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For the past several weeks we've been hearing two rival narratives on #Yemen: from watchers abroad, that the fighting has stalemated. From contacts on the ground, that a large-scale escalation is imminent. It’s now clear that escalation it is.. Some thoughts.

The stalemate narrative: Put simply, for many not watching Yemen day-to-day, the war appears to have reached a moment of inertia because the Huthis have not entered Marib City, and international media attention has waned. But in fact, in our tracking we've seen several trends...
1) Huthi consolidation in al-Bayda governorate; and
2) Gradual Huthi expansion in western and southern Marib. Plus…
3) Mounting STC-government tensions amid economic/service collapse in the south, and Huthi/others' efforts to exploit and catalyse these differences.
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ten days ago Houthis committed another crime by striking facilities @ Port of Mocha in Taiz province...these strikes hit civilian infrastructure that will set back humanitarian relief efforts for areas like the city of Taiz....
👉… #Yemen #اليمن Image
2/ Houthis continue to target civilian facilities such schools, hospitals along the west coast (Tihama). no doubt it exacerbates the humanitarian crisis w impact throughout #Yemen #اليمن ... see thread by
@VleckieHond on Mocha strikes
3/w complete disregard for civilians, Houthi strikes affect transport chain of humanitarian aid, destroy humanitarian aid such as food & medicine & create unemployment... causing MORE suffering among the population in areas under their control & Liberated provinces #Yemen
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In less than an hour from now, this 17-year minor along 8 others will be publicly executed after unfair trial by Iran-backed #Houthis on baseless charges.
#Yemen ImageImage
Al-Tahrir square ,Sanaa this moment, where Iran-backed Houthis are preparing to carry out execution of 9 people inc a child. Image

Houthis begin carrying out execution now. Image
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Omani expedition team could reach the bottom of the mysterious well of Barhaout- known as well of hell- in #Yemen’s eastern al-Mahara. ImageImageImageImage
Footage from inside the hole/ well.
More footage from inside Barhaout Well.

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Update #Syrien .
Die Kurden haben ihre Angriffe auf türkische Truppen und pro-türkische Söldner deutlich intensiviert.
Nahezu täglich kommen neue Videos, wie sie mit Raketenangriffen, Sprengsätzen und Scharfschützen feindliche Stellungen attackieren.
Details im Thread 👇
Zunächst zur Erinnerung.
Kurdische Gruppierungen attackieren seit nun einer Woche nahezu täglich (pro-)türkische Stellungen in #Syria .
Zuletzt vernichteten sie einen Stützpunkt sogar mit einer Untergrabung.
Mehr dazu hier👇
Sie setzen dabei alle möglichen Mittel ein.
Besonders oft lenken sie Panzerabwehrraketen in die Stützposten von pro-türkischen Söldnern.
Von Ankara gibt es dazu meist keine Stellungnahmen, weil es keine Soldaten der regulären türk.Armee sind, sondern "nur" Söldner.
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Hacer tu #testamentosolidario es un gesto sencillo con un gran impacto en las vidas de miles de personas. Como en las suyas 👇

Momo, de siete meses, con su madre Fatmata, en la Unidad de Pediatría del Hospital MSF de Kenema, en #SierraLeona.

Cuando llegaron, Momo estaba inconsciente con fiebre alta y escalofríos. Image
Boris enseña su cartilla de vacunación en el pueblo de Pougol, en #RepúblicaCentroafricana. Image
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When I started this account 5 yrs ago, I chose a cover photo of a Yazidi woman freed from ISIS, removing the black body bag she was encased in to reveal her colorful dress below. It’s so poignant.

Today #AfghanWomen all over Twitter are doing the same 🇦🇫

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#BREAKING: Houthis target the port of Mocha with missiles and drones - Al-Arabiya
#UPDATE: #Yemen’s Vice President: The #Houthi attack on the port of Mocha is a crime
#UPDATE: The manager of Mocha port said the #Houthis fired four missiles and three exploding drones at the port, damaging recently repaired infrastructure and starting a fire that destroyed goods
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Today, I have an @AP story, based on high-resolution @planet satellite images, showing that the U.S. has withdrawn Patriot missile batteries and an advanced Terminal High Altitude Area Defense unit from Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia in recent weeks.
This comes as #SaudiArabia faces continued air attacks from #Yemen's Houthi rebels, including a drone attack that wounded eight people and damaged a commercial jetliner at the kingdom's airport in Abha.
Both the Pentagon and the Saudi Defense Ministry acknowledged the withdrawal of the air defense units to the @AP, stressing their longtime cooperation. However, the move already has drawn criticism from Prince Turki al-Faisal, who once was the country's intelligence chief.
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#LIVE: Hans Grundberg delivers his first briefing to the Security Council in his capacity as new @UN Special Envoy for #Yemen (@OSE_Yemen) Image
#LIVE: @OSE_Yemen: The epicenter of the military confrontation has shifted over time with combatants taking turns on the offensive. Since early 2020, the focus has been on the #Houthi's #Marib offensive in which thousands of #Yemenis have lost their lives Image
#LIVE:@OSE_Yemen: The UN and the international community has been clear in its message: The #Houthi's offensive on #Marib must stop Image
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United Nations panel said Wednesday that at least 18,000 Yemeni civilians have been killed or wounded by airstrikes since the country’s war escalated in 2015.
U.S. allies have revealed their desire to expand their military reach, while Western governments have been complicit in allowing war crimes and human rights abuses to go unchecked.
With arms deals worth billions of dollars, U.S. & European countries have continued their unabated support for the Saudi-led coalition, despite the slaughter & woundings of thousands of civilians in busy markets, weddings, funerals, hospitals & schools.…
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Tension arises in #Yemen’s eastern Hadramout btw UAE-backed troops and the pro-govt military forces as the former pushing to expand its presence in Wadi Hadramout, according to local sources.

