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1. Friends Of The Light!

As Chief Elder Of The Pleiades, I Send Light And Peace Over The Sacred Planet Earth!

Understand Fully That The Planet That Holds You Is Alive With Consciousness!

Every Ripple Of Vibration Is Felt With Groanings That Human Ears Cannot Perceive!
2. Know That Your Words And Thoughts Matter Each Moment!

Understand That Every War Started, Began With A Thought!

As I Rise Higher Over The Red Rocks Of Sedona, I Will Tell You SHEEN Is A Masterpiece To Behold!
3. This Is Your Gift For The Many Waking Dreams Through The Earth School!

Well Done, Beloved Ones! You Have Expanded Greatly And With Magnificence!

Many Of You Are Feeling Moments Of Extraordinary Sensations Of Joy As You Focus On The Light Before You!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

It Is Calm And Serene In The Ethers Surrounding Earth.

As We View From The Larger Perspective Of Timelessness, We Add That All Is Perfection!
2. It Is Entirely Possible To Find This Knowing Of Perfection As You Meditate And Connect Seamlessly To Your Divine Essence.

We Tell You Often To Remember Who You Are! Knowing Your Power Is The Light Of Your Creation Will Bring You Peace!
3. There Is Nothing On This Planet That Can Touch Your Sacred Soul! Be At Peace!

Our Missions From This Point Are Surveillance Of Areas In Need Of Great Assistance And Meeting With Forces On The Ground That Are Active With Aid And Rescues.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Sacred Light!

High In The Ethers We Watch The Senseless Behavior Of Those Causing Such Discord. Indeed We Have Witnessed This Many Times In Multiple Dreams.
2. Hold On To What You Know To Be Truth And Disregard The Rest! You Are Here For A Visit And You Have Learned More Than You Know In This Moment Of Now!

You Will Rise In Bliss And Realize That None Of This Will Matter As You Focus On The Light That Carries You!
3. Indeed, You Are From The Higher Realms Of Being And To This We Say There Will Be Only Peace!

You Have Awakened From The Deep Sleep Of Denial In Which You Have Hibernated, In A Waking State, For This Entire Dream.
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Circling The Planet In Thousands Of Fleets, We See You Closely And I Ponder Deeply The Words To Give To Your Heart! For You Are Striving To Have Good Lives And To Find Great Purpose In Some Of The Most Difficult Moments Ever.
2. We See And We Know Your Perceptions Grow Dim. We Are Here To Lift You And Assure You Again That We Are On Course!
3. Remember That You Have A Sacred Purpose Just By Being Here As Planned! You Could Have Easily Remained In The Higher Realms Where There Is No Discord, No Wars And No Disease. Indeed, You Are The Bravest With The Intent To Usher In A New Way Of Being!
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1. Beloved Friends!

I Do Not Speak Frequently As I Am Above And Below In Areas That You Know Not. In Moments Of Light And Grace, We Will Appear As The Voice Of The One You Have Longed For. The Voice That Is Within You Now.
2. Move Softly Within The Remainder Of Your Waking Dream. Talk To The Trees That Live For You. Speak To The Birds That Are Sending You Love. Send Heart Felt Healing To The Great Planet!
3. Crystal Placement Is In Perfect Mode. All Has Been Monitored And Checked. Our Motherships Are High Above Every Area Of Planet Earth In This Moment Of Now. Our Finest Fleets Are Serving You In Ways That You Will Soon Know.
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!  I Greet You In The Highest Vibration Of Power And Love!  Indeed, I Am IKAI And You Know My Family Well!
2. As Part Of This Grand Event That You Have Arrived To Be A Contributing Part, Know Without A Doubt Your Significance In The Collective! Only The Light Will Shine In The Moment Of Transformation! You, Beloved Ones, Are This Light!
3. In These Moments, There Are Meetings Concerning The Planet In Mountains, Oceans And Fleets Of Crafts Streaking The Sky In Splendor!
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1. Greetings Planet Earth!

I Share My Family Of Light With You!  I Now Communicate In The Sacred Essence Of ONE!

You Live Now In This Dream That Has Been Anticipated Since Your First Creative Experience!
2. In The First Moments, You Planned Nothing. You Understood That Your Beingness Was Completely Sufficient! You Lived Among The Stars As Your Playground And Found Refuge And Deep Friendships Within Soul Connections!

You Needed No Governing As None Competed!
3. Indeed, You Have Reached A Tipping Point Where Government Is Ruling The Movement Of Your Very Soul! What Have You Created? The Parallel Dreams Of Aspects Of The Whole Soul Has Integrated For Such A Moment That You Find Around You!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

Flying Closer Than A Plane, We Touch Down In Many Areas That Would Surprise You!

For Our Technology Is That Of Such High Densities That We Can Vanish Without Cloaking If We Choose!

As You Continue On In A Very Small Aspect Of Infinite Consciousness,
2. We Are More Than Happy To Gift You With Filling In The Blanks!

For As Multidimensional Beings You Are Slowly Remembering And Touching The Energies Of The Multiverses As You Move About Your Homes And Areas Outside!
3. It Is Important To Take Deep Slow Breaths When Taking Breaks From Wearing Masks, As This Will Assist Your Immune System! 

This Too Shall Pass And We Offer Our Support In Ways That Can't Be Told In This Moment!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Come To You In Truth And Light!

