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Outside the Australian Embassy today demanding an end to his persecution and a #FreeJulianAssangeNOW ImageImage
#FreeJulianAssange at the Australian Embassy in London yesterday.

"Julian’s persecution has nothing to do with the law. It is a simple demonstration of the crushing power of the state." by @CraigMurrayOrg…
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Today, on May 11, the Network commemorates the passing of one year since the brutal killing of renowned journalist #ShireenAbuAkleh
#JusticeForShireen #JournalismIsNotACrime Image
Here, at Al Jazeera headquarters in Doha, a remembrance event is being held, featuring a special session on Shireen’s life and the sacrifices she made


#ShireenAbuAkleh #JusticeForShireen #JournalismIsNotACrime
The Network recognises the lives of the people who sacrificed their lives to ensure people’s voices are delivered

#JournalismIsNotACrime #Stop_Killing_Journalists
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The @ActonInstitute @tiktok_us has been partially restored.

TikTok told the @WSJopinion "the account was removed in error and is available again on platform."

But why have two of the videos been removed for violating "community guidelines?" We don't know.

🧵 1/ Image
There's no explanation here for why this video was removed."

Do people describing how determination, fearlessness, and never surrendering in the face of intimidation defining what makes them Hong Kongers violate @tiktok_us's "community standards?" 2/
There's no explanation why this video was removed.

Does describing how #JimmyLai has been arrested and persecuted and treated like a terrorist for the "crime" of practicing journalism violate @tiktok_us's "community guidelines?" 3/
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1/. This week, in 3 consecutive days, 3 prominent human rights defenders were killed

Rwandan journalist John Williams Ntwali was killed in an ‘auto accident’

Swazi lawyer Thulani Maseko was shot

Cameroonian journalist Martinez Zogo was found by a road…
2/ “Thulani Maseko was not an ordinary human rights lawyer; he was the epitome of human rights law. He humbly lived faithful to his calling until his last breath. His bravery, resilience, humility & humanity will continue to encourage all who knew him” @Follow_SALC #ThulaniMaseko
3/. Cameroonian journalist Martinez Zogo's death was brutal

According to reports, he was forced off the road while driving home by 4 hooded men in a car

He was abducted, electrocuted, sodomised, stripped naked & dumped in a quarry!
#journalismisnotacrime #Cameroon @PR_Paul_BIYA
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1/. The body of Cameroonian journalist, Martinez Zogo, who regularly spoke out about corruption, was found on the outskirts of Yaoundé ystdy

His murder can be added to a growing list of journalists killed with impunity in Cameroon. #JournalismIsNotACrime…
2/. In 2020, @amnesty called for an independent investigation into the forced disappearance & murder in detention of journalist, Samuel Ajiekah Abuwe

It took 10mths for Cameroonian authorities to admit he'd died in detention & findings of an investigation haven't been published
3/. In 2010, I was in Cameroon for the county’s 50th independence anniversary & investigated the death in detention of journalist, Bibi Ngota, arrested after investigating alleged kickbacks paid by a senior govt minister in a deal with an oil company…
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Hey #OSINT, Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data.

Investigations become easier with visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, & tools. #DataVisualization

Here are some must use Data Visualization tools for OSINT investigators.

A thread🧵
1. Osint Combine’s Data Visualization Tool -…

2. Gephi -

3. ArcGis -

4. Cytoscape -

5. SocNetV -

#OSINT #JournalismIsNotACrime #Data #DataVisualization
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1/@JulianHillMP's excellent speech urging ScoMo to #FreeJulianAssange

The assessment of expert team of The UN Special Rapporteur on TORTURE concluded that Assange has been subjected to PROLONGED PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE

@Albo must DEMAND UK & US to #FreeAssangeNOW #DropAllCharges
#Assange has been PERSECUTED for exposing WarCrimes & misuse of StatePower. Those who committed WarCrimes have never been prosecuted. What Assange published is NO DIFFERENT IN PRINCIPLE to 1971 PENTAGON PAPERS which exposed truth about Vietnam War & the actions of 2 US Presidents
3/@JulianHillMP explains the DANGEROUS PRECEDENT of 🇺🇸+🇬🇧 imposing ExtraTerritorial Jurisdiction on 🇦🇺 & extraditing 🇦🇺Journalist #JulianAssange

