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3 Jul 20
Modi haters were busy.. Modi spoke to Army from Nimoo.. did not go to Galwan Valley... Hahaha etc...

In their blind Modi hating emotions, they missed the strategical message Modi had to China and Pakistan with #ModiatLeh

Why Modi picked Nimu?

Read on...

1) Nimu is the reserve brigade headquarter of Indian Army. Massive infra starting.
2) At LAC Army officials having talks with Chinese. He didn't want to disturb them.
3) A VIP visit would hinder sensitive army operational movements & engagements at LAC. Modi knows it.

4) A new road coming to Ladakh at Nimu from Padum in Zanskar Valley. Eventually connecting to Manali in HP. Vital for army security.
5) Modi had to visit injured soldiers who were in Leh.
6) Nimu has place for 4 choppers to land at a time. Vital for a PM's security.
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2 Jul 20

1) There is too much of information overload. But people want in simple terms.

Let me try to explain in a non-military and non-diplomatic terminology so that you can undestand why China and Pakistan are playing the game they are playing in India's northernmost tip.
2) Watch this Google map closely. I made markings.

Siachen & Kargil are stars.

K2 (near Shaksgam) and Skardu are green hexagons.

All Saffron ticks are India's real borders.

The Red X's are Chinese push inside India since 1962.

Leh - Chang La - Durbok - Shyok - DBO road shown
3) DBO military airport, at 16,600 ft, is just 180 KM south East of Khunjerab Pass that connects Xinjiang in China to Gilgit of Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, further to Abottabad (Osama bin Laden's hideout) in Pakistan.

This, lifeline of the $60+ billion CPEC investment of China.
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28 Jun 20
PV Narasimha Rao simply removed the License Raj setup and exploited by Nehru, Indira and Rajiv. Economists just termed it as Liberalization.

When he took over in 1991, India's GDP growth was 1.06%.

See what PVN did!
1992: 5.48%
1993: 4.75%
1994: 6.66%
1995: 7.57%
1996: 7.55%.
Truly we should be thankful to #PVNarasimhaRao today if we have a sound economy unlike our fathers and grandfather's times.

BTW, I suggest the younger readers to know what was Nehru and Indira Gandhi's evil license raj.

Here is a small starting point -…
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22 Jun 20
Few big mistakes by India, which led to anti-Indian feeling in #Nepal.

1) During UPA 1, the 12 point agreement signed in Dilli for restoring democracy in Nepal. Decades of balancing between India & China from the Nepalese side, started shifting heavily towards China.
Bad move.
2) UPA1: Since 1996, the Communists were trying to overthrow Nepal's monarchy. In May 2008 King Gyanendra lost it. Maoists disbanded the world's ONLY official Hindu Nation which existed for 240 years under a Gurkha Shah dynasty.

Huge blunder by India. Didn't do anything to save.
3) 2015 Nepali blockade under NDA 2. Communists accused India of imposing an undeclared blockade. Modi govt in India said shortages due to Madheshi protesters. 300 fuel trucks from India daily, fell to 5 to 10 daily. Nepal fell on Communist China's lap after this.

Big mistake.
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19 Jun 20
Why China is so aggressive now?
Some of my guesses.

China is upset that India has rejected the BRI or OBOR (CPEC is a part of it).

China is upset that India said in the parliament that POK and COK are an integral part of India. Remember "Jaan de denge" speech of Amit Shah?

China is upset of Ladakh becoming a UT.

China is upset about Darbok Shyok DBO road. Gives India speed and height advantage. Also 61 roads with branches to LAC. India's highest bridge done recently.

China is upset due to landing of advanced helicopters on Siachen.


China is upset that India is preventing the ~400 per year "Walk ins" that Communist army was used to, on the LAC.

China is upset of India joining Wuhan origin virus probe call.

China is upset that India is wooing 100s of companies which are wanting to leave China.

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17 Jun 20
1) This is a thread for young Indians to understand China:

I will explain -
How Communist China got a border with India which it didn't have in 1949.

Where are the potential flash points for long term?

Where are the conflict zones of 2020? Why #IndiaChinaFaceOff now?
2) China NEVER had a border with India historically. India's border was mostly with Tibet and to some extent central Asian East Turkestan.

What you see in Yellow here was 1949 China when Communists took over.
They drove away socialists to Taiwan. Gobbled Tibet, Xinjiang & more.
3) There are 2 places in China called Heihe & Tengchong. If you draw an imaginary line connecting them, it roughly divides today's China into 2 halves.

The Eastern half has 94% of China's population! That was historic China.

Most of the Western half was acquired with land grab
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14 Jun 20
1) Have you heard of Avanijanashraya Pulikeshi? In 739 CE, this great king of Navasari area in today's Gujarat, defeated the invading Arabs on the banks of river Poorna.

The Pulikeshi victory was strong. The invading commander Al Hakkam was captured & killed brutally.
2) 1000s of Arabs were burnt alive in Navasari battlefield by the Chalukyas. Remember, the Chalukya emblem was a Varaha or wild boar! No wonder Arabs never talked of this humiliation.

