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#bkdk #omegaverse #idolau #drama CW: #agegap

“Bakugo-San, your career has been soaring non-stop since you went solo! The world wants to know what’s next for you?” A reporter asked the number one idol in all of Japan.

“A fucking nap.” Katsuki groaned, making the reporter fret.
Izuku laughed from his couch as his eyes were glued to his every word.

“Really, Izuku.” His mom turned off the tv. “There’s so many idols out there, why are you obsessed with that one?!”

“He’s great, mom!” Izuku beamed. “I know his language isn’t the best,”
“But when I watch him dance, I feel like I can do anything!” The newly presented omega stood up and did a twirl before tripping and falling.

“Maybe that’s not a good thing.” Midoriya Inko sighed before helping son up.

“That had nothing to do with my presentation!” Izuku pouted.
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#bkdk #agegap #drama CW: student/teacher
Bakugo Katsuki seethed in anger as he watched his landlord bow repeatedly.

"I'm so sorry Bakugou-san. I know your move in day was supposed to be today. But unfortunately the loft you were approved for was purchased outright!"
"AND YOU'RE JUST TELLING ME THIS NOW?!" Katsuki snapped. After years of blood, sweat and tears at a top university. He got hired for his dream job, teaching at his alma mater, UA High School. The problem was the area was far more expensive than what he could afford.
He sold his car, and took up three part time jobs over the summer in order to afford a decent loft close to the school. He found this one for a practical steal due to the complex having new ownership. He was supposed to move in this weekend, right before the school year began.
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Okay, I will bite.
#bkdk #cheating #agegap #dekuMasu?

“I told you so.”

Izuku could hear Ochaco now. She warned him. Shoto warned him. Iida won’t speak to him anymore. All because Izuku couldn’t help but fall for the kind older man who offered him a ride to University.
“He’s not married! He told me so!” Izuku insisted.

“Uh huh. And neither was my Father when he started dating that 20 something tattoo artist who calls himself ‘Hawks.’” Shoto rolled his eyes. “Now he’s moved in the basement and guess what? My parents are still married.”
“Is that what you want to be Deku-kun?” Ochaco questioned. “A basement home wrecker?“

“I-I’m not a Homewrecker! Massaru-San is too kind to do something like that. If you just got to know him, you would see! You would know! He would never hurt a fly! Much less cheat! Besides..”
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#bkdk #drama #omegaverse #agegap (Starts #rodydeku but bkdk endgame)

Based off the song “Rude” by Magic!

Alpha Bakugo Katsuki was given too much power he knew what to do with when the beloved Duke Toshinori Yagi passed on his land to him before passing away, on one condition:
He care for his treasure, his beloved son, Midoriya Izuku. Katsuki had helped care for the omega as a faithful aid to the Duke and was close to him as he grew up. He was only eight years older than him so he never really considered it babysitting. More guarding than anything.
But still, Katsuki took his responsibility seriously as the new Duke and the now caretaker of the 12 year old seriously. Deku was easy to watch out for. He was good and helpful. He was loved by everyone, but this took an unexpected turn when he became of age to marry.
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"All I have to do is tell him to take me with him" katsuki exhaled softly,the tea cup tray in his hand rattling along with his breath

He can't even tell why he was so anxious. It's his mate,his partner-the worst he could do was #dkbk #agegap #sizedifference obk aiz fantasy au
say no and make katsuki look other ways

Katsuki slowly walked up the stairs, careful not to spill. He peeked inside the room to see his mate laying on bed, tugging at his wet hair
Izuku has been away from home for 3 months now. He's a knight of the king after all- he has people to protect. But after each dangerous mission successfully done or when he had saved up enough- Izuku comes back to his hometown to relax for weeks, take a breath, enjoy life
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New thread idea. #bkdk #bakudeku #omegaverse #oba #agegap #olderkatsuki #youngerizuku #phkatsuki #uastudentizuku

“Hey Bakugou.. can you come to my office for a second?”

Katsuki looked up from his desk, filling out his latest report. He pinned Hawks, his boss, with a glare.
“Can’t it wait? I have a ton of reports to do and-“

“No. It really can’t.” Hawk’s lackluster smirk made Katsuki’s blood boil but he stood up and followed behind him anyway.

Closing the door behind him, he leaned against it and fixed his boss with a glare. “What’s this about?”
“It seems you’re making headlines again. Along with our newest intern and his... tendencies to get into trouble.”

Katsuki’s face fell as he looked at the news flashing across Hawk’s multiple TV screens in his office. All with the titles,
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Kirishima should have known, to be honest.

He's 13 years old now, so he should be smarter than this.

Should recognize the gleam in his owner's eyes as he orders him drink after drink after drink.

#nsfw #puppyKiri #ProHeroBaku #omo #omorashi #pissplay #agegap #doggystyle
💫Coming Soon💫
But it's hard, okay?!

How is he supposed to know he's being tricked when his owner gives him that smile? That soft, secret smile that he saves only for Kirishima which never fails to send his tail wagging at supersonic speeds.
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