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1/ Those who follow me know that I think too much and ask too many questions. In my curiosity, I recently stumbled upon a story of a bat cave of coronaviruses, sudden unexplained death, and mysterious poison mushrooms🍄 Buckle up it’s a weird one #medhistory #SARS #Covid_19 🧵👇 Image
2/ It all started with that foolish preprint that was again claiming that SARS-CoV-2 was made in a lab. A claim that no respected scientist or clinician supports, given the lack of evidence, including: @K_G_Andersen @AngieRasmussen @CT_Bergstrom #COVID19

3/ So, I go back to what evidence we actually have. Because #science is awesome, we have a ridiculous amount of viral genomes that have continued to be tracked from early on in the pandemic:
- 4,678 @nextstrain @TrevorBedford
- 84,932 @CovidGenomicsUK…
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#China reportedly uses #Hollywood clips to show simulated attack on #US base at #Guam

The #Chinese air force propaganda effort has gone Hollywood, using scenes lifted from the 2008 Oscar-winner “The Hurt Locker” and the 1996 action flick “The Rock.”…
A source close to the Chinese armed forces told the news outlet that it was common practice for the People’s Liberation Army publicity unit to “borrow” from Hollywood blockbusters to make their productions look more thrilling.

Right, “borrow”.......
“Almost all of the officers in the department grew up watching Hollywood movies, so in their minds, American war films have the coolest images,” the source told the South China Morning Post, adding that the army was unlikely to face any backlash over copyright infringements.
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No war of words, these are real threats, says #IRGC head. “Do you think we will kill a woman in S Africa to avenge our martyred brother? We will target those behind unfair assassination of Gen. #Soleimani. Mr. Trump! Don’t doubt our revenge. It’s really serious,” says Gen. Salami
#Iran #IRGC: “We will take a fair revenge. That’s why we didn’t target ur soldiers in Ain Al Assad. You threaten us with an attack 1000s times greater in magnitude! When we targeted ur base, we anticipating ur response & had prepared 100s missiles to fire”…
With only 6 weeks to #US vote, tensions are rising. Trump's reelection means more escalation. Strained under sanctions, #Iran under hardliners will have few reasons to show restraint, with #Israel drawing closer to its doorstep! Revenge is a matter of honor! Trump is provoking!
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This is more than a #band, this is a #spiritual #movement; and we are in the midst, of a spiritual #war--as we've been #warning you about this very moment in time, for the past decade.
With 3 #albums to date, #processionals across the #US, #podcasts, interviews, #vlogs, and #lessons; weve laid out everything we can before heading into such a battle, & were working on putting out more of these things for you to use on your #pilgrammages within & without.
However, we know how daunting such information and sensations can be; so we'd like to extend TO ALL INITIATES, THAT ARE IN NEED OF #COUNSELING (IN REGARDS TO THE MATTERS OF THE #SPIRIT)--PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK.
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#OAK(ISLAND) #L E-y ...😎



The Warrior Song - Aquila Natus (with lyrics) via @YouTube
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'Kangaroo court': Joe Rogan says wrong to prosecute #Assange for 'horrific crimes' he exposed

@joerogan… via @SputnikInt

#Assange Update: Iraq War Logs Essential to Understanding the Truth of Civilian Casualties


via @YouTube

@richimedhurst: The Julian #Assange Trial in 60 Seconds
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#GUA #US | Despite being kick-off of the NGO -NOHE- because of a private investigation related to Child Pornography and being captured by the FBI she said and quote "I have friends in the FBI" he was immediately release despite 1/?
#OpChildSafety @OpDeathEaters @OpDeathEatersUS
She is a Cuban Citizen with no passport, the Investigation of the #FBI has no advance at all as equal as the investigation of the Guatemala Attorney General, his connections with Politicians all over the region make her hard to catch, also she can be related to @pollanria 2/?
And accusations against the government because of using minors as an incentive in political "parties" where the Private Sector can connect with more clients. Not to mention that MP has a current investigation for minor trafficking by the current owners of Bars, Clubs and 3/?
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1. My (maybe uncomfortable) views on #Moria and forthcoming #EU #migration pact:

✔️Yes, #Moria was a tragedy waiting to happen and the direct result of #EU policy failing

✔️Yes, early signs that #EU pact will focus on keeping people in their countries is worrying.

