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🚨 GPT-4 has outperformed human entrepreneurs in a pitch competition! Investors and business owners found GPT-4 generated pitch decks to be more compelling, convincing, and of higher quality than those created by humans. #GPT4 #pitchcompetition

A quick recap👇 Image
🤖🤯 This game-changing solution not only saves time in creating a pitch deck but also has the potential to be a highly lucrative option. Entrepreneurs should consider using GPT-4 to increase their chances of securing funding and impressing investors. #AI #investing #funding
💡The implications are clear: if you want to captivate investors, you should reconsider writing your own pitch decks. GPT-4 has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity to disrupt the traditional approach to securing funding. #Pitching #Investment
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1/ @PhotonsHedge leads the financial revolution with tokenization, bridging liquidity gaps between traditional assets and on-chain finance. Here, sensitive data are replaced with tokens, ensuring security and efficiency for our investor’s assets.

🧵A Thread
2/ @BCG predicts a $16T business opportunity by 2030 through tokenizing illiquid assets. However, @PhotonsHedge is prepared to empower its investors with access to untapped markets, diversifying portfolios, and unlocking new investment opportunities.
@BCG 3/ As a financial service provider, @PhotonsHedge leverages platforms like Liquidity Hub by @Ripple that can unlock real-world opportunities with usability and interoperability. This will help provide a seamless bridge traditional fiat system with the new world of crypto.
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Investing and Wealth Creation:
📚 When it comes to investing, education is key. Take the time to research and analyze before making any investment decisions. Knowledge and understanding of the market can greatly increase your chances of success. #Investing #Education
🎲 Investing should not be treated as gambling. It requires careful planning, patience, and a long-term perspective. The potential gains you can see over time are exciting, but they come with disciplined and informed decision-making. #InvestingStrategy #Patience
📈 MRF, a leading Indian tire manufacturing company, has delivered an exceptional return over the past 23 years. Starting from Rs. 1200, the stock price has soared to Rs. 1,00,000, providing investors with nearly 100 times their initial investment. #Investment #MRF
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Face value of a share :
1/5: 📚 The face value of a share is the initial value assigned to a stock when it is issued. It represents the legal capital of the company and is typically a small fixed amount, such as rs 2 or rs 10 per share. #Finance #Stocks

2/5: 💼 The face value serves as a legal requirement and is used in accounting records to determine the company's capital structure and shareholder equity. It helps calculate the value per share and ownership percentages. #Accounting #Investing
3/5: ⚖️ While face value is important for legal and regulatory considerations, it does not directly impact the market value of a share. Market value is determined by factors like supply and demand, company performance, and investor sentiment. #MarketValue #Investment
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Why Investing in Companies with Peak Profit Margins Requires Caution 📉⛔️

👇👇👇 Image
1/7: #Investing in companies at peak profit margins can be risky. As #companies reach their maximum profitability, a phenomenon known as mean reversion often occurs. This means that profit margins tend to revert back to their long-term average levels over time.
2/7: Mean reversion suggests that high profit margins may not be sustainable in the long run. As margins normalize or decrease, it can lead to potential declines in the company's stock price. So, exercise caution when considering such #investment’s
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Following the weekend's IPEF Supply Chain Agreement announcement, we published a new report focused on #semiconductors and supply chain resiliency. We identify IPEF as the best vehicle for enacting the friendshoring agenda and provide 8 recommendations.…
1⃣ Establish trusted trading partner standards for future cooperation.

IPEF’s diverse membership makes it challenging to develop trusted partner models for chips cooperation, but laying the foundation for greater export control coordination is a key step.
2⃣ Accept that trusted partnership relationships are *reciprocal.*

Developing secure, resilient supply chains in the semiconductor sector is not simply a matter of reshoring. Partnerships rely on all the parties to support and reinforce mutually agreed-upon outcomes.
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Excited about PM @AlboMP upcoming visit to #Vietnam (and his @IISS_org #SLD2023 keynote!).

A short 🧵 from me about the 🇦🇺🇻🇳 relationship, its momentum, opportunities and future trajectory on the occasion of 50th anniversary 👇 1/
Fairly new-found strategic closeness under the Coalition gov resulted in a strategic partnership.
"The 2 countries are increasingly aligned in their strategic outlook and both find each other supportive and, frankly, useful, for their own strategic goals."…
#Australia has been a reliable partner in providing assistance to #Vietnam's #UN #peacekeeping forces, and it has supported #infrastructure in the vulnerable #Mekong region or donating #vaccines during #Covid #pandemic...
@FinancialReview 3/…
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#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 #prsunder

* Not Financial Advice* Just Analysis of A Share

Stock Name: Tyche industries

Mirco Cap

looking Fundamentals Good

Read Full Article Here

1. Company Overview market cap is only 184 cr. ...
2. Company Data: Tyche is a leading manufacturer of APIs & Advanced Intermediates of API’s for anti-retroviral, anti-depression, anti-arthritic, anti-diarrheal, anti-psychotic etc.

#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 Image
3. Company Qtr. results

See the Results margin also improving and same qtr. results also coming very good. Image
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7 Simple Life Hacks for You! A twitter thread...