This battle should be taught in schools to show the glorious fighting spirit of our ancestors.
3) At their peak 12 centuries back, the Chalukyas whose capital was in Badami or Vatapi in Karnataka, ruled over areas of 9 different states of India today. Were mighty and powerful.
Well known in Persia & beyond.

The greatest was Pulikeshi the second.
Puli = Tiger
Keshi = Hair
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5 Jun 20
1) Those who criticized lockdown in India should study the failure in Sweden.

Sweden tried "herd immunity" method during COVID19. It did not go for lockdown.
Results? Disastrous.

Sweden is very rich. To give a comparison, it is 27 times richer than India, per capita.
2) Sweden saw 4562 deaths from COVID already. Remember, Sweden is 135 times less populated than India!

Half of Sweden's deaths happened in old age homes. Some say the government just culled the elderly population.
3) Antibody for COVID was found only in 7% or so of Stockholm's residents. So herd immunity is far away.

At Sweden's death rate per million rate, India should have had a total of 6,15,870 deaths by now, not factoring weaker healthcare system.

Thank your stars. India is better.
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26 May 20
1) Why sudden aggression of China from the Tibet & Aksai Chin sides against India in Ladakh?

Three reasons:
a) Divert from Corona virus probe- bullying.
b) Create negative image for investors moving into India.
c) To intimidate India into not build road infrastructure in Ladakh.
2) Watch this video from #Gravitas to learn more on why Chinese Military, which reports to the Communist Party in Beijing, is rabble rousing in North Indian border during a global pandemic..

3) This article by P Stobdan, is the best I have come across, exposing the land grabbing tactics of Communists of China, against a Democratic India.

India lost Nagtsang in 1984, Nakung in 1991, Lungma-Serding in 1992 and the last bit of Skakjung in 2008.…
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8 May 20
1) In the 1983 Karnataka elections, Janata Party (95 seats) came to power with the help of BJP (18 seats) & others. Ramakrishna Hegde became the CM.

One year later, Congress swept the Lok Sabha election in 1984, after Indira's assassination. Janata got only 4 out of 28 LS seats.
Ramakrishna Hegde took a decision that almost no CM dares to take today. He dissolved the assembly.
Said, I have lost mandate.
He had higher moral grounds. A unique politician!

Guess what? In 1985 Karnataka assembly election, he came back with 139 seats for his Janata Party!
3) Similar thing happened 35 years later. In 2018 Karnataka assembly election, JDS (37) & Congress (80) coalition govt came. HD Kumaraswamy of JDS became a CM.

One year later, the ruling coalition got routed in the 2019 parliament election. JDS got 1 MP seat and Congress got 1.
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28 Apr 20
A Corona Virus weighs approximately 0.85 attograms or 0.85 x 10-18 grams.

70 billion Corona viruses needed to make a human sick. That's 0.0000005 grams.

Since 3 million are sick worldwide, the TOTAL weight of the Chinese origin viruses actually infecting humans is 1.5 grams.

The entire Mankind is on its knees.
Half of the world is in lockdown.
Years of GDP growth gone.
Lakhs of people dead.

All due to 1.5 grams of Corona virus!! 😨
Never underestimate the destructive power of evil!

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9 Apr 20
I usually ignore doomsday predictions. But this specific report from IIM-Rohtak caught my eye.

Their prediction so far 93% accurate!

And they are predicting 1,59,731 #COVID19 cases in India by 2nd May. I hope they are wrong... but these are best brains from IIM.
Worrying 😪
India would never forgive "IITan" Arvind Kejriwal for letting #TablighiJamaat event held in spite of state government orders prohibiting such events, and worse, allowing them to spread it to 18+ states of India.

Check all the 8 tables in this report.…
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7 Apr 20
One very powerful statement by Bhishma in Mahabharata:

"We should learn from our ancestors. We should learn where they won, and where they made mistakes. That way, we can avoid making similar mistakes during our lifetime."
Even after 1000s of years, the above statement of Bhishma Pitamah is still very very valid.

Just look around the 10 critical problems of the society today. Every one of them would have been faced by our ancestors in some form or other. Ponder on how they survived!
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7 Apr 20
1) The amount of Modi hate and ridicule that Nehru Dynasty slaves are pumping into social media is nauseating.

India produces 70% of the world's supply of #Hydroxychloroquine. 70%!! That's why not just Trump, but 30 countries are asking India for the drug now to fight #COVID19.
2) Ipca Laboratories, Zydus Cadila & Wallace Pharmaceuticals are 3 big companies producing HCQ.

India can produce 40 tons of HCQ in 30 days meaning 20,00,00,000 tablets of 200mg each. That's enough to supply to all COVID19 affected countries in the world, plus reserve for India!
3) Each COVID patient needs just 14 HCQ tablets in a course, so 1,42,85,714 patients in the world can be treated with HCG that India produces in just 30 DAYS!! There is enough for years of outbreak in the worst case.

Look at total cases in the world. Far far less than 1.42 cr.
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14 Mar 20
1) Influenza viruses originate in waterfowl such as ducks or geese.
2) Corona virus originated in bats, and then probably to Pangolins, and then to humans of Wuhan, China, in live animal market. See pic.
3) MERS-CoV virus originated in bats, then to Camels & then humans.

