
Prior, it was three former Chief ministers and non-professionals of the conflict ridden erstwhile state. Now the scenario is grim beacuse professionals are now in the same boat.
No matter what the circumstances are; they never fixed their mind about the ground reality.
On one hand Kashmiris have suffered in terms of both mass and material from decades.
Now a female freelance journalist (Madarat Zehra) was booked under Draconian law.
If it is the reason under which she was booked then we can say that until and unless Kashmiris
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Australia's medical leadership (Australian Medical Association) reps with a public statement on behalf of their membership & patients.
"Climate change is a health emergency based on scientific evidence"..."any number of extreme threats to health have been managed"
"Where do we start?"
"...with an evidence base".
"This is hard and unglamorous work but its exactly what health communities" have done
"We are Drs telling you climate change is a health emergency based on science"
"It is about health & survival"
~ Aust Med Assoc
.#GregMullens of Emergency Leaders for Climate Action
"We are growing everyday..
they come from a political of spectrum beliefs... what we are seeing is worse than the scientific evidence and we're in"
"I've been fighting fires since 1971.."
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I received a message from a family member in Iran (via social media) about 10 minutes ago...but Iranians still need your help and your voice.

We are resilient but we are also exhausted from decades (including during the Shah's reign) of tumult.

Please don't forget about Iran
2. I used to be able to visit Iran whenever I wanted but I can't go back anymore. Due to my public profile, statements I've made (being gay not as much of a concern), & the prominence of my mom's family. I've been warned that I would be held back by Iranian intel services

3. I've also be warned that I can't visit Beirut, one of my favorite cities, for the same reason. Iran, through Hezbollah, is enormously powerful in Lebanon. Same goes for Turkey where I've been told my safety couldn't be guaranteed. There are other places, sadly.

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Here's UN Press Briefing Room for noon briefing from which @AntonioGuterres has banned Inner City Press for 458th day: @StephDujarric's partner in censorship @BaysOnTheRoad of @AJEnglish. It's come to this, Inner City Press' questions unanswered. Thread
@antonioguterres @StephDujarric @baysontheroad @AJEnglish @silas_atefor @iburundi @NeverAgainGC @Beatriceijang @cameroondailyjo @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP Banned Inner City Press has asked On Cameroon, what are the SG's comments and actions if any on that now even Alice Sadio, Akere Muna, Jean Jacques Ekindi and Celestin Bedzigui have added their names to the list of those slamming the door on the National Dialogue?
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In UN briefing room he's banned Inner City Press from, @UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric gives 1st Q to @AJEnglish @BaysOnTheRoad, who after alerting @AntonioGuterres to #Cameroon stakeout does NOT ask about UNCA smiling tour in China - thread
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @AJEnglish @baysontheroad @antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @Vy_mbanwie @AbdulghaniMD @BaliNyonga @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC Banned Inner City Press asked What are the SG's and USG @MelissaFleming's view of the ethics of UNCA officials' trip to China amid #Xinjiang, #HongKong and bribery by CEFC China Energy he's linked to? See,…
@UN_Spokesperson @StephDujarric @AJEnglish @baysontheroad @antonioguterres @FUNCA_info @MatthewLeeICP @Vy_mbanwie @AbdulghaniMD @BaliNyonga @AdamShawNY @kristina_wong @SaraCarterDC @MelissaFleming Banned Inner City Press has asked, what are comment and actions if any of SG @AntonioGuterres and his USG @MelissaFleming on that In Tanzania, all trade and business has been banned inside the country's main camp for #Burundi refugees?
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scrolling through the #JournalismIsNotACrime hashtag is an antidote to the bleak years of fighting the major parties as they built a surveillance state shrouded in the deadening language of 'national security,' and being outnumbered every single time...
is it too much to hope that this bucket of freezing water thrown at the press will cause some reflection on how this blind lockstep threatens not just media, but everyone?
that overwhelming police power has been turned against Aboriginal mob, justice and enviro campaigners, union organisers and many others, for decades?
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9. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Somalia, Qatar, Morocco, US, France, UK, Canada, Australia,Germany🤨👇🏼…
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Political Prisoner Julian Assange has been jailed in top security Belmarsh prison and faces a lifetime in jail in the US, for exposing US & UK government War Crimes and Corruption but #JournalismIsNotACrime.…

Julian Assange published emails confirming Hillary Clinton & Obama committed War Crimes & Treason by arming al-Qaeda & ISIS terrorists for Regime Change in Syria…

Julian Assange published emails showing how the DNC & the Clinton Campaign corruptly rigged the 2016 Primaries against Bernie Sanders.

