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🛑Piece of #Qatar Bots🛑


#SaudiArabia 🇸🇦and #Qatar 🇶🇦bots at @Twitter, Myth Vs Relaity !!

First of all, thanks for all my great friends who supported me during the suspension of my account after I posted the below tweet👇
I was expecting @Twitter to take an action against these fake accounts. Instead, the action was taken against me and my account got suspended right after that tweet!
Then, I decided make sure that I was not mistaken bots with REAL humans and thanks for my account suspension, I got excited to read more and do some researches about these fake accounts or commonly called bots and if they are prohibited in @Twitter ??
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This #SaudiNationalDay we honor our frontline workers and take a look at how KSA protected its residents, and the rest of the world…
For #SaudiNationalDay, we look at how King Salman’s leadership made a different in #SaudiArabia’s fight against #COVID19

How the Saudi Ministry of Commerce helped protect the economy during COVID-19

What Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Commerce did to help protect the Kingdom’s #economy amid the #coronavirus pandemic

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Feminist news from #Saudi Arabia. #Kenya, #Yemen, and a dairy farm run by trans women in #India, the forthcoming film about Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, and why making sex work legal would help in the #Covid_19 fight.

Monday and Wednesday’s newsletters bring you feminist news from around the world:…
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And as always: fuck the patriarchy…
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Breaking: I am receiving reports that #Saudi @KingSalman is in critical condition. The 85 year old despot was a life-long smoker, Parliament & red Marlboro cigarettes & consumer of P&G whisky among other things. He remains at his palace. I am waiting 4 more info as of his death
I can confirm that the king was extremely ill as of few days ago. I cannot yet confirm his death.
He was in bad health as of yesterday. The unconfirmed reports of his death came in the past few hours. It will be a long night. Tuesday will be a telling day. #MBS may end being king after all
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Read about the efforts to help migrant domestic workers in #Lebanon:… #EndKafala
The return home to #Indonesia of Etty bint Toyib after 20 years in a #Saudi jail and a hefty ransom to guarantee her release, is a reminder of the horrors that migrant domestic workers are subjected to in the kingdom.…
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#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says the world had an unprecedent reaction to the #coronavirus in his virtual speech at @euromoney
#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says it is possible to control #oilprices in his virtual speech at @euromoney
#BREAKING: #Saudi Minister of Finance @MAAljadaan says the Kingdom has offered free #coronavirus treatment to everyone, even those who were illegaly in the country in his virtual speech at @euromoney
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Fuck the patriarchy.
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Work on $10 bln #Saudi #Aramco refinery project to begin 'very soon' Pakistani envoy 

#Pakistan’s Ambassador to #SaudiArabia Raja Ali Ejaz has said work on $10 billion oil refinery project to be set up by Saudi Arabia in Pakistan’s #Balochistan province would start “very soon.” Image
During a visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to Islamabad last year Pakistan & Saudi Arabia signed short mid & long-term investment agreements worth $21 billion. Among deals was $10 billion oil refinery in #Gwadar & an attached $1 billion dollar petrochemical complex.
“The Saudi investment minister has informed me that the Kingdom is very serious about this mega project and will start work on it very soon,” Ejaz, who met M. Khalid Al-Falih, the Saudi minister of investment in Riyadh on Wednesday
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#France #Lebanon
French President @EmmanuelMacron's visit to Lebanon on the 1st of September was scheduled before the harbour's explosion. France did not present a "roadmap" to Lebanon because it has limited influence over the Lebanese politicians +
It is correct to say that #France managed to slow down the #US agressive approach toward #Lebanon but it is wrong to say that Paris and Washington agreed and have the same view on how to approach Lebanon.
The differences are: +
#France supports the participation of #Hezbollah in the future government. The French are more clever than the current US administration even if both support #Israel at the end of the day. Macron informed Hezbollah about his support to see the group in the new government +
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Near Bankruptcy and Financial Desperation Leads Pakistan to admit presence of #Dawood , #Azhar , #Lakhvi , #Hafiz and other terrorists on its soil. No one should confuse this with some moral awakening or righteous epiphany on part of #Pakistan or @ImranKhanPTI. This declaration..
..comes on the heels of Pak being snubbed by #Saudi for funds and #MBS’s insistence that Pak should pay its dues. Immediately after that we saw Pak’s FM visiting China to get some stop gap financial solution.
Pakistan is on ‘Grey List’ of FATF ( Financial Action Task Force)..
..and has been avoiding getting ‘Black listed’ because the head of FATF has been Xiangmkn Liu of, guess where, China ! However, since 1st July 2020, Marcus Pleyer of Germany took over as President of #FATF. Pakistan’s friends are not sitting at head of table now. The time ..
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"Dozen of fishermen in Hodeida who spoke to #MintPress expressed deep concern. They called the #FSOSafer a “floating bomb” lurking off their coast and say it could destroy their last source of food and income."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #FridayThoughts
Photos taken by I.R. Consilium in 2019 shows corrosion and damage on the #FSOSafer. Small spills can already be seen. #Yemen Image
“If an explosion takes place, many countries, including #SaudiArabia, will be hit with an #environmental disaster.”
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #FridayThoughts #oil #oilspill
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Topic: #Nazi ideology of so called #GreaterAlbania as the main cause of conflicts in #Kosovo, #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece

#Balkans #SilentNoMore #SilentMajorityRising #GreatAwakening
As the world’s attention is mainly focussed on #USElections2020 and distracted by the #COVID19, there's a project in progress to absorb #Kosovo, Preševo Valley in #Serbia, southern #Montenegro, #Epirus in #Greece and western North #Macedonia into a single #GreaterAlbania state.👇
On a daily basis people of #Serbia, #Montenegro, #Macedonia and #Greece are threatened with irredentist territorial aspiration by Albanians who openly declare #GreaterAlbania with added lands from these countries. #Kosovo has been violently ripped off and history is repeating.👇
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"If the #TrumpAdministration's goals were to isolate the #US, alienate close allies and have high-risk diplomatic maneuvers blow up in their face, the maximum pressure approach is delivering in spades..."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #Iran #embargo #ArmsEmbargo #Trump
"As #Oxfam noted, Yemenis are not starving: they are being starved; starved by a five-year war sustained by the #US and its #NATO allies."… #Yemen #MondayVibes
"The development of nuclear weapons in #SaudiArabia has many speculating that it could mark the beginning of an even more dangerous era for the war-torn region."… #Saudi #Arms #nuclear #NuclearDeal #NuclearEnergy #mondaythoughts
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1) This week #Macron warned Iran not to interfere in #BeirutBlast - but this may be too late

IRGC Gen Salami:

“All [#IRGC] capacities have been mobilised to help the Lebanese people…we will be them until the end of this crisis”

Thread: #BeirutBlast view from #Iran
2) Last week’s explosion in #Beirut has put significant pressure on #Iran’s activities in Lebanon, which are carried out by #Hezbollah –a Shia Islamist militia Iran’s IRGC helped create in 80s to export Islamic Revolution to #Lebanon & destroy the “Zionist regime”(#Israel) Image
3)Hezbollah's been 1 of Iran’s most valuable assets. Together with IRGC it's undertaken Iran’s strategic/ideological goals via terrorism, hostage-takings,assassinations, Syria + it's entrenched itself in political institutions.For Hez actions @Levitt_Matt…
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NEW from @DaniSchulkin → The @StateDept’s top lawyer has a conflict of interest in @StateOIG investigation into the #Saudi arms sale.

Why he should have recused himself and why @HouseForeign is justified in seeking further information on this case:…
2. From the article's interview with @NormEisen, former White House special counsel for ethics and government reform:

State Dept's acting legal adviser Marik String's reported actions raise “multiple red flags." Image
3. From article's interview with @KeitnerLaw, former counselor at State Dept:

“I would certainly expect someone who participated in a decision under review to recuse him or herself from the review process, since both the appearance and reality of impartiality are essential...” Image
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Can you visit "alone" without ******** and get this deal done ? Good luck will see how it goes. Image
This turned out to be a costly tweet for few. Much needed reminder though.😂
After long time an international trip.

