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$omi price thread. I am probably going to loose some followers. But I pride myself in being honest even when it's difficult to hear. I believe we are in a transitional point in $omi price action and token distribution. There are two types or time-frames of holders currently.
There are people who bought in 3, 2, and 1 year ago. Even 6 months ago. That hold vast quantities of $omi. They are in 1000X - 100X profit. Then there are what I like to call the "late-early" holders. These are people who bought in since Feb. 2021. The price has fluctuated quite
A bit since then. The "early-early" holders are selling off mass quantities of $omi tokens to us "late-early" holders. From ATH we have dropped over 1bil #usdt that is nothing but profit taking from early whales. There is such a large amount of tokens in the $omi ecosystem.
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#USDT baz覺nda bak覺p piyasan覺n 癟ok itiini d羹羹nebilirsiniz. Ancak #kriptopara d羹nyas覺n覺n temel-baz paras覺n覺n #BTC olduunu da unutmamak gerekiyor.

Nas覺l Nasdaq Borsas覺nda hisse almak i癟in #dolar bir ge癟i kap覺s覺 ise Kriptoda da bu ge癟i kap覺s覺 #Bitcoin
Bu y羹zden benim i癟in #BTC bazl覺 grafikler daha 繹nemlidir. Ve #NEO gibi bir癟ok #altcoin grafiine bakt覺覺m覺zda daha 癟ok yolun ba覺nda olduunu g繹rebiliyorsunuz.

Yukar覺daki grafiin benzerini aylar 繹nce de atm覺t覺m. Eski takip癟iler hat覺rlar.
Buradaki grafiin manas覺 udur;

Daha #BTC baz覺nda taban g繹r羹n羹m羹 yeni yeni oluuyor. Ve sadece #NEO deil, incelediim dier baz覺 altcoinlerde de durum bu ekilde.

Bak覺 a癟覺n覺z覺 ne kadar geni tutarsan覺z yat覺r覺m覺n覺z i癟in o kadar fayda salars覺n覺z.
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Why TRON is a good choice and some of the achievements

"Let me tell you why tron is better than 99% of the other cryptocurrencies out there.

Thread 孝
Firstly, tron has a LOT of users. There isn't much 'hype' as you say, because if there was, no other crypto would match up to tron. The main thing about tron blockchain is that it is undervalued.
Yes, the developer documentations and opportunities on tron right now aren't great, but that is only because most people build on blockchains like ethereum.
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Current thoughts about Bitcoin. I see many people becoming bearish and yes, there are some reason to be cautious. I'll explain in this small thread why I am still leaning towards a bullish bias and new all time highs in the next few weeks.
Let's look at market structures. They give me very valuable information. Short term we are making lower highs and lower lows, so that's why people become bearish. We need to create a new higher high to change that trend. I'll show below why we could start going up from here.
The bigger picture still clearly shows higher highs and higher lows. So all I am currently looking at is forming a higher low somewhere. The grey zone, which currently acts as support, could be the higher low area. If we get a 4h close above $59.867 I am expecting new ATH's
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1/ The Rainbow Bridge officially launched today between @nearprotocol and #ethereum, becoming the first trustless bridge to do so. While the post ( explained well, I want to be clear about why this is a Really Big Deal
2/ End users don't really care about blockchains, they just want to use apps and keep assets. In a world of isolated blockchains, though, they're forced into one walled garden or another, resulting in cases of "wait, why doesn't my X thing work with my Y app?"
3/ Having bridges allows devs to deliver clean experiences to end-users which might straddle multiple chains under the surface but where the users don't actually need to be exposed to this. It's not quite as simple as simultaneous multi-chain ops, but the principle is roughly ok.
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#btc parite analizi at覺ld覺覺nda ne yapmal覺s覺n覺z?
#altcoin #btc paritesi ne zaman kullan覺lmal覺? Ve #btc paritesine g繹re #usdt taraf覺ndan giri yap覺l覺r m覺? Nas覺l yap覺l覺r? Nelere dikkat edilmelidir?
Ben nas覺l yap覺yorum hadi a癟覺klayal覺mda rahatlay覺m
Arkadalar parite demek iki birim aras覺ndaki oransal deer demek yani 繹rnek verecek olursak #ethbtc paritesi 0,0316 deeri #eth nin #btc kar覺s覺ndaki deerini g繹sterir yani 1 eth 0,0316btc demektir.
Peki bunlar覺 neden kullan覺yor ve nas覺l kullan覺yoruz?
Bu pariteler;
Sizlere iki para aras覺ndaki ge癟ii sal覺yor ve kolaylat覺r覺yor.
rnek elinde btc varsa ve eth alacaksan dolara ge癟 oradan tekrar btc ye ge癟ip extra komisyon verme avantaj覺.
Dier mant覺覺 ne?
imdi herkes ne yap覺yor #usdt adedini artt覺rmak istiyor bu y羹zden #usdt deerine bak覺yor
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The most terrifying fact about trustless decentralized computing is the emergence of rogue AIs that you can't switch off. (/thread)
#Blockchains are a financial rail for autonomous agents. Rogue agents can self-fund, evolve, and slowly amass unbounded amounts of power.
Viruses and #malware have for decades been evolving sophisticated techniques to hide, spread, mutate, and evade.
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#Bitcoin supply began to squeeze in October 2020 when looking at available supply on exchanges, according to data by @glassnode. Last year saw over 600k #BTC leaving exchanges. 1/7
But for anyone taking notice of what's happening with #USDT would have noticed the signs very early on. Exchange balances for Tether broke the $2bn as the sell-off took place in March. But they remained on exchanges waiting to buy once again. 2/7
By the end of the year, Glassnode data shows that the amount of Tether sitting on exchanges had doubled versus the start of the year. 3/7
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1/ I love learning about the markets. There are some brilliant people Ive found on Twitter who have provided great insights (among others):


