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Dec 1 27 tweets 10 min read
Let us talk about pivot.

What has initiated the raising inflation phase?

1) Ukraine-Conflict due sanctions (food and energy shortages)

2) Chinas zero-covid policy (supply chain crisis) 1) As we know the US has an own oil production and can control its oil price increasing their production to reduce oil prices.…

Instead what is happening?
"Oil firm executives, for their part, say the U.S. Administration’s policies and anti-oil rhetoric,
Nov 30 8 tweets 3 min read
Is Brazil going to become the next "El Salvador"? That would be extremely bullish. Why I have my doubts? Here some points.……

Leftist president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has gone on record saying the government should... "monitor the impact of the crypto market on the health of the financial system." He believes Brazil's central bank should draw up regulations to prevent illegal use of crypto for money laundering and fraudulent trading.
Nov 28 8 tweets 6 min read
As @WatcherGuru muted my tweets. Here again without any censorship. 🤡

#MoonstoneBank #Farmington #FTX #Alameda #Tether #Deltec #crypto #SIG Image Interesting. SIG invested in #Voyager, bankrupt. SIG invested in #BlockFi, bankrupt.…

Why does that matters? Where is the connection?

Jean Chalopin is the connection. Who is that? Chairman of Deltec Bank Bahamas (banking provider of Tether and FTX). /1
Nov 16 7 tweets 2 min read
In one hour more data will be released. Core retail Sales for October and Retail Sales for October. Why does that matter? Inflation can decline also because retail has to offer their products for lower prices as demand is disappearing. Image Why should demand disappear? Well, inflation makes products expensive. Means while you're receiving the same salary (real salary) every month with a rising (or stable but high) inflation means, less money available to consume. So, retail has to attract you with lower product
Nov 15 4 tweets 3 min read
Some analysts are showing us big outflows but ignoring the bankrun by retailers caused by the FTX collapse.

Here some data:
Wallets with less 1 BTC
+ 40,000 #BTC
Wallets with 1 - 10 BTC
+ 60,000 #BTC
Wallets with 10 - 100 BTC
+ 20,000 #BTC

120k BTC outflow from CEX in 1 Week 👀 ImageImage Anyway, doesn't mean big players are not also buying. Even if the CEX BTC reserves provided by @BTCInOutAlert showing big inflows happening right now indicating a big sell pressure will happen soon.
Nov 15 5 tweets 3 min read
Whales Ratio 30D MA lifting up more, MM entities declining more their balances, correlates with their fund flows while BTC reserves on exchanges are increasing fast.

#BTC #ETH #FSN The H1 und H4 netflow chart indicating big inflows arriving to CEX. Today PPI, tomorrow CPI and thursday Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index. We will see how that plays out. 🤐
Nov 14 5 tweets 2 min read
🤣🤐🤦‍♂️ Someone needs an upper price it seems. Image Provided by @Mtrl_Scientist 18k big resistance waiting, big entities not buying the pump. 🤷‍♂️ Image
Mar 24 5 tweets 3 min read
Same game different day. Spot and stablecoin to push up, coin-margined futures to hold the price and distribute. 🙄

#BTC #ETH #XRP Some of you are wondering how they manipulate the price with future contracts.

What he describes works similar. But they don't use fiat as colleteral but stablecoins and BTC coins. Also we don't have an expiry related to perpetual contracts, but the
Mar 23 4 tweets 3 min read
Detecting big inflows in stablecoins and BTC related to derivative exchanges. It seems they didn't place any futures yet. They take profit from both ways. They placed Longs (pump) and shorts afterwards (dump). Almost $300m in longs and almost $150m in shorts.

#BTC #ETH #XRP Also interesting here. They place positions in 3 different leverages. X100, X50 and X25. Can someone please rekt them. 🙏❤️
Mar 23 6 tweets 3 min read
Inflows to derivative exchanges are declining since yesterday, while aggregated CVDs showing stablecoin-margined contracts are declining indicating taking profit, spot showing distribution and coin-margined contracts still lifting up indicating they use those to

#BTC #ETH #XRP stabilize the price to distribute without to dump the price. They have distributed all tokens they bought when they pumped the price. 🧐
Mar 22 4 tweets 3 min read
GM folks as expected they pumped and tried one more time to cross 42k. That was a coordinated pump. They used spot and derivatives mostly via stablecoin to pump. Almost 11,000 BTC arrived on derivative exchanges in the last 7 hours. Last hour we received 2,200 BTC

#BTC #ETH #XRP while stablecoins are leaving the derivative exchanges indicating taking profit. As expected and mentioned yesterday in my analysis is GEX rising. Imo we will see 41.8k soon again due its still our POC there. Except we will find enough liquidity in upper range. Something I doubt.
Mar 21 5 tweets 4 min read
GM folks! Bitfinex spot driving the price right now. Coinbase was the main driver of our recent dump to 40.5k. As predicted we reached the POC at 40.8k. Bullish if we maintain there and we can lift up above 41.8k with a breakout at 41.3k (key level for bulls)

