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Who in Alberta expects the stereotypes about Black people, education and “ghetto culture” to be repudiated?

Education and employment facts

“Canada’s Black population faces varying job prospects despite equal education. Here’s why” @globalnews (Feb 2023)…
There’s a public figure peddling long debunked anti-Black stereotypes, including that Black Albertans don’t want education

The evidence requires analysis

A portrait of educational attainment and occupational outcomes among racialized populations in 2021… Image
Idea of “Ghetto culture” in Alberta is nonsense.

Stereotypes say more about those peddling them than the people being maligned. The Black folks in Canada, as in Alberta, are heterogeneous.

Diversity of the Black population in Canada: An overview (2020)… Image
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But the impasse wasn't about compensation, Hossain said.
"We are fighting for democracy, equity and fairness in this deal, money is just a distraction. They want to make it a money matter, it's not all about money."

@MemorialU @MUNFaculty #FairDealAtMUN #nlpoli #cdnpse #canlab
@MUNFaculty President Ash Hossain says it clearly here - the employer will spin this as a money issue, but this is about so much more. Do we want a public university where a professor can be on contract for 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs, with no hope of a permanent job?
Do we want a university where decisions are made by overpaid administrators behind closed doors. Collegial Governance doesn’t just mean more faculty involvement, it means students, workers, community, & alumni have a say. This is OUR university.
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In late August, approximately two dozen Canadian university presidents and administrators participated in a lobby-organized trip to Israel, ignoring grave human rights concerns. CJPME joins civil society & faculty groups in calling this out:… #cdnpse
The timing of this delegation raises serious human rights concerns. Within the past few years, major human rights organizations including Amnesty, HRW, Al-Haq, and B’Tselem, have concluded that Israel’s practices against Palestinians amount to the crime of apartheid.
The entire education system for Palestinians takes place under these conditions of apartheid. Israel recently imposed a strict quota on the ability of Palestinian universities to extend invitations to visiting faculty and researchers within territory it militarily occupies.
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Hello! I’m Danielle Lorenz, PhD candidate at @UAlbertaEd. I’ll be discussing reconciliation, Indigenization, and decolonization as they relate to #CdnPse and the game Mad Libs. 1/11 #MWSOTL
Reconciliation in #CdnPse will be “complete” when all institutions have completed Calls 62-4 of the TRC’s Calls to Action (…), and Canadians know their histories, harms inflicted from residential schools, atone for said harms, & make change. 2/11 #MWSOTL
Indigenization in #CdnPse can be divided into three categories: the first two are current, and the third are our (Adam Gaudry’s and mine) hope for the future. 3/11 #MWSOTL
More:… Three columns outline the t...
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Thinking, still, about what “we” in the #cdnpse do to “welcome” ppl we’ve kept out and pushed out of universities and colleges.
What’s changed in the “we” who are *doing the heavy-lifting or the obstacles “we/they” face?
Which “we” are *doing the change work?
Formidable obstacles Image
A Seat at the Table: the *same people, at all the tables, sharing the *same ideas: the social reproduction of sameness

Philomena Essed’s research on the social injustice of sameness is helpful: cultural cloning, social facsimiles

“Why don’t we have any fresh ideas around here?” Image
What efforts are “we” who are academic leaders making to disrupt the social reproduction of sameness—in people, ideas, knowledges, perspectives?
If diverse teams are smarter why are we not choosing smarter?
Knowledge, experience, excellence aren’t limited to any demographic group Image
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I read the email from @CSSESCEE about #CSSE2022 that was sent out this morning, and I am profoundly disappointed and angry for so many reasons.

A thread. 1/x

#CdnPse #Congressh
In short, the email says conference proposals are due October 1 and because of Covid, we don't yet know if #CSSE2022 will be online or in person, but it will be held in conjunction with #Congressh.

34 days to submit a conference proposal. That's enough time if you have a good handle on your research and you've presented at conferences before.

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This part is really important: “Mr. Galloway’s dismissal was also because of financial misconduct, dishonesty in the investigation of the complaint, alcohol consumption with students, and a previous instance of sexual relations with a student.”