2. ...we just cannot keep asking the #EU to do better. Because the #EU can only do what its 27 members states agree to do. And too many of them have interest to keep the anti #immigration rhetoric going primarily for domestic short term political calculations. Same is true in #US
3. To me the question we should ask and work for is:

Is there the political space and will to form a smaller 'coalition of the willing' amongst selected European states/orgs to cooperate on #migration in ways that can work/deliver for domestic audiences?
We know it is possible.
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In "Ideal Illusions" James Peck writes how foreign policy obj r achieved via INGOS.

US&Indian convergence on policy to undermine #CPEC has allowed room for an unannounced #HybridWar against Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at SAATH FORUM & see how #IndiaWagingHybridWar


In order for us to truly understand the SAATH FORUM, the reasons for its formation in the US, the mysterious sources of it’s funding & the background of its members from Pakistan, we need to understand how US policy is formulated in the first place.


US being a democratic dispensation is not a monolith org, rather it’s an amalgam of many orgs!think tanks lobbyists & politicians all trying to influence policy at the same time.

Hussain Haqqani is one Pakistani who knew this better than everyone else.


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rocket attack targets #US embassy grounds in #Baghdad, #Iraq.
Air defenses respond to rocket attack on #US Embassy in #Baghdad while sirens launched from embassy.
2 rockets were fired toward #US embassy in #Baghdad , #Iraq.
Air defense systems responded to both of rockets.
US Army helicopters intensely flying over the area.
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Ik vraag me werkelijk af wat Arjen van der Horst heeft bezield om zo'n uitgebreid item over Kanye West te maken voor het #journaal.
#Russia #US #elections #Dark_Web #voter_database Dit zou een veel interessanter onderwerp zijn geweest om eens aandacht aan te besteden in het #journaal:…
Als Arjen van der Horst nou eens commentaar had gegeven op #QAnon posting #4688 in het #journaal. Dat zou wat zijn.
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Who's running the World?

@realDonaldTrump, @Plaid_Putin and @xijinpin were arguing on who’s in charge of the world.

#US, #Russia or #China?

Without any conclusion, they turned to @PMOIndia and asked him "Who’s in charge of the world?"
Modi replied All I know is

1. @Google CEO is an Indian
2. @Microsoft CEO is an Indian
3. @IncCitigroup CEO was an Indian
4. @SoftBank Vision Fund CEO is an Indian
5. @Adobe CEO is an Indian
6. @NetApp CEO is an Indian
7. @PepsiCo CEO was an Indian
8. @nokia CEO is an #Indian

@india #education
9. @MasterCard CEO is an Indian
10. @DBS CEO is an Indian
11. @Cognizant CEO was an Indian
12. @Novartis CEO is an Indian
13. @Conduent CEO was an Indian
14. @Diageo_News CEO is an Indian
15. @SanDisk CEO was an Indian
16. @Moto CEO was an Indian
#futureinsights #business
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Thread about #Qatar🇶🇦, #SaudiArabia 🇸🇦, #MuslimBrotherhood and 9/11 Attacks!




Let us start with State of Qatar 🇶🇦,

Qatar is a country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Qatar's total population was 2.6 million: 313,000 Qatari citizens and 2.3 million expatriates

Qatar has been ruled by the House of Thani since Mohammed bin Thani signed a treaty with the British in 1868 that recognised its separate status.

27 February 1972

Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani became the Emir of Qatar
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Then there were the large private donations, mostly from Muslims, all around the world but particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. 1/n
Osama Bin Laden, at this tine a highly esteemed conduit for CIA and Saudi intelligence funds, used his construction companies to build bunkers, arms depots, roads and many other facilities. 2/n
for the mujehadin groups he favoured. He also acted as a major collecting and distribution agent for other large_scale donors, particularly Saudi businessmen and religious charities. 3/n
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