#BTC #ETH #XRP ImageImage but bearish if we lose 40.3k. Usually we will swing between 41.3k and 40.3k from now on a bit and start some retests. If we lose 40.3k is 39.2k our next level. No big exchange walls detected yet. Whales ratio hourly view high, stablecoin reserves on exchanges have declined by ImageImageImage
Mar 19 8 tweets 7 min read
Yesterdays pump was driven by futures, mainly #Binance Perp BTC/USD pair via coin-margin more than stablecoins. Spot exchanges still in distribution mode. 🤬 Tonight I will stream again. Stay tuned folks! 😎

#BTC #ETH #XRP Whales ratio hourly view rising indicating more inflows coming from whales, we have received in the last hours almost $260m in stablecoins and 1,400 #BTC to derivative exchanges. Stablecoin supply rising since 16MAR22 by almost $700m and stablecoin reserves on exchanges rised by
Mar 18 4 tweets 3 min read
Coinbase traders saying thank you for the opportunity 🤷‍♂️ They are in distribution mode it seems... and Binance traders ignoring the price action instead. 🤣🤦‍♂️

#BTC #ETH #XRP First signs of whales taking profit. Leverage ratio pumping, open interest and funding rates too. 🧐
Mar 17 14 tweets 10 min read
GM folks, patience is key. Even if we lift up heading 42k again or even 44k, that's the local top imo. Afterwards down again. 🤷‍♂️

#BTC #ETH #XRP What Is a Bull Call Spread?
A bull call spread is an options strategy used when a trader is betting that a stock will have a limited increase in its price.…
Mar 16 4 tweets 3 min read
GM folks, the whole pump and dump was driven by coin-margin. Huge BTC outflows since the pump and dump. Almost 7,000 #BTC detected here. Close before the pump we had 5,000 BTC inflows and $145m stablecoins. The last remaining shorts closed or/and rekt.

#BTC #ETH #XRP While we are accumulating more and more longs liquidation volume.

Explanation Strategies:
Diagonal bear spread is usually used when an investor is bearish on the market in the long-term but has neutral outlook in the near term.
Mar 12 4 tweets 4 min read
Whales ratio not indicating a pump atm, funding rates lifting up but still negative, while a rising leverage ratio and open interest indicating more high leverage longs coming in, liquidation map showing almost $440m volume on shorts at 39.2k - 39.3k and more

#BTC #ETH #XRP volume at 38.8k the way down for long liquidations. Flows looking relatively flat atm. Just $80m stablecoin inflow detected to spot exchanges. Option traders in the last 2 days not showing big trades. For march looks bearish to me. They are expecting a bearish price action it
Mar 10 7 tweets 4 min read
🚨Little update: Many longs just closed or liquidated, open interests declined, leverage ratio declined, funding rate dumped hard, but is almost neutral, we have CPI data release (volatility will rise!!) in almost 4 hours, big shorts liquidation cluster at 42k and

#BTC #ETH #XRP ImageImageImageImage long liquidation cluster at 38.4k! Since we have reached our "local bottom" we can't detect any big flows, neither stablecoins nor #BTC spot. Whales ratio hourly maintains high level indicating sell pressure by whales. ImageImage
Feb 2 19 tweets 8 min read
🚨🚨 My #Bitcoin Quick Market Update [02Feb22]!

OUr block view shows what happenend before our recent dump. Whales stopped to send tokens to exchanges and let the price lift up heading 38.7k where again, they met low demand. Even if #BTC is and was following

#BTC #ETH #XRP $SPX, its reaction wasn't driven by $SPX. Our whales ratio 30block average is rising again. But without big netflows. I just have detected one big inflow today and that was #Gemini and 1,000 #BTC.

Our hourly view is showing here imo the preparation of the incoming downward
Feb 1 10 tweets 4 min read
Bitcoin Market Update [01Feb22]
Block View
The whales ratio (1) has started to rise again since this morning, but is declining again. Also confirmed by our whales ratio 30block average (2). Outr total netflows shows a gain a bit more negative netflow (3) indicating more outflows than inflows.

Interesting here. The stablecoin reserves (2 - yellow curve) on exchanges is on a high level with $25.6 billion, even if we have detected big outflows from exchanges in the last few days.

URL to chart:…
Jan 25 16 tweets 5 min read
Because of my delayed analysis today, I would like to share a paid sub analysis of yesterday with all of you. Paid subs will received something else instead soon. To make clear, the report is from yesterday!

🚨🚨 BTC Market - Special Report [24Jan22]

#BTC #ETH #XRP As mentioned today in my daily analysis I have detected some interesting patterns related to the Whales Ratio 30D Average.

What does it mean? The whales ratio only indicates whether whales send BTC to exchanges, not how much. However, zooming out it shows you very clear