UAE reportedly sent loyal troops from the western coast to #Mukalla days ago.
Com. of the 1st mltry region Maj. Gen. Saleh Taimas ordered his forces into a state of combat readiness to deter any attempts to destabilize the security of Hadramout al-Wadi & al-Sahra & address possible threats within the scope of its deployment, according 2 army media.
A week ago UAE established the first military camp in Hadramout al-Wadi and then relocated 2 allied units - most personel belong to southern al-Dhale- from the western coast to #Mukalla days ago, a military source said.
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One of President Biden’s first acts in office was ending U.S. weapons support for Saudi Arabia in its war against the Iran-backed Houthis in #Yemen. The U.S. hoped the concession would persuade the #Houthis to negotiate. Instead they have escalated.…
The Houthis ignore @ABlinken one more time. He objects, strenuously.
This is getting 2b a habit, & an embarrassing one. An adversary courted by the Biden Adm ignores U.S. pleas & continues waging war agnst an ally, & the Biden State Dept issues a stern lecture in a press release.
@ABlinken The liberal internationalists who run the State Dept seem to believe that asserting a demand for a diplomatic solution will make it so. But as with the Taliban in #Afghanistan, the Houthis & their Iranian backers believe they can win the war w/o negotiating as they see the U.S...
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UAE fighter jets are flying at low altitude over Araq, the provincial capital of Shabwah, amid stopping UAE military convoy from heading to al-Alam camp by tribal protesters.
Tribal protesters preventing UAE troops from heading to al-Alam camp in Shabwah's Ataq over demanding competition for the tribesmen killed by the militia loyal to UAE forces in the governorate.
#Yemen Image
The war jets are back in the sky, and apparently the stand off is still on going until now and the Emarati forces haven't been able to cross Ataq to head to Balhaf camp south of Shabwah, even after the Saudis intervened to solve the problem, via @majd_gawdat
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#Yemen #Sanaa:Target Aramco facilities and #Saudi military bases September 5, 2021
The official spokesman for the Yemeni armed forces, @army21ye , announced the following statement:

1- In response to the aggression crimes against Yemen,
#Yemeni Armed Forces have carried out the "seventh deterrence balance" operation .
By targeting vital installations and military bases belonging to the Saudi enemy as follows:
2- *#Aramco facilities in #Rastanura in #Dammam, eastern #SaudiArabia , were targeted with
eight #Sammad3 drones and a ballistic missile (#Zulfiqar).
3- *#Aramco's facilities in #Jeddah, #Jizan and #Najran were bombed with five Badr ballistic missiles and two #Sammad3 drones.
The operation has successfully achieved objectives .

