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26 Nov
The Golden Rules
The Three Commandments
The Intentionality Equation
The framework for designing everything
The best part of putting this permutation of rules together is watching it work when applied across everything. Looking forward to watching it scale. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
There's nothing it doesn't improve. It even layers the design thinking process and makes it easier to understand. We spoke about this here.
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16 Oct
It's hard, but I have to learn to balance my productivity while staying engaged on #EndSARS. It's such a consuming energy.

Who else feels the same way? And what have you done to design your productivity? I'll share some things we're trying out below. #EndSWAT
1. We start by slowing down. We *try to* avoid getting on Twitter immediately we wake up. Instead, we outline the most important tasks we wish to get done. 1-3 tasks are ideal. We arrange them according to priority. Then start working on them. #EndSARS #DesigningProductivity
2. We plug times for these tasks into our calendar. Give reasonable time slots to get things done.

Then we set out chunks of time to #deepwork and get the first task done. Focus. One task at a time. Definitively finish one, take a break, then we move to the next. #EndSARS
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15 Oct
Yeah. This is a hit single in the making. ⚡️⚡️ #ezekstwins #sorosoke #Endsars #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality
Speak out - #EndSars
Speak out, Speak out - #EndSWAT
Sọrọ sókè...Sọrọ Sọrọ sókè
Sọrọ sókè...Sọrọ Sọrọ sókè
#ezekstwins #sorosoke @ChineEzeks
We're grateful that our first ever song as @ezekstwins artists is a call to speak out about police brutality in Nigeria. Please listen and share. ✊🏾 #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality
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