@AlboMP must DEMAND 🇺🇸🇬🇧 to #DropAllCharges & #FreeAssangeNOW

Hill also mentions the DELIBERATE Media Smear Campaign against #Assange
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The police has started taking the statements of 20 journalists and 2 media employees who have been held in custody since June 8th. They are expected to be brought to the courthouse tomorrow. #JournalismIsNotaCrime Image
All of the journalists' were asked to give their statements at the police station. Exercising their right to remain silent, the journalists refused to give their statements to the police on the grounds that both the detention and the investigation are unlawful. Image
Journalists will be brought to the courthouse tomorrow at 08:00 am.
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Starting a thread to aid @JohnsHopkins in transparency on their response to complaints of widespread ableism and the dismissals of 5 disabled counseling students.

The first article that came out features 4 of the 5 disabled students, all dismissed from a small grad program within a 7 month timeframe.

#AcademicAbleism #HigherEd #Baltimore…
Despite extensive fact-checking done by the Newsletter, the School of Education dean’s letter to the editor called our claims unfounded. He requested the article be taken down.

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"Current events in Sri Lanka make this something that is being watched with hope in your hearts...
It is never too late for justice"
- Leon Willems
#lka #SriLanka #news #media #journalism #JournalismIsNotACrime #DontKillTheMessenger
"It is our collective duty to demand justice for journalist murders
We need a safer world for the truth"
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Pretty disappointed with how #TheBusiness portrayed me. I told a much larger story than this, and though it is well summed up with an angst around affordability that doesn’t go away, including rent, petrol, food, essentials (not mentioned) it was so much more than that. #auspol
There was no mention of the #RoyMorgan #unemployment statistic of 8.5%, nor that the ABS figure of 4% is fanciful in not counting anyone as unemployed who works just one hour a week, or has weeks off having worked in the gig economy, or who is sick, injured, etc. #auspol
That employees are working those #jobs created by the need to clean up after the recent #floods. That right now employment going down - is to be expected - as the #casual labour market has soaked up the extra workers needed and under and unemployed people have stepped up. #auspol
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#PeoplesHistory | On April 5, 2010 #JulianAssange’s @WikiLeaks published the “Collateral Murder” video, which showed the gunning down of civilians, children and two @Reuters journalists, uncovering war crimes in Iraq.
“It’s very simple. People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power. That’s a true democracy.” Julian Assange, founder and publisher of #WikiLeaks

#CollateralMurder #FreeAssangeNOW #DropTheCharges #JournalismIsNotACrime
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#TheTrialOfSegunOnibiyo resumed b4 the courts of the #VileLittleMan today in Kaduna. At the trial today, the prosecution called its 2nd Witness (PW2). He turned out also to be their last witness.

PW2 showed to to tender a record, purportedly of the incitement by @SegunMGOnibiyo. Defence objected that their print out can't be admitted in court unless they can provide source. They didn't. Rather, prosecution claimed Segun made the statement & wanted it admitted as 2ndary ev
Court ruled to admit the evidence but on cross-exam, PW2 cld not show where the record he tendered affected the person or office of the #VileLittleMan. He was also unable to show support the claim that @SegunMGOnibiyo was a source for any such statement.
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No pretence, no disguise left. Hong King’s National Security Law is being used as a tool to silence expression, crush dissent. One of HK’s most senior barristers is arrested again, as part of another crackdown, this time on @StandNewsHK where she was formerly a board member.
Nothing to see here. Only Hong Kong’s second most senior politician trampling over a free press, protected under Hong Kong’s Basic Law by the ICCPR, without qualms.

The #NSL - “a coup dressed up in statute.”
The powerful sentencing remarks of 73 year old barrister & former lawmaker, Margaret Ng, in her own mitigation earlier this year.