Here are simple tips to improve your #life and feel the difference. Here’s how you can do it: Image
1) Prioritize Your Health

It doesn’t take time to stay #healthy, wealthy, and wise. Unfortunately, we don’t pay much attention to our personal well-being.

You should know that no work is more important than your #health. Whatever you do make sure it doesn’t affect your health.
Here’s what I do:

Every morning, I practice #yoga for my mental and physical well-being. In addition, I always make sure that my daily diet includes leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Because I believe health is wealth.

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Today, many startup founders wonder how to write a great blurb for their firms. Well, it's not rocket science, but effort has to be there! A twitter thread...

#startups #blurb #intro #pitch #gist #economics #business #finance #investment Image
A great blurb always helps startup owners effectively introduce their products & services to their target audience. Besides increasing the sales, a short yet crispy blurb can also attract investors for startup funding. It can be a tool to attract the best talents, too. #HR #IT
Your startup blurb should be different for different purposes, but here’s what a great blurb should consist of:

-A pitch within 25 words.
-Use bullet points to highlight relevant stuff.
-Additional context
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Many investors believe that SIP is the best #investment strategy.

It can earn them higher returns.

The logic: It averages the purchase price.

But this is not entirely true.

SIP may not necessarily fetch you better returns.

And it’s NOT an investment strategy.

A 🧵
SIP is a smart way to invest.

You put in small sums every month. Over time, you create a huge corpus.

But it’s not a strategy.


Simply put, a “strategy” is when you use some kind of data or indicators to buy and sell.

Investors don’t do that for SIP.
Now, let’s look at data to understand why SIP doesn’t always earn you better returns.

Let’s say you invested a lumpsum for 7 years – from Oct 26, 2008, to Oct 26, 2015.

Your returns = 19.8%

What if you did an SIP during this period?

Your returns (XIRR) = 13.46% Image
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1/ Unleashing the Power of Assets Monetization: How @PhotonsHedge Utilizes Games and Blockchain to Drive Investment Potential. 💰🎮

In an era where gaming and blockchain converge, we strive to ensure our investors capitalize on this lucrative innovation.

🧵A Thread
2/ Our investors are introduced to notable gaming projects like @AxieInfinity, @decentraland, and @TheSandboxGame on the blockchain network that enables players to own and monetize their in-game assets, recorded on the blockchain which becomes valuable digital properties.💎💰
@AxieInfinity @decentraland @TheSandboxGame 3/ Unlike traditional games, building games on decentralized systems, such as a blockchain, gives our investors a much more rewarding experience and @PhotoHedge’s in-depth knowledge of GameFI validates its readiness to support truly decentralized gaming. 💻⛓️
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@mayfairfund is LAUNCHING 22ND MAY 6PM UTC👀👀👀

#Mayfair is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that governs a set of tokenized #investment funds and leverage to them, bringing a new class of investment products to the #DeFi ecosystem. 🧵🧵🧵 Image
@mayfairfund Invest in select #Dex Traded Funds with meticulously chosen underlying assets representing a wide range of themes and narratives of #DeFi. Image
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/10 🚀 "Powering Up Your Tech Startup: Crafting Compelling Pitch Decks"

Navigating the world of #startups?

Your pitch deck can make or break your big break. Let's dive into some effective writing strategies with real-world examples. 🧵

#TechStartups #PitchDeck
1. Remember, your pitch deck is a STORY.
2. Talk about the PROBLEM.
3. Then showcase your SOLUTION.
4. Be upfront about your BUSINESS MODEL.
5. Provide a clear MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY.
6. Prove why your TEAM is the best to solve this problem.
7. Your FINANCIALS matter.
8. And finally, ask for the INVESTMENT.
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Acquired by Mukesh Ambani in a hostile takeover, #Milkbasket is growing on steroids 🚀🚀

It’s growing in cities where no competition has reached yet, & that too without much upfront investment!

Here’s how 👇 Image
Founded in ’15, Milkbasket (MB) raised ~$40 million in its lifetime 💰💰

🔆 It would let people order till midnight & then deliver by 7am

🔆 By 2021, having grown to scale, it had burnt a lot of funds. Thus, the company was exploring sale to BigBasket, Swiggy or Amazon
This was when Reliance Retail swung into action:

🔆 It got Vani Kola’s Kalaari Capital to sell its entire 15.26% stake to Mahendra Nahata at mere Rs 400cr valuation!

🔆 As Nahata a Director on Reliance Jio Infocomm’s board, it was clear who the real buyer was
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Top 8 Outstanding #PersonalFinance Rules will save you 💹 4X more Money.

1. Rule of 72 - (2X your Money)
2. Rule of 114 - (3X your Money)
3. 40% EMI Rule
4. 3.4 Cr Retirement Rule
& More [A Thread]👇 ...

#money #investing #moneyrule Image
1/ Rule of 72 📌

This rule will tell you how much time it takes to 2X your Investment.

By dividing the number 72 by the annual rate of return

➡️ Investment - 2 Lakh
➡️ Rate - 6%
➡️ Divide - 72/6 = 12 Yrs.