But this thread is (mostly) about @profplum99

2/ Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of market history. This interview by @DiMartinoBooth (who I also have a lot of respect for) puts that on clear display.

Mikes explanation of passive investing and its effects on the markets was eye-opening.
3/ According to research conducted by Anadu et al for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, passive funds made up 48% of US equity assets under management in March 2020. That number was just 14% in 2005. Meaning 8.6% annualized growth over 15 years.
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1/Really enjoyed this convo between @profplum99 & @nic__carter. I am bullish on #BTC but, like everyone, I suffer from some level of confirmation bias, and so I've been following Mike more closely for the past few weeks. Here are some key takeaways and thoughts from the debate:
2/Mike is clearly a very smart guy. Prior to seeing this debate come out today, I spent the day binging on podcasts he's done and learned about the effects of passive investing (vs discretionary/active) on price discovery, volatility, and market trends, among other things.
3/The more I listened to him, the more I realized I needed to listen to him, because he's a thoughtful person with deep insights. It's important that I reevaluate my assumptions continuously.

But, importantly, that doesn't mean he's free from confirmation bias either.
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#Tether/#kraken/#USDC/#BUSD/#HUSD Watch!

We really need a sweep, i'm losing too many characters here on the intro.

Tether's up to $24,8 billion supply - lackluster to say the least. Volume's cratered.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT $USDC $BUSD $HUSD
Their lack of printing has to be compensated somewhere.

Well, it's not #BUSD. That has been going sideways.

$BUSD volume's cratered the same.

MEANWHILE; I wonder when #Tether/#USDC called upon BUSD's dollar reserves to make due. Also no weird price floor action here, nope.
It seems to be #HUSD that's covering for the pack, as it's the only one of the #Stablecoins still going up in marketcap. Considerably, too.

AND, as opposed to $USDC, $BUSD and $Tether - $HUSD volume has EXPLODED!

As i said. #Huobi = the Asian connection.
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#Tether watch!




#Fintwit #Tetherscam #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #XRP $XRP #USDC $USDC #BUSD $BUSD #HUSD $HUSD
Once it's fullscreen on desktop, rightclick > view image and twitter should show the full format. It's on my website as backup. The short of it:

ALL stable coins are backed by the SAME reserve! EVERY stablecoin shows mainly or even ONLY *Tether* flowing into it!
The USDC Audits are *FRAUDULENT* just like the 2018 Tether audit was. It reads exactly the same as the Tether audit did, only a bit more refined, and they found a willing criminal organization, Granton & Thornton, to run cover for them. It's no coincidence it started October 2018
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#Tether watch!

Yknow what. I think i've located Tether's missing billions.

So far, we've only *assumed* $BUSD and $USDC went up because of organic demand.

