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#RajivGandhi was barely 40 when he became Prime Minister of #India. #Politics was not his first choice as a career and yet Rajiv, an airline #pilot, found himself in the hot seat after his mother, Indira Gandhi, was assassinated in October 1984, when she was PM. 1/13
#IndiaAt75 Image
When Rajiv took over, he had a clean personal and political image. He was non-controversial. His initiation to #politics had taken place on the death of his brother Sanjay. In 1981, Rajiv stood for election from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh and won a seat in the Lok Sabha. 2/13
#Terrorism was already raging in Punjab, and in the midst of the 1984 election campaign, #India was hit by the world’s worst industrial disaster. On 3rd December, a poisonous gas leak from American multinational Union Carbide killed 2,000 people in Bhopal. 3/12
#ModernIndia Image
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When the line of divide was declared on Aug 17th, the one way to escape from Pakistan was CLOSED, huge massacres happened on the railway station. Amritsar border made it possible for some Hindus to escape from Karan side since it was just few miles away..
The border of Amritsar on Indian side made it possible for some Hindus to escape through Karan side (🇵🇰)since it was a few miles away.
Few who could escape towards Firozepur were shot dead by muzlim troupes who held the bridge of Sutlej river on their way.
All the trains from Lahore, Montgomery, Multan & Sindh that arrived on the crossing point of Lahore Firozepur Delhi line & Lahore Multan Karachi line at Rewind in Lahore carrying Hindu Sikhs, were attacked, the railway tracks were were full of corpses…
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Dear PM @narendramodi & HM @AmitShah,

I know my plea is gonna fall on deaf ears & blind eyes but are

many other innocent #Hindus mere statistic in your political power lust?
Am afraid this will stop only with beheading (Shiv-Krishna forbid) of #NaveenJindal &/or #NupurSharma or may be not. #SarTanSeJuda gang has tasted blood.

Naveen actually is in greater danger.

#Jehadis don't Forget or Forgive. They can bid their time.

Sadly #Hindus won’t know what to do?

Do Hindus know how to avenge such killings? Hindus are not conditioned that way.

Not that it can't be done but Hindus are stuck in a self-inflicted quagmire.

#Modi on one side, #LeLis on other & #TINA in middle.

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A documentary screened in Toronto which depicts Kalimata smoking a cigarette by Leena Manimekalai went viral yesterday. Who is Leena Manimekalai? Read on....1/6
Leena Manimemakali supported the Church backed, foreign funded Koondamkulam Nuclear Power Plant protest. India's Intelligence Bureau said the organiser of the protest SP Udaykumar got funds from foreign countries. 2/6
Leena Manimekalai is a leftist-feminist whose documentaries revolve around caste and gender. She is seen here giving interview to H Raja (Joseph) Swamy of University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Who is Raja Joseph Swamy? 3/6
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But when will the name of the railway station ‘Hazrat Nizamuddin’ be changed??

Who was #Nizamuddin ?
A: Nizamuddin came to Delhi as a jihadi with a contingent of invaders in 1335, he asserted,“every #Sufi must be unquestionably obedient to the dictates of the ulema..
“What ulema seek to achieve through speech,we achieve by our behaviour” #Nizamuddin
“He emphasized, @lla created heaven for muzlims & hell for k@firs in order to repay the wicked ones for what they’ve done..he never missed a single sunnat”
-his associate, Jamal Qiwamuddin
#Nizamuddin confirmed on authority of izlamic jurist Imam Abu Hanfi, that hell is the only abode for k@firs, even if they agreed to be loyal to all@..
He sent his followers to sell Hindus taken as slaves to Ghazni where the profit was greater..”- Fawaid al Faud
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#NupurSharma V/s #IStandWithZubair
Issued in Public Interest
“Dog Whistling” - SocialMedia & how it works
There are 3 kinds of people on SocialMedia:
1.The average joe like me, who is an “Internet Nobody”. Nobody cares what we share. The noise we make is a data point. 1/22
2.Then we have the celebrities, influencers & public persons called “Virtual Celebrities”. They are the content creator in reaction to which people like us make noise. 2/22
3.Lastly, there are the loudest ones. They are the “Bots & Trolls” – the anonymous ones. The most interesting of the lot. They can become amplifiers on rent but they would only come into play when they are signalled to do so. 3/22
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We often discuss and refer to the Bhagavad Gita but we rarely discuss or highlight the short but meaningful conversations that took place between Shri Ram and Vibhishan (Ravan's half brother). In this thread, I will be throwing shade on one such insightful conversation.
When Shri Rama was fighting with King Ravana, he did not have a chariot. Vibhishan chimed in and stated that he will be unable to win against a powerful king like Ravan without a proper chariot.

