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I've Tweeted - since 2017 - this group, 'hacking', from a spot on Buenos Aires, Argentina they called, 'La Madriguera' (The Burrow)

Tonight I stumbled on a news article from 2021 written about the group belonging to 'VOLTAIRE HOUSE' of Buenos Aires, involved in BitCoin... Image
1 Day beofre Election2016 - form Buenos Aires, Aregntina, with team members also linked to Boston Image
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It's been awhile since posting 'THE PROPHECY' (1st posted here Feb 2017) portending a 'surprise attack by #RUSSIA and it's subsequent annilhation'(on the way to #RAPTURE) as predicted by a modern #Believer I interviewed post-#Election2016

Some believe it is writ... Image
If you don't want to zoom-in on the parts relevant to 'today' Re: RUSSIA and UKRAINE and YadaYadaYada...'s the salient section 'as interpreted from The Holy Bible' by a certain demographic Image
Back then, I also shared it with an 'investigative reporter' at BuzzFeed but he wasn't having it.


.. a certain demographic among us (see, Pompeo and Company) is viewing current events as pre-ordained on the way to #RAPTURE
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I Tweeted this in 2017, with a series of Tweets from 'a Hacking Operation that was photographed, documented and Tweeted' on Twitter, before and immediately after Trump 'got elected'.

At the 'Libreria, La Madriguera, Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina' Image
A Trail of Stuff Related to #Election2016 from my archives - that I found relevant and posted but few others noticed.

Now, some of these entities ( but not enough, yet) are getting some eyes on them

Like, 'Church Militant' Image
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This is what Julian Assange and WikiLeaks turned the hacked emails into before the election.

Fake news and propaganda that got Trump elected based on mis-interpretations and lies about hidden messages in hacked, stolen emails.

Cult Insanity is still at work in Trump's World. Image
Julian Assange conspired to hack and then release emails that were 'spun' and 'propagandized' as disinformation accusing democrats of 'using codewords' in their 'campaigns' known as 'PizzaGate' and 'Spirit Cooking': supposed pedophiles, child kidnappers and satanic murderers.
Julian Assange isn't a 'journalistic hero' but a hacker who facilitated a disinformation campaign that resulted in a 'stolen election' in 2016 which gave us 4 years of increasing fascist hell and a potential overthrow of our democracy.
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"There's no way we lost Georgia," begins @POTUS. "That was a rigged election."
Tomorrow in #Georgia is the "one of the most important elections," says @POTUS.
Over the next couple of weeks "watch what's going to be revealed," says @POTUS.
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NEW: @POTUS #COVIDadviser @SWAtlasHoover apologizes for interview w/RT from the White House Saturday

Atlas: "I was unaware they are a registered foreign agent...I especially apologize to the national security community who is working hard to defend us"
.@SWAtlasHoover had earlier tweeted the link to the interview w/RT on #COVID19
The interview remains on RT's website...
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"This is a hell of a crowd for 1:30 in the afternoon," says @realDonaldTrump at start of #NorthCarolina rally. Image
At rally, @POTUS says @TheDemocrats are a powerful and corrupt party in bed with the media, "the fake news back there" and "totally protected by big tech."
"This election is a matter of national security," says @realDonaldTrump. Image
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NEW: @DNI_Ratcliffe says #Russia|n intelligence analysis provide to @LindseyGrahamSC, Senate Judiciary Committee for its Crossfire Hurricane Investigation "is not Russian disinformation and has not been assessed as such by the Intelligence Community"
MORE: " I’ll be briefing Congress on the sensitive sources and methods by which it was obtained in the coming days" per @DNI_Ratcliffe statement

His letter to @LindseyGrahamSC here:…
NEW: @FBI spokesperson on @ODNIgov declassification of #Russian intelligence analysis re #Election2016

