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#NewYork | Foreign Minister H.H Prince @FaisalbinFarhan met UN Secretary-General @AntonioGuterres, on the sidelines of the 77th Session of the #UNGA  .
During the meeting, aspects of cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Nations were reviewed, in addition to discussing the latest international developments and efforts to enhance international peace and security.
The Secretary-General @antonioguterres expressed his gratitude for the Kingdom's efforts to achieve a truce between the parties to the crisis in #Yemen, and the Kingdom's continuous efforts to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis.
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#NewYork | Foreign Minister H.H Prince @FaisalbinFarhan met with the chairman of Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council, H.E Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi on the sidelines of the #UNGA .
His Highness the Foreign Minister affirmed the Kingdom's support for all efforts aimed at achieving security and stability in the Republic of #Yemen and ending the Yemeni crisis so that the brotherly Yemeni people enjoy prosperity, development, and peace.
During the meeting, they also discussed the latest developments in the situation in the Republic of Yemen and the role played by the Presidential Leadership Council and the Yemeni government to enhance security and stability in Yemen.
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US Forces Kidnap Four Citizens in al-#Mahra
US forces, reinforced by Saudi forces, stormed on Wednesday a number of citizens’ homes in the city of Al-Ghaidha, the capital of Al-Mahra province, eastern #Yemen.
Informed local sources confirmed to #Yemen press agency that
1/2 Image
the foreign forces who broke into the houses located near Al-#Ghaidha airport, which is under the control of the #American and #British forces, kidnapped more than four citizens and took them to their secret detention facilities inside the airport, without giving the

The sources said that these forces arrived on board military armored vehicles armed with various types of weapons without knowing their identity, including local mercenaries believed to be affiliated with #UAE.

The sources pointed out that the storming
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Thread: 1/ Geolocation of the Houthis' SEP 21 military parade in As Sabain, Sanaa, #Yemen.
Coords: 15.324830555555556, 44.20526666666667 ImageImage
2/ Some Houthi fighters are standing near Burkan-2 (modified Scud/Hwasŏngs inherited from pre-war Yemeni Army stocks) & Quds-2/Iranian 🇮🇷 Soumar missiles at the military parade. ImageImage
3/ Other Houthi fighters are standing near a Saeer (سعير) guided rocket aboard a MAN TGA 26 480 truck at the event. Image
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Al-#Qaeda Sends Somali Reinforcements to #Abyan

Al-Qaeda sent large military reinforcements on Monday, from its bases in Somalia to Abyan province in southern #Yemen, this comes in the wake of a deal with STC under the auspices of the coalition to prevent the storming
of its strongholds.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The organization’s activists published on social media pictures of hundreds of the organization’s members in one of al-#Qaeda camps, they described them as fighters of the brown continent,” referring to their origin from
The pictures show a huge parade inside one of the most prominent camps of the organization.
It is not clear yet the motives of the reinforcements, and whether they are among the arrangements to expand the spread of the organization during the coming period,
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في ضؤ العروض العسكرية للجيش اليمني وقوات الامن التابعة لوزارة الداخلية .. والتي ابهرت العدو قبل الصديق...
هذا هو الناشط الإعلامي السعودي عمرعبدالعزيز يحاكم محمد بن سليمان...
الجزء (1)
عمرعبدالعزيز يحاكم محمد بن سليمان...
الجزء (2)
الناشط الإعلامي السعودي عمرعبدالعزيز يحاكم محمد بن سليمان...
الجزء (3)
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#YEMEN: #Mahra governor warns of UAE-Saudi occupying regimes’ plans to target Mahri community

#MAHRA, Sept. 20 (YPA) –  Ali Hussein Al-Faraj, Mahra Governor in the national salvation government, warned Monday of the plans of the UAE-Saudi occupying regimes to target the
1/2 Image
Mahri community, undermine the symbols of popular resistance, and thwart the revolution's project to expel the occupation.

According to Saba news agency, the Governor stressed that confronting the US-British occupation forces and their tools, and expelling them from the
governorate has become an urgent necessity, especially after their persistence in attacking the people and the popular resistance, looting wealth and controlling its seaports.

He also stressed that the #American, #British and Emirati-Saudi ambitions in #Mahra have become
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#YEMEN:Al-Huraizi Exposes Relationship between ‘Saudi Arabia and #Daesh.

