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Beauty is Truth and Truth is Beauty...Musician, Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Revolutionary, Hacker, WARRIOR MONK. 🌊#Resistance #Resist45 🌊
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30 Jan 19
#Thread Now is NOT the time for ridiculous partisan chicanery or fighting amongst ourselves. We have multiple emergent threats: RU, China, DPRK, & IRAN, not to mention the Terrorist problem in the Middle East. We are at a critical aperture defenseone.com/threats/2019/0… via @defenseone
2.) In our Nation's Geopolitical future. We should be taxing ourselves as much as humanly possible so that we may achieve some mission critical goals. We MUST upgrade our National infrastructure-if we don't bring our Grid & infrastructure into the 21st Century we are in grave
3.) Danger every single day because any one of those Nation States could throw the country into total blackout via cyberattack on our Grid & SCADA Systems. We have Gov. Offices still running Win XP for God's sakes...A blackout, if done properly could last for a year or more which
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27 Jan 19
1.) Stop & contemplating this for a second...While @SenSanders has hardly been 'Pro-Trump' he certainly HAS NOT led the #Resistance in opposition to the #TrumpCrimeFamily like @KamalaHarris or @SenWarren have. Matter of fact Bern's been rather absent from the #MSM ever
2.) Since conceding in the Primary in #Election2016...He was oddly silent during the flux of Democratic alarm ringers at the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, All but invisible during the #WhereAreTheChildren scandal letting other Senators like @SenJeffMerkley take the lead. His silence
3.) Regarding the #TrumpRussia Conspiracy has been deafening while on the reverse side, the words he has spoken in regards to #TrumpRussia , #Russians which were expressed in the way of his vote against the #MagnitskyAct & Against Sanctioning Iran & Russia. And now consider all
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11 Sep 18
Tragically what the #CorruptGOP doesn't seem to get is that because they are not dealing in facts, & they are propagating falsehoods to their base, an entire generation of Republican voters, workers, apparachik's at every level; the U.S.A. loses ultimately. There are
People basing real decisions, at real jobs- both public & private sector-on false information. We have the most powerful military, biggest Economy, in the most industrialized nation in the world making Domestic & Foreign Policy based on fasle information.
This can & will end only one of two ways. Either we reverse course before catastrophic consequence or we experience what could be the most catastrophic multi-national event that has occurred since WW2 & the most grave consequences since our Nation's inception nearly 300 yrs ago.
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