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This thread is dedicated to the next armed conflict/#war #Azerbaijan vs #Armenia. You heard it here 1st folks. The #EU is silent on Azerbaijan aggression to Armenia to appease #Turkey who by the way is making ground in #Libya. Will #Moscow back Armenia?…
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For organizations sake I will be adding all #Armenia vs #Azerbaijan things to the thread bellow.

Azerbaijani Parliament has announced a curfew for the following locations starting at 00:00 tonight.

Baku, Ganja, Goygol, Yevlakh and other regions

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
@NikolPashinyan has stated "The recognition of a Nagorno Karabakh independence is on the agenda of the government."

#Azerbaijan #Armenia
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Thread for Armenian-Azerbaijani possible conflict /
Will update this thread regularly.
Per AlHadath /
Tanks were targeted in the nagorno-Karabakh borders.
#Armenia 🇦🇲 #Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

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The #African_Union Needs to Resolve #Ethiopia’s Dam Dispute
By Ola Owojori (@OlaOwojori)

👉 U.S. diplomacy has failed. African diplomacy can’t afford to.

📌 The 1929 #Nile Waters Agreement between #Egypt & #Britain, which at the time held colonial power . . .
. . over several #Nile_Basin countr., gave #Egypt z right to veto any projs. along the #Nile.

📌 A treaty estab. in 1959 b/n #Egypt & #Sudan apportioned z vast majority of z #Nile’s waters to #Egypt & a sizable alloc. to #Sudan. Eth. was never consulted for either treaty.
📌 #Egypt in particular thinks of itself as the natural owner of the #Nile, which it has dominated for centuries.

📌 #Ethiopians, in contrast, have been historically unable to exercise any natural rights over the #Nile despite the fact that 86 percent of the water . . .
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By Mekdelawit Messay (@Mekdi_Messay) and Dr. Tirusew Asefa (@TirusewAsefa)

📌 As a large dam was being built on a river which is known for its heavy . . .
. . sediment transfer, it was only a matter of time before the issue of sedimentation came to the forefront of discussions.

📌 The local name for the #Blue_Nile is fittingly #Black_Nile or #Tikur_Abbay, alluding to its dark color that comes from the sediment it carries.
📌 Siltation in dams essentially reduces the storage capacity of dams which in turn reduces the power generation capacity of the dams. In #Sudan, where the direct sedimentation of #Blue_Nile is observed, significant amounts of storage capacity is already lost.
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Up to #African_Union to Resolve #Ethiopia_Egypt Water Conflict
@AmbShinn Blogspot

#Foreign_Policy posted on 24 September 2020 an article titled "The African Union Needs to Resolve Ethiopia's Dam Dispute" by Ola Owojori (@OlaOwojori) a political risk specialist.
Negotiations to resolve disagreements between #Ethiopia and #Egypt over water allocation behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) involving the #US_Treasury_Department and the #World_Bank have failed.
It is up to the #African_Union, which has a better understanding of the problem, to propose a solution acceptable to #Ethiopia, #Egypt, and #Sudan.…
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When I became a journalist in #Egypt 30 years ago, I learned that victims of rape would not go to the police to report what had happened to them because the police would either shoo them away or rape them because the women were considered “damaged goods anyway.”
Now: “An announcement last month that #Egypt’s top prosecutor would investigate an alleged 2014 gang rape of a 17-year-old girl at a luxury Cairo hotel marked a rare moment of triumph for human rights activists.”…
But: “Those hopes were quickly dispelled after authorities detained possible witnesses and some of their acquaintances, who could face separate charges under the country’s vague morality laws. A media campaign has targeted both potential witnesses and the alleged perpetrators.”
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How on earth will there be a deal with #Egypt with their imaginary claim of the #Abay_River (#Blue_Nile) without first recognizing the river belongs to #Ethiopia and then ask diplomatically their demand; this is the way negotiation works⁉️
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History: The #Zionist Origins of Saudi Arabia and Its Royals - Part I
Muslims often revere #SaudiArabia as the custodians of #Islam’s holiest sites; completely ignoring the Kingdom’s role in founding the Zionist state in the first place.…
The 1917 Balfour Declaration and the #Zionist Origins of Saudi Arabia - Part II
To better understand the origins of the declaration, we examine a thoroughly documented paper by The #Balfour Project.…
#Egypt, #Kuwait & #SaudiArabia Are Run By Jews
by Daryl Bradford Smith and Muhammad Rafeeq…
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#Egypt is 3rd worst jailer of journalists. It’s fantastic to see Lina Attalah, founder & editor in chief of independent news site Mada Masr, lauded for her powerful work. And to see her profiled by Maria Ressa, another journalist who terrifies the powerful…
“Shine the light. That’s the mission of journalism, but it has a personal cost in countries around the world that want to keep the darkness, confusion and fear so power can consolidate power.” #Egypt
“You won’t know you’ve gone too far until you do, like when Lina and her team were arrested, handcuffed together in the police truck. They held each other’s hands as they mentally grappled with the impact on their lives. They reminded each other, “We are here by choice.”” #Egypt
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#Sudan talks with #UAE, US could lead to normalization with #Israel - report…

Thread: Why Sudan's reorientation potentially ranks up there with Egypt kicking out the Soviets in the 1970s.
2/ #Sudan, like #Egypt will not be a liberal democracy in our lifetime. Last yr, the military overthrew dictator & war criminal Omar Al Bashir after widespread protests vs his 30-year rule. Beset by flooding, the country needs relief, but is restricted by terrorism sanctions. Image
3/ How bad was Sudan? Osama bin Laden lived there 1991-1996. Al Qaeda terrorists rec'd Sudanese passports & bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Not enough? Al Bashir got in bed with Iran.
Pic: Iran Navy transport ship Kharg in Port Sudan 2012. Suspected of carrying arms. Image
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#Discovery | Archaeologists unearthed 27 #sarcophagi in an ancient #Egyptian city of the dead. They've been sealed for more than 2,500 years.

#Egypt #Archaeology…
More than two millennia ago, 27 Egyptians were laid to rest in #Saqqara, an ancient city of the dead. Their organs were removed, and their bodies wrapped in linens. Priests placed them inside wooden boxes adorned with hieroglyphics.

#Egypt #Archaeology
The #mummies stayed buried in those #sarcophagi for 2,500 years — until their recent discovery by Egyptian archaeologists. The finding is one of #Egypt's largest in over a century.

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Okay, this is crazy. Although I sourced #Egypt protest videos to #Bluechecks in the region and highly followed guys, I have discovered at least one is from 2015! Taking em all down until we get clarity on this situation. The Sim got Simed! Wild, are they spreading propaganda? wow
From 2015, WTF these were being shared by accounts that should be trusted for sourcing. Wild -
This was from 2015, yet was shared by people in the region I can normally trust for accuracy. Something crazy is up! Will not put another one up until 100% sure, ME is hardest place to verify
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✊🏽 @MaryMcAuliffe4: the sexual abuse of women by all sides in the Revolution had never really been talked about.

Every single fucking revolution.

I hope to see this documentary. I’m obsessed with this. That’s why I always insist: ask who is the revolution for?
#Egypt: It is a fuck-this-shit moment for Egyptian women. And the rage and reckoning are the fuel of revolution. Not a cis-gender heterosexual dick-swinging revolution. We already had one of those almost 10 years ago.…
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"I am pleased to be joined by Dr Gro Brundtland and Mr @Elhadj_As_Sy, two heavyweights of public health who now co-chair the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board @TheGPMB"-@DrTedros

"Since the turn of the Millennium, SARS, MERS, H1N1, Zika and Ebola have all demonstrated the increasing occurrences of viruses making the zoonotic leap from animals to humans."-@DrTedros

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Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) as seen from human rights context
By Girma Gadisa Tufa (@GirmaGadisa2)

✅ These are the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (#ICCPR), the International Covenant on Economic, . . .
. . Social and Cultural Rights (#ICESCR) and the #African_Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights (#African_Charter).

#Ethiopia, #Egypt and #Sudan are states parties to these treaties except that #Sudan not a state party to the #ICCPR.
However, this does not make any difference since article 1(2) of the #ICCPR and article 1(2) of the #ICESCR provides exactly the same right.

✅ The tension surrounding the #GERD is not only about the geo-politics or agreements or frameworks related to the use of . . .
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What would a feminist revolution look like in #Egypt? I explain in my latest essay.
When I became a journalist in #Egypt 30 years ago, I learned that victims of rape would not go to the police to report what had happened to them because the police would either shoo them away or rape them because the women were considered “damaged goods anyway.”

What about now?
Back in 1990, I was told that rape victims, if they were affluent, went to a psychiatrist in search of ways to not fall apart, to keep stitched tightly those seams of silence which are now bursting open in #Egypt.
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Smell the Coffee, End the Fruitless #GERD Negotiations‼️
By Dejen Yemane (@MesseleDejen)

#Ethiopia, #Egypt and #Sudan trekked a decade long journey while negotiating on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD).
They have as of yet not struck a deal. If they are ready to accept advice, now is the time to discontinue z negotiations in a consensual manner.
✅ If they come to understand each other & reserve genuine good faith, they can peacefully agree to close z #GERD negotiation.
✅ 9 yrs of the #GERD journey should enable them to underst. where each party stands & which lines they are unwilling to cross.
✅ It isn't even merely a source of energy but a river with histor., emotional & political aspects to it as far as the 3 countr. are concerned.
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1⃣ Operation Abstention, #Καστελοριζο 25-28 FEB 1941

A thread about the history of #Kastellorizo
2⃣ Operation Abstention was a code name given to a #British🇬🇧 invasion at the #Hellenic 🇬🇷 island of #Kastellorizo (Castellorizo) off the #Turkish🇹🇷 Aegean coast, during the Second World War, in late February 1941.

At the time #Kastellorizo was occupied by the Fascist #Italy 🇮🇹
3⃣ The goal was to establish a torpedo-boat base to challenge Italian naval and air supremacy on the Hellenic Dodecanese islands.

The British landings were challenged by Italian land, air and naval forces
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Have you signed up for FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter? It’s free.

Stay Alert to Global Patriarchal Fuckery by @monaeltahawy…
From anarchist feminists in #Mexico to dissidents in #Belarus, women exposing sexual violence in #Egypt and #Iran, and a new film about lesbian love from #Nigeria: FEMINIST GIANT - Tearing up patriarchy's passport by @monaeltahawy…
And essays exclusive to FEMINIST GIANT Newsletter: which is free because I want all to be able to access it. There are paid subscriptions if you have funds. Let’s share resources, funds, and knowledge:

Why Do They Still Hate Us? by @monaeltahawy…
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The Right Dam in the Right Place - #GERD
By Mahlet Ayele (@Maallot)

✅ The #British knocked at the #Ethiopia’ns door for 50 years in the name of #Nile dev't, but only to be rejected by the highlanders.
✅ The #British hoped to revolutionize the #Nile irrigation system by building a dam at #Lake_Tana in Eth. & turning it to a major water reservoir with minimal evaporation while significantly enlarging & regulating the amount of water flowing to #Sudan & #Egypt.
✅ Scholars reinforces the view that the #Aswan_High_Dam was essentially a political project rather than a developmental one.
✅ Recent works on the #Nile hydropolitics . . .
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