Your Rs 2 lakh will become
Rs 4 lakh in 12 years.
2/ Rule of 114 📌

Same this Rule will tell you how much time it takes to 3X your Investment.

➡️ By dividing the number 114 by the annual rate of return

You can use the above method for calculation.
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How can long-term @IndiaMART investors not be delighted with @DineshAgarwal! 🙌🙌

The company released its Q4FY23 results some days back. So, I dived in & sliced through its numbers for the last 16 qtrs.

Here is all that I learned 👇 Image
In last 4yrs:
👏 Revenue/month: Rs 85cr | Up ~90%
👏 Profit/month: Rs 25cr | Up ~278%
Just look at those numbers!
How did it happen?

Outstanding jump in paying subscribers:
🔆 72% up in the Top-8 cities (~1.1L users)- 20% up in last 1yr alone
🔆 62% up in the cities with >5L people (~53k users)- 25% up in last 1yr alone
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap 'FOMO & False Starts' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#stockmarket #investing #personalfinance #FOMO #marketwrap
The markets go up too quickly when people are least prepared for it. That setting is perfect for us to get that fear of missing out. We call it the FOMO feeling. (2/n)

But the markets also have an equally strong way of reversing direction. Either in stock price or in a broader market context. (3/n)

#stockmarketindia #stocks #equity
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As @Paytm released its Q4FY23 results yday, I dived into last 8-qtrs of its lending biz 💡💡

Here’s a breakdown of numbers that you won’t find all in one place anywhere else 👇

Tags: @vijayshekhar | #Paytm Image
Paytm earns 2 things on each loan given.

💰 Commission (C): A %age of the loan amount

💰 Performance bonus (PB): A %age of the EMIs collected, only when the loan is paid back
Some basics about the performance bonus!

👉 In case of defaults, #Fintechs used to compensate the lending partners (LPs- NBFCs & banks) under #FLDG (first loan default guarantee) agreement
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Get an exclusive inside look into @cyberpunkcity!🕵️‍♂️

We sat down with their Community Marketing Manager @jackmelar36 this Wednesday and delved into their #Metaverse, in-game economy, and the potential for Web3 gaming!

Here are the top 3 key takeaways from our conversation🧵…… Image
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 Q: What lessons or insights have you drawn from other successful game titles in the development and design of Cyberpunk City and how have they influenced your approach?
@cyberpunkcity @jackmelar36 A: Drawing on the experiences of various successful game titles and developers, we have gained several key insights that have influenced our approach to Cyberpunk City.

Firstly, observing small and independent game companies, we've come to understand that passion for the game……
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman met Mr. Hayashi Nobumitsu, Governor, Japan Bank for International Cooperation #JBIC, on the sidelines of the 56th #ADBAnnualMeeting, in Incheon, today. (1/5)

@IndiainROK ImageImageImage
FM Smt. @nsitharaman encouraged engagement of JBIC with Indian financial institutions such as Exim Bank @IndiaEximBank, NIIF and lending banks to leverage the strength and complementarities of both countries for facing local, regional and global financial challenges. (2/5)
FM spoke of GoI intiatives towards facilitating #investment, like #PLIs scheme, #NIP, reforms in #GST & Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code #IBC, among others & hoped JBIC will use this enabling environment as an opportunity to expand marine products & seaweed processing in India. (3/5)
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Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman interacted with representatives of major business conglomerates operating in the field of marine products processing, on the sidelines of the 56th #ADBAnnualMeeting, in South Korea, today. (1/4)

@IndiainROK ImageImageImageImage
Union Finance Minister Smt. @nsitharaman encouraged potential investors to explore opportunities increasing share of value added food products in India’s export. (2/4)

FM also sought to host South Korean entrepreneurs to showcase opportunities at Mega Seaweed Park in Tamil Nadu; marine products’ processing nodes across the 900 km coastline of Andhra Pradesh & high quality soybean cultivated in MP, besides other parts of India. (3/4) @IndiainROK
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#GujaratGovt’s directives on dividends & buybacks is a big bad negative for the state’s 7 PSU stocks! 📛📛

Here’s why I booked profits in 2 of those, with no plans to reinvest 👇 Image
Here's how the share prices surged in the last week 🚀🚀

📈 Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited (11%)
📈 Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd - India (23%)
📈 Gujarat State Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd (29%)
📈 Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (9%)
📈 Gujarat Mineral Development Corp (18%)
📈 Gujarat State Petronet Limited (8%)
📈 Gujarat Gas Limited (3%)
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Calling on the #MultiversX community! We need your feedback!

OTH Regensburg, a leading German university of applied sciences is working on cutting-edge research in #Blockchain, #DeFi, and #AI, with a strong focus on practical applications and real-world solutions. 🧵 Image
1/🏛️ Founded in 1971, OTH Regensburg offers a wide range of bachelor's & master's programs in engineering, business, and social sciences. With strong ties to industry partners, the university is renowned for promoting hands-on experiences for its students.
2/ They have a strong commitment to internationalization, boasting partnerships with over 140 higher education institutions worldwide. These collaborations facilitate #student exchanges, joint research, and academic cooperation.
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