“The law should give protection to rights, not take them away, especially in Hong Kong, where structural democracy is still absent”.
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Vigil #6 the morning after December 10th High Court ruling to allow the extradition of the most prominent journalist in the last 50 years.
Outside AG Garland Merrick's home to say #JournalismIsNotACrime
Step up. Now. #DropAllCharges
#FreeAssangeNOW Image
Activist and friend @danieldeceder has joined the Merrick Garland vigil!
#WeAreAllAssange Image
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So many people here. So many masks. We will uplift them all :) #HumDekhenge #HumanRights 🇮🇳♥️
Bangalore police will do literally anything but not ensure safety of women and artists in the city. Last night I called various helplines, shared my address and live location, but nobody believed, nobody came to rescue. #HumanRights #MeToo #MenTellAll @BlrCityPolice @CPBlr
I am at @BLRAirport, leaving the city and #Karnataka because the govt, authorities failed to ensure my safety despite multiple requests. Story out this week. Stay tuned. #JournalismIsNotACrime #journorequest Women in B’lore, if you have a similar story to share, please DM. TIA🇮🇳
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'Boston Free Assange Rally' at Faneuil Hall, Dec 6th!
👉Call out to MA senators @ewarren @SenMarkey to raise awareness of #AssangeCase in Congress.
👉Call out to AG Merrick Garland @TheJusticeDept to #DropAllCharges
Thread 👇
"[US prosecution] is trying to placate the UK court...saying "we won't put Assange in Special Administrative Measures, SAMs, you can count on us - don't worry - unless he does something to make us do that" ...
We have to get Julian Assange out of prison!"
Activist Susan McLucas, co-organizer of 'Boston Area Assange Defense'.
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Journalists and other media workers should not be attacked for doing their jobs. The backlash we are seeing in Melbourne this week is unacceptable. I’m going to post relevant resources in a THREAD. #JournalismIsNotACrime 1/6
Tips here for physical protection during (un)civil unrest. #JournalismIsNotACrime… 2/6
Great menu of situational advice here 3/6
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Today #SB98 was signed into law, ensuring journalists can cover protests and unlawful assemblies in CA. As a lifelong civics nerd, this was my first trip DEEP in a fascinating legislative process. And you know what? It worked. But only thanks to MANY wonderful people. (thread👇)
#SB98 fixed a legal grey area, extending modest existing protections for press under one part of the law (disaster zones) to another (unlawful assemblies). Sounds simple, but it was an involved & time consuming process for well over 100 people. We affirmed #JournalismIsNotACrime.
First and foremost, #SB98 was written and championed by Senator @ilike_mike. We owe him and his legislative director Chris Nielsen a lot of thanks. They were in the trenches for us TWICE before most of us realized this new law was a possibility.
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From the memorial meet for Danish Siddiqui at Press Club of India ImageImageImageImage
Working News Cameramen’s Association president Sondeep Shankar speaking at the memorial Image
.@PCITweets president @umakantlakhera speaking at the memorial #DanishSiddiqui
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[1/17] 'New Frame' press statement:
Friday 9 July 2021
PR operation to mask repression in eSwatini
[2/17] Magnificent Mndebele and Cebelihle Mbuyisa, the two 'New Frame' journalists who were assaulted and tortured in the Sigodvweni police station in eSwatini on Sunday 4 July, are in Johannesburg.
[3/17] After a full debriefing, it is clear that the torture to which they were subjected was worse than we initially understood when only limited communication was possible via the quick use of a borrowed phone while the two were in hiding.
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Mijn draadje voor binnenlandse consumptie ook maar in het NL vertaald.
Over proces tegen journalist Omar Radi in #Marokko
Nieuw bewijs tegen spionage-aanklacht Omar Radi
1.Arnaud Simons bestaat echt
2.Het gebruik van foute spellingen van zijn naam bracht autoriteiten in #Marokko tot de conclusie dat hij een fake persoon zou zijn, of een buitenlandse agent
Bijna een jaar geleden is journalist Omar Radi gearresteerd in #Marokko. Hij is een onafhankelijk kritisch journalist gespecialiseerd in onderzoeksjournalistiek.
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New evidence disproving espionage charges against Omar Radi
1.Arnaud Simons is a real person
2.The use of incorrect spellings of his name made authorities in #Morocco believe he is a 'fake person' or foreign agent

#freeomarradi #Journalismisnotacrime
Almost a year ago journalist Omar Radi was arrested in #Morocco.
He is an independent critical journalist, specialising in investigative journalism.
And now Omar is standing trial for doing his job.
One of the charges against him is 'spying for the Netherlands embassy in Rabat'.
#freeomarradi #Journalismisnotacrime #freekoulchi #Marokko
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