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14 Nov
So much people don’t know about Black folk in Alberta. Five Stories:

1) Joseph Lewis (1772-1820)

“Fur trader and voyageur Joseph Lewis, also known as Levy Johnston, arrived in the Indigenous territories now known as Alberta and Saskatchewan circa 1799” ucalgary.ca/equity-diversi…
Joseph Lewis - Black Fur Traders in Canada, by Bertrand Bickersteth (2020):

“Joseph Lewis worked in the fur trade in the western part of Rupert’s Land..He is likely the first Black person on record in the territory that became Saskatchewan and Alberta” thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/bla…
“The Story of Joseph Lewis:
Diversity is Alberta’s strength” by @Paulatics:

“When you picture voyageurs..our textbooks, our miniseries..novels.. heritage parks, don’t tell the stories of black fur traders in the Canadian West..They’ve just been erased” albertaviews.ca/story-joseph-l…
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17 Oct
This is what continuing colonialism & systemic racism look like in everyday practice, while the rcmp *watch* &, unsurprisingly, things spiral out of control

“Non-natives [white fishermen] removing lobster traps set by Indigenous fishermen in western N.S.” cp24.com/news/non-nativ…
We’ve watched in real-time this “ugly confrontations over a First Nation's commercial lobster fishing operation”, ignorance over treaty rights, rcmp inaction fuelling downward spiral.

“Lobster protests: Nova Scotia RCMP arrest two at wharf in Weymouth” collingwoodtoday.ca/national-news/…
Whose accountable for inaction?

The dispute over lobster fishing in Nova Scotia is now totally out of control:

“things got completely out of control after non-Indigenous fishermen trapped two Mi'kmaw fishermen inside a lobster pound and burned their van” freshdaily.ca/news/2020/10/d…
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16 Oct
Pleased to participate in this necessary consultation on Addressing Racism Experienced by Indigenous Peoples in Canada’s Health Care System | La contre le racisme subi par les peuples autochtones dans les systèmes de soins de santé du Canada. #JoyceEchaquan
Meeting opened in a good way by Elder Dr Cook, Inuk Elder David Serkoak. #JoyceEchaquan
Meeting Co-Chairs Dr. James Makokis (Saddle Lake Cree Nation physician) and Dr Raven Dumont-Maurice (Santé des Premières Nations et des Inuits du Québec). #JusticeforJoyce
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30 Aug
On memory & forgetfulness: I’ve studied or lived through the rise & fall of many statutes, monuments, walls, etc. Ask: who & what do these represent then & now? “History” isn’t singular, not static.

Falling Down: History's Toppled Statues And Monuments rferl.org/a/toppled-and-…
2) Toppling Monuments, a Visual History. @nytimes:

“History is littered with the shattered remains of toppled statues, and more are toppling now in the American South” nytimes.com/2017/08/17/wor…
3)”in 1776..after the Declaration of Independence was ratified..a moment that was immortalized in a mid-19th-century painting, soldiers and civilians tore down a gilded statue of Britain’s King George III in Manhattan”

Toppling Monuments, a Visual History nytimes.com/2017/08/17/wor…
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21 Aug
1)Thread on the diversity of the Black pop in Canada. This heterogeneity often obscured by anti-Black racism, stereotypes & biases that reduce the fact of Blackness to what Desmond Cole names, explores & disrupts in _The Skin We're in_. Some key @StatCan_eng reports/resources👇🏿👇🏾
2)The @StatCan_eng team in CELIS/Centre for Ethnocultural, Language & Immigration Stats is led by consultative Asst Dir Dr Jean-Pierre Corbeil. They draw on a Working Group on Black communities in Canada: me, Afua Cooper, Carl James, Myrlande Pierre, Scot Wortley Frantz Voltaire.
3) Few good statistical profiles of the Black community in Canada pre-CELIS' work in the context of the UN Decade for People of African Descent, 2015-24 & BHM.