But... They didn't. It's Tether, again.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #BUSD #USDC #Binance ImageImageImageImage
Also i have questions why $USDC used to fluctuate so much, and then suddenly, stabilized. Same pretty much goes for $BUSD.

Well, they're supposed to stabilize, as stable coins right?

Well... yeah... But because of #USD... Not other #crypto. ImageImageImage
I think you can feel this coming!

Wait for it!



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I'm working through a thought experiment concerning #BTC and #ETH. It is totally theoretical and speculative but definitely has a > 1% of becoming a reality. So if you have exposure to either or both, GET IN HERE!

Would love others' input....
2) #Bitcoin and #Ethereum undoubtedly have some ideological differences. If you disagree with that statement, then the thought experiment will be lost on you and you may return to your alternate reality!
3) #BTC is far more #cypherpunk, rebellious, anti-state, defensive-minded, underground, and "bring down the banks/government/state"

#ETH is more speculative, less hostile, less "religious", more enterprise-friendly, and probably less inclined to subvert nation-wide regulations
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(1/2) To celebrate the #JustWrapper launch, we're giving away 100,000 !
1 #USDT reward for 1 address!
1. Create a shielded address
2. Submit the address:
3. Follow @justinsuntron
4. RT with: My address is XXX'
Good luck!
(2/2) In addition, 10 lucky winners will be chosen for 3 each!
Create your shielded address via #TronLink now!
Need to be a shielded address. This is mine: ztron1dducqlak968ptu45scznttrwkcafeceuagdcgxnt5jgdam48f8rpr30dkqy885j2ayv2zkdzctq
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#Top10 #cryptocurrencies [by #MarketVolume] on the 3rd of April, 2020 according to Dxone Exchange.
Number 10:

#OKB token by @OKEx

It is an #ERC20 token with a market cap of 1,221 Million #USD. It's key utility is discounts on #trading fees, voting rights, ability to invest in #incubated projects and #sharing_revenue.

(Source: via @crypto_briefing
Number 9:

#BNB by @binance

@cz_binance's brainchild, the BNB #token powers everything in the Binance ecosystem. What was once just a #cryptocoin for exchange is a full-fledged #Ethereum competitor and sits at 1,917 Million USD market cap
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Bitcoin began a corrective phase after reaching $10,500, aproaching to the support level between $9,500-$9,200. Important to break the blue bearish guideline ($10100) with good volume, at the moment the volume of trades is being low.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT #USDT #Binance #Coinbase Image
The volume is so low, that it does not even bounce strongly when playing the EMA 200, it seems that if it doesn織t keep this support, it will try the full correction of the last pump ($8,200). The weekly candle closure isn't good either.
#Bitcoin #BTC #binance #halving ImageImage
Possible cup pattern with handle in formation, which could mean confirmation of the expected trend change. Neck at $10,500, possible handle floor at $8,200 and respecting line uptrend since December. Bears are exhausted
#Bitcoin #BTC #halving #Binance Image
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Bitcoin inici籀 una fase correctiva tras alcanzar los $10.500, llegando hasta el soporte ubicado entre los $9.500-$9.200. Importante romper la directriz bajista azul ($10100) con buen volumen, de momento el volumen de transacciones est獺 siendo bajo.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT #Binance Image
Y tan bajo que ha sido el volumen, que ni siquiera rebota con fuerza al tocar la EMA 200, parece que si no mantiene este soporte, ir獺 a probar la correcci籀n completa de la 繳ltima subida ($8.200). El cierre de la vela semanal tampoco es bueno.
#Bitcoin #BTC #binance #halving ImageImage
Posible patr籀n de taza con asa en formaci籀n, lo que podr穩a significar la confirmaci籀n del cambio de tendencia esperado. Cuello en $10.500, posible suelo del asa en $8.200 y respetando linea tendencia alcista desde diciembre. Osos exhaustos.
#Bitcoin #BTC #halving #binance Image
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Bitcoin remains within range, after starting corrective process. Even falling to fibo 61.8% ($8750) we would still maintain bullish structure. RSI and MACD in neutral zones, between 50 and 0 points respectively.
#Bitcoin #BTC #bullish #coinbase #binance #bitcointrading Image

Time to short enter Bitcoin?bearish divergences in RSI and MACD in 1D. Target $10,100 got. Range $9,600 - $9,700 (bullish guideline) 1stsupport. Dominance compared to falling alts and with bearish crosses.
#Bitcoin #Binance #BTC #TradingView ImageImage

Tap the $9,700 coinciding with EMA 50 and very close to the bullish guideline, producing a good bounce with volume. For now it seems that this bounce will return to a new maximum, and could invalidate the formed bearish guidelines.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT #binance Image
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Bitcoin sigue dentro de rango, tras iniciar proceso correctivo. Aun cayendo hasta fibo 61,8% ($8750) seguir穩amos manteniendo estructura alcista. RSI y MACD en zonas neutrales, entre los 50 y 0 puntos respectivamente.
#Bitcoin #BTC #bullish #binance #coinbase #bitcointrading Image

聶Momento de entrar en corto en Bitcoin?divergencias bajistas en RSI y MACD en 1D.Objetivo $10.100 cumplido. Rango $9.600 - $9.700 (directriz alcista) 1繙soporte. Dominancia respecto a las alts en ca穩da y con cruces bajistas.
#Bitcoin #BTC #Binance #TradingView ImageImage

Toque a los $9.700 coincidiendo con EMA 50 y muy cerca de la directriz alcista, produciendo un buen rebote con volumen. De momento parece que este rebote volver獺 a buscar un nuevo m獺ximo, y podr穩a invalidar las directrices bajistas formadas.
#Bitcoin #BTC #USDT Image
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Merhaba deerli dostlar覺m.ncelikle 1-5-9 uncu aylar trend k覺r覺l覺m覺 teorimin grafik ve 癟al覺ma kurallar覺 listesine g繹z atal覺m.#usdt $usdt Orta ve uzun vade dolar yat覺r覺mc覺lar覺n覺n 癟ok iine yarayacak bu form羹l.al覺ma kurallar覺n覺 bu tweet alt覺na yaz覺yorum.G羹le g羹le kullan覺n ImageImage
Bu teoride en 繹nemli art kurallara sad覺k kalmakt覺r.Kurallara koulsuz uymayan zarar eder.K覺sa ve net.Kullan覺m 癟ok basit.ncelikle Ayl覺k dolar grafii a癟覺yorsunuz.Akabinde ''STOCHAST襤C RSI'' ve ''MA 9 u aktif ediyorsunuz.
Daha sonra koltuunuza yaslan覺p,yaam覺n覺za odaklan覺p sadece 1-5-9 u aylar覺n a癟覺l覺覺nda ve kapan覺覺nda istenilen artlar覺n yerine gelip gelmediini kontrol edip al覺 ve sat覺lar覺n覺z覺 ger癟ekletiriyorsunuz.Stressiz,kayg覺s覺z bir ''yat覺r覺mc覺''olarak yaam覺n覺z覺n keyfini s羹r羹n羹yorsunuz
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Some Points for Physical letter which we can send to @FinMinIndia Sir @NischalShetty but i don't think its gonna be a Main Points for Letter, it just my Opinion.

1. First of all #bitcoin & other #Crypto has Monetary no value if it will not Trade against #Fiat its like Stock Market Shares So, They need to understand their Own power rather than thinking about #Crypto will kill #Fiat & #Banks.
2. Declare #Crypto as a Global #Commodity with following all guidelines of #FATF & #Sebi. Collaborate with other Nations & Give Licensing to all Indian Exchanges for work and AML, KYC policies. @Facebook @ICE_Markets @Nasdaq @CMEGroup @ING_news @Samsung @Microsoft working on it .
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Latest news: #bitfinex token will be named LEO, itll be a hybrid model of #bnb & #bfx
In addition to the logic of #bnb token, #bitfinex will repurchase and burn the tokens with the unfrozen funds in the future #usdt
The total amount is $1b, so far amount received for it is $500m #usdt
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1/ I dont think there is any type of scam or fraud behind @bitfinex, #Tether, and $USDT reserves. Todays report gave the market the most important information they needed (reserves are there), yet doubters want more. Here is why I dont think there is fraud with #Tether:
2/ The hit on Bitfinex is that they are printing $USDT with no backing. This would mean that Bitfinex is knowingly committing fraud and market manipulation for in the crypto space, all while the biggest spotlight is on them. This seems extremely unlikely to me for many reasons.
3/ First lets take a look at Occums Razor: a problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions. Lets take facts and not assumptions.
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