stay safe world.
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Big news from Abu Dhabi. I thought Bahrain would be the first to attempt a move like this, given its reputation as a bellwether in the Gulf. Israel-Gulf ties have continued a slow but steady pace over the past few years. UAE's statement brings ties from covert to overt.
The fact that #UAE did this without the Israel-Pal conflict being resolved underscores how some Gulf states have felt growing frustrations with the Palestinian Authority and worsening donor fatigue.
The move further highlights Abu Dhabi's willingness to play a proactive foreign policy role in the region. Given how much the center of gravity in the Middle East has shifted to the Gulf post-Arab Spring, an assertive UAE will be a long-term trend to contend with.
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"...#GeneralDynamics, #Boeing, and #Raytheon who all have profited to the tune of hundreds of millions from the war and have seen their #stocks soar since the start of the conflict."
by @hijodelcuervo… #Yemen #SaudiArabia #warmongers #WednesdayWisdom #War
"In addition to killing and injuring hundreds of civilians, #American-made weapons have exposed #Yemen’s people to highly toxic substances on a level not seen before..."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #yemencrisis #WednesdayWisdom
"...the #Saudi-led coalition, equipped with the latest U.S.-supplied #weapons, has been unable to advance as local residents fight to free their #homeland, whatever the sacrifice."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #SaudiArabia #yemencrisis
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Thread on the15 Fires/explosions in the past 6 days.

4 August - Beirut, #Lebanon
4 August - Wuhan, #China - Explosion at Chinese chemical factory…
5 August - St Paul Minnesota, #USA - apartment/hotel fire…
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While the people are trying to gather what's left from the #BeirutBlast, a group loyal to #Israel and #Saudi go on massive protests storming public buildings and blocking main roads instead of helping in removing the rubble, cleaning the streets and showing solidarity!
The rioters sabotaged the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and threw files from it outside, they still occupy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who are they working for? What is their motive? Obviously, not in any interest of #Lebanon, but its enemies.
Are the rioters in #Beirut trying to block the investigations in who is behind the #BeirutBlast? The timing of their movement leaves no place for doubting their motives. They don't want the government to receive the foreign aid and they want to block the investigations, period!
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Special Report
"... unconfirmed reports allege that #Israel participated in the war against #Yemen on behalf of the #Saudi-led coalition as a part of a series of covert interventions involving mercenary forces..."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #yemencrisis #Friday
“Peace in Yemen cannot be secured through capitulation to Israel,”
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Israel #Yemen #yemencrisis #Palestine #IsraelAttackedLebanon
"Given the nature of Israel’s recent wars against #Gaza and #Lebanon, it is unlikely that #Israel would feel constrained by any moral dilemma should they chose to launch #airstrikes against civilians in #Yemen."
by @AlhouthiAhmed…
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Working on a project the last couple of months about the history of #Al_Qaeda and where it is now. A big takeaway: there has probably never been a moment when the group is so manipulated, influenced, and even controlled in places by state powers.
The role of state intelligence services in manipulating and using terrorist groups for their own ends remains nearly absent in Terrorism Studies; most people even think it's all "conspiracy theory" talk. But it's such a massive operational factor that this is weird.
.@ReuelMGerecht once wrote that the 'nonstate' actor ... designation [of Al-Qaeda] was always more myth than fact". If he overstated, it wasn't by much.…
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Pakistan's international positioning has improved multi-folds in the last 2 years under PM @ImranKhanPTI's leadership.

This was a much-needed step to improve peace and prosperity in the area, but like everything this govt. has done, this too did not come easy. (1/n)
2) The govt. inherited the current account deficit of $20B which has been reduced to $3B. The borrowing from the State Bank stood at PKR 6T when @PTIofficial came to power, but it has been brought down to ZERO.


Through carefully curated international relations.
3) The first challenge was inflation. @StateBank_Pak warned it could double & go up to 7.5%. Where PM @ImranKhanPTI avoided going to the @IMFNews, he still wanted to reduce the size of any bailout by appealing to allies for bilateral financial support & saving us from bankruptcy.
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Special Report
"At least 31 women and children were killed and dozens were injured when at least one #Saudi warplane dropped a bomb on the Marei family home..."
by @AlhouthiAhmed… #Yemen #SaudiArabia #YemenCrisis
"The scene of the attack described to MintPress by witnesses was tragic; violent explosions were heard in the village, red fires mixed with dust and smoke illuminated flying rubble."… #Yemen #Saudi #SaudiArabia
"as Virginia Gamba was busy telling reporters at a news conference that her boss had made the decision to remove #SaudiArabia from the blacklist, the bodies of #children were burning inside of a car that was targeted by #Saudi warplane"
by @AlhouthiAhmed…
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