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May 21, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Day 406 of living with #LongCovid and 7 days since 2nd dose of Pfizer covid vaccine

Have had about 3 weeks of mostly feeling normal, with virtually all of the symptoms that used to interfere with cognitive and physical functioning staying away😃

A short thread 1/n Since the tinnitus that appeared after the 1st dose of the pfizer covid vaccine was only in one ear, I had seen an ENT specialist & got a CPA (cerebellopontine angle) MRI of my brain, just to rule out any serious cause of the tinnitus - thankfully, nothing sinister was found 2/n
Apr 14, 2021 10 tweets 4 min read
I think part of the reason why so many people (including some clinicians) think #LongCovid is either being exaggerated or not a real illness, is because the “words” used to describe the symptoms don’t actually reflect the experience of the illness – Allow me to explain 1/n Many are hearing reported symptoms like “fatigue” or “headache” or “brain fog” and thinking, well everyone feels a bit tired during lockdown or everyone gets headaches/has problems concentrating from time to time, so how can this be an illness? 2/n
Apr 12, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Day 367 of living with #LongCovid & 44 days since 1st dose of covid vaccine

Despite <3 hours sleep, energy was high today (but still not as high as how I felt just before the 1st dose)

Fasted for 15.5 hours overnight - was very manageable 1/n Had my pure tone audiogram & tympanometry this morning. Now waiting for ENT to review. No dizziness today but ENT said it would come and go. Tinnitus persists though, although it doesn't stress me out 2/n
Nov 15, 2020 14 tweets 5 min read
Day 221 of #LongCovid and I haven't been able to post updates on here for a few days as my relapse was really debilitating

Here's a thread on relapses, resilience, and dreams #covid19 1/n On Thursday, I was incapacitated the entire day, body and brain in total and complete shutdown. Was unable to leave the bed. Brain was unable to do anything. This has happened before 2/n
Oct 17, 2020 16 tweets 2 min read
I really find some of the reactions from strangers, aquaintances and even good friends to be quite incredible, when I tell them that I've had #LongCovid for over 6 months - here's a thread with what people have said to me #covid19 1/n None of these people who commented on my Long Covid experience have any medical or scientific training 2/n
Sep 27, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
#LongCovid can impair your ability to conduct the seemingly simplest of tasks such as "thinking" about what to make for lunch/dinner etc. - Let me explain on this short thread 1/n My various types of brain-aches this week were so bad, that when hungry and faced with "thinking" about what to eat at home, just "thinking" about what type of bread to use with a sandwich or ingredients for a salad, my brain would say "STOP thinking, you're hurting me!" 2/n
Sep 27, 2020 24 tweets 8 min read
Day 172 of #longcovid and after many days of awful brain-ache and fatigue, this morning feels very different (in terms of mental clarity and complete absence of fatigue) – so here’s a thread about resilience during my near 6 month journey so far 1/n I’m an optimist by nature with a positive outlook on life by default, but this unpredictable rollercoaster of an illness has been very challenging, especially given it’s a new virus and everyone is unsure of how to deal with it, even the doctors that I have consulted 2/n
Sep 25, 2020 13 tweets 9 min read
Just got my latest super advanced health wearable, the #FitbitSENSE - it's unique in having an Electro Dermal Activity (EDA) sensor - I noticed the packaging mentions "stress management", "stress less" and "stress tracking" and "heart health" and an ECG app #DigitalHealth 1/n ImageImageImage Oh ECG capability on another smartwatch. Oh wait, I just read the small print on the side of the box. Let me see if it's going to be available in the UK 2/n Image
Sep 24, 2020 10 tweets 6 min read
Looks like the #NHS #TestAndTrace #contactTracing app is finally here. Why did it take them so long?