Head of the sit-in committee in #Mahra province, Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi, revealed that there is strong connection between the Saudi regime and criminal organization #ISIS.
Al-Huraizi explained, in
a video published on Twitter, how the Saudi regime dispatched one of its intelligence officers and his wife to Mahra and appointed him as the leader of the organization in the “Arab Peninsula.”

Al-Huraizi said that the so-called Rageh Bakrit rented a house for the Saudi
officer and his wife in #Mahra, on the grounds that he is the official of Daesh in the Arabian Peninsula.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia informed the Saudi officer, two months later, that it would raid the house through special forces
Sheikh Al-#Huraizi noted, “After
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Senior Official in #Aden Reveals #American, #European Ambitions Regarding #Yemen’s Oil.

Major general Faraj al-Bahsani, a member of Riyadh-formed “Presidential Council” has warned of any possible breakdown of security and chaos in the provinces of
#Shabwa, #Hadramout and #Mahra, as they are oil and gas investment areas for the Americans and Europeans.
This came during his meeting with a number of security and military leaders in Hadramout province.

During the meeting, he said that the world is watching very closely
the latest development of events in the three provinces.

Al-Bahsani pointed out that these areas are very important to the world because they are oil investments, so the regional and international powers will not abandon them.

“I tell you frankly this is what I have seen
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#YEMEN:Once Again, UAE Launches Airstrikes on Islah Positions in #Abyan.
Emirati aircraft have launched a series of airstrikes on Abyan province, in support of the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in southern Yemen, Yemen press agency reported on Sunday.

1/2 Image
According to sources, #Emirati warplanes carried out intensive raids on positions of Islah militants in northern part of Mudiyah district, east of the province.

The sources said that explosions were clearly heard in conjunction with the sounds of aircraft flying.

The raids
come after the failure of the STC forces to lift the siege imposed on them by the Islah militants in the district.

Other military sources explained that the #UAE raids were mistakenly hit the #UAE-backed “Al-Amaliqa” Forces east of the village of Imbagira on the outskirts
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#YEMEN:The southern Yemeni city of #Aden has witnessed a complete power outage due to the decommissioning of electricity stations.

Local residents said one of the power companies had turned off its 30-megawatt plant, causing a major power outage to
most of #Aden’s districts.
The company attributed the suspension of the electricity supply to the continued procrastination by the coalition-backed government in its financial obligations, accumulated for more than two years.

The power outage has caused discontent and anger
among Yemeni citizens who are suffering greatly as a result of the escalation of crises in the city.

The cessation of energy companies from providing their services is likely to lead to ongoing power outages for many hours, turning the summer of #Aden unbearable and
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#YEMEN:Al-#Qaeda launches devastating attack against southern Yemeni separatists.

by Emad Almarshahi- Sept 18, 2022

The #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias suffered heavy casualties when al-Qaeda launched a new military attack in Ahwar area of #Abyan
1/2 Image
province on Sunday.
Local sources confirmed that dozens of the militias, all of whom were recruits of the sons of Yafa and Abyan, including a battalion commander, were killed or wounded in the attack that targeted Wadi Eumarn and Al-Ahmar areas, east of Mudiyah district
of the province.
In a related context, the “Ansar al-Sharia” website affiliated with al-#Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula published pictures of the terrorist attack launched by the organization on a security point belonging to the Security Belt Militia in Ahwar.

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1/ @DrTedros, recently accused the 'IC' of being racist for paying more attention to #Ukraine.

