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🔴 Roger Waters, l’un des fondateurs de Pink Floyd :

Vous [#Biden], #Blinken, #Nuland, Sullivan #et le reste des bellicistes à Washington, ainsi que les États vassaux de l'OTAN, êtes les principaux provocateurs. Vous auriez pu suivre l'exemple de Gorbatchev en 1989. Vous 🔽
auriez pu tenir la promesse du secrétaire Baker de ne pas rapprocher l'OTAN à un pied de la frontière russe. Vous auriez pu répondre aux invitations de #Poutine dans son célèbre discours à la conférence de #Munich sur la sécurité en 2007. Ou, en 2008, vous auriez pu 🔽
abandonner l'expansion vers l'est de l’#OTAN. Ou en 2014, vous auriez pu vous abstenir d'organiser un coup d'État illégal en #Ukraine. Ou en 2019, vous auriez pu soutenir les accords de #Minsk. Angela #Merkel dit maintenant qu'ils n'étaient qu'un stratagème pour gagner du 🔽
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Earn Or Urn It, The choice has ALWAYS been the peoples— It’s A New Day, Yes it is!
2 Days Queen, Whole Again.

It’s Time To choose, Play The Game or Play The Game ? …

“Game On”? …
The point of The Game is NOT to win, It’s about what ? …

The Invisible Dot, “You Can’t See Me” —#ET Phoned Home, Right BÆ? ..
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"Knowledge Representation in Judgment and Decision Making"

Today's SFI Seminar by @sdpbht (@Penn)

Follow this 🧵 for highlights!

Streaming now:

#knowledge #cognition #behavior Image
@sdpbht @Penn How do people evaluate potential decisions — the tradeoffs, the risks?

"How do people make assessments, and how can we *improve* those assessments?"
- @sdpbht

AND: What role does #memory (episodic and semantic) play in all of this?

#psychology #taxonomy ImageImage
Categorical thinking empowers inductive #reasoning.

(Here: How does what people know about #dolphins inform the likelihoods they assign to other agents, such as #ET?)

#Cognitive #Psychology Image
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5+6= 11 More Hours—Stay Tuned. .

I truly can give the word & that word gives EVERYONE what they want, LITERALLY …

Is any of this about money? …
Is any of this about possessions/Materialistic objects ? ..
Has ANY of what’s unfolding ever been about the Gold?
In your mind, right this very second—Take it all away & show yourself what YOU see ..
- Take all evil away.
- Take all money away. ..
- Take all possessions Away. …
- Take all [NEED] away. .
- Take all Addictions away.
- Take all away that makes this world hurt & Thrive.
Once you have taken it all away, What/Who do you see? …

Starting from #ZERO, What is all YOU/EVERYONE [NEEDS] ? …

Out of the entire world population, how many would now know exactly what has been wrong with the world for THOUSANDS of years & know exactly how to-
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.@IooP_rM311_7211, You’re AwesoME ! …

The Name Sean, chosen for A reason?

Heart Break Kid?

Not signing the Dotted line, The Golden Egg & all it comes with will be shared amongst My People ..

They deserve all the money.
For me, I have everything I have ever wanted within #NOTHING ..
Heart Break Kid, Shawn/Sean Michaels …

Heart Break Prince?

Pretty strange how everything ADDs up …

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.@IooP_rM311_7211, The #ATM Skate Video is one of my all time Favorites—#LOVERs of The Animals …

🐻 🦄 🐿 🧜‍♀️
They sure did come outa the WOODWORKS for the ATM …😅

You seeing all the directions fingers are being pointed on who to blame? Hard to believe Image
How many are still Falling for all of it …

Bait has been taken, Role #Call—Closing Act ..

#Fireworks ImageImage
#HaveANiceDay … ❤️ Image
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Let's do a quick thread on #FL5, the most litigated district in the history of Election Twitter! We'll try to give some context to what @RonDeSantisFL is likely getting at when he argues the district--and thus the map that passed the Florida Senate today--is illegal. 1/x
#FL5, like most of America's ugliest racial gerrymanders, has its roots in the '92 redistricting cycle. The Bush 41 DOJ took a then-prevailing, but since-discredited, view of the VRA that required states to aggressively gerrymander to maximize the Black population in VRA seats 2/
The Bush DOJ pressured Southern states--mostly still run by Democrats--to break up 35-40% Black seats that were Black enough to elect a D, but white enough to ensure that D was white. This led to significant opportunity for Black D's and white R's at the expense of white D's. 3/
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Por petición popular, vamos a hablar de un efecto cinematográfico muy específico: el travelling compensado, zolly, efecto vértigo, retrozoom, o más conocido por el término en inglés, el #DollyZoom. ¿Qué es? ¿Cómo se consigue? ¿Cómo se utiliza? ¡Abrimos hilo!
#cinematografía #hilo
El "dolly zoom" combina efectivamente estos dos recursos básicos de cámara:
- el dolly, la traslación de la cámara hacia adelante o hacia atrás
- el zoom: el cambio de la longitud de la focal de la lente
#cinematografía #rodaje #DollyZoom #cine #MovimientosDeCámara
Es fácil entender que el "dolly shot" cambia el plano porque se acerca o aleja del sujeto. Se suele hacer poniendo la cámara sobre ruedas o railes, para que el movimiento sea suave.
#cinematografía #rodaje #cine #DollyShot
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Corn is Ready to be Harvested. Thanks .@DanScavino .