It's of less utility to me right now given my #longcovid has me effectively housebound due to symptoms, but interesting to see the process of setting it up 1/n Image Now I realise why I saw QR codes displayed at entrances to cafes etc over the summer 2/n Image
Sep 22, 2020 13 tweets 4 min read
Day 167 of #longcovid - I seem to have had an array of brain-aches since symptoms began. Sometimes, it's a feeling of pressure on the brain, other times it's like a stabbing pain, and this morning it was just a regular pounding headache from the moment I woke up 1/n There is nothing that works for these brain-aches, and my neurologist advised against taking pain killers as they can make these particular post viral brain-aches worse. I couldn't do anything this morning due to how uncomfortable my brain felt 2/n
Sep 20, 2020 9 tweets 4 min read
Day 165 of #longcovid and it's another day of feeling a tiny bit better than the previous day. Still feel quite a long way from "normal" in terms of what I feel I'm able to do but grateful for not feeling worse than yesterday 🙏🏽1/n My natural wake up time is between 4-5am, so despite crappy sleep (according to my data), I actually feel ok-ish, still takes me several hours before I fall asleep at night 2/n Image
Sep 17, 2020 10 tweets 3 min read
Day 162 of #longcovid has had more twist and turns than a spy thriller. I will illustrate on this thread why it's important for you to avoid catching #covid19 1/n Sleep has been seriously disturbed the past few nights, after the "exertion" of some work on Day 160. Today, I woke up at 3am, and felt so hungry, I had to eat quite a bit. This has happened before, in terms of changes to appetite 2/n
Sep 16, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
Day 161 of #longcovid and after last night's "exertion", happy to report I feel tired rather than fatigued, i.e. no post exertional malaise (PEM) that has appeared the day after exertion - but I've found that PEM can kick in even 3 days after exertion 1/n Given I was speaking constantly last night, and I have not had to do that for 6 months, my throat is a little bit sore this morning. I am sipping hot water made with honey and lemon today 2/n
Sep 15, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Evening on Day 160 of #longcovid and this week has been a turning point. Yes, I've had my debilitating moments but I've actually managed to do some work (my choice) for the first time in many months! 1/n Yesterday evening, I participated in a webinar for a client. I managed ok, I was half expecting neurological symptoms to worsen and maybe to get confused and say the wrong words, but that didn't happen 😃 2/n
Sep 15, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
When I first got my Samsung Galaxy Fold last year, I didn't realise how much I would enjoy using a folding phone every day. I've just upgraded to the newest version, the #ZFold2 (in Mystic Bronze colour) which addresses the flaws on the original version #tech Image It is Samsung's top phone (i.e. expensive, with a delicate screen and requires handling with lots of care), so won't suit everyone, but at least they throw in 24 hour dedicated hotline should I need help at any time with the phone ImageImageImage
Sep 14, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
What a crazy evening on Day 159 of #longcovid - my persistent lower body symptoms for months have suddenly exacerbated to the point where tonight I struggled to lift myself off the toilet using my legs even if I also pushed on the radiator & sink with my arms for support It's almost like everything in my lower body has switched off even more than usual tonight. I can walk around without issue, it's just that particular lower body movement that is really worse tonight, all of a sudden.
Sep 13, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
Many of us are distracted by phones, tech, too many notifications etc, so what's the solution?

Is it really more tech? Such as these new smart glasses that use #computervision?

indiegogo.com/projects/the-f… #Mindfulness #DigitalHealth ImageImageImage At least they are able to offer a higher standard of privacy Image
Sep 13, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
Day 158 of #longcovid and the rollercoaster ride continues (although I'm not dispirited, merely learning to live within the temporary limitations on what I can or can't do every day) - here's a short thread 1/n I do feel I am slowly emerging out of my current relapse (over 4 weeks now) but it's really slow progress. I've kinda gotten used to being in this "halfway house" state of not feeling normal but not feeling completely debilitated 2/n
Sep 12, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
Day 157 of #longcovid begins with me screaming in agony. Woke up at midnight with pain in my right shoulder, it feels like being stabbed with a fork & then the fork is twisted around. I wasn't even lying on my right shoulder. The pain seemed to go away after 30 minutes but... 1/n I thought I could try and get back to sleep, but 10 minutes later, the pain resumed. It's still there 2 hours later, but thankfully finally seems to be subsiding. The pain seems to come and go during day or night of its own accord, just like my other symptoms 2/n
Sep 11, 2020 13 tweets 5 min read
Day 156 of #longcovid begins with an early start (woke up at 2am) - here's a thread on why I feel multidisciplinary post covid clinics are needed to help patients on the long and unpredictable road to making a full recovery 1/n Yesterday's horrible sensation of pressure in my head eventually disappeared, only for a new pain to arrive, it felt like somebody was stabbing my right forearm with a fork all through the evening 2/n
Sep 10, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Day 155 of #longcovid, and still emerging from this current relapse, but rather than feeling debilitated due to fatigue or relatively normal, I seem to be stuck in a "halfway house", especially in my head where my brain can sort of function but it "feels" tight. Very strange. What I've found when emerging from relapses during these 5 months is that as your energy levels rise, you are tempted to do more "stuff" whether it's leisure or work, because you have the energy to feel "bored" but a little too much exertion can make you feel much worse