We (@Qnie_Addis & @Kings_of_Nile) analysed his tweets, RTs & likes starting from Oct 2021. Given his pronouncements, what we found was quite revealing.
2/ When you pay close attention to his Twitter activity, despite his protestations, #Tigray predominate his TL. He sometimes tweets, RTs or likes up to 8 Tigray related tweets per day! He has tweeted, RTd or liked tweets mentioning Tigray 208 times over the past 23 months!
3/ What about #Yemen you ask? And #Syria? Surely, the man who claims to be the conscience of the world would tweet incessantly about these humanitarian crises that had been raging for years. Nope! In reality, they are occasionally invoked only to accompany #Ukraine and Tigray.
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1/ Long post from 2019, but there’s a lot of Trump offenses to remember: #UkraineGate; Lifting of sanctions against Turkey; Betrayal and abandonment of Kurds; Non-response to Hong Kong protests; Trump adoption of Nazi “Lügenpresse” (lying press) tactics;
2/ Non-response to Russia nuclear explosion and contamination; Stephen Miller’s Pogrom against brown people; DACA; #BanAssaultWeapons; Attacks on whistleblower; Trying to cut food stamps for the poor; Personal attorney Giuliani being paid by Russian oligarch;
3/ Obstruction of Congressional inquiries; Lied about cease fire negotiation with Taliban; Bank and tax fraud Pardoning war criminals; Zombie Federal Elections Commission
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1) Official wire of #alQaeda in #Yemen has just released a plea for freedom by @UN official kidnapped with 4 colleagues in February. It's emotional. Some is scripted, some clearly not. Begs for #AQAP demands to be met or "get the body bags ready" Image
2) Incredibly bizarre ending appears to implicate #China:
Captive reads from script, saying his message was recorded on 9 Aug following🇬🇧Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. He says that #China warned there would be consequences.
#AQAP #Yemen #alQaeda #Kidnapping
3) Other points of note
-We do not see or hear the other 4 captives
-Conditions clearly stressful (no daylight, no fresh air)
-Mentions mental & physical health issues
-Warns of same fate as Luke Somers
-No actual demands included
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Thread: 1/ Geolocation of the SEP 01 military parade for Houthi fighters associated w/ the 5th Mil Region, the "Victory Brigades", & "Naval & Air Forces." It occurred near the border between Al-Hawak & Ad Durayhimi in Al-Hudaydah, #Yemen.
14.738277777777778, 42.95567222222222
2/ New photos show some Houthi fighters holding AK-103 pattern rifles & riding aboard technicals w/ DHsKs at the event.
3/ The initial parade photo shows Houthi "Al-Mandab-1" (Chinese C-801 AShMs inherited from pre-war Yemeni Navy stocks) & "Al-Mandab-2" missiles. According to @oryxspioenkop, these missiles are part of the Houthis' coastal defense missile systems.
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2⃣0⃣2⃣2⃣ has so far been a turbulent year for #peacemaking and #peacemediation. A 🧵 to capture some trends & themes, drawing on work of colleagues @CrisisGroup
1/#Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine has major repercussions on #peacemaking: undermines basic norms, increases polarization, poses “the gravest threat to international peace and security in decades”, as @CrisisGroup president & CEO @EroComfort wrote…
2/@atwoodr #HoldYourFire podcast captures the global fallout of the war in Ukraine, including on peace talks…
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Thread: 1/ Geolocation of a JUN 23 graduation ceremony for Houthi fighters that were enrolled in military leadership courses. It occurred near the border between Assafi'yah & Al-Wahdah Districts in Sanaa, #Yemen.
Coords: 15.343558333333334, 44.21356111111111 ImageImageImage
2/ Houthi fighters were carrying a Hungarian AK-63D, Chinese Type-56s, Iranian KL-7.62 pattern rifles, other AK variants, & SKS rifles at the event. ImageImageImageImage
3/ Geolocation of a separate JUN 23 military parade for military workshop graduates from the Houthis' Support Battalions. It occurred near the border between Al-Hawak & Ad Durayhimi Districts in Al-Hudaydah, #Yemen.
Coords: 14.73816388888889, 42.95536111111111 ImageImageImageImage
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"In Yemen le scorte di cibo rischiano di esaurirsi nel giro di pochi mesi. Le cause stanno nell’aumento fuori controllo dei prezzi dei beni alimentari e del costo delle importazioni, che coprono il 90% del fabbisogno del Paese. Allo stesso tempo
il nuovo accordo per lo sblocco di export di grano dall’Ucraina, da cui lo Yemen dipende per il 42%, produrrà effetti solo tra diverse settimane, senza peraltro ridurre i prezzi per la popolazione. Nel frattempo 19 milioni di persone stanno già rimanendo senza cibo e 7,5 milioni
potrebbero ritrovarsi sull’orlo della carestia...
....In questo momento è cruciale che la comunità internazionale intervenga per sostenere le importazioni di beni alimentari. Pagando direttamente le importazioni di grano e cereali e alleggerendo il peso del debito estero del
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Top ten #HumanRights' #Concerns.
World indicator: 22/33 (year/week).

