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#Pakistan was never a "hired gun" in any war, and it has entered many wars - near and far - for its interests, like any other nation. The narrative of a hired gun is a claptrap; earns political points, but is demeaning for the country, insulting, and self-defeating. /1
History is debatable, but #Pakistan smartly dragged the #US and the free world into a war against the Soviet Union in #Afghanistan; & rightly so. Pak benefited from the project, and also paid a heavy price. The actions of a smart nation that effectively defended its interests. /2
#Pakistan joined the #Bosnia war vs #Serbia+#Russia; helped #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia, #Kuwait vs #Iraq; #Jordan vs militants; supported freedom movements in #Algeria+#Tunisia; backed Western allies in Suez Crisis, helped Kashmiris, & helped counter communism in Arab countries. /3
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#US: Professors say flags are 'symbol of #American imperialism and violence' in defense of student who defaced 9/11 memorial

The letter demands that no "extreme disciplinary action as a consequence of political expression and free speech" is carried out against Alkilani.
Fadel Alkilani was caught on the morning of September 11 removing the 2,977 flags representing the lives lost on 9/11 from their display on Mudd Field, placing them in trash bags. He claimed that his removal of the flags was part of a protest of "American imperialism,"
The letter ends with a list of demands, WashU publicly condemns "the Islamophobic and racist attacks by WashU students against Fadel Alkilani," and disciplinary actions are carried out against students who "spread misinformation, posted Islamophobic and racist comments on SM
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Why must @ImranKhanPTI disgrace #Pakistan with his confused history?

During the war with the #Soviets, there was no #alQaeda or #Taliban. There was only #Mujahideen.

After the Soviet withdrawal & civil war, the Taliban emerged. There is no mujahideen in #Afghanistan today.
A major part of #Pakistan’s #PR problem is confused narratives driving confused perceptions.

We didn’t train the #Mujahideen alone. We had help from the #US, @CIA & #SaudiArabia.

Why does the PM forget this & place on the responsibility on Pakistan alone?
What is #Pashtun nationalism’s role in the war on terror?

All the insurgents that attacked #Pakistan post-#LalMasjid were ideological driven. Nothing to do with ethnic or linguistic roots.

It was the creation of the #TTP which kicked off mass #terror attacks in Pakistan.
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SHOCKING🚨: Mark Milley the #US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called #China behind #DonaldTrump's back and said "If we're going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time. It's not going to be a surprise."

Via Washington Post

Biden and #USA military compromised!!!
#MarkMilley United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff #US secretly called then Chinese officials out of fear Trump could attack china
Add this thread to the mix! Huge plot is going on!

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#BREAKING : Explosions near Al-Qaim on the #Iraq-#Syria border along with warplanes heard in the area.
U.S. has denied any such airstrikes targeting a convoy and two vehicles of Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah (Iraqi militias) being struck (Allegedly)

So points it on #Israel 🔥🍻
Tell you this. Recently Russia said Foreign troops in #Syria is worrying. Russians speaking from the position of strength . Iraq situation is so bad #US troops had to hide inside their base few days ago on eminent rocket strike. It happened. Like Afghanistan Iraq a gonner for US
🇷🇺🇸🇾 President Vladimir Putin met with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in Moscow.

💬 #Putin: The main problem lies in the presence in some parts of the 🇸🇾 country of foreign armed forces without any mandate from the @UN or your permission. Image
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#Taliban terrorist hits the jackpot once again. Their blackmail with stranded western citizens paid off. At the UN today, the following countries announced humanitarian assistance to #Afghanistan

In Millions:
#Japan 200 $
#US 64 $
#France 100 €
#Germany 5 €
#UN 25 $
Video executions by the #Taliban in the #Panjshir Valley. The Taliban told the BBC based on our report they will launch an investigation. @hrw has told me that our report correspondents with a pattern of such executions they've documented #Afghanistan
This is #Afghanistan under Taliban rule:

Videos of Taliban purportedly kidnapping young Panjshiri men in #Kabul

Videos of Hazara men in Daikundi saying Taliban will seize their properties

Videos of a woman being publicly whipped by the Taliban in Herat
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Half a year ago,there was a huge outcry in Germany that the EU had presumably botched #Covid19 vaccine procurements.

Now, it shows that the mistakes at the EU level are dwarfed by failures of the vaccination campaign in Germany–but no one talks about it anymore.
A thread. 1/
When early this year, Israel, the #UK and the #US pulled ahead of EU countries in the vaccination drive, there was a lot of finger pointing at the EU commission. As was broadly discussed, the Commission had looked too much after not paying excessive prices 2/
and had ended up with contracts under which vaccine producers such as #Astrazeneca believed they could serve other countries first and the EU only second. (Some of this ended before courts.)