That is when Shri Ram told Vibhishan about dharma(duty):
1) Bravery and patience are the two wheels of my chariot.
2) Truth is the flag of my chariot and strength, decisiveness, kindness and duty are the four horses and these horses are tied by the rope of forgiveness and equality.
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What does 108 mean in Sanatan Dharma!!!Check these meanings!!
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There are about 2.3 billion #Christians in the world & 1.8 billion #Muslims. That gap is expected to narrow by 2060, when there will be 3 billion #Christians & nearly 3 billion #Muslims. That’s because #Muslims, on average, are younger & have more children than do #Christians.
The countries with the 5 highest #Muslim populations are all in South and Southeast #Asia or in sub-Saharan #Africa, rather than the #MiddleEast; and the countries with the three highest #Christian populations are in the #Americas rather than in the #MiddleEast or #Europe.
By 2060, #India will retain a #Hindu majority but also will have the largest #Muslim population of any country in the world, surpassing #Indonesia. The current #Hindu population worldwide is approx 1.2 billion. Expected #Hindu population in 2060 will be nearly 1.5 billion.
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The reason I hate DEMOCRACIES: media is nothing but a tool of COLLECTIVE manipulation here.
Instead of showing #KashmiriPandits leaving Kashmir show me #Hindus who r ready to march to Kashmir.
Shame on u media & others who cn do nothing but destroy the confidence of others. 👎
Yes, targeted killings are an issue. We have to face it not by DESTROYING confidence of those who are already terrified. I dont get this attitude. The reason why strongly believe media should not get too much liberty.
If you dont believe in STANDING UP and fighting— I don’t blame you. Watching Prithviraj Chauhan will change nothing.
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Western countries rely on the media to inform them of factual international news not this severe anti-Hindu prejudice.

@SBSHindi @SBSNews @abcnews what about calls for beheading of #NupurSharma all over twitter?

Search up:

सर तन से जुदा
Sar tun se juda

#IStandWithNupurSharma ImageImageImageImage
The only form of religious extremism we ever hear about are those alleged of #Hindus against Christians and Muslims.

Why? Because the western media have chronic Abrahamic supremacist bias.

Yes, that's right. They encourage religious fundamentalism by pointing the finger away. ImageImageImageImage
There are many kinds of theocratic & non theocratic ethnonationalist supremacism in South Asia. Some are more deadly than others.