"The FBI has been, and will continue to be, fully cooperative with all congressional inquiries, and Department of Justice reviews, into the Crossfire Hurricane investigation”
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"We recognize that this elections for many voters will look & feel very different than it has in the past" due to #COVID19, @DHSgov Sr Advisor for Election Security Matt Masterson tells @AuburnCyber's McCrary Institute Image
"Today is National Voter Registration Day" per Masterson "What a perfect day for all voters to go out & register or update their registration to ensure their information is accurate & up-to-date"
"Election night results may be less complete than what you're used to seeing" per @DHSgov's Masterson "None of that means there's a problem w/the process. It means election officials are focused on accuracy, not speed, & they're doing everything they can..."
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.@HomelandDems' @BennieGThompson opens hearing on "Ensuring Every Vote Counts" criticizing @POTUS for "waging an attack on the Postal Service to serve his own political interests"
"The president has told the public that vote-by-mail is rigged, illegal or fraudulent more than 100 times since March" per @BennieGThompson "...undeterred by the fact that he's been contradicted by DHS & the intelligence community"
"The president has openly acknowledged that he is depriving the Postal Service of additional funding bcs he is concerned the expanding voting opportunities will hurt reelection chances" per @BennieGThompson in opening statement
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"You all are a sight for sore eyes because I've had to watch the Democratic National Convention for the last two days," says @VP during speech at Tankcraft Corp. in #Wisconsin. Image
“I did hear the Democrats were supposed to have their national convention in Wisconsin but they couldn’t make it,” says @VP. “Of course that’s really nothing new,” referring to @HillaryClinton decision to skip campaigning there in #Election2016.
“I’m here to tell you get used to seeing us because President Donald Trump and I are going to be back in Wisconsin again and again,” says @VP. Image
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Air Force One has just landed in Yuma, #Arizona where @POTUS will receive a #BorderWall update briefing and make remarks on #immigration.
The temperature in Yuma currently: 44°C/111°F. Image
As Air Force One rolled up, the loudspeakers blaring the @realDonaldTrump rally soundtrack, currently 'Tiny Dancer' by @eltonofficial. Image
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Report alleges @PaulManafort collaborated with #Russia before, during and after #Election2016.
Officials of @realDonaldTrump administration "significantly hampered" Senate investigation, according to intelligence panel's final report.
Hack of @TheDemocrats computer networks and leak of information damaging to @HillaryClinton during #Election2016 campaign was ordered by #Russia President Putin, according to the final report of the US Senate intelligence committee.
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JUST IN: Senate Intelligence Committee releases 5th & final report on #Russia #Election2016 meddling - on Russia’s attempts to gain influence in the American political system…
The 5 bipartisan reports from the Senate Intelligence Committee based on “more than three years of investigative activity, more than 200 witness interviews, and more than a million pages of reviewed documents” per statement “All five volumes total more than 1300 pages”
Statement from Senate Intelligence Committee acting Chair @marcorubio:

“We can say, without any hesitation, that the Committee found absolutely no evidence that then-candidate Donald Trump or his campaign colluded with the #Russia|n government to meddle in the 2016 election...”
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"It's drawn by children," says @POTUS, speaking on @FoxBusiness, of the #GreenNewDeal. "These people are so crazy."
"These are seriously ill people," says @POTUS of @TheDemocrats.
"Yesterday, I put up charts that were incredible," says @POTUS. "Everyone knows if Biden gets in, this market is going to crash."
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.@POTUS repeating criticism of plans to have expanded mail-in voting for #Election2020

"It's going to be the greatest fraud in the history of elections" he says "You always talk about #Russia, Russia, Russia, #China, #Iran...Your biggest problem is going to be w/the Democrats"
.@POTUS says Democrats want $3.5 billion for mail-in voting "we would never approve an amount like that"

He also says Democrats $25 billion for @USPS "so the Post Office can handle this vast amount of ballots that are being sent all over the place"
"Are they going to do it [universal mail-in voting] even though they don't have the money?" @POTUS asks about Democrats in Congress

"It'll be the greatest fraud ever perpetrated other than, perhaps what they did to my campaign" he asserts, referring to #Election2016
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#Election2016 for US "a similar sort of wake-up call" to #Russia's launch of #Sputnik in 1957, per @CISAKrebs