The effect is real. Whether every tweet was fair and accurate is perhaps another question.
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Dear colleagues in #cdnpse #onpse: some thoughts on the decimation of Laurentian University & what it means for the future of #highered. A thread, even with a few bad joke attempts.💔 1

#FundLU #HumansofLU #SaveLaurentian #OnPoli #cdnpoli
The story: LU filed for creditor protection in Feb, via the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act—CCAA. Doing it this way bypasses annoying collective agreements.🤯 Decisions about massive restructuring are instead made by judges & a court-appointed monitor, here Ernst & Young. 2
The fallout: yesterday 110 faculty members terminated; 60 programs axed, mostly in Arts. But most PSE jobs are staff. The impact on Sudbury and the northern Ontario region is hard to calculate. LU provided essential services & training; it was a foundation of the local economy. 3
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Now that President Hache understands the harm that the Insolvency process can do to the community, he should join us in calling on Minister Romano to provide stable, long-term funding to stop this needless and inappropriate insolvency process" (a thread...) #onpse @ocufa #onpoli
Pres. Hache chose to use a process aimed at the private sector. The "CCAA" is a federal law aimed at salvaging profit-making industries. And it's a last-ditch effort that few businesses choose...
In fact, in the corporate sector, it's much more common to do what Air Canada recently did: they were bailed out by the federal government to the tune of a $7 billion loan at 1% ( ...
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Too little, too late, from #ualberta President @BFlanaganUofA.

The Kenney government is not engaged in a "program of reform." It is engaged in a program of destruction. That needed to be declared well over a year ago,…

#abpse #cdnpse #highered

when the govt first introduced its plans to cut #ualberta's budget, across three years, to a degree no great research university's budget has ever been cut.

The senior leadership took no stand.

Instead, they pretended that #ualberta can simply fire lots of support staff,
cut faculty/instructor salaries, funnel thousands of more students through classes, and make students pay higher tuition. Oh, and they hope private philanthropy will save us.

Failure to stand up for #abpse as public good has given Kenney govt the green light to keep on cutting.
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Important things to read to prep for the Winter 2021 term!

First, we published a list of scholarship from untenured academics in #disability studies from 2015-2020.

You can read the list here:…

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #CdnPse #highered

1/X Alternating light brown and...
Second, for those of you teaching this term, please see the resource that @HannahntheWolf and @daniellelorenz co-created called #PandemicSyllabiCJDS

The series of documents guides instructors on how to build in accessibility to their classes:…

@HannahntheWolf was profiled for doing this work at UBC:…

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@anglescovered invited Black scholars, journalists, activists to I.D. 5+mmajor Black Canadian stories. I decided to focus on Canadian #highered, the mobilization against antiBlack racism & some developments that make me cautiously optimistic… Image
1)Specificity of Anti-Black Racism Became a National Conversation In Canada
Bee Quammie: Anti-Black Racism Was Already a Pandemic: #COVID19 has stopped the world in its tracks for months. But antiBlack racism has ravaged the planet for centuries,Chatelaine… 2020-In-Review: Anti-Black ...
Lots to read:
“The Pervasive Reality of Anti-Black Racism in Canada: The current state, and what to do about it,” BCG (Dec 14)…

“Q&A: Author Hadiya Roderique on 'fitting in,' subtle racism and inclusivity” CBC News (Feb 12 ) #cdnpse…
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NEW: The @OntarioNDP has obtained a video message that Premier Doug Ford sent to Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, for his 60th birthday party last year. #onpoli
@OntarioNDP (Background: The Ford govt has tabled a bill to transform McVety's college into a university and allow it to grant bachelor of science and arts degrees, even though the independent board that oversees such proposals has not completed its review.) #cdnpse…
@OntarioNDP Two of Ford's cabinet ministers attended McVety's birthday party: Rod Phillips and Michael Tibollo, along with the government's chief whip, Whitby MPP Lorne Coe (Canada Christian College campus is in Whitby), according to photos McVety posted to FB, obtained by the @OntarioNDP. ImageImageImage
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Some thoughts on increasing fees for #Humanities programs in Australia from the perspective of a 19th-c. Humanities scholar.… A thread… 1/14
2. NB: teaching humanities is pretty cheap. My faculty’s budget has been about the same as its tuition revenues for nearly a decade now, & tuition revenues are approx. matched by gov’t funding in my univ’s budget. Our students don’t see gov’t funding in their classrooms.
3. Increasing the price of Humanities education (regardless of its low *cost*) will limit access. What’s that line from “Withnail and I”? “Free to those who can afford it, very expensive to those who can’t.”
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We teamed up with @abacusdataca to ask postsecondary students across #Canada 🇨🇦 how #COVID19 is impacting them.

