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The Definition of Money: The Definitions of Value: Ethereal Value and the Cryptofuture:
May 14 7 tweets 4 min read
I wandered on the wrong feed again. Saw Richard Heart shittalk Do Kwon.

Lol Richard you made a revolving ponzi-scheme then survived by having people manually throw away the inflation by locking it all in the same account, willingly!

The sacrifice is total bullshit. How much would the price of HEX drop if that sacrifice contract was opened up? Exactly, that's where the Anchor type ponzi-inflation went.

Meanwhile, there's absolutely no reason to sacrifice anything, as pulse is *literally* just an Ethereum clone. Says so right on the github:
Apr 20 5 tweets 2 min read
Good news, everyone!

The $MBB afterhours jump to 105 was a glitch. Instead, it has continued to crash, and is now at an ALL TIME LOW!


It's NOT "junk" that's going first this time! Because the Fed bailed that out!
Apr 19 20 tweets 4 min read

Alright gang, well, i told ya i would update ya through this process, and that includes the bad times.

I went to the patent agency, and they didn't want to help me patent my idea. One guy flat out refused to believe it works, the other was HIGHLY skeptical. While i can't say anything about the conversation or invention due to secrecy demands, i can say one thing:

They're wrong. Dead wrong. The first guy was over-educated so he couldn't believe my explanation, and the (more experienced) second guy couldn't figure it out.
Apr 2 45 tweets 11 min read
I'm sad to hear today about @CasPiancey being doxed by @ofnumbers. I hate bullies, so you know, since Tim wants to focus attention on who Cas is, lets find out who Tim is.

I don't mean his name. I mean his work, which is what matters. Cas's work needs no introduction on my feed. But Tim has put forth his thoughts in his own crypto protocol called "Tau Protocol" or @tauprotocol.

Understandably, If Cas were to criticize the protocol, though fully capable, there'd always be an aspect of bias and, as a "no-coiner", can easily be dismissed by the cult.
Mar 30 35 tweets 7 min read
Just so everybody knows where we're at with the #gold backed #ruble:

The announcement i'm waiting for now is the Russian central bank buying rubles for gold (selling gold) at a set price. I'd expect this to be higher than 5k per gram, more like 6k a gram.

This'd be a soft-peg Right now, Russia's waiting for the RUB to appreciate further before implementing an upper band. If the RUB is worth less per gram than the peg they've got in mind, people would immediately sell it for gold and it'd drain reserves. Hence the delay.
Mar 29 4 tweets 2 min read
...Hang on.

I'm browsing through #UST and #LUNA trying to find "the ponzi glitch".

Thing is, $UST is already backed by $LUNA through it's value. Sell Luna for UST and vice versa. Algo stablecoin.

But says UST's backed by $4,5B worth of bLuna collateral. To the tune of 45.798M bLuna.

Now that's fine, except... bLuna stands for Bonded Luna. How do you get bonded Luna? By staking regular Luna. It's how you get voting power.

So bLuna's backed by the value of Luna which is backed by the value of UST backed by bLuna.

It's a ponzi.
Mar 28 13 tweets 6 min read
Thread! I found something.

Shipping/Freight are about to become ALOT more expensive. With the war in #Ukraine, it's time to talk bunkers.

No; not the protective kind. The fuel kind.

Bunker Fuel.
CC @DoombergT @WallStreetSilv @goldsilver_pros @ttmygh #fintwit First off, what is bunker fuel?

In short - nasty stuff. When you refine crude oil into petroleum products, you get lots of byproducts. There's still energy in these things, but also more impurities and it's more viscous - meaning thicker, harder to pump.
Feb 11 7 tweets 3 min read
....Oh great. Guess this was inevitable.

I think the Repo Crisis (from 2019) might be back.

@DoombergT i'd hate to ask you to look into this but i don't have a doomberg terminal, this is all i get.

Look at the DTCC repo *volume*. Blue line's $20B.… The reason why it might be happening now is because taper is ending QE now.

The Repo Crisis went away because QE got started with the Covid crash. In February of 2020, the Fed was still doing "temporary" overnight repo to the tune of $60B not-QE.

We've dropped below that now.
Oct 13, 2021 10 tweets 3 min read
Yknow what?

I just had a stunning revelation.

There's actually *no reason at all* for QE to stop BEFORE a rate hike. It just got started because rates hit 0% and going lower wasn't an option.

The contrarian view?

$40T by EOY 2022.
2 rate hikes.
$300B a month QE. Scenario:

-Fed "has to taper" because of inflation worries.
-Taper causes stock market crash.
-Money printer goes brrrrrr.
-Bond market implodes.
-Money printer can't stop.
-Policy has always been claimed not to be inflationary.
-Logical solution:

Raise rates, but don't stop QE
Sep 20, 2021 10 tweets 5 min read
#China #Evergrande contagion check!

And possible shorting opportunities cause turns out, not everything's gone down yet!

Using this to find property developers in the first place:…

And Seeking Alpha/Bondsupermart. Picking a random bond cause i'm lazy. 1. Country garden: Fucked.
Their market cap is now 1/3rd of enterprise value, which i'm using as a quick check, should be obvious what problems are facing the entire sector now. The closer those values are, the less problems their in.
Sep 20, 2021 26 tweets 7 min read
AH fuck it, i'll join the bandwagon, since people asked (and i don't wanna type this story in DMs).

Thread🧵on #Evergrande!

Why #contagion will continue to spread, why Xi will NOT change course, why it's The Federal Reserve's fault, why Hyperinflation's next, and more! First off, Why Now?