"This was truly an affront to the American ppl because it demonstrated the potentiality to undermine democracy at large-that's why we take it as seriously as we do"
"I've said it before & I'll say it again. The 2020 election will be the most secure election in modern history" @CISAKrebs tells @BrookingsInst

"We've been truly able to raise the awareness of cybersecurity threats with our partners. They get it"
At least 92% of states will have a paper record of each vote - so election can be audited and verified, per @CISAKrebs

But with #COVID19 and expansion of absentee voting, that percentage could be even higher
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JUST IN: @ODNIgov Dir John Ratcliffe releases declassified Annex A of the Intelligence Community's 2016 assessment on #Russia meddling in #Election2016 "with minimal redactions"

This follows requests from senators @ChuckGrassley & @RonJohnsonWI
Per Annex A of the 2016 Intelligence Community Assessment on #Russia|n election meddling, intel officials had "only limited corroboration of the source's reporting...and did not use it to reach the analytic conclusions of the CIA/FBI/NSA assessment"
Annex A also notes that Steele "is an executive of a private business intelligence firm and a former employee of a friendly foreign intelligence service" and that he has been "compensated for previous reporting over the part three years"
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept AG William Barr touts "significant developments" into deadly December shooting at @NASPCOLA that killed 3 and wounded 8 Image
NEW: Information found on phones of shooter, Saudi Air Force Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, ties him directly to #AQAP per Atty Gen William Barr

@FBI Dir. Chritopher Wray: Info on the phones show @NASPCOLA shooting "brutal culmination of years of planning"
Alshamrani "talked w/#AQAP about his plans and tactics" in the months leading up to the shooting, @FBI's Wray "He was helping the organization make the most he could out of his killings"
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THREAD: @JoeBiden & The #ElectoralCollege: There are 2 basic factors of electability nearly every major Democrat candidate in 2020 could reach: 1. Win the national popular vote and 2. Win back Michigan, Wisconsin & Pennsylvania. The easiest & barest levels of electability. But...
2/Suppose we are overestimating the #Resistance to Donald Trump in 2020? Suppose just one of the key 3 states in 2016 put Trump over the top in 2020? Which candidate could get to 270 electoral votes a different way? Who is best positioned to win in Florida? In Arizona? In North..
3/Carolina? In Ohio? It's those bigger thresholds that make @JoeBiden the best positioned to beat Trump. Two groups give Biden a unique electoral advantage. First, an incredible strength among older voters. Of the top 10 oldest states as of 2018, 3 are crucial swing states:
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#BrianKemp bleached the rolls whiter than white, removing over half a million voters from the rolls in #Georgia before the 2018 gubernatorial race against #StaceyAbrams — who was the first African American woman to run for Governor in the U.S.…
But Kemp's racist vote-purging tricks go way beyond Georgia. He worked with #KrisKobach, Trump's Vote-Thief-in-Chief, who used the #InterstateCrosscheck voter purge list generated by Kemp in Georgia to target voters of color in 30 states.…
That's what flipped #Michigan to Trump and helped steal the presidency in 2016. And it'll happen again in 2020, unless we're able to expose and stop the GOP's election-stealing tricks.…
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"I worked so hard for this state," says @POTUS, opening political rally in #Iowa.
@POTUS "It's going to be a historic landslide," predicts @POTUS at @DrakeUniversity rally. "If we don't win your farms are going to hell."
@POTUS @DrakeUniversity After disparaging @ewarren, @SenSanders and @JoeBiden, @POTUS remarks: "Boot-edge-edge...presides over a city that failed,.

"What happened to mini-Mike? Where's he?"
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USA Today reports on #Ohio's voter purges noting that:

1. The young were disproportionately purged: Nearly 1 out of 3 purged voters was age 25 to 34.…
2. Where a party preference could be determined based on the last partisan primary in which the voter cast a ballot, Democrats outnumbered Republicans almost 2 to 1.…
Our experts have been screaming that the big purge attacks young voters — i.e. Democrats. The excuse is that they’ve moved out of #Ohio. They haven’t. They are students and renters who moved to a new dorm or down the street.…
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