Persons who knowingly distort the spectrum of violent religious extremism in South Asia like @ABC & @SBS participate in whitewashing terrorism. Stop! ImageImageImageImage
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The key points to note in this brilliant article by @dharmadispatch in @Openthemag are given in the pictures below. The biggest mystery for me is when you look at 1947 even though a #Nehru could have been sympathetic to the #Muslim cause given the #partition where was the need
to glorify the invaders, the most brutal barbaric rulers of the Mughal period & make them the heroes & representatives of Indian muslims? For someone who claimed to be secular & fighting for united India the #Nehru ecosystem could have found so many other heroes to represent the
Indian muslims. Accepting the extra sympathy for a community in the aftermath of partition #Nehru & his eco system by promoting barbaric figures as their heroes actually did the greatest disservice to the Indian muslims. Fissiparous elements drove the wedge deeper over time.
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Correct . SAGARMATHA GIRISRINGA and not Mount Everest etc. // Everest did not even do the great survey work that established the altitude -it was done by an #Indian called RADHANATH SIKDAR ( why not Mount RADHANATH if we are to go by Everest ?? ). @IndiGenBharat ; @cbkwgl.… .....#Indian and a #BengaliHindu // A supremely talented surveyor who rendered great service to #Bharatvarsh // unknown to most people.
Wiki : " In 1851 a Survey Manual (eds. Capt. H. L. Thullier and Capt. F. Smyth) was published by the Survey Department. The preface to the Manual mentions that the more technical and mathematical chapters of the Manual were written by Babu Radhanath Sikdar."
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In this🧵I will expose Journalist #MehdiHasan a rabid Islamist who has been demonizing #Hindus & spreading hatred on international platforms for years.
I will expose his Technique, his Line of arguments & his Fraud
1/n Image
His latest outburst, in which he falsely insinuates Hindus In India lead by #NarendraModi are planing to inflict genocide in India. Gullible international audience is eating out of his hands !!
Little do they know only genocide that has happened in Independent 🇮🇳 is committed by Muslims on Hindus of Kashmir where they are a minority.
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Open supporters of Khalistan have no right to use the term 'anti Sikh' to frame Hindu objection to separatist activism in this country. The court ruled in the Vishal Jood case Khalistan is not a religion. Stop vilifying Hindus as anti Sikh. They are against a political ideology.
@MehreenFaruqi you might want to explain how your 'informants' have convinced you to use this anti Sikh conflation to defend these separatist activists in our parliament.
List of media articles calling Vishal Jood 'anti Sikh' in the Australian media and about Jood from abroad.…
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WestBengal to Mughalistan!
Such a dreadful report abt Bengal from America which has created panic,2015 report becoming true
Once considered a symbol of Indian culture,what has happened in Bengal today is not hidden from anyone
Communal riots against #Hindus have started happening
& now the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the festival has started.
But the famous American journalist Janet Levy has now written the article on Bengal and the revelations that have been made in it, the ground will slide under your feet.
Janet Levy claims Bengal will soon become a separate Ijlamic country
Janet Levy claims in her latest article that civil war is going to start soon in Bengal after Kashmir.
In which mass Hindus will be massacred & demand a separate country called Mughalistan
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Only 9 votes to #YogiAdityanath How True is this in #UttarPradeshElections
Whatever you do this c0mmunity they have loyalty only towards their religion!
*Gorakhpur (UP):*
*Know the meaning of "Al-Taqiya"*
In this Muslim dominated area of ​​Gorakhpur,Yogi got only 9 votes but
the people there used to call Yogiji
"Messiah" in front of the media .

Yogi had to face a crushing defeat at Chaksa Hussain booth,adjacent to Gorakhnath temple.

