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Initial reports suggest 4 to 5 rockets fired at the #USEmbassy - locals saying theres thick smoke rising up from around the embassy
Unverified locals saying that the US embassy campus has been targeted. we can’t confirm it at this time, will follow up ASAP. But the smoke is there, we can verify that at this time.
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This is crazy.
You guys continue to IGNORE & even NOT NAME #Russia when it comes to creating 1,2 Million Syrian refugees in 10 months – the biggest indirect threat to 🇩🇪 domestic policy. At the same time, you keep talking about "bridges" – like what? The illegal #Crimea bridge?!
And what is your (unsuccessful) "special representative for the gas transfer through Ukraine", Georg Graf Waldersee, doing at the table?
Didn't you notice that - thanks to #US sanctions against #NordStream2 - his duties are not needed anymore? Or is he our new "man at #Gazprom"?!
By the way.
FM @HeikoMaas wrote an opinion piece in the context of the #MSC2020 yesterday, in which he touched upon "signs of Western paralysis in view of a loss in global significance".

He did NOT mention #Russia and #Syria in it. Now you know why.…
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Great to be @MiddleEastInst for an event on #EU-#MiddleEast relations with @AlexVatanka, Przemyslaw Osiewicz and @KianpourWorld. What do changes in EU personnel and the new @EU_Commission mean for EU-MENA relations?
Listen to our own MENA episode on Europe and #Iran here:…
What are the main issues in MENA region for EU?
1) #MiddleEast Peace Plan
2) Iran
3) #Libya
4) #Syria

