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3 Sep 19
1. #Yemen #UN Group of Eminent Experts just released second annual report.

GEE recommend states strengthen their mandate at #UN Human Rights Council this month, incl. to collect + preserve evidence of abuse and report directly to HRC.

Thread below.…
2. After release of first report, #Yemen #UAE #Saudi #Egypt refused to cooperate with group.

Despite restrictions, GEE conducted >600 interviews w/ victims, witnesses and other sources, and examined a large volume of documentary and open-source material.
3. Legal context: non-international armed conflict between Houthis and GoY, with coalition as parties (tbd how UAE/Yemen battles impact in future).

Also note other non-international armed conflicts, incl between AQAP and GoY, with IHL applying to US actions against AQAP.
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6 Mar 19
1. Today, @MwatanaEn PAX @unitedforrights released a report--the most comprehensive look yet--on the role of US and European weapons in apparently unlawful #Saudi #UAE coalition attacks #Yemen.

Read the full 128-page report here:…
2. The numbers:
- 27 attacks documented killed at least 203 civilians and wounded 749.
- At least *122 children* and 56 women among the casualties.
- *All 27 attacks* involved US or UK weapons.
- Specifically: 22 w/ US weapons, 2 w/ UK weapons, and 3 w/ US and UK parts.
3. A lot of ink has been spilled (incl. by me) about potential complicity of #US + #UK in unlawful #Saudi #UAE coalition attacks, risk of weapons being used unlawfully.

Why is this report so important? Clear evidence UK and US arms *already are* being used unlawfully.
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25 Oct 18
1. #Saudi has a bad track record of announcing formal mechanisms to look into deaths of civilians at the hands of its own officers which have then utterly failed to credibly investigate those deaths. See #Yemen. See #Khashoggi.…
2. Each victim of an unlawful Saudi coalition strike in #Yemen is as worthy of concern as a Washington Post columnist. A groom and his wedding party. A child locked in jail. Villagers digging a well. Crowds shopping at a market. All killed or wounded in coalition bombings.
3. For years, the #Saudi coalition—armed and assisted by the #US—has killed and wounded thousands of civilians in Yemen, leaving behind a trail of death, destruction, and broken lives.
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