I'm sure they'll see..
💧 🚰
I'm sure the ones placed to infiltrate EVERYONE will save them..


Everyone can finally get with the program..

There is A way out.. Image
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Jour 4, au procès des attentats du #13Novembre.
En cette 2e semaine d'audience, plusieurs enquêteurs français et une juge belge vont défiler à la barre pour décrire les scènes de crimes, et l'enquête #13Novembre2015
Aujourd'hui LT @franceinter sur ce compte et @ChPiret à la 📻
A (re)lire ici le compte-rendu web @franceinter du jour 3 par @ChPiret et avec les jolis dessins de Valentin Pasquier @ValPSQR.…
@franceinter @ChPiret @ValPSQR L'audience doit reprendre dans un instant, devant la cour d'assises spécialement composée et présidée par Jean-Louis Périès. Tous les accusés sont arrivés dans le box. 20 jugés, 14 présents, 3 sous contrôle judiciaire. Salah #Abdeslam discute avec ses avocats.
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#WilliamJames #Pragmatisme #1jour1essai
William James, Essais d’empirisme radical, Champs Flammarion, 2007, trad & présentation: @guigarreta & @MathiasGIREL (avec une 1ère parution chez @EditionsAgone en 2005)
= nouveau fil en mode lent & tranquille, pour ce livre XXXL
🔥💫✨ Image
1ère étape avec "Un monde d’expérience pure" [1904], deuxième des douze essais regroupés sous la bannière de l’empirisme radical, à savoir "une philosophie en mosaïque, une philosophie des faits pluriels" (p.58)
"Pour être radical, un empirisme ne doit admettre dans ses constructions aucun élément dont on ne fait pas directement l’expérience, et n’en exclure aucun élément dont on fait directement l’expérience"

gif: Kajetan Obarski
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Resumen de los muy buenos resultados🚀🚀🚀 del 1ºTrimestre de 2021 de Energy Transfer LP, uno de los principales operadores "midstream" de petróleo y gas en los Estados Unidos:


- Generaron un EBITDA ajustado de $ 5,04 mil millones y un Descuento de Image
Flujos de Caja atribuible a los socios de ET ajustado de $ 3,91 mil millones.

- 🚀Generaron un exceso de flujo de efectivo después de las distribuciones de aproximadamente $ 3.5 mil millones, como consecuencia de los impactos únicos de la tormenta que asoló Texas en Febrero.
Como bien señala Morningstar en este sentido " Las ganancias generadas por #ET como consecuencia de la tormenta que duró una semana, eclipsan las ganancias relacionadas con el mismo evento de sus pares. Esto muestra el valor del extenso sistema de transporte y
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"Even as possible discoveries are announced, they arrive with debate & quickly fizzle because we cannot confirm #AlienLife has actually been discovered."

SFI/@ASU's @Sara_Imari argues for a more fundamental theory of #biology in @Slate's @FutureTenseNow:…
“What should a #UniversalTheory for life look like? It will have to account for features of #LivingSystems that no current laws of #Physics and #Chemistry can explain. That is, it will have to pinpoint processes in the universe that occur only because of life."
- @Sara_Imari
For more on Agnostic #Biosignature Detection (aka, how to look for life that looks nothing like the life we know), check out our episode of #ComplexityPodcast with SFI Fellow @nataliegref:

#Astrobiology #ET #Aliens
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Tax daata and Anna daata case study;:

1) Basavaraj is an Engineer. Worked hard to get to manager level. Now he earns ₹21 lakh Rupees per year.
His take home salary is ₹15.75 lakh after paying ₹5,25,000 in taxes to the goverment. On top, he pays indirect taxes like GST, cess..
2) Baljit is a farmer. Worked hard on his big 12.6 hectares farm. He earns ₹15.75 lakhs per year.

Pays ZERO direct income tax. Keeps 100% of his income to himself, while enjoying many benefits from the govt in the form of subsidy, MSP..