For reference, here is Osiewicz's latest MEI piece:…
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Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the FDA said there are “certainly cases we don’t know about” in the US and he called for expanded testing because we’re “capturing 25% of cases at best.”“We’re going to see those outbreaks start to emerge in the next two to four weeks.”
Asha George, executive director of the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefense, said there are generally seven or eight unseen cases for every known case. “It may be hundreds of thousands of cases” here ultimately, she warned.
Julie Gerberding, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said she is “very concerned about the prospects for long-term containment” and warned that “we simply don’t have the surge capacity” to handle a widespread outbreak.
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I beg my friends in #Syria NOT 2waste your time & demean yourselves begging for #trump aka, #ComradeAgentOrange the #TraitorInChief to help you! It is because of him that no #Syrians are allowed into the US I’m an #American have never voted for a GOP candidate! #BlueTsunami2020
When you beg #tRump for help, you hurt @TheDemocrats! They are the only ones who will drop the travel ban against the Syrian people. trump couldn’t find #Syria on a map! He had #Soleimani killed to deflect from his #Impeachment #BoneSpurs is a coward a laughing stock!
I support the Syrian people but I will not RT anything that includes begging that fat head, #Trump for anything! I’ve done it before for all of you but that ends tonight. Pls do not tag me regarding RT’s to #IMPOTUS I’ve just left 1 Syrian group & I will leave them all if I must
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From @AspenInstitute w/ @HelenBranswell
@DrNancyM_CDC : disease can be very severe, more severe disease in older ppl, comorbidities, don't know full spectrum, of #COVID19.
cautious about est. CFR
how much mild disease?
would like to do serological studies
@DrNancyM_CDC: has been spectrum in US cases, all improving
Fauci: Wants more info from China. Needs to know scope, due to ease of transmissibility suspect # of asx cases may be very high. What is degree of asx transmission.
Asx not usually driver of outbreak in resp. illness
Fauci: Asx transmission matters re: policy for screening.
More data from China not just numbers.
@RonaldKlain: let science and expertise not politics drive response. 1) think hard about travel policy 2) public officials should take crediblity seriously (messaging!)
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This could be huge! Victims have been waiting for justice for widespread atrocities committed in #Darfur for 15+ years. Keen to have more details on plans for #Bashir to at last face the #ICC charges against him. Some further info on case at @hrw:…
@hrw I first began working on the campaign to see perpetrators of widespread crimes in #Darfur held to account in 2004 as @HRW continued to document the extreme brutality against civilians:…
@hrw It was time when the prospect of the #UNSC coming together to ensure justice for the gravest crimes at the #ICC was more on the table than in recent years. (see:…). But given the #US anti-ICC position, it was far from a foregone conclusion.
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@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Speaks Out Against #Syria War Bill- H.Con.Res.121
Mar 14, 2016
"Similar resolutions were used in the past to legitimize the regime change wars to overthrow the Govts of #Iraq & #Libya. I will have no part of it."…
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Rep. @TulsiGabbard Votes Against Efforts to Overthrow #Syria Govt - H.Con.Res.75
"I was extremely disappointed by amendment language later added to this resolution that provides “cover” or an excuse for ISIS & other terrorist orgs committing this genocide"
@billybartyjr @dbp49 @Global_Netizen1 @TulsiGabbard Tulsi Gabbard - CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad
Oct 22, 2015
"#NoFlyZone would be a terrible mistake"
why to overthrow President Assad is an illegal, counterproductive war that will cause even more human misery in the region
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Lets talk about #Argentina and the #IMF. Specifically, lets talk about the biggest IMF #Bailout in #History...
Before we start talking about #Argentina & how the #IMF has extended to them a #Bailout that is by far the biggest in the organisation's history, let us first appreciate what the functions of the IMF are...
The #IMF’s main goal is to ensure #stability of the #international #monetary & #financial #system. It helps resolve crises, and works with its 189 member countries to promote #growth & alleviate #poverty...
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#Europe is the midst of its #5G decision, with all eyes currently set on Germany. But there is a second crucial theatre for 5G competition that regrettably gets very little attention: #SoutheastAsia. Thread:
Right at China’s doorstep #Huawei has a long history and market share dominance in the strategically important region. Of the ten @ASEAN countries only Singapore & Vietnam have so far opted for Huawei’s competitors. 1/7
For the less affluent #SEA states cost-benefit calculation is central & so far pretty clear: Huawei is cheap & offers leading technology. For them costs are less tangible: Some #SoutheastAsian states rely on #US security. But how will US react to UK decision? Will it at all? 2/7
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"We are probably picking up only 10% or less infections in China. We may be only detecting 25% of all infections overseas. We estimate there may be 50,000 cases/day in China and going up all the time" -@neil_ferguson #coronavirus
Mildly symptomatic people are thought to be able to spread #coronavirus. -Chinese & German researchers.
#US and other countries are not currently screening patients from the 6 places where there is community spread of #coronavirus. UK 3rd case, patient traveled from Singapore.
A number of #US experts (Fauci, @T_Inglesby, @mlipsitch @ScottGottliebMD @DrTomFrieden @mtosterholm ) express doubt that China can contain the spread of the #coronavirus. The @CDCgov has told people in #US to expect more cases.
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Lets talk about the #FED's #Outlook on #US & #Global #Growth & where it sees #MonetaryPolicy #Regulation & #Supervision going given the #Zero / #EffectiveLowerBound...
Yesterday, 6th February 2020, the #FederalReserve (FED) Vice Chair for #Supervision addressed the #Money Marketeers of #NewYorkUniversity in #NewYork. His address, in the form of a speech, was coined "The #Economic Outlook, #MonetaryPolicy, and the Demand for #Reserves"...
Considering that the #FED is one of the most influential #CentralBanks in the world, it pays to get as much information from them as possible, especially when it comes to #monetarypolicy conduct and the #Global impacts thereof...
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𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗟𝗶𝘁𝘁𝗹𝗲 𝗞𝗻𝗼𝘄𝗻 𝗦𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆 𝗼𝗳 𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮’𝘀 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗼𝘂𝘀 𝗦𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 𝗶𝗻 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟭

❝Great nations are not built on borrowed technology.❞
#VijayBhatkar, the Father of Indian Supercomputers
● During 80s, #USA & some #European countries had developed super computers, which were critical for developing satellites and nuclear weapons.
● These countries refused to transfer the knowledge of creating super computers to #India, fearing the developing nation might use it to design missiles and warplanes rather than forecast the weather.
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Following a long line of articles from #TobaccoControl types who completely fail to 'get' #TobaccoHarmReduction, @LauraRossouw chimes in to prove she can misunderstand it up with the 'best'.
So let's look at a brief overview of the article..
Firstly, the title itself. Not only do #THR advocates support (sensible) regulation on #eCigarettes / #vaping, but there are, in most countries, a variety of legacy consumer protections that apply to them (e.g. standards for electrical goods or standards for labeling poisons).
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Simply Wow. Less than 6 mo ago #Turkey loudly pressing for #US departure from #Idlib #Syria. Less than 4 months ago applauding #Trump on Pullout From Idlib Syria. Now the gov publications back to sucking up to US and begging for #US return & involvement in Idlib Syria! See record
Does the media here realize how pathetic they come across? And with that how low they drag down Turkey’s image? Simply pathetic
More accurately: Less than 6 months ago, #Turkey welcomed #USA withdrawal from Northern #Syria and said the US withdrawal was a MUST for “Syria’s Territorial Integrity”. Now that it’s relations with Russia is souring It is asking (begging) for US involvement in Syria!!!!
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Dr. Francis Boyle Creator Of BioWeapons Act Says Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon & WHO knows about it