In Germany, media called it the “Impfdebakel” (vaccination debacle).3/
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#Israel unmasks secret #Iran based where the #IRGC trains and distributes drone technologies to proxy militias across the region.


#Iran counters the negative publicity today centered on #Israel revealing the location of secret Iranian base that trains proxy regional militias by making public this decision: granting visual access to IAEA to Iranian installations

The #US embassy in #Iraq raises alarm on the drone attack at #ErbilAirport

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#September11 Spotlight: Ethnic & sectarian divisions in #Afghanistan & #Iraq were never something Americans or other Western powers could simply “fix,” writes David Romano |
#September11 Spotlight: After failures in #Afghanistan & #Iraq, banishing such grandiose policy goals as “nation-building” from #US imagination might prove wise, writes David Romano |
#WATCH: After #September11, America launched a campaign of “nation-building” in #Afghanistan & #Iraq. Read more here:
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Initial reports of explosions heard in the vicinity of #Erbil International Airport and sirens sounding at the #US consulate. Cause currently unknown.
Situation is on going at Erbil International Airport, additional explosions are being reported.
CRAM was active this evening at Erbil International Airport, reportedly engaged several targets, mixed reports on drones and/or rockets, which are unconfirmed at the moment. Will update accordingly
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#LIVE: Hans Grundberg delivers his first briefing to the Security Council in his capacity as new @UN Special Envoy for #Yemen (@OSE_Yemen) Image
#LIVE: @OSE_Yemen: The epicenter of the military confrontation has shifted over time with combatants taking turns on the offensive. Since early 2020, the focus has been on the #Houthi's #Marib offensive in which thousands of #Yemenis have lost their lives Image
#LIVE:@OSE_Yemen: The UN and the international community has been clear in its message: The #Houthi's offensive on #Marib must stop Image
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2014 पूर्वी उठसुठ #US #Russia ह्यांच्याकडे धाव घेत होतो. पण आज चित्र बदलल आहे. UK, US, रशिया ह्यांचे #NSA हे श्री अजित #डोवाल ह्याना भेटायला भारतात येतात का? तर #अफगाणिस्तान! तोच अफगाणिस्तान ज्यावर रशिया,US (#महासत्ता😜) ह्यांनी अयशस्वी राज्य केलं! १/७
मोदी सरकारचे अपयश आहे काही गोष्टीत मान्य करायलाच हव पण हे सुद्धा बघायला हवं की जे गेल्या ७० वर्षात झालं नाही ते आता घडतंय. अतिदुर्गम भागात रेल्वे, राम मंदिर निकाल, ३७० कलम, तीन तलाक ह्या गोष्टी घडल्या. २/७
नुसतं गल्लीत माझा नगरसेवक, सरपंच - कार्यसम्राट, दादा, ताई हे करून आपला फायदा फक्त क्षणिक आहे. कारण राष्ट्र जर सुरक्षित हातात नसेल तर काय होऊ शकत हे आपण अफगाणिस्तान मध्ये बघतोच आहोत. विरोधक कितीही बोलले तरी मोदींना 🔔 फरक पडत नाही. ३/७
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The #Middle_East after Kabul’s fall; how reshaped?

“The #US withdrawal from #Afghanistan and the #Taliban's new leadership has brought about a multitude of surprising alliances.”…
“Without #Qatar’s mediation and involvement, the #US withdrawal would likely have been much more violent and bloody.
Years ago, Qatar was “chosen” by the #Taliban to be the liaison between them and the United States.”
#Qatar became a key state in the #US’ relat w the Islamist group,& arranged the meeting bet @CIA chief #William_Burns & #Taliban. Qatar is now running negos w Taliban over safeguarding Kabul’s airport, which will enable Taliban to start rebuild #Afghanistan & forge int’l ties.”
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#Pakistan's use of #Islamists to interfere in #Afghanistan does not begin in 1979—that jihad project had begun in 1973 and all the Mujahideen groups were formed before the Soviet invasion—but the origins go back to c. 1956 for a cluster of reasons. <Mini Thread>
#Pakistan inherited the #British concept of "strategic depth", i.e. the need for a buffer against the most dangerous imperial rival (#Russia), and thus from foundation sought to make #Afghanistan into a client state.

