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Peter Obi is not an Igbo candidate. He is pan Nigerian in outlook & orientation. He believes in a United Nigeria. His support base cuts across the country, majorly among the young & forward-looking citizens, who have been shortchanged by old corrupt politicians over the years. ✅
In fact most of the political class in his South East zone detest him with passion, just like their colleagues all over the country who want the status quo to continue. They want the continued appropriation of our Commonwealth, and fear that he is coming to rock the boat.
Anybody who tells you that Peter Obi is inclined to a certain section of the country is your enemy, & wants to play their old tribal card, which has been very effective over the years, until NOW. The tables have turned. They won't get us with it anymore. We're smarter than that.
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Send an email with this email format below 👇 to register your anger over the actions of @mstrishlorenz on her Soro Soke publication.

Dear Cambridge University Press,

I, (your name), am adding my voice with over 60 million Young Nigerians who organically adopted SORO SOKE as an identifier in 2020, borne out of End SARS (police brutality) protest before the publication of Trish Lorenz's 2022 Soro Soke,
ask that you retract her book claim where she said that she is the one that named young Nigerians Soro Soke generation. This is untrue & reeks of white savior and unfair cultural appropriation complex, historical to Africa & Nigeria.


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784 days left

From April 1st till date I have read of over 4 persons who lost there lives because of our doctors who are on strike

2 children and 2 adults

Public healthcare is a non negotiable sector of the Nigerian economy

Why are you not angry enough?
Imagine all the person's who have no means to cry out since April 1st who have lost there lives to the strike

Meanwhile, Buhari is in London receiving world class healthcare.

Why are you not enraged?
Why are you not boiling in anger?
People that defend this government through silence and lies, what type of soul do you have?

If you are silent, you are directly supporting the incompetence of this government


This government see us as animals

Prove them wrong.

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Was there ever any year like 2020?

2020 is the kind you call one in a million and that you may not want to see in your life again.

Here are all the major events of 2020 #Thread 👇

#channelstv #NewCBNpolicyalert #SoroSoke #Lagos #EndSarsNow
The Australian bushfire (turned 47 million acres of forest to ash, killed 34 people, killed/displaced 3 billion animals)

The COVID-19 pandemic (shot down the world economy, sent the stock market crashing, infected 64.5 M, and killed 1.5M people)
Death of Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman, Diego Maradona, and J J Rawling (of Ghana).

Racial violence in the West (Death of George Floyd and others).
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Was it not in this country that rising to take a strong stand that young women who went to school and were abducted deserved the justice of rescue by their @NGRPresident and @NigeriaGov , earned one attacks, falsehoods, impugning, arrest and detention? It’s their way. Just stand!
They lied to you that reason I, your fellow citizen was determined for #JusticeOfRescue to be given abducted children is “she wants to be minister”, “she’s looking for attention”, “she was hired as a consultant to embarrass xyz “, “ she is angry at xyz”.
You foolishly believed.
The total lack of cognitive ability or unwillingness to connect-the-dots and see through all the lies that the two administrations of the @NigeriaGov and their allies have hurled at your fellow citizens for daring to #SpeakUp for #ChibokGirls will remain a wonder to me. Na waa.
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@FemAdesina @AmnestyNigeria @hrw @NhrcNigeria @Mochievous

Members of the @EndSARSLegalAid were at the Magistrate court today to represent 90 defendants from the #EndSARS protests.
Court commenced sitting at 2:17pm
Defendants said they were arrested b/w 20-24th Oct by the @HQNigerianArmy and detained at Bonny camp for 4 days without food, water or medical care or access to family and lawyers. Many were arrested outside their homes or after curfew.
They were transferred to the police and many said family members are not even aware of their whereabouts. Below are Hyginus Overo and Jude John. They have no family members in Lagos.Please retweet so their family members will know.
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Generation #Sorosoke - What Can Data Tell Us?

On May 29, 2020 Nigeria’s democracy turned 21, and millions of young Nigerians also turned 21. In fact, btw 1999 and today, ~83 million Nigerians have been born. Out of those 83 million, at least 72.5 million are alive and well
(factor in avg. 10% death rate). ~15 million are those I call #BornDemocrats. By 2023, that number increases to ~21million (born btw 1999-2005). These young Nigerians, who can now vote or carry pvc, have never been under military rule, unllike some of us. That’s why they bravely
remained at the toll in Lekki. They have no idea what the military is capable of. They don’t know or care about IBB or Abacha. While they know of June 12, MKO may not be their hero. Fela’s music may have influenced many of us at some point, for them it is Davido, Wizkid, etc
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Was just thinking about the #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA and a question seem to be coming up in my mind.

If the #SARSMustGo guys are now retrenched, what would be their lot in relation to living...In the bid of
In the bid of solving a problem we create another. Come to think of it most of the officers in #SARS have being living large on stolen my vicinity they go about with their own PoS to extort their victims no need to follow you reach ATM
They have upgraded heavily...Now a lot of them live on over #500k a month...and we all know with this kind of lifestyle and affluence cum their qualification and all, there is virtually no job they can do to keep up with this level of lifestyle (income).
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Our dear gallant youths, you have done well and virtually the whole nation is proud of you.
You have accomplished much and you must gain maximally from this unprecedented national achievements.

You really have #sorosoke with no disguise. 👌

I want to particularly ask you to note that in all dealings with governments and sovereignties worldwide, and throughout all history, including wars, everything ends on the negotiating table.

Yes! It all and always ends up on the table.
You must be ready to go to table soonest lest you lose your momentum and colossal gains and citizens support.
Please observe that the government has demonstrated ready acqueisces to virtually all your demands.
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Yeah. This is a hit single in the making. ⚡️⚡️ #ezekstwins #sorosoke #Endsars #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality
Speak out - #EndSars
Speak out, Speak out - #EndSWAT
Sọrọ sókè...Sọrọ Sọrọ sókè
Sọrọ sókè...Sọrọ Sọrọ sókè
#ezekstwins #sorosoke @ChineEzeks
We're grateful that our first ever song as @ezekstwins artists is a call to speak out about police brutality in Nigeria. Please listen and share. ✊🏾 #EndSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality
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