Statistics Canada. Blacks in Canada: A Long History. By Anne Milan and Kelly Tran. Spring 2004. www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11-008-…
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1 Jul
On being “a Karen” (don’t)
#Karen understands her social position/power w/in systemic racism.Vidéos show how pwr operates in realtime

‘I will call the cops!’ White woman threatens to call police on Black man for blowing leaves rawstory.com/2020/06/i-will…

“Karens” understand threat—calling police on Black ppl, —see it as institution for preserving social power, privilege, comfort.

Black family says white woman called police over dispute about their right to build a patio. #Karen rawstory.com/2020/06/black-…

Cell phone videos capture today the ugliness of everyday racism and the ubiquitous use of the n-word by “Karens”.
Black folks long shared these stories & often encountered disbelief, denial, by too-many white folks, still. Unlearning racism will be hard👇🏿
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19 Jun
Dear @NavdeepSBains, @StatCan_eng, @univcan, @CAUT_ACPPU:
Equity reqs disaggregated visible/racialized minority (race-based) data for all @CRC_CRC, #DimensionsEDI, #HigherEd👇🏾

Race, Ethnicity, &Gender of Full-Time Faculty at >3,400 Institutions @chronicle chronicle.com/interactives/f…
2)@NavdeepSBains, @univcan, @StatCan_eng, @CAUT_ACPPU: Commitments to equity ring hallow w/out simultaneous commitment to the systematic collection of disaggregated data & tracking progress. The adage holds: “if it doesn’t get measured it doesn’t get done”
3)Proposal: Time for @StatCan_eng, @univcan, @CollegeCan & @CAUT_ACPPU to collab in developing common nat’l survey w/disaggregated equity data that can be used in all universities, colleges, institutes. Also more cost effective than each institution developing diff survey #cdnpse
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31 Mar
Reactions To #COVID19 Threaten Gains In Diversity, Inclusion And Belonging. #EDI #highered via @Forbes forbes.com/sites/soniatho…
How Will COVID-19 Affect Equity in Education?
The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to educate students about the importance of equality and anti-discrimination.
School officials must be reminded of..obligation to avoid discrimination” By JV Arellano americanbar.org/groups/litigat… Image
Importance of Diversity and Inclusion During Uncertain Times

“diversity among races, genders, generations, ethnicities..thought one thing..including employees with these experiences in the conversation..help leaders..find.. answers..during trying times” entrepreneur.com/amphtml/348209… Image
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12 Mar
For those who teach distance, online, blended courses it must be baffling to see assumptions that:—this all can be done overnight, w/ no guide on good design, pedagogy, accessibility, accommodations, costs (tech), the student experience, attn to faculty/univ ownership of content.
Temporarily Teach Online.

“If (for some reason) you’re considering an abrupt move to online teaching, Stephanie Moore and Charles B. Hodges have practical advice for instructors in the short term” #COVID19 #cdnpse @insidehighered
“Accessibility must be more than an add-on to online pedagogy.

If we are serious about accessible online learning, we must talk openly about disability as if it is right here, right now – because it is.” #cdnpse #COVID19 #accessibility @UA_magazine universityaffairs.ca/opinion/in-my-…
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17 Jan
2)Curious about university leadership pipelines, in 2017 I began examining the diversity of deans. Senior university leadership positions—presidents & vice-chancellors, provosts & VPs research, & VPs academic—do not turnover quickly. Change is slow. Each new appointment matters. Image
3)My 2017 study, “Action Needed to Close the Leadership Diversity Gap at Canadian Universities,” revealed little diversity in leadership pipeline; minor attention to gender; little attn to so-called “other equity groups” at senior levels & esp among deans.
uofaawa.wordpress.com/awa-diversity-… ImageImage
4)Curious about disciplinary diversity of senior leaders & professional diversity of Board Chairs & Chancellors, I examined these in 2018. Small numbers but U15 has big impact. I was interested in who has a seat at the table, lens that shape nat’l convos:
uofaawa.wordpress.com/awa-diversity-… Image
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