[@husainhaqqani, "Between Mosque and Military", pp. 164-6]
#pt: Pakistan's move to vassalise #Afghanistan began in earnest in 1956, after the creation of the Pakistani constitution, with its "Objectives Resolution", creating an Islamic Republic, which had impacts not only internally, allowing the state to define "Muslim", but externally.
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#EU Foreign Ministers meet today for #Gymnich. They will discuss #Afghanistan. But then they will discuss the #Gulf. This is a rare occurrence - EU Ministers have discussed #JCPOA often but very rarely regional geopolitics between the #GCC, #Iraq & #Iran. They do now because… ⬇️
…because of the #Baghdad_summit last week and #France’s involvement in it. Most in #EU that #Iraq can be the hub for regional diplomacy in the #Gulf, building on talks btwn #SaudiArabia & #Iran. Reality is that with no progress on #Yemen these talks are shallow but ⬇️
…but I welcome choice to discuss #Gulf geopolitics at a #EU level. Hope there is some realism in acknowledging this is a security matter, not a diplomatic misunderstanding. #US retrenchment will inevitably lead to more #Russia & #China in the Gulf. It is already happening. So ⬇️
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Huge #Taliban convoy parade with seized #US gear
in #Kandahar
soviet D-30 howitzers
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1/8 US 20 years at war in #Afghanistan brought no peace nor development, only a mess of endless conflict, rampant violence, terrorism and lost livelihoods for the Afghan people.
This invasion launched by the #US has created "seven deadly sins":
War, Betrayal, Human Rights Violation, Connivance of Terrorism, Drugs, Religious Desecration and Environmental Hazards.
2/8 The #US sin of #War in #Afghanistan:

The war caused about 250 casualties every day, devastated Afghan economy and made the country a least developed member of the int’l community, with half of the country's population below poverty line and a third of war refugees.
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1/9: #Afghanistan is a stark reminder that in foreign policy you need both to be clear about your goals and to execute them well. Over years the #US and its allies fell short on both counts.
2/9: The intervention was legitimate & justified (unlike Iraq). An act of self-defence to halt a clear international terror threat. The first purpose was not to end #Taliban rule, but to deal with a consequence of it. Of course the two rapidly merged.
3/9: Inevitably once we were there new goals were added. Suppressing poppy growing for opium, protecting & supporting #Afghanwomen, nation building, training armed forces. All laudable goals, but where to draw the line & how to define success?
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It is good that #Britain is prepared to play its role against #IS in Afghanistan. It is, however, a mystery what intelligence stream is going to be used and how planes in the Gulf could ever use such a stream in time.
Horrible to leave the dogs behind, though hardly a choice given hundreds of American and tends of thousands of Afghan humans were left.
#Pakistan overtly occupying a chunk of #Afghanistan in the south, even as it occupies the rest through the Taliban, Haqqani Network, and the other jihadists.
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"The West had openly used terrorists to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."
-Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov-
#US has been maintaining an illegal military presence on Syrian soil, collaborating with militants against #Syria’s legitimate government, stealing the country’s crude oil resources & bombing the positions of the Syrian army & anti-terror popular forces.…
The #US has also slapped sanctions on #Syria, which have targeted the country’s oil and banking sectors, and in turn, created deep misery for millions of innocent people.
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Afghanistan Crisis Updates

Per @AsaadHannaa in yesterday's #US drone strike in #Kabul , 9 civilians have been killed which he had released their names :
• Zameer, Shopkeeper
• Faisal, Student
• Farzad, Student
• Ayat, 2 years old
• Sumaya, 2 years old
• Armin, 4 years old
• Binyamen, 3 years old
Dr. Amin Al-Haq, One of the well-known members of #AlQaeda has have returned to #Nangarhar Province in #Afghanistan.
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Yesterday US drone strike on a car bomb at Khwaja Baghra of KherKhana area of Kabul, also targeted this house killing 10 civilians including 6 children.

US drone strike at Kabul, hit a car bomb(VBIED) and also targeted a home nearby killing 6 children & 4 other members of the family including 2 women.
The funerals for the 10 civilians killed in what is thought to be a #US drone strike on #Kabul.

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#US Core #PCE #Inflation:
▪️ Annualizing 4.8% in 2021 vs Fed SEP projection 3.0%
▪️ Last Jul 3.6%. Even if annualizes only 2.5% for rest 2021, full year YoY would still be 3.9%
▪️ Sept FOMC will have to revise higher from 3.0% towards 4.0%
▪️ Can 2022 proj be left at 2.1%? ImageImage
Core PCE MoM past its peak?
- 5y avrg 0.17%
- Post Covid avrg 0.30%
- Post Vaccine avrg 0.39% (since Nov'20)
- Post Covid peak 0.63% (Apr'21)
- Last July print 0.34%

Transitory assumption: will ease towards 0.17-20% MoM into H1'22 (equivalent to 2.0-2.4% YoY) Image
Trimmed Mean Inflation?
▪️ Powell at JH " capture whether price increases for particular items are spilling over into broad-based inflation. These include trimmed mean.."
▪️ Excluded: 50 components from lower tail of distribution of monthly price changes & 71 from upper tail ImageImage
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Five rockets fired at Kabul airport some hours ago, presumably by #ISKP.
CENTCOM said the other day it was able to deal with rocket attacks on #US forces in Kabul, and that appears true: all of the #ISKP missiles overnight were intercepted
Afghan commanders, driven from their country, might join the British army
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