There were a total of 1016 voters in booth number 267 Janpriya Vihar II, out of which 456 had cast their votes,in
in which Yogi got only 9 votes
Everyone is surprised to see this figure.
They praised the work of Yogi,but did not vote for him.
Chaksa Hussain,Janapriya Bihar area,is the area adjacent to CM's residence & Gorakhnath temple, whose distance is not even about 50steps from temple
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This video of a #KashmiriHindu downplaying their genocide is going viral. Some #KashmiriHindus not only refuse to acknowledge but aid and abet Islamists in their oppression olympics. She is not alone. Read the thread to know the most influential ones.
1.Nitasha Kaul - Associate Professor, University of Westminster who believes "Azad is not just a call for better life but a freer life". Opposed removal of Article 370.
2. Mona Bhan - Associate Professor Syracuse University, actively works with Jamaat-i-Islami front Stand with Kashmir along with Ather Zia, Cynthia Mahmoud, Huma Dar, Hafsa Kanjwal and Mohammed Junaid. SWK also made an appearance in #TheKashmiriFiles. Opposed removal of Art 370.
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In #TheKashmirFiles, ANU professor Radhika Menon is shown to be a mix between JNU professor Nivedita Menon and Arundhati Roy, here are 'professors' from Western universities who think and talk like Radhika Menon. Just a snippet.
#Hindus #India
Some are Indians, Pakistanis, Americans, or from the EU.
#Hindus #India
They are all people who have a social standing and use power of their office to spread falsehoods and propaganda against #Hindus and #Kashmir.
#Hindus #India
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From Francis Gautier friend Anil Bahl. what do u think?
"Doom of Sanātani Hindu Civilisation?
1.#Hindus were almost same % in #Pakistan as were #Mujlims in #India during #Independence
How #Hindus r extinct in 70yrs in neighbouring Ijlamic nations where as they r twice in #India?
Hindus there did not fight against Mujlim #extermination of them, lost. #Loosing here too?
2. Any race that does not fight back for existence #looses our as did #Yazidi too in recent past. Being #peaceful does not mean to give in to #intruders & #tormentors. Only #strength
of a community keeps it secured, not wisdom. #Hindus ought to have learnt this tough #lesson by now.
3. World does not let you coexist if they do not fear you
#Hindus we’re expanding till we had strong #Kingdoms and our #knowledge was also safe. Once we were weakened by Ijlam &
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My #KashmirFiles movie & theater experience yesterday
☄After Uri I am watching an Indian Movie!
☄Superbly sequenced & lot of thought has gone into lining up incidents in a apt way
I was speechless & dumbstruck at the horrific k!lling & torture our #Hindus in Kashmir faced
in Jan 1990
☄Let's henceforth call it as #Hindugenocide not Exodus!😞
☄My daughter,at one point of time became too emotional & started giving gallies & countering statements-her mind voice was coming out & I had to silence her !
Imagine in #Chennai during
the movie - people shouted #Jaihind & #BharatMataKiJai
But I see they are not #Tamizhians ofcourse!
☄People who get depressed easily should not watch! The k!lling of character sharada was horrendous & we closed our eyes!
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Just visited the Adi Shankaracharya's establishment (Sharada Peetham) at Sringeri, Karnataka. What surprised me, & even shocked me was the fact that at the free meal (Prasadam) served there,

I saw some women wearing full #Burqa , with a band of their children & their men eating the Prasadam.

Mind you, Adi Shankaracharya represents core #Hinduism and people visiting the place are staunch #Hindus .

Obviously, the meal cooked was not at all #Halal and yet these #Burqa - wearing females and their families had no problem eating their meal there.

Needless to say, no one objected to them partaking the meal and they were served as happily as anyone else.
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Om Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit spiritual symbol in #Indian religions. Which was first felt by rishis as they meditated. Eventually, as the experience proliferated, the word came forth and people started chanting it to feel the same experience. #OM is also one of the most ImageImage
important spiritual symbols. It refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (the entirety of the universe, the ultimate reality, and cosmic knowledge). Om is a sound with a complex meaning. It is the whole universe fused into a single word, representing the union of body,
mind, and soul. Om is misunderstood as a religious mantra which is only related to #Hindus. But in reality, it is a cosmic vibration that initiated the creation of the whole universe. The sound of om has three syllables A, U, and M pronounced as AUM. Chanting of ‘aaaa’ gives
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🇮🇳Wake up #Hindus !The Hijab Battle of Coastal #Karnataka
Government PU College in Kundapura (Udupi Dist) has captured the eyeballs all over social media. The national media is waking up.The usual suspects from Liberal gangs are rushing in with support for the Hijabi girls 🚩1/10
2. Karnataka Govt has refused special permission for the girls to wear Hijab to college. A large number of Hindu boys/girls began wearing "Saffron shawls" to school protesting against Hijabization. This trend began from Bhandarkar College in Kundapura & is spreading across 🚩
3. Why are the Hindus "infringing upon the fundamental rights" of Muslim girls ? What exactly is the ground reality ? It is all about resistance. But the resistance isn't from the Hijabi girls. It's the Hindus who are resisting. Resisting Izzlamisation!
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