1️⃣↔️ World food crisis.
2️⃣↔️ Severe violation against #WomensRights♀️ in #Afghanistan🇦🇫.
3️⃣⬆️ Threats to peaceful coexistence in #Kenia🇰🇪.
4️⃣↔️ Growing #Xenophobia and #HateSpeech in several countries. Imran Khan, former prime mi...
5️⃣↔️ Foreign challenges to the territorial integrity, commercial freedom and security area of the People's Republic of #China🇨🇳.
6️⃣⬆️ Sharp deterioration of the rule of law in #Pakistan🇵🇰 (arbitrary arrests, reports of torture, internet blockades, rise of hate speech, etc.)
7️⃣↔️ #Lawfare (unfair legal persecution) against political opponents, layers and journalists (like #JulianAssange), worldwide.
8️⃣↔️ Armed conflicts in #Ethiopia🇪🇹, #Ukraine🇺🇦 and #Yemen🇾🇪.
9️⃣⬆️ Increasing religious discrimination & attacks on freedom of conscience.
🔟⬆️ #Racism.
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#YEMEN-#Shabwa Governor: The conflict between the tools of aggression in the south is part of the American-British plan

Shabwa Governor, Major General Awad Muhammad al-Awlaki, confirmed that Shabwa civilization and its free men were able to reveal the true face of the
1/2 Image
occupation and its false legitimacy, especially after eight years of the aggression against Yemen.
The governor of Shabwa said in a statement that the current events in the governorate revealed the Saudi-Emirati occupation's endeavor to plunder Yemen's wealth by imposing
1/3 Image
their control on the land to serve the interests of Western countries, particularly #America and #Britain, which was achieved by the arrival of foreign forces to the governorate a few days ago.
He pointed out that the conflict between the tools of aggression in #Shabwa
1/4 Image
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#YEMEN: Yemeni negotiators meet with UN delegation regarding #Hodeidah ceasefire

The national team in the Redeployment Committee met, Monday, the head and members of the UN Mission to Support the Hodeidah Agreement.

The head of National Team, Ali Hammoud Al-Mushki,
1/2 Image
expressed his astonishment at the silence of the “UNMHA” mission regarding the escalation of the US-Saudi aggression in Hays.

He referred to the frequent advances of the mercenaries of the aggression and the raids of armed combat aircraft, which strikes civilian targets.

General Al-Mushki stressed the importance of the UN mission fulfilling its obligations regarding the Sweden Agreement and working to stop the piracy of the US-Saudi aggression on the ships of fuel.

“The UNMHA mission is supposed to put more pressure on the UN Development
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US destroyer penetrates #Yemen’s territorial waters on east coast
MAHRA, Aug. 21 (YPA) – A US destroyer penetrated entered Yemen’s east territorial waters on Sunday.

According to sources familiar with the issue, The US destroyer USS Nitze have crossed Yemen’s east coast in
1/2 Image
the Arabian Sea during the past hours, but its destination has not been specified and is not yet clear whether it is heading toward #Hadramout province or #Mahra.

The US forces had been deployed in the coastal districts of Hadramout province. According to local media, they
discussed security and military arrangements in the province.
The US mobilizations off #Yemen’s oil areas come as infighting escalated in #Shabwa province near oil fields run by American oil companies, especially in Al-Uqlah oil fields, amid indications of an expected
1/4 Image
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आज अरबी हटेलात जाऊन #मंदी नावाचा प्रकार खाल्ला. घरातल्या थाळीच्या दुप्पट आकाराच्या थाळीत बिर्याणी चा भात पसरून मध्ये पनीर, काजू ची भाजी ओतली होती.

#मंदी #Mandi #Yemen #cuisine #Arab #मराठी Image
अरब लोक याहून मोठ्या डायनिंग टेबल एवढ्या थाळीत बिर्याणी भात पसरून मध्ये उंट किंवा आणखी कुठल्यातरी अभक्ष्य प्रकारच्या तंगड्या ठेऊन धा-बारा जण त्यावर तुटून पडतात म्हणे. नशीब त्या ताटात स्वतः च्या तंगड्या घालत नाहीत. Image
काय एक एक संस्कृती (?). जपान मध्ये सार्वजनिक ठिकाणी गरम पाण्याच्या हौदात नैसर्गिक कपड्यात धा बारा जण पुरुष बायका जाऊन बसायची पद्धत आहे म्हणे.

तर अशी पनीर-काजू ची मंदी खाल्ल्यावर मेंदू मध्ये मंदी आलेली आहे.
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