Of course pays GST & other indirect tax.
3) Tax Daata Basavaraj who pays most of the expenses of army, irrigation, road building, police, hospitals, schools etc. with his (& company's corporate tax), is viewed with disdain,while Anna daata Baljit who pays only a fraction of tax (GST..), is glorified when blocking roads!
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A gem of an column today in #ET by Praveen Singh Pardeshi.

Some interesting numbers in below tweets on how the new #FarmLaws2020 should help the poor farmers of India big time.

1) 80% of India's farms are < 2 hectares. They can become richer by forming Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs).

In Maharashtra 10,000 grape, vegetable & tomato farmers work with Sahyadri Agro Farms, which directly markets their produce to Tesco in Europe. Setup cold storage too.
2) 6900 mandis of India havs monopoly to buy goods from 14,50,00,000 farmer families, and sell to 130,00,00,000 consumers!

In Karnataka, a unified agri market has already led to 5.1% increase in agri goods price, with profit margins of small farmers increasing by 39 to 159%!
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The #FallenAngel Watchers & Nephilim Hybrid #GIANTS

of the [END TIMES] of Revelation

#Monsters of the GREAT #DEEP of the #ABYSS

D.U.M.B.S of the [#Nazi][SS][#DeepState]

#SecretSpace [SS] Programs

CLAS 1-99



"Heavenly Father,
We thank you so much for keeping us safe from #evil during these chaotic times & we #pray you & your army of Guardian #Angels will keep watching over us & the best @POTUS ever. Amen"


...when the sons of #God (Elohim / Watcher Fallen #Angels) came into the daughters of men and they bore children (Nephilim) to them. Those were mighty men who were old, men of renown."
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1) Check the five areas which PM @narendramodi highlighted in his #ET interview, as indicators of an Economic revival. His interview is full of facts, figures and optimism. Loved it!

More from his almost three page interview with ET in the following tweets.
2) PM Narendra Modi says: In spite of COVID19 pandemic, India received $35.73 billion FDI between April and August of 2020.

That is 13% higher than the same period in 2019.
3) Modi also said that between 1947 and 2020 (March), India got only 16,000 ventilators in working condition to hospitals.

Now another 50,000 being added in just a matter of months!

India truly changing in an #AtmaNirbhar way during a global pandemic.
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¿CUÁNTAS VECES VISTE #ET El Extraterrestre? Seguro que muchas. Pero también seguro que nunca te detuviste a pensar lo que el maestro #Spielberg nos quiso contar en sus múltiples capas de lectura camufladas detrás de la llegada de un simpático extraterrestre. [ABRO HILO] Image
En primer lugar y como detalle obvio, vale remarcar que un "extraterrestre" ya habla de un ser que no pertenece a la Tierra: esto puede ser, como lo será efectivamente en E.T., la imagen sagrada de un Salvador.
Pero su figura también puede encarnar a la infancia, el niño que todos llevamos dentro, de hecho está ligado al personaje de Elliot por su primera y última letra, que son la E y la T. Además de que ese nombre es la variante hebrea de Elijah, que significa "el Señor es mi Dios". Image
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Abrimos hilo sobre increíbles #maquetas de sets de #cine, un arte tan antiguo como actual y fundamental en el 7º arte.
Comenzamos con esta recreación detallada de Manhattan para #EscapeFromNewYork (1981) del maestro John Carpenter, para la secuencia inicial y tomas aéreas.
#hilo ImageImageImage
Pocas maquetas tan impresionantes y efectivas como esta reconstrucción de Gotham City para el #Batman de Tim Burton (1989). Mi Batman favorito, por cierto (sí, ya sé que soy minoría). El nivel de detalle y la luz son alucinantes.
#cine #Gotham #HiloDeCine ImageImageImage
Esta genial recreación de una calle de Nueva York y parte de Central Park para #Ghostbusters (1984) me parece una delicia. Contaba con coches teledirigidos y estaba a la escala del traje de Marshmallow Man que debía llevar un actor. Maravilla.
#cine #MarshmallowMan #HiloDeCine ImageImageImage
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Abrimos un hilo con carteles de cine pintados a mano en Ghana: los encargan a artistas locales porque no les llegan los posters oficiales y les dan "toque especial" que los convierten en verdaderas obras de arte con estilo propio

Empezamos fuerte con #ET (Steven Spielberg 1982 )
#SeñoraDoubtfire ( Chris Columbus 1993 )
Si ya es inquietante lo de la escoba, lo es aún más Robin Williams saliendo del suelo y cogiéndose el pie a sí mismo disfrazado...

#Cujo ( Lewis Teague 1983 )
Pues oye, dan ganas de rascarle la tripa y achuchar al 'perro asesino' que tan malo no parece...

( dedicado a los amiguetes @2000Maniacos )
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