Dr. Boyle believes the virus escaped from the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory in #Wuhan

Explosive statement but need corroboration…
He believes the virus is potentially lethal & an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government tried to cover it up & is now taking drastic measures to contain it
Dr. Boyle’s position is in stark contrast to the mainstream media’s narrative of the virus being originated from the seafood market, which is increasingly being questioned by many experts.
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Comrade Ayatollah - Introduction
(In the end the whole world seems to be a stage😉)
Did you know that #ahmadinejad was a #Jew and Ayatollah #Khomeini a deep #SAVAK agent working for the #CIA, #MI6, #KGB, or a combination thereof?…
You never know for sure 😉
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After initially rebuffing #US offers, #China asks for CDC's help to investigate Wuhan virus

#Beijing has relented and agreed to permit #American disease experts to visit virus-hit China

Desperate times require desperate measures.........…
Beijing, after initially blocking requests from the United States, has agreed to permit authorities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to take part in an international investigation of the global health crisis caused by the rapidly spreading Wuhan coronavirus.
The World Health Organization officially declared an international health emergency Thursday. WHO officials said the designation was not meant to be a “vote of no confidence” in the Chinese government’s handling of the crisis.
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LIVE NOW | @CrisisGroup’s #WatchList2020 Part 2
🔸 Panel discussion on how the EU can act better for peace, with @FedericaMog and @Rob_Malley, moderated by @NicolePirozzi…
@FedericaMog @Rob_Malley @NicolePirozzi For @FedericaMog, the biggest challenges to the EU in #WatchList2020 will be Iran-US escalation, and how this is giving new space for #ISIS; and the multiple layers of conflict in 🇱🇾#Libya.
@FedericaMog @Rob_Malley @NicolePirozzi Recent #US actions expose weaknesses & open opportunities for EU, says @Rob_Malley.

⇨Diplomatically, can EU play a role between US & Iran?
⇨Financially, can EU limit exposure to the reach of US sanctions?
⇨Militarily, eg after a US exit from Iraq, can EU reduce vulnerability?
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Good news: An Iraqi committee has been formed to oversee the implementation of the withdrawal of all foreign forces from #Iraq, including the US forces. The US, UK, France, and tens of countries involved are informed of the procedure. #QassemSoleimani
I have to bow to the request to offer further explanation here:
I have to bow to the request to offer a further explanation here:e: The Iraqi government and all Iraqi forces agreed to allow the US and other forces to leave within 3 months.+
If Foreign forces refuse to complete the withdrawal, these will be considered occupation forces and therefore legitimate targets.

This is why I said the other day that no Iraqi anti-US group was responsible for rocket launching against the US embassy.+
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Let us talk about the #FED #FOMC's 1st #MonetaryPolicy meeting of 2020. Specifically, let us talk about the puzzle that is a flatter #PhillipsCurve...
The #FederalOpenMarketCommittee (#FOMC) of the #FederalReserveBank (#FED) of the #US concluded its 1st meeting of 2020 on the 29th January 2020. As expected, the FED did not change rates but left the #KeyPolicyRate, the #FederalFundsRate (#FFR) in the 1.5%-1.75% range...
Indeed, if one considers the #FED #Dotplot of December 2019, the decision to keep rates unchanged would not come as a surprise. What I wanted to focus on today is some key passages in the statement, highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below...its all #PhillipsCurve...
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The Trump administration's policies, which affect Europe without taking into account its views, sharpen the case for a more sovereign European foreign policy.

Our #WatchList2020 lists 10 countries where swift action by the #EU can help build peace. /1
As #Burkina Faso’s rural conflict rages, creating an urgent humanitarian crisis, the country is also beset by urban unrest.

The EU and member states should lend support to election preparation and encourage the government to devote energy to the crisis in the countryside. /2
Tensions are mounting between the DRC’s neighbouring countries, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda, which could compound the country’s security challenges.

The EU should encourage President Tshisekedi to reinvigorate diplomatic efforts. /3

For more, see
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We have been monitoring reports of an #Afghan state owned aircraft crashing in the #Ghazni province. We are going to report it as RUMINT for now. Ariana Afghan Airlines has denied reports that the aircraft has gone down while other news site say otherwise.

RUMINT: Some reports coming out of a foreign aircraft (some say US owned) going down near Afghanistan. This is an UNCONFIRMED photo of the site.
Body of 2 foreigners were extracted from the plane. Some are guessing a Bombardier private jet but it looks oddly Russian. I have seen the tail section before and i am trying to remember what aircraft has it.

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