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The case against Turkish reporter #PelinÜnker, the only journalist in the world prosecuted for accurately reporting on the #ParadisePapers, had been dropped. She reported on the Maltese havens of a minister and his sons. #GazetecilikSuçDeğildir #JournalismIsNotACrime
See the front page that sparked the Turkish government’s wrath.
Scroll through @PelinUnker’s feed and follow her for the reaction to today’s news. It’s a significant event for press freedom and Turkey, the world’s biggest jailer of journalists.
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I am from #Egypt, the #3 jailer of journalists in the world. On Monday a photojournalist was released after almost 6yrs in prison for photographing something the regime didn’t want seen. How is that different from this? 1st you “track” then you detain.…
A US photojournalist was questioned because she is photographing something the US administration does not want seen.
ICYMI: the Department of Homeland Security announced this last year and when some of us called it fascist, some of you yelled at us that we didn’t know what “fascist” meant.
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FINALLY! MABROUK! I am so happy to see this! #Egyptian photojournalist Mahmoud Abou Zeid - known as Shawkan - is finally free after more than 5 years in prison because he was doing his job as a photojournalist. #FreeShawkan
Shawkan was imprisoned in Aug 2013 for taking pictures during the massacre at Rabaa square in #Cairo when #Egyptian regime security forces killed +800 in a matter of hours. This article from last year describes the impact on his family of his imprisonment…
From the article, Shawkan’s father: “He (Shawkan) used to sit in the balcony and I would make coffee for him. Last time [I saw him] he told me he misses my coffee, and he wants to get out so I could make him coffee again and we would drink it together like the old days,”
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I am saying this as a journalist who has been assaulted & detained for her work & not because I want to argue with anyone over Venezuela: Remember that Trump had Jorge Ramos thrown out of a news conference also because he didn’t like his questions. Authoritarians hate journalists
Journalism is not a crime. I hope #JorgeRamos is free soon. As an #Egyptian, I know there are too many journalists in regime jails in my country. Authoritarians hate journalists.
It is increasingly dangerous to be a journalist. #JorgeRamos and his crew must be released. Journalism is not a crime.
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1. «Caruana Galizia [@mcaruanagalizia] also used the occasion to call for a change in Malta’s libel laws, so that the burden of proof doesn’t rest entirely with the journalists being sued for libel.»

#DaphneCaruanaGalizia #Malta #JournalismIsNotACrime
2. «“For example, all my mother’s libels have now been passed on to her heirs, but the magistrate and plaintiffs know we cannot produce the key witness, because she has been killed."» #DaphneCaruanaGalizia
3.«“Because of this, under Maltese law, we will lose the cases upon default because the burden of proof is on us.”.“The plaintiff need present no evidence, just file an application without any evidence and they’ll win by default.This is the structural problem with Malta's (...)"»
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Das ist @OliverSchroem. Und was gerade mit ihm passiert, ist ein Skandal. Denn #JournalismIsNotACrime. Thread. (1/7)
Oliver Schröm ist Chefredaktor von @correctiv_org. (2/7)
Unter seiner Leitung haben 19 Medienpartner den grössten Steuerraub in der Geschichte Europas aufgedeckt, die #CumExFiles. (3/7)
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@fojo_int @forfreemedia @IFEX @OSISA @NLinZimbabwe @euinzim @MISARegional @TabaniMoyo @MISA_Swaziland @misazambia @NamMediaTrust An official at the Qatar Embassy in Mbabane temporarily detained two senior Swazi Times journalists on Friday 4 October 2018 in what can only be described as a blatant violation of media freedom rights.

#mediafreedom #eSwatini

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@fojo_int @forfreemedia @IFEX @OSISA @NLinZimbabwe @euinzim @MISARegional @TabaniMoyo @MISA_Swaziland @misazambia @NamMediaTrust Senior Times reporter Welcome Dlamini and Business Editor Kwanele Dhladhla visited the Embassy for an interview with the Qatari Acting Ambassador to eSwatini, Yaqoub Yousuf Al Mulla.

#mediafreedom #eswatini

@zweli_martin @SwaziTimes
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