Here's what they had to say:
Students overwhelmingly tell us that #COVID19 is making them worried.
For students across Canada, stress in the age of #COVID19 stems from a variety of sources.
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Looking for ways to bring discussions of #racism in your #science classes? Some ideas I use in class & in talks e.g. genome-wide sequencing studies, databases are skewed. Must be accounted for when extrapolating these data (e.g. personalized medicine)… 1/n
Especially when those findings are used to develop decision #algorithms otherwise #racism gets "baked in" #ArtificialIntelligence is not neutral. Healthcare outcomes reflect societal racism…
Which means that structural #racism can kill #cancer patients "Black patients with breast cancer and other malignancies face historical inequities that are ingrained but not inevitable"…
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Lots of helpful predictions about what #cdnpse will look like in the Fall from @JLisaYoung, @ryankatzrosene, and others. I’ve been thinking about this not in terms of public health practices but this: what will people need?
1. Immuno-compromised faculty, staff, and students will need support to continue to work or study from home. This may require adjusting which courses are available.
2. Each program should ask: can someone who can’t come to campus still get the courses they need to proceed in their program? We won’t be able to avoid delaying progress for all students, but we should at least try.
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Mona Fortier on @TheCurrentCBC tells @lauralynchcbc the middle class is families who are able to do what they want as activities, such as having children enrolled in hockey programs. The Minister for Middle Class Prosperity struggles to define the middle class. #cdnpoli
No surprise there. It’s the most arbitrary category in public policy.

Everyone who has a job or a family will tell you they’re middle-class. The median household income may be ~$70,000, but self-identifying MC Canadian households will range from $40,000 to $500,000. #cdnpoli
Income-tax relief as short-term economic policy usually amounts to less than $500 per person. Anything’s welcome. But even if income-tested and capped, that amount will compensate for increases in non-discretionary expenses, at best.

It’s unlikely to create more prosperity.
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"They meet in person, spread propaganda, encourage each other to expand the movement. They purchase weapons & discuss training. They have also attempted to join, influence & volunteer for Cdn political parties, adopting a restrained, more palatable guise."…
"The overarching goal for many in the Cdn Super Players chat group was the eventual creation of a white ethnostate. In the meantime, one aim was to begin gaining a foothold in a range of institutions and professions, including law, education and the military." #whitesupremacy
"Dank said that at one point he was a student teacher at a school with children in Grades 6, 7, 8, whose ethnic makeup was almost entirely white. 'It’s the ethnostate basically.' Dank told the group that he was using his position as a student teacher to influence young minds."
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F*ck! When does it end? ER doctors (like Toronto’s Marko Duic) not hiring women physicians for 16 years (!!) gender bias in funding, universities undervalue, underpay female academics, women get pushed out of STEMs, add in racism, sexism.... #cdnpse #WomenInSTEM
let's not forget Twitter is toxic for women. Report by @Amnesty confirmed what EVERY woman knows already. There is an abusive tweet every 30 seconds and Black women are 84% MORE likely to be targets of abusive tweets.…
It gets worse: "Racialized women had highest unemployment rate at 10%... women of colour, are more likely to be concentrated in low-wage jobs. Racialized women were 25% more likely to be working in occupations in the bottom half of the income distribution"…
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This year's textbook written by previous years' students - #Wikipedia articles in course on #memory, #truth & #reconciliation in global perspective, helped by @WikiEducation #transitionaljustice #cdnpse
Wrote about this experience with students at @ubishops back in 2017 at…
Featuring really strong work by @jocelyn_grubb @JulienMatwawana @emmafingler @katehallidayBU @TeganBelrose & others (sorry to anyone I missed who's on twitter!)
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To my tenured colleagues: A thread on how we can be part of the solution, not just a precious relic of the way things used to be, and the manifestation of disproportionate privilege and inequity in the academy. Let's talk; please share and add. #cdnpse
A lot of us with tenure are watching PhDs leave without finishing, go into debt, suffer lousy adjunct jobs, destroy their mental health. We are watching our undergrad programs turned into scaled-up piecework. Our administrative structure turn managerial. What can we do?
Because *we*, the tenured, are the ones to do it. Who else? Marginalized scholars? Contingent workers? Trustees and boards? No. If anyone has the footing, power, and safety to push back, it's tenured people. What are you going to do?
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