Evergrande's been Teetering for more then a year. Naturally, things have to come to a head at some point, but why now?

I think the answer is found in Commodities. Specifically the fact that building important stuff like #Iron and #Copper have been mooning.
Sep 20, 2021 13 tweets 6 min read
As we must look forever forward; with the current corrections i did a *little* bit of work (don't expect more) to find more deep value.

Now that #Uranium's gone up, and hopefully #Silver is next in a flight to safety;

With #Palladium correcting, #Platinum's becoming VERY cheap. The last times it was below $900, was in 2020 (panic), 2018 (bear market), 2016 (double bottom), 2008 (panic), and 2005/2004 (bull market).

Meanwhile, the outlook for #platinum is far more positive now:
- ICE cars being phased out before 2075 *is a pipedream*.
May 24, 2021 15 tweets 8 min read
It's time.



I've got enough confirmations now to warn for a correction - the asymmetrical crash i've been talking about. 👇
#Gold #silver #rhodium #bonds #nasdaq #Fintwit #wallstreetsilver #silversqueeze First up the most important one, Rhodium.

Rhodium tends to go ballistic in the final phase of market bubbles. Nobody knows why, but it happened before the 2000 bubble blew, same with the 2008 bubble...

...and it's showing clear topping patterns.
May 22, 2021 22 tweets 8 min read
Shouldn't have touched my friend.

Don't listen to somebody who runs a literal ponzi AND pyramid scheme @goldsilver_pros. Thanks for posting a rebuttal page Richard that makes it easy.

Let's run through #HEX shall we? 👇

First off, you need a bit of humility. 30 =/= 8.5 (or 28) Image From your own page.

- You ADMIT HEX is backed *by air*. "Whatever" is a very large range, and that includes Zero.

- Your argument against Bitcoin being a scam is "people own it". People are easily fooled.

- Ethereum isn't a scam, but there's no calls on its longevity either. Image
May 21, 2021 17 tweets 14 min read


Quite the thread; so tags first.
#Bitcoin #BTC $BTC #Tether #USDT $USDT #Coinbase $COIN #USDC $USDC #Binance $BUSD #BUSD @Bitfinexed @BennettTomlin @LucaLand97 @Tr0llyTr0llFace @TESLAcharts Image Where to start with this one. I guess first some background information on one of the biggest frauds of the Dot-Com bubble in Germany: Infomatec.

This was a company that was basically pumping its shareprice with "ad-hoc announcements", meaning literally just lying. ImageImage
Apr 14, 2021 47 tweets 10 min read

This time, going after $ARKK - Well, the lot of em.

I heard that #Cathiewood had obtained a large amount of the float of some Illiquid stocks, and i wanted to see how big the problem was.

And i found out this woman has no clue what she's investing in. Thread 👇 So what i did;

Courtesy of and, i went through $ARKK's most illiquid names, to see how difficult it would be to liquidate those positions - AND to see if the companies are valued anywhere near correctly.

So i looked at some stats.
Mar 12, 2021 25 tweets 8 min read
I'll do you one better. There WAS a catalyst. It's just already passed:

"When real yields go positive, the correlation between negative yields and gold will break."

Lo and behold. Since the 8th, the 10 year has gone more negative.

And #gold is up... And just to put in in simple terms this time, cause people have been asking for clarification:

Bond yields aren't going up for technical reasons anymore.

They're going up cause of the solvency crisis having morphed into a crisis of faith.

No one WANTS bonds anymore!
Mar 10, 2021 25 tweets 9 min read
🚨IMPORTANT PSA: Gonna start writing again!🚨

Not articles though... Starting work on my books!


It's time.

#Wallstreetsilver #silversqueeze #Silverbacks #Fintwit @WallStreetSilv @Galactic_Trader @PalisadesRadio @goldsilver_pros @TheEarlyStage So, twitter activity will drop down to a more palpable level. I know i've been tweeting/retweeting alot :D Alot's been going on though.

However i think this is a good time for me to start work on the books, because something in me tells me it's important to finish them this year
Feb 25, 2021 25 tweets 9 min read
Alright. I promised something shocking, and i'll deliver:


I'm not sure how to call this one since it's part of the Options/Stockmarket bubble, but what isn't at this point.

So for this one, ima go with:

"The Counter-Party Risk Bubble"

I think it's big. Rather then just tell you (since that usually doesn't work) lemme just talk you through my line of thinking:

It started when i replied to this post:

My comment was that a bloomberg terminal is expensive, but spending rent money on options is no problemo.
Feb 25, 2021 26 tweets 15 min read
Yknow i gotta comment on this.

@MacleodFinance Help me out here. I'm reading more and more that "hyperinflation is defined as 50% a month" - but that's *new*.

Years ago when i looked it up i found "economists don't agree on where it starts, but the general line is 10% a month". I can't remember *EVER* reading about ANY consensus for the decade i've been studying economy and looking up US financial history and general world economic history.

And i'm sorry, but 50% a month is 600% A YEAR!

I'm pretty sure the common man isn't gonna wait that long.
Feb 25, 2021 19 tweets 8 min read
$PSLV $SLV #Shorts volume update! Tags first explanation below!

#Fintwit #Wallstreetsilver #Silver #Silversqueeze #Silverbacks #PSLV #PSLVChallenge #PSLVMarathon @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader @TeminatorTrader @jameshenryand @PalisadesRadio @GoldTelegraph_ @goldsilver_pros So there's some confusion between short volume and short interest. I pretty much made the same mistake the first time around, because believe it or not.... there's just a fuckton of data to track at this point.

So, short volume is NOT short interest, but, it does tell us things.