4- The #Yemeni armed forces warn the
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Subsecretario del Ministerio de Salud para el sector población:
La Mortalidad Infantil Es De Aproximadamente 27 Muertes Por Cada 1.000 Nacidos Vivos Debido A La Agresión Y El Asedio
En la apertura del curso de capacitación para proveedores de servicios en los departamentos de emergencia obstétrica en los centros de salud de la Secretaría de Atención Neonatal Básica organizado por la Sociedad Yemení de Salud Reproductiva en cooperación con el Ministerio
de Salud Pública y el Sector de Población , el Departamento General de Salud Reproductiva, el Subsecretario del Sector de Población Señala la importancia de adquirir habilidades de servicios básicos de atención para todos los recién nacidos, promoviendo y apoyando el inicio
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#EU Foreign Ministers meet today for #Gymnich. They will discuss #Afghanistan. But then they will discuss the #Gulf. This is a rare occurrence - EU Ministers have discussed #JCPOA often but very rarely regional geopolitics between the #GCC, #Iraq & #Iran. They do now because… ⬇️
…because of the #Baghdad_summit last week and #France’s involvement in it. Most in #EU that #Iraq can be the hub for regional diplomacy in the #Gulf, building on talks btwn #SaudiArabia & #Iran. Reality is that with no progress on #Yemen these talks are shallow but ⬇️
…but I welcome choice to discuss #Gulf geopolitics at a #EU level. Hope there is some realism in acknowledging this is a security matter, not a diplomatic misunderstanding. #US retrenchment will inevitably lead to more #Russia & #China in the Gulf. It is already happening. So ⬇️
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Time for my monthly #Yemen UAV roundup for August 2021. As always claimed means no visual confirmation.
1st - A Qasef is downed in Rabaha district, south Marib
2nd - Houthi forces shoot down a large quadcopter described as a reconnaissance drone in Hudaydah governorate. It's actually modified to drop 120mm mortal shells.
3rd - A Rased modified to drop 60mm mortar shells crashes north of Al-Jah, Hudaydah governorate.
4th - Saudis claim downing a bomb-laden UAV towards Khamis Mushait.
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Quasi trois semaines à couvrir le #Yémen au Yémen et l'impression de parcourir par un pays, mais DES pays. Presque chaque gouvernorat ou agrégat a sa propre dynamique, ses frontières, sa gouvernance et surtout sa propre histoire et identité culturelle qui sont importantes.
1/L'Hadramaout a Seiyoun et Mukalla.
--> Seiyoun est contrôlé par le gouvernement et la coalition saoudienne. Jusqu'en 1967, Seiyoun était la capitale du Sultanat al-Kathiri (une puissante famille).
2/ Mukalla, Wadi Dawan et la côte sont contrôlés par le gouvernement en alternance avec le CTS et les Emirats arabes unis qui a repris la zone à al-Qaïda en 2016, formant des unités combattantes qui s'occupent actuellement de la sécurité dans la zone.
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#Saudi in #Yemen for seven years has committed crimes that were not done by the armies of Hulagu and Genghis Khan, with the countries that invaded it. Its siege caused Yemen to reach a great famine and a tragedy described as the worst in the world.
The #UN’ reports about the Yemeni issue were neglected by the Saudi and UAE regimes. Among the most prominent reports was written by the Executive Director of the World Food Program David Beasley, in which he confirmed the death of aYemeni child every
Speaking to the Security Council, Beasley said, “I was in #Yemen, where more than 16 million people are facing a crisis that reaches the level of hunger and worse.” He warned that 400,000 #Yemeni children may die this year, if no urgent intervention is made. He continued:
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#YEMEN:The death toll from massacre of tortures perpetrated by the Islah troops against prisoners and abductees in prisons run by the #Saudi-led coalition in #Marib city, rose to three.
According to familiar with the matter, one of prisoners died from the wounds he sustained
as a result of shooting live bullets by Islah forces at prisoners protesting against ill-treatment in the military police prison of the coalition in the city.

Five other prisoners also have been injured after being tortured in #Marib prisons that run by Islah Party.

“Naji Munaif”، commander of the military police of the coalition forces in #Marib, issued his instructions last Sunday, to use live bullets on prisoners protesting against the brutal torture they are subjected to and cutting medicine for many patients who were kidnapped.
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#SouthAfrica arms exports to #Saudi Arabia and #UAE come under scrutiny.

Report on June 17

Court order demands arms companies that have export permits be disclosed after rights groups filed an application to stop weapons transfers over #Yemen war
A South African court has
ordered the country’s National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC) to provide a list of companies that have permits to export weapons to #Saudi and the #UAE, following a court battle over their role in the devastating conflict in #Yemen.
Earlier this month,
the #SouthernAfrican Human Rights Litigation Centre (SALC) and Open Secrets, a non-profit organization investigating economic crime, submitted an application in a high court in Pretoria calling for both the names of companies that can deliver arms to #Riyadh and #AbuDhabi ,
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#YEMEN: Sanaa international airport has received more than 5,000 #UN flights since it has been closing five years ago, Airport director Khaled al-Shayef said on Saturday .

“Most of the UN flights landed at the Airport since it was closed to the civil flights came for the
purposes of #UN staff and their families,” Al-Shayef said in a press statement, adding that those UN organizations did not allow the deportation of any medical conditions as part of their successive flights to #Sanaa International Airport.
Al-Shayef noted that one of the UN organizations has threatened to suspend its activities if the Ministry of Health insists on deporting any incurable medical condition on its trips abroad.
He indicated that most #UN flights to

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Un alto cargo yemení declara que el Ejército del país y sus aliados establecerán un control total sobre #Marib en caso de que Riad rechace los pedidos de tregua.…
En declaraciones ofrecidas el jueves a la cadena televisiva libanesa Al-Mayadeen, el gobernador provincial de Marib en el Gobierno de Salvación Nacional de #Yemen, el general de división Ali Mohamad Taeiman, declaró que el Ejército y los comités populares de #Yemen controlan
actualmente el 85 % de la provincia y solo están de 6 a 7 kilómetros de la capital provincial.
Taeiman aseveró que, de momento, las fuerzas yemeníes se encuentran en las afueras de #Marib. “También acordamos la iniciativa del líder del [movimiento popular yemení] #Ansarolá,
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