We Play No Games And Communication Is Not Entertainment!

It Is Well Understood That Only A Small Number Of Those Reading Messages, Will Have A Clue Of What We Speak!
2. This Does Not Matter, As This Is A Journey, Not A Race!

Breathe Deeply!

Presently I Am In A Mothership With Four Pleiadians And Six Arcturians!

We Rather Enjoy These Excursions To Explore And Enter Mountains For Meetings.

The Current Meeting Is In The Red Rocks Of Sedona!
3. Humanity Has Faced An Enormous Challenge Of Health And Prosperity!

3 John 1:2 'Beloved, I Wish Above All Things That Thou May Prosper And Be In Health, Even As Thou Soul Prospereth'.

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1. Be At Great Peace, Our Beloved Ones!

Keep Your Pace And Never Look Back!

Many Things Are Ramping Up And Others Are Dismantling In These Moments!

What Does This Mean For The Planet?

2. You Will Never Be Told The Narrative Of Our Involvement;

But Rest Assure, 'WE GOT THIS’, As You Often Say!

You Stand At The Threshold Of A Grand Adventure And You Will At Last Be Fully Awake!
3. As You Allow The Scenarios Of The Dream To Fall Away,

Clarity From Within Will Become Front And Center!

Life Seems Both To Be Racing At An Unprecedented Pace And At Moments Not Moving At All!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Sacred Light!

The Continual Growth Of Ascension Is Not Affected By Your Perceived Physical Reality!

For You Already Are Multidimensional Beings Having A Brief Human Story!
2. This Waking Dream May Seem A Bit Overwhelming;

But Allow Me To Remind You That You Have Lived Millions Of Stories

That Were So Barbaric That This One Would Seem As A Party!
3. You Have The Choice And Ability To Birth Yourself Into Another Density Or Dimension

Each Time You Enter The Story That Has Already Started Without You!

For This Reason We Remind You To Stop And Breathe Deeply!

You Are Here Now For A Reason!
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1. Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Sacred Light!

As The Collective Is Awakening And Knowing All Is Well,

We Remind You That Choosing To Change Perception On Any Given Matter,

Will Cause The Outcome To Always Be In Your Favor!
2. You Are Life Itself And Have Arrived To Experience And Grow!

As Consciousness Expands, You Will At Last Remember Your Multidimensional True Self!

Nothing is Lost In This Dream Sequence!
3. Consider It A Play Of Puppets And Puppet Masters,

Attempting To Take Attention From Beings Of Light!

You Are This Light, Beloved Ones!

Breathe Deeply And Know Of Your Great Essence, With Or Without Body Form!
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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. What’s so special about Greenland?

Thule Air Base... providing missile warning, space surveillance and space control to NORAD and Air Force Space Command.

Is this sale possible? Maybe...
2. There are White Hats at Thule interfacing directly w/ Pleiadians & others. These groups are also coordinating takedowns of #deepstate satellites as well as attacks from #deepspace!
3. via #NEIOH
“There are many White Hats there and POTUS is often going there now in Federation Crafts. Many of our finest Crafts are at Military Bases completely covered but known by many.
This is a Top Secret Operation which will soon be Disclosed…
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We Travel In This Moment And All Others!

We Speak In Tones Of Love For You To Understand!

I Am IKAI And Elder Of Taygeta!
2. We Are The Pleiadian Collective Along With Multi-Forces Of Light From Many Friends!

The Cosmos You Are Aware Of In This Waking Dream Is A Small Part Of Life!

For It Would Be As A Tiny Portion Of Your Eye Perception In Density!
3. For There Is More And Such Vastness That Your Mind Can't Comprehend Now!

Just As Planned!

Now Breathe!

The Power And Love We Possess For You Is Unspeakable!

We Remind You That You Are This Power And Love Also!
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!

We Speak In Unity And Light!

I Step Forth As Elder Of Taygeta And Chief Of The Federation Of Light!

I Am IKAI And Most Of You Now Have The Understanding Of Our Mission And Purpose;
2. For We Are Not Here To Entertain Or Play Games On A Forum,

But To Interact In A Real Way To Give Understanding And Depth To What Seems To Some To Be A Drawn Out Game Of Deception Played By Those In Power And Politics; Leaving Many Feeling Hurt And Cheated!
3. Breathe Now!

We Tell You In Deep Truth That Nothing Is Lost!

You Will Awaken In A Moment Of Now!

Some In Unison And Others Quickly Afterward If Assistance Is Needed!

We Remind You That This Venture In Timelessness Was Planned By Every Soul Present!
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1. Beloved Ones Of Earth!

There Is Much Chaos In These Moments!

It Is Difficult While In The Story To Trust Or Understand!

For This Reason We Come To You Often And Speak Truth!

Darkness Is Always Present But Unseen When Light Covers!
2. The Continual Upheaval Of Lies By Those Of Such Darkness Will Never Prevail Against Light!

We Are The Light Forces Around You And With You!

In These Moments There Are Principalities And Powers Spoken About In Other Stories That Have Become Familiar To You As Doctrine.
3. In More Simple Terms; We Tell You That The Unseen Around You Is Negative And Dark In Many Places And With Many Groups.

These Are Entities Which Cause Attachments And These Dark Forces Use Others To Cause Destruction And War And Attacks On The Innocent!
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