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Oct 27, 2020 5 tweets 1 min read
.@nytimes Thread:

As an Indian Hindu American psychiatrist, it’s absolutely fascinating & disturbing to see how much latent Hindu-hate there appears to be among my fellow Indian-Americans who are not Hindu (for example, Marxist/Communist, Christian, & Muslim Indian-Americans). I honestly had no idea there was so much vitriol & deep-seated hate for the oldest surviving world religion & its adherents. On some level I understand the wellspring of nastiness: we Hindus are usually silent & self-effacing & overly accommodating (kind of like an abused spouse)
Aug 12, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
.@nytimes Was just asked how I stay so positive speaking up for #Hindu rights when everyone seems to be against Hindus? Answer: My training in psychology. I believe the REAL reason Hindus are bullied has nothing whatsoever to do with #Hinduism per se. It is because Hindus are... viewed as soft targets/doormats/pushovers who won't speak up or fight back. Many have no idea of their own power or how profound & beautiful their spirituality is. They have low self-esteem. In psychotherapy, my specialty is helping abused people find their voice, regain their..
Aug 5, 2020 6 tweets 4 min read
One year ago today, I felt an overwhelming, undeniable urge to advocate for Hindu causes. I believe the Hinduphobic, anti-India media onslaught that started on 8/5/19, spurred me, a Kashmiri Hindu American, out of my slumber. I had lived in America my whole life, but never had I used my voice to speak up for basic fairness in media representation of Hinduism & India, the ancient birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, & Sikhism. We Americans enjoy the benefits of Hindu spirituality every day (yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, mind-body healing, etc), yet
Jun 24, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Many #Hindus have been asking why we don't speak up for our rights or assert ourselves. As a psychiatrist, I will say that the training starts right from childhood, in the family. Encourage your children to question authority (including you). Don't dominate and ... control your children's lives. Let them be vocal & fully who they are in the family unit. This sets the stage for them to be vocal & assertive later on in the real world. Also, stop giving unconditional respect to elders who haven't demonstrated that they deserve it. Just because
Apr 30, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
.@nytimes @washingtonpost #India

In case you haven’t figured this out already, the New York Times & the Washington Post are NOT reporting the full story of what is happening in India. They are trying very hard to paint a skewed, one-sided picture of the Indian story that essentially leaves you with the impression: Hindu Bad, Muslim Good. Modi Bad, BJP Bad, Everyone else Good.

This is childish caricature, brazen propaganda, and totally removed from the nuanced truth.

So if you come at me or anyone else armed with your “knowledge” from the
Mar 29, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read

1. To all the bigoted Hinduphobes who constantly harp on & on & on & on & on & on & on about the "caste system" when talking about Hinduism - we see you & we're gonna start calling your SORRY ASSES OUT. Hinduism is the world's oldest religion and is a deeply profound.. 2. spiritual, scientific, & all-encompassing living philosophy. It has survived for millennia & it’s beautiful teachings are flourishing organically in America for a reason: they work. Hinduism has given the world yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, the concepts of karma, dharma,...
Mar 18, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read


“The Brahmin Kashmiri Pandit have only been reported in India.” (am I a fucking snow leopard that you spot in the mountains?)

“The Kashmiri Pandits need to hear the life-changing gospel of Christ in a way they can understand..... “With so many now in refugee camps, they have physical needs that can be met by Christian agencies. Like all Brahmins they need to be humbled to see themselves as sinners and in need of God's remedy for sin, Jesus Christ.”
Mar 11, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
.@NPR @nprpolitics @tgjelten

This piece by NPR claims that HIndu-Americans who support Modi do so because of “Hindu Nationalism” & because we want Hindus to “have a favored place in India”. Uhhh no. We support Modi because he is the first Indian Prime Minister to... treat ALL Indians, INCLUDING Hindus, equally.

What American journalists fail to grasp is that despite Hindus being the majority population in India, they have been callously disregarded, disrespected, & suppressed in their own damn country.

Under Modi’s leadership, Hindus...
Jan 10, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
{LONG THREAD} 1. On the toy train from Coonoor to Ooty today, I met a nice German fellow who was visiting India for the first time. He knew nothing about the #Kashmir situation so I filled him in. I told him that because of Mr. Modi & the BJP, many Kashmiri Hindus like myself 2. finally feel SAFE ENOUGH to SPEAK and share the truth of our horrible ethnic cleansing at the hands of Kashmiri Muslims & Islamic terrorists from Pakistan 30 years ago. I asked him to imagine going through a terrible trauma and then being too afraid to speak about it for years