4) SARS-CoV originated in bats, then spread civet cat and then humans.
5) Bird flu or Avian influenza (H5N1) originated among poultry in Egypt, and then to Humans.
6) Ebola virus originated in Congo. Again from bats and then to various monkey species and then to humans.
7) H1N1 started in pigs and then came to humans.
There are many more deadly virus outbreaks.

There are two common factors.

a) Virus epidemics and pandemics come to Humans through meat, or
b) through close contact with animals, mostly meant as human food.
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12 Mar 20
1) #DilliRiots: @AmitShah gave numbers, refusing to give caste/religion breakup.

He said 53 Indians died. 526 Indians are injured. 371 shops and 142 homes of Indians have been burned.

700 FIRs filed.
152 weapons used in Dilli riots seized.
2647 people detained or arrested.
2) Focus on 300 criminals brought in from UP by rioters during Trump's visit.
Also on 60 SM accounts created after Feb 22.

Amit Shah says: "Police will act with such firmness that Dilli riots will become a case study of the consequences that should visit those engage in riots"
3) Late, but still promising. Looking forward to a firm model. Yogi Adityanath already showed in UP that even the most lawless areas can be controlled with firm law enforcement. No hopes from Kejriwal as he only whines that he has no control.

Looking forward to Amit Shah now.
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3 Mar 20
Kambala is a spectacular animal race event of coastal Karnataka. We watched a championship at Uppinangadi.

Extremely fit male buffaloes run in pairs, with super fit jockey running with them in a slushy paddy field. They run 140+ meters in 13 to 15 seconds!

This was at 12.30 am!
There are more than 15 very big #Kambala events each year during December to March period. Most happen near Mangaluru.

We saw nearly 100 pairs of male buffaloes (ಕೋಣ) running competitively. This Uppinangadi championship went on for 36 hours straight with 1000s of cheering fans.
I watched many starts. It is very hard for the Kambala organizers to assemble four male buffaloes at the starting lineup. Sometimes they have to keep trying five or more times as one animal would move a bit.

Remember, these are very heavy (300 to 500 kg) and aggressive animals!
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25 Feb 20
Superb coverage in American media of @realDonaldTrump's #NamasteTrump extravaganza.

Let me share some links in this thread.
Most are very +ve coverage:

1) ABC: "This was President Trump's largest rally ever, beating rallies back home by 10s of 1000s!"
2) News Week: Modi praised Jared Kushner.…

3) Trumps were able to hold hands for a while, and they stood close while watching a flock of birds fly away, like two characters from a gothic poem. Melania praised here.…
4) Fox News: President Trump drew the crowd of a lifetime to kick off his first official visit to India.

The president, who loves to play to a big audience, was met with a raucous ovation as he addressed a crowd of 110,000+ in a joint rally with PM Modi.…
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4 Feb 20
Some great take aways from Narendra Modi's Dwaraka speech.

1) Dosh denewali sarkar nahin chahiye.. disha denewali chahiye

2) 40,000 trucks bypass Dilli now thanks to the Eastern and Western peripheral highways. See how much pollution has been kept away by BJP govt's completion!
3) Ayushman Bharat is usable across India. If someone from Dilli goes to native place or other city, and has a heart attack, Mohalla clinic won't go with him. That's where ₹5,00,000 per family coverage by AB is useful.

4) Republic day tableaus were used just for 1 parade. Now they would be at Dilli for display for longer time. Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat

5) Those who migrate from state to state can now use One Nation One Ration card. Especially in Dilli "Ration Card Project" has been painful!
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28 Jan 20
As of January 1st 2020, India has 37,83,00,000 #JanDhan bank accounts.

Together they have deposited ₹1,10,000,00,00,000 into Indian banks. Not bad at all!!

Remember some people were mocking this biggest financial inclusion scheme in human history?
Between 2014 August 23rd and 29th, 1,80,96,130 new bank accounts were opened, which is a sort of record of all times. Indian bankers to performed miraculously well.

By 2017, nearly 77% of India's poorest 40% had bank accounts, which speaks as to why @narendramodi is a visionary.
Jan Dhan framework with Aadhar started #DigitalIndia, full scale DBT and other mega schemes.

Next step? Step up the engagement with Jan Dhan account holders, by bringing innovative banking to their homes and phones. Bank branches are still far away from many of their homes.
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26 Jan 20
A thread about India's Constitution shared by a friend.

1) Images:

a) Lord Rama was depicted over the Fundamental Rights page.
b) Lord Nataraja (Dancing Shiva) was over Part XII
c) Lord Mahavira was over States and First Schedule part.
d) Lord Buddha over the Executive part.
2) India's constitution is the longest constitution in the world.

Both Hindi and English versions were handwritten - longest handwritten constitution in the world.

Handwritten by Prem Behari Narain Raizada in a flowing italic style with beautiful calligraphy.
3) The Constitution was published in Dehradun and photo-lithographed by the Survey of India.

The Constituent Assembly, which first met on 9 December 1946, took precisely 